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Caught in the Web: Cleveland-Boston live chat Thursday, plus Lakers links


I know you're going through Lakers withdrawal, wondering how you'll ever pass the time from now until Monday, when the West Finals begins. Other than stating the obvious that life outside the Lakers blog indeed exists (that doesn't mean I don't want you to keep coming back), there is still one thing to temporarily keep your mind on basketball.

With the Lakers, Suns and Magic enjoying plenty of rest after sweeping their way through the semifinals, I think it's fair to say Lakers fans are enjoying watching Cleveland and Boston beat up on each other. Fans of the Lakers blog overwhelmingly want the Celtics to win, a sentence you will never ever read again in your life. But what better way to see these two teams duke it out than in a Lakers blog live chat?

You'll remember where you were and what you were doing if Game 6 tonight at 5 indeed serves as LeBron James' last game with Cleveland. Nothing will get you more amped up to talk about the Lakers-Suns series. And even if the team isn't looking ahead, the live chat will certainly welcome fan discussion on who you think the Lakers will face in the NBA Finals. So at 4:45 p.m., come on by the Lakers blog and enjoy Game 6 of the Boston-Cleveland series.

Now on to the links (after the jump).

Lakers links

--Former Lakers Center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar argues the NBA should raise the entry age to 21.

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan outlines the Lakers' game plan against the Suns.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman features the matchup between Derek Fisher and Steve Nash.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding believes the Lakers seeking revenge against Phoenix angle is overblown.

Fisher spends five minutes in the video below with PTI's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.

--The New York Times' Joanne C. Gerstner explains in the Off the Dribble blog why there is such a delay before the West Finals start.'s Scott Howard-Cooper features Bryant's resurgence.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky highlights Ron Artest's fear of losing.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen details how the Lakers plan to use their inside presence against the Suns.

--ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler breaks down the Lakers-Suns series in the video below.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin explains how the Lakers plan to use the long break between series to their advantage.

--Fox Sports West's Matt Smith debates whether Kobe Bryant draws motivation from the Lakers' first-round losses in 2006 and 2007 to Phoenix.'s Sekou Smith explain how Bryant and Pau Gasol manage to share the spotlight together.'s Mike Trudell details how Bryant excelled in the regular season against Phoenix guard Jason Richardson.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford explains why Lakers center Andrew Bynum may have a limited role in the Phoenix series.

--The TNT crew previews the Lakers-Suns series, with Charles Barkley saying the Lakers' length will be too much for Phoenix to handle.

--Lakers legend Jerry West in the video below tells ESPN's Jim Rome that the Lakers will make the NBA Finals.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius breaks down what the Lakers need to do on offense against the Suns.

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark wonders which team has more momentum -- the Lakers or the Suns.

Suns links

--The Arizona Republic's Paola Boivin highlights how not many are giving Phoenix a chance in this series.

--The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro argues the Suns need to find a way to limit the Lakers' size and length.

--Yahoo! Sports' Johnny Ludden details Phoenix's chemistry.

--Fox Sports' Florida's Whit Watson prefers to see the Suns and Magic square up in the NBA Finals.

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker provides a scouting report on Phoenix.

--The Arizona Republic's Bob Young reports that Suns Coach Alvin Gentry expresses optimism that center Robin Lopez will return to the lineup after suffering a bulging disk in his back.

--Valley of the Suns' Michael Schwartz previews the series in podcast form.

--Stoudemire shares with Sports Illustrated's Maggie Gray the keys to the series.

Tweet of the Day:"Local tv news in LA: a 3 min. promotional piece for a Kardashian skin-care product...presented as legit the B block!" -- AndrewSiciliano (710 ESPN's Andrew Siciliano).

Reader Comment of the Day: "Too much time between games for the fans, but may be just right for the players given the assorted injuries they're playing with. " -- Lakerlady

-- Mark Medina

Follow the L.A. Times Lakers blog on Twitter. E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]

Photo: Cavaliers forward LeBron James pulls down a rebound in front of Celtics forward Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter Friday night. Credit: Matt Campbell / EPA

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People should stop celebrating The False King's fall from grace.

1. The series isn't over yet.

2. Are we really rooting for the Celtics? Really? Does anyone know how unholy that sounds?

I fully expect the Celtics to win tonight and I am in no way a fan of "Princess Jimmy" but I don't like watching Lakers fans spend more time celebrating something before it actually has happened when we should be focused on the Suns.

I don't like it. It's immature and its bad karma.

After LeZero goes 2-15 tonight, we can share a knowing smile, but until then lets not be children about this.

Anyhow, I'd be shocked if we swept the Suns. I've watched them play in the playoffs and they're damned good... and I'm still angry about the 2006 and 2007 playoffs.

Does anyone remember all the garbage we've had to deal with from Butler over the years? Has everyone forgotten that?

Let's keep our priorities straight.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


^^thank you Jon. My thoughts exactly.

After tonight...the only throne King James will be sitting on will be a porcelain one!


People should stop celebrating The False King's fall from grace.

Posted by: Jon K. | May 13, 2010 at 12:02 PM


I'm not celebrating just yet, but what I am doing, is enjoying every gat dang minute of lebron being embarrassed in game 5, right now.
and you can't take that away from me, Jon.

After tonight...the only throne King James will be sitting on will be a porcelain one!Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 13, 2010 at 12:07 PM
ROFLMFAO!!! Stop it Red you're Killing me

Found an actual video of Red's Love Child discussing eliminating the crabs...

Just thinking about this...

>>> After tonight...the only throne King James will be sitting on will be a porcelain one!Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 13, 2010 at 12:07 PM

...we may have a first here. A troll may actually win Reader's Comment of the Day.

*****MISSING PERSON ALERT***** LeBron Raymone James, Cleveland OH age 25. DOB 12/30/84. Reported missing 5/11/10. Last seen taken to school by Rajon Rondo. Not heard from since NIKE stopped running the puppet commercials. James might be in need of medical attention for elbow. Any info leading authorities to find LeBron or his game please call 1-800-FAKE-MVP Posted by: #4 | May 13, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Princess Jimmy, Princess Jimmy, just one more time let me see you Shimmy
Please tell me is there a chance, That you'll also for LTLF do the Riverdance
You don't like it when you lose, I guess David Stern don't care who he screws.
They all told you, you were the best, But Paula said you're a Freakin Pest
One more time throw, smoke in the air, If you lose, like MJ will you cut off your hair
I guess you'll have to go back to the US team, if you want to stay relevant I mean
Maybe more Kobe, moves you can steal, Dosen't matter you have no heart for the Kill
I bought some Milk the other day, Saw your face on the carton, said you'd run away
Princess Jimmy please tell me, are you & Shaq still enjoying sweet Harmony.
Get ready for the big blast, If you lose Shaq will tell you to taste his @zz.
never thought that, it would end this way, Princess Jimmy have you nothing more to say.
The sad thing, You know is true, All the world was a witness to your BOOBOO
You put the wrap on the wrong arm, it's the other you said was hurt, No foul no harm
Princess Jimmy, are you Darth Sterns Tool, Or R U just a mother Freakin Fool
Princess Jimmy you've seen your day, Now please take your Mother Freakin @zz Away

Fearless prediction: Cavs win games 6 and 7.

...we may have a first here. A troll may actually win Reader's Comment of the Day.Posted by: Rick Friedman | May 13, 2010 at 12:19 PM


If any of you are actually thinking Orlando is really the team to beat in the East and maybe even being a little nervous about that, I'll remind you that Cleveland swept through the first two rounds last season and looked all dominating and stuff... until they lost in the conference finals.

I honestly don't care...

LeBron & Shaq? Bring em on.

Dwight Howard - the second best Superman in the Least? No problem

The Old Three (+ Rondo)? The Lakers will make chopped green salad of them.

Let's just get on with polishing off the Suns soon. I'm gettin' tired of waiting.

Jon K, you are correct sir!

DJ… I find it hilarious that Bostonians would embrace a loser organization like the Boston Red Sox, long time victims of the curse of the Bambino, over their Celtics. The only thing good about the Red Sox is Fenway. While the Celtic lead the Lakers 17 – 15 in NBA championships, our Yankees (Current Champs like our Lakers) lead the Red Sox by a count of 27 – 7 in World Series triumphs. While Kobe’s Lakers will soon surpass the Celtics 17 titles, the Red Sox have ZERO chance to even get close to the Yankees’ storied legacy. The Boston Massacre is now an annual event for the Yanks.

With all the respect there is, I disagree with Jon.

Ya just can't have it both ways. If you deplore the media machine's deification of the bronze Chosen One over our boy 24, then an equal amount of glee because of recent events seems reasonable.

By far the most posts thread since MM's arrival happened after game 5. The overwhelming majority taking smug satisfaction in the event. Can hundreds of Lakerholics be so wrong? Cleveland was one of the teams sensible fans were worried about. Plenty of time to get back to hating the Celtics, who will undoubtedly fall to Orlando.

If it's Karma we're worried about, too late. It's been a year of consistent LeBron bashing on this blog. If he turns it around and has the game of his life tonight, applause applause. It just means those tired old Celts will have to get back on a plane to Cleveland. Win Win.

Good day y'all.
How is it that the blog has so much traffic when the team is not even playing? I'm not complaining mind you, just curious.

A couple of quick things:

1. Humanomoly - Having spent a couple of years is a pain induced drug haze I can say that you are a stud to function like you do. I have no doubt that you'll be back to normal (well, as normal as it gets), firing away on your keyboard in no time.

2. Mamba - I'll have you know that I cut down the trees and laced the wheels to build that B2B bandwagon.

3. Since the Celtics have historically been the ugliest team in basketball, it's no wonder that the hot ladies gravitate toward the Lakers blog.

I am conflicted about tonight. As much as I dislike Princess Jimmy and her wonder dog Shaq, I really want this series to go 7 games. I know that I promised 131 and Red the support of the Rancher family for the remainder of this round, I just don't know what to do.


LT, you are correct sir!

LT, you are correct sir!

That missing person alert is a classic. I just posted it as my Facebook status and all the Celtics fans "Like It". This is the first time any Celtics fans like anything on my page. Hahaha

That missing person alert is a classic. I just posted it as my Facebook status and all the Celtics fans "Like It". This is the first time any Celtics fans like anything on my page. Hahaha

That missing person alert is a classic. I just posted it as my Facebook status and all the Celtics fans "Like It". This is the first time any Celtics fans like anything on my page. Hahaha

That missing person alert is a classic. I just posted it as my Facebook status and all the Celtics fans "Like It". This is the first time any Celtics fans like anything on my page. Hahaha



Oh, I GOTTA be on the Get Well Humanomaly Bandwagon. I have back pain that I have had to deal with for my entire adult life (I was in a car accident when I was 17). My back has hurt every day since that accident, though the magnitude of my pain pales in comparison to Human's. So, I think I might know maybe 2% of what he's going through. And, my 2% sucks, so I know his lot in life (in this context at lease) is grim.

What I do know is how some people around you try to minimize your struggles. That sux extra.

Human, you say you keep to yourself, but from where I'm sitting you look awfully personable, articulate, funny, outgoing, and charismatic. You must be looking at yourself through one of those fun house mirrors. I see none of that cranky curmudgeon you claim to be.

Well, maybe a little...

Keep your chin up, Dude! And keep writing!


Los Angeles vs. Boston
Lakers vs. Celtics
Lakers Blog vs. Celtics Blog
Magic vs. Bird
Chick vs. Most
Kobe vs. LeBron
Yankees vs. Red Sox
Rivera vs. Papelbon
Jeter vs. Nomar
Coke vs. Pepsi

MM… You need to publicize your email address somewhere on the blog so we can email you.
The link to Bresnahan’s article causes my browser to crash. I tried to email you but could not find your email address anywhere, including your bio.

Thanks ECJ, and thanks Mamba for reposting it. One of my friends on facebook posted it....I thought the little details were a nice touch, LOL.

ECJ...LOL.. You can say that again..and again...and again..
LA Times IT dept strikes again. At least they let you post.


a few days ago teamn (the blogger) made soem parallel between Kobe and LBJ as princess Jimmy. at that time i complemented his post saying:

a porcelain figurine bobblehead

so Red' Love Child is just a Celtic Copy Cat. (CCC)

no PROPS for him

So I was listening to Mychal Thompson and Andrew Siciliano at lunch and they had Hollinger on. He went off about how Princess Jimmy is the most skilled basketball player in the game. So Mychal called him out, he asked Hollinger if he was more skilled than Kobe, and he said YES!. The reasons he gave was that Kobe can't get to the basket anymore and he posts up 20 feet from the basket. So Mychal being the Mychal went and DESTROYED Hollinger's argument. Mychal said that there is no such thing as posting up 20 feet from the basket. And asked when was the last time Princess Jimmy played in the post. And that just because She can run and bull her way to the basket for a dunk doesn't mean he is better skilled than Kobe. So he threw this at Hollinger, If bulling your way to the basket and dunking makes a skilled player does that mean that D-Howard is more skill than Pau?
Hollinger responded with "Well Princess Jimmy is more athletic than Kobe and that he makes 2 out 3 shots in the paint"...So Mychal reminded him they where talking about basketball skills not athleticism and refered to his first point...Then Siciliano broke it up.

All I have to say is Mychal Thompson was, and will always have the heart of a Laker...and Hollinger just proved he is a Bonafied Tool.

What is wrong with you people?
Cheering for the ceptics?
Thinking that a troll can win the "comment of the day"?
Taking butler seriously?

Oh my God, the world is going nuts!!!

El Guapo,

Whats new? Hollinger just an another moron from ESPN, one of the bunch hand feeded from the palm of Davis Stern..

Jon K

a few days ago during the game against the mormon team you asked us on the Live Chat to do the chickenbone RITUAL. cool. now u preach no trolling and other stuff that brings bad karma. when more than 50% of the fans in the world r rooting for the cavs to lose. did you ever read on espn or other sites how obnoxious and trolling the cavs fans R? do some research.

r u really a religious scholar? sounds more like a witch from Salem, MA.

or is it your subtle way to tell us that U 2 BRUTUS r a female? (sorry JUSTA - no jab at U)

I am saving my comments til Boston actually expires LeWhack James and the refs will have a monster game tonite cuz Stern the ern wants it to be 7 game series and his darling to continue to play for a championship!

In honor of LTLF's brilliance, I'll have to re-name my bandwagon to the LBJ Riverdancing All the Way to LA bandwagon.

I originally predicted that the Cavs would win the series, so I'll stick with that and say they win the next 2 games.


"Human, you say you keep to yourself, but from where I'm sitting you look awfully personable, articulate, funny, outgoing, and charismatic. You must be looking at yourself through one of those fun house mirrors. I see none of that cranky curmudgeon you claim to be.

Well, maybe a little...

Keep your chin up, Dude! And keep writing!


Posted by: FEARless | May 13, 2010 at 01:28 PM"

Thanks, your are right, I am not that bad, the cranky attitude is probably frustrations at other bloggers who I sometimes want to strangle and working and being up too late at night from insomnia. Thanks....

Hey Gold and Purple fans...I'm almost fine, we all have issues, some worse than others, some issues come and go. Thanks again. For the record, the episodes come periodically, most times I am fine, I can feel the "aura" of one approaching and that's when I go into my own little world, that's why I stick to myself at work. Then I get labeled as a "snob"....I tell ya, ya can't try to explain, and you're a whining, moaning sob (by my fellow health care professionals...that tells me they are sicker than I, in ways) or I go solo, and I get the snob label...I'm in pretty good shape now, so no need to go Home Depot for the wood and nails and tools to build a wagon...but if anybody else out there has issues, throw it out there, you may get words of advice.

Jon K- about people like Butler and those other people who lurk and at times almost ruin a blog (i.e. LGC/GWB...."hey how's that job at the DQ coming along?"'s just bad when they are so erratically non-sensical it's like "should I respond or just ignore"....I remember way back, we agreed to just ignore moronics......

Hollinger is a fool for sure. Didn't he pick Cleveland to sweep Boston? The guy is an idiot. He even picked Suns to beat Lakers.

I think most of the old timers here know that I am a statistician by trade, education, whatever. I refrain from using statistics here because they are typically bastardized to prove someone's point and thus massage someone's ego.

Hollinger, in my professional opinion, is a putz. His numbers typically have no context or ignore context, and the world of basketball statistics is based upon faulty measures anyways. So, as they say, garbage in, garbage out.

And now, as I heard along with The Infamous El Guapo, he had a 'plethora' of arguments for LeBron as a more skilled. Believe it or not, this is not baseball or bowling. Basketball has a qualitative side to it. It is part art, part performance, part yin-yang, yada yada. Kobe has more moves, moves more fluidly, has a better shot, has many different shots, and is better in the post. Not only that, he has thought about his overall game and how to progress into a more mature basketball player.

Kobe is a samurai sword to Lebron's broadsword (or Shaquille's neanderthal club). There is technique there, that better demonstrates the fine art and lineage of the swingman scorer/assassin of Jordan, Dr. J, Gervin, West, etc. I don't put Kobe on a pedestal, because there are and have been more athletic players playing against him, but he's always found a way to make their strengths into their weaknesses. There's something, for lack of a better term, simply Jedi about that.

I can appreciate Lebron's physical gifts, but so long as he overly relies on them, they will be his crutches. If charlatans like Hollinger keep stroking his ego, they will remain his crutches for a long time.


You licensed in CA? Wow. You must've forgotten to mention that you're a celtic fan in your moral character app...

What's your practice?

Hey guys we got a new post up with some news on Kobe's appearance in Modern Family.

Laker Tom - My email address is at the bottom of every post: [email protected]



If I may add to your list...


Laker Tom - Pepsi's better than Coke. What are you smokin?


#4 is totally correct.

It's the difference between a skilled surgeon and someone like, say Richard Ramirez

Simply put, Kobe has the most advanced game certainly since MJ and probably surpassing MJ

Mind you, talking about his GAME, not his overall ability, impact, or placement in basketball history.

Good afternoon everybody!

4 days to redemption. 8 down, 8 to go!

Go Lakers!

EJK… You mean UCLA vs. USC? LOL. Since I attended both schools, I can say without any bias that Bruins rule and Trojans leak. It’s like Democrats vs. Republicans. West vs. East. Left vs. Right. Good vs. Bad, High vs. Straight, love vs. hate, GHF vs. GHE.

#4 exactly right. Imagine Hollinger lost his "system", if you can call it, because besides him no one in the right mind will call this garbage a "system". Well, next day he'll be shown the door at ESPN.

Mr. Nano,

>>> Oh my God, the world is going nuts!!!

You noticed! Is the blog truly the first place where this was revealed? It's a sports blog. Cashews, peanuts, crackerjacks.

# 4 --- dude, awesome Missing Persons post. classic. i too posted it as my Facebook status.

And Mamba - awesome poem bra. keep em coming!!

Yes, no one has Kobe's desire to win & lose like a man. James is a cry baby & a bad loser. He is great when the team is leading by 15 points. If Kobe was surrounded by people James has, who could jump shoot above 45% on a consistent basis he would have double digit assists every game! He just needs Odom, Farmar and Brown to step up and drive to the basket and display Rondo's mental toughness/IQ on every possession & Lakers will beat anyone of the rest, if the bigs avg. 30 shots/game! Go Lakers, Kobe for NBA finals MVP!!! Rebound, block, play inside-out, communicate on D and on offense. Create passing angles, avoid traps and no lazy passes! With that the Lakers will win everything and James will have the season's MVP without a championship!!


Defended insurance companies for several years.

Made sure "widows and orphans" were deprived of what they were legitimately entitled to!



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