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Amare Stoudemire's comments on Lamar Odom speaks to inconsistent reputation

In countless sequences, Lakers forward Lamar Odom drove to the lane, created his own shot and led a first-quarter charge both Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and Phoenix Coach Alvin Gentry believed served as the momentum boost in the Lakers' 128-107 Game 1 victory Monday over the Phoenix Suns.

While many of Odom's 19 points and playoff career-high 19 rebounds came against a defenseless Amare Stoudemire, it wasn't until Tuesday's practice when the Phoenix forward finally fought back.

"I'm not giving him no hype," Stoudemire testily told reporters before the Suns practiced on Tuesday. "He had a lucky game."

As far as Odom's response? He answered in the same nonchalant fashion that describes his laid-back demeanor. Said Odom: "Hopefully I can have another lucky one." Odom's teammates rang similar tunes. Lakers guard Derek Fisher mentioned Mick Jagger's recent comments to CNN's Larry King that part of the Rolling Stones' success pointed to luck. Jackson argued Odom created his own luck by playing aggressive. And Lakers forward Pau Gasol echoed similar sentiments, saying in both Spanish and English that, "you have to earn luck."

The Lakers effectively squashed down Stoudemire's comments about as quickly and efficiently as they shut down Phoenix in Game 1. Clearly, Stoudemire aimed to get inside Odom's head when he had no answer for him on the court. And the Lakers redefined luck by suggesting it's something that happened because Odom created it rather than the luck being some random event.

This philosophy universally applies to many walks of life, but clearly Stoudemire's comments referenced Odom's inconsistency and suggested you never know when Odom's going to put on a performance like he had in Game 1. That's going to be particularly important for Odom to replicate, however, considering the uncertainty surrounding the health of center Andrew Bynum, who had increased swelling in the torn cartilage in his right knee. Although Bynum reported less swelling after Tuesday's practice, he believes he'll miss most practices this series. And when Jackson was asked whether Bynum will improve from a four-point effort in 19 minutes in Game 1, Jackson admitted "I really have no idea. We hope we can get him going again."

At least in Game 1, the Lakers managed to absorb Bynum's limitations. Gasol scored an efficient 21 points on 10 of 13 shooting, marking the fifth time in seven games he scored at least 20 points. The Lakers scored 56 points in the paint. And of course, Odom's 19 points and 19 rebounds gave Gasol support inside. Though Gasol hopes Bynum's health improves, he remained confident the Lakers' inside presence would remain effective. (For those wanting to learn Spanish, forget using Rosetta Stone. Just watch the video below of Gasol, who switches between Spanish and English with reporters).

Of course, whether or not the inside presence remains effective depends on whether Odom can still maintain the dominance he had in Game 1. That is certainly possible. The week-long rest allowed him to heal from a sprained left shoulder. Odom has spent his first five postseasons averaging 16.8 points per game. And he's experienced plenty of success against Phoenix in the postseason, posting playoff career-highs in points (33 on May 2, 2007), field goals (13 on May 2, 2007), assists (nine on May 4, 2006), rebounds (19 in the Lakers' recent Game 1 victory) and offensive boards (seven in the same game). 

But whether or not this happens consistently remains unpredictable. Odom entered Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals averaging 8.5 points and 8.1 rebounds, which ranked below his regular-season average of 10.8 points and 9.8 rebounds per game, a clip that prompted former Laker James Worthy to publicly question his effort. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant found the criticism unwarranted, citing the 12.2 points Odom averaged as a starter. Fisher offered a similar assessment, arguing Odom's numbers mostly had to do with the fact that he's not always needed to be a dominant scorer.

"I don't think it's a question of effort," Fisher said. "I think it's just a game-to-game thing. There isn't really anybody on our team really with exception to Kobe that stastically every night, certain numbers need to look a certain way. Everybody else, you have to be willing to take what comes to you on the nights that it does."


I understand Fisher's contention. But my point isn't the difference in Odom's numbers. It's how he appeared more involved in the game itself. There's been plenty of times this postseason where the Lakers' supporting cast almost made Odom feel uninspired to find different ways to contribute, and it prompted Jackson several times to single out Odom. That's why I found it telling that a simple question to Bynum abou Odom's performance led to this response.

"As long as he's geeked up and excited about the games," Bynum said, "he's going to go out and do the same thing."

Odom offered a simpler take. "I just go out there and play whaever the matchup is," he said. "I just try to be as efficient as possible." And whether that's through increased aggressiveness, luck or both, two things at least remain clear. Odom doesn't care what Stoudemire said. And the success he experienced in Game 1 came directly from himself.

"That's a lot of times the way basketball is," Jackson said. "A guy starts playing well and things fall in his hands. He certainly did last night and we hope it continues for him."

--Mark Medina

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I guess it was just Amare's hard luck that he had to guard 'Ole Lucky Lamar' ......and was 'unlucky' how the whole world got to see how Lamar 'luckified' him all night.

When asked about his good game, Lamar responded, "Just lucky I guess"

If I was Amare, I wouldn't go to Vegas any time soon.

Yeah, Fatty - I expect to see more luckification going on tomorrow night.

"I don't think it's a question of effort," Fisher said. "I think it's just a game-to-game thing. There isn't really anybody on our team really with exception to Kobe that stastically every night, certain numbers need to look a certain way. Everybody else, you have to be willing to take what comes to you on the nights that it does."


did Fisher had a small slip and recognized that THERE is a Pecking Order? or maybe that there IS KOBE and the rest?

Amare and Kenyon Martin must be brothers, all mouth and nothing to show for it.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game. I want to see how both Amare and Lamar will do.

Side note: I'm watching the Magic/Celtics game and I think it's safe to say that the Magic are in big trouble.

E - oh yah - the Magic are in a world of hurt. I'm surprised by this turn of events. I was expecting them to protect home court and then beat up on each other for a full 7. If they don't win tonight, it's gonna be a Septic sweep fo shizzle.

Amare with a poor attempt of imitating PJ.

Speaking of unlucky....Amare's mom arrested again and Amare was rebuked by the policeman for inciting her.

I'd like to send a shout out and a big thanks to Dwight Howard for taking Paula down so she could meet Mr. Floor. She laid there for awhile to get acquainted. Looks like they got along.... No wheelchair made an entrance, which kinda surprised me.

Thanks a lot, Fatty. Now I just feel sorry for him..... I'd rather hate the opposition. It makes my world much simpler!

She was also charged with kidnapping. Police opened the trunk and found
Delonte West.

That was a great answer by Pau: La suerte hay que buscarla, siempre. Which basically means you have to look for luck, always. And on a shallow note, it always thrills me when he speaks his native tongue. Español can be a sexy language.

Also, Amare needs to watch his mouth. Lamar has had games like this before, and will have games like this again. It's not smart to start running your mouth to a team that beat you by 21 points. All it does it make them angry and determined to beat you by 30. Like calling Kobe old, not a good idea.

Whola Ophelia, ko-moe s-tah?

Is there anything worse than speaking Spanish with a Texas accent?

Orlando maybe better off with Rafer Alston than Jameer Nelson.

I can only hope that Amare's comments will serve as more motivation for LO.

Btw, I couldn't be happier for the Zards winning the lottery, especially after the horrendous season they just sufferred. I just hope Grunfeld uses the pick wisely. I know Wall is the consensus choice by most of the pundits but, imo(for what it's worth) they should go after a big man. They already have an abundance of guards.

Let's Go Lakers...all the way to a repeat!!!!!

LOL - the Lakers chief scout at the Magic game rocking the Purple & Gold t-shirt!! Gotta love that!

sup G - I disagree. Go for the talent - you can always trade for what you want. Don't you get more value that way? jmho

The Real Playoff,. Episode 3, Season 1
The Moderator


We are living in interesting times. In today's reality, in this day and age, we follow the news and to a lesser extent, the sport of basketball in a remarkable way. We do with the assistance of a virtual narrative, given to us by pundits and “experts” round’ the clock and all over our televisions, internet websites, and radio stations. Consequently, we are forced to either adopt or reject what the major media outlets feed us and form our opinions after the initial baptism.

Presumably, it would take an old soul, an informed observer, and a callous disregard for the virtual narrative being fed to us to truly form an opinion which is unique. To form an opinion which is one based on personal reflection, historical perspective, and honest analysis. Through this looking glass, we peer through the eyes of Kobe Bean Bryant.


Michael Jordan, unquestionably the greatest figure modern basketball has ever known, made his now infamous Hall of Fame speech in no confounding terms. He stated clearly his passion for the game and his need for "fuel" to keep that passion burning red-hot. In that speech, he named off all the figures and instances in which his competitive streak was crystallized. He dotted off Byron Russell, a meager figure by conventional standards as a reason he came back from retirement and rekindled his great love for the game. He recognized Pat Riley’s trash talking, and his high-school cut from the varsity squad as burning reasons he played the game at the sustained apex he did for so long.

The game during Michael’s time was so different back then. In retrospect, as we remember “his” years we remember the others. We remember Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, fulfilling the promise of a championship on the back of the "bad-boy" Pistons. We remember the succession of Dr. J, the coming of the new "sharp-shooters" and "internationals". We call into memory the repeated denials and heartache of worthy would-be-champions like Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and countless others.

It was an era that captivated the world, which propelled the imagination of toddlers to "slam dunk" paper in garbage cans, and forced the Olympic Committee to fully recognize and ambition of a Dream team. It was the era where the signature sneaker was born. Unmistakably, it was the greatest time the game has ever known, the climactic shift where sport –becomes national pastime.

Hard, tough-nosed, physical, ballet-type orchestra’ were all the rage back then. The league was played on passion, played on spirit, played for the wager of manhood and the grand prize of an elusive characteristic called "pride".

Money, though it was a chase, wasn't the be-all, end-all. No, for the Jordans’, Birds’, Magics’, Dumars’, Jabbars’, Ervings, Ewings’, Malones’, Barkley’s, McHales’, nothing mattered as much as greatness.

And greatness was only measured in championships.

For that idealism, the players of that era were revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and the great philosophers of the game. They were everything basketball fans could want, need, and hope for.

Looking back to those days, we see a surprising figure re-emerge. We see a familiar character that many of us may not associate with that time, the time of masking injuries, playing through anything short of wheelchair-mandates, and running with the passion of youngsters in sunny parks. Indeed, on the tail end of that era you see the visage of Kobe Bryant. You are reminded of the All-Star showdown between Kobe and Michael, and recount the stories of how Bryant would pester Jordan for his tricks, his unique fadeaway jumper, and on his impeccable footwork.

On anything.


With that understanding, we begin to understand that Kobe is in fact, an old-school player. He is inspired, wired, and magnetized to work in the same way those great historical figures were during the golden years of basketball.

In the same way Micheal was fueled and eventually exonerated by his adversaries, Kobe is and will be by his. Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Steve Nash, Dwayne Wade, and now Lebron James'. All have come, gone, or are in the process of doing so henceforth. We can see the latest casualty in Lebron James’, a player who many revered as the best in the league this season only to see him climax quicker than an inexperienced lover with the girl of his dreams. With no post-game, consistent jump-shot, or late game sweet-spot(s) to rely on for much needed buckets in late-game situations, James’ is destined to veer down the same path as his predecessors. Rich, ring-less, outclassed, and surpassed for the next new phenom.

Kobe, for his simple-minded cunningness, will continue on his path. With a knowledge of the game unsurpassed by his peers, footwork that has become a lost art in the game today, and a competitive streak he values over dollars and exuberance, Kobe will continue to do what Kobe does.

Chase the title for greatest basketball player that ever lived.

Tracy McGrady was quoted as saying that Kobe, in their rookie season, told him that he was “already better than Michael”, and that he wanted to be the “greatest of all time”. McGrady said he laughed at it at the time, but double check again – he’s probably laughing with him now.

Will Bryant succeed?

Destiny has not yet spoken.

Yet, there is one thing of which we can be assured. As we rumble through our daily tic-for-tats on the LATimes blog, ESPN forums, and water-cooler bathroom breaks -- the marked man moves relentlessly through his practice routine and rehabilitation treatment. Ready to fulfill and/or die trying the promise of those who entrust him most with their redemption.

Be gracious, Laker fans.

For after he hangs up his jersey, no longer laces up his sneakers, and whimpers onto the court with his fingers taped and knees padded, you will be amiss for the love, passion, and beauty of the game that you have been entrusted to celebrate for these years.

You will be remember somberly.

The last Mohican.

Spell-check omitted,

The Moderator

sup Justa,

if they can trade the pick for a good big I'd be all for it, otherwise, I still say go after a big. I like Cousins from KY for his size but, I'm just not sure he's a top pick.


Which XMas Game did you mean? Was that the one where we broke your 19 game win streak?

You're right, that Def proved we aren't Cleveland! LMAO.

Moderator - long time, no post. In a word: out-freaking-standing.

I agree. When Kobe finally hangs 'em up, we will - ALL of us - sigh and gather together here on the chat, or in quiet rooms, or loud bars, and talk about "remember the time when Kobe....." Yeah. It's coming - all too soon.

Enjoy the ride people. Kobe is spoiling us right now, and you know nothing good lasts forever.

The Celtics are playing really good defense against the Magic. It's a shame to see Rashard Lewis reduced to being just a three point jump shooter. In his earlier years with the Sonics, he used to post up and drive to the basket pretty well.

Again, this reminds me of last year when the Cavs swept both the Pistons and Hawks in the first two rounds and then were beaten by the Magic despite the Cavs having homecourt. The Magic swept both the Bobcats and Hawks in the first two rounds, but the Celtics are outplaying them right now. Credit the Celtics defense.

Personally, I would love to have the Lakers/Celtics again in the finals.

I'll give you this Red, I think your series is over. Even if the Magic comeback to win this game, which I doubt, they clearly can't handle your D.

Howard can't carry the offense against a good Defensive team. He seemed to make some offensive improvements during the year, but none of that is evident now.

Así que te gusta el español, Ophelia? LOL

Orlando is playing worst than last year's finals, and is not the ceptics merit, only Orlando's fault. They didn't get any better through the year. They play the same way as last year, and they don't have Hedo's 3 pointers.
Seems that we'll have our revenge after all.

G - you may be right - what do I know? lol! My thought was take the best guy you can whether you "need" him or not. Other teams will come calling to see if they have anything that may interest you more. Maybe you get your big guy plus some cash or another pick next year or a throw-in guy or 2... Anyhoo - we'll see how it all turns out soon enough. I'm more interested in seeing if the Magic can take this game on their own floor and avoid the potential sweep going back to Beantown.

Mark G - lol - don't confuse Red with facts!! My answer was just going to be to laugh at him asking what - if anything - a regular season game played 4-5 months ago has to do with what's going on now!

Justa, that was my first choice, then I realized he had lobbed me a big fat one over the plate. What can I say, I had to belt it.

PS: Not only a reg season game 4-5 months ago, a reg season game 4-5 months ago against a team not named the Celtics, lol. Granted, that was my least fav game of the year.

"I love the smell of broken Celtic win streaks in the morning, it smells like, . . . Victory"

Mark G - Granted - it's never a bad time to scourge a troll.

You watching this Magic game?

Obviously, I am watching the game, lol. I love B Ball.

Red, actually doesn't get under my skin, he's alright IMHO.

I do have some bad news, though, my Nephew, who I'd give both kidney's to if he needed them, has gone over to the Dark Side.

He's turning Green, OMG!

Mark G,

Howard has carried the Magic in this game, it's the other guys like Jameer Nelson and Rashard Lewis in particular that have disappeared. Howard has at least played his heart out tonight against a rugged, physical Celtic frontline.

are the Suns slowly digging their grave?


yesterday Nash was looking down at the podium/desk and started his post game interview by saying: we r not hanging our head down …

just what he said and the body language was expressing the opposite.

Mark G - WTH??????

You have OBVIOUSLY failed as an uncle.

You need to take drastic measures RIGHT NOW.

Get the boy - get him NOW - sit him beside you, force him to wear Laker clothing, put last night's game on (or another other classic Laker win - esp if it's a beatdown of the slimy green weeners) and MAKE HIM WATCH IT. Don't let him sleep. If he nods off, prod him awake with a poker or something, all the while screaming that it was leprecauns and he's lucky to still be alive.



It's never to late.

Nemaia, I'm really ripping Howard (though it does sound like it huh), if Howard can't command a double on the Box, the Celts perimeter guys can stay locked on the Shooters, like tonight. Howard's O game isn't strong enough to make Celts double him. He's getting points, but the Celts don't think he can beat them by himself.

2 minutes left in the game, Magic down by 1 and for the life of me I can't figure out why Dwight is smiling.

Can you imagine Kobe smiling in this situation???

OH HELL NO. It would be THE FACE. You know it.


I half admire the Cajones he has. I kind of did the same thing when I was his age. My whole family rooted for UCLA, so I of course rooted for USC, but at least I rooted for an LA team.

This is thing he's only 8. He also would like to trade Kobe for Ray Allen. I'm sorry I taught him to pump fake! lol

Hey Justa,

Your opinion carries as much weight as anyone else's. Maybe they can trade down and still get Cousins while picking up another good player...guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Well - he's got 2 things going for him:

1. He recognizes the greatness of Kobe.

2. He's got some sense if he's not sticking with another LA team, cuz - you know - it's the Clippers. (sorry jon k)


I really expected the Magic to show more heart then this. I mean they went to the Finals last year, you would think they would have grown.

Justa, have you seen the time off between Freking game 2 and game 3, !@#%!

Who scheduled 4 days off again. I'll go nuts.

Celtics make the Magic Disappear.

Wow - Magic down 0-2. I did NOT expect this at all. Magic really are the Micemen.

Justa, yeah, the Magic are in broom country now.

We need to set the Suns quickly to rest up for the Geezers.

the Orlando Magicians - the circus comes to town.

Vincenity clunked 2 FT.

and the Blue Devil forgot the call TO or to cross the center line. J. J. Joke

better Lakers get ready for SWEEP so they can rest as much as the C's? or more.

Magic Johnson has a great huge grin on post - game. does he smells the Lakers - Celtics finals?

Watching orlando, i remembered this part of Queen's "Save me":
"I hang my head and I advertise
A soul for sale or rent
I have no heart I'm cold inside
I have no real intent
Save me, save me, save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me, save me, ooooohhhhh(...)"

what will Magic J, want?

Lakers winning against the Celts as a part owner?

Lakers losing so Kobe won't get his 5th?

Damn, the only bad thing I see here of a possible rematch with Boston is Phoenix isn't going to prepare the Lakers for them in any way.


Was wondering about that smile too. DHoward is a fool.

Magia32, i think the same way.

but then again Orlando isn't going to prepare Boston for the Lakers either. So I'm good.

Magic would NEVER EVER root against the Lakers!

p ang -

Just goes to show you the fundamental difference between Kobe and Howard (in this case - also between Kobe and every other pretender to the throne):

These other guys WANT to win a championship.

Kobe NEEDS to win. It's in his DNA. He is DRIVEN to win, and he'll pretty much die trying.

With each Celtic playoff win the Asterisk on the Lakers 2009 season gets larger and greener, larger and greener..........

Magia32 and MrNano

i guess Kobe does not need ANY motivation against Celtics. Neither the team that lost a 20+ game at home in 2008.

the question is : Did some of them grow some guts for the re-play?

Magic always viewed Kobe as a threat to his legacy.
Unlike Jerry West, Magic never gave Kobe his props.
He went on for years declaring that Jason Kidd was the best player in the league.
Now he claims that Lebron is the greatest player in the league.

I loved Magic as a player, but his basketball analysis is as bad as his commercials.

A few things:

For those of you who talk about Howard's smile: I think that's just how the dude is. You're not going to make him into something different. Having said that, I don't think he was playing with any less urgency. He had to work hard for his points, but had a decent game. A little help and the Magic could have tied the series.

Second, I've heard/read of how Vince Carter is a chocker, but I don't think I've ever seen it until today. Possibly. That fall he had where he hurt his hand? I couldn't really see or understand how he hurt it. I actually thought he had hurt his knee and/or groin. And the free throws just go to show that not everyone is a clutch player. You can play well for most of the game, but being a closer is not in everyone's blood.

Lastly, the way the Lakers and Celtics are playing, I don't think any NBA fan could have wished for a better Finals matchup. If both happen to advance, and it's looking that way, it's going to be an amazing series.

P.S. ¡Se habla Español!

Green Asterisk - this will be the only time I will address you directly, so pay attention, ok?

Injuries are part of the game. The best any team can hope for is to have everyone healthy during the playoffs. You either do or you don't. It's that simple. It doesn't negate what another team is doing, and certainly doesn't diminish their accomplishments. If it did, then every championship ever won would have to have an asterisk beside it.

When you write stuff like that, you just make yourself look silly. Well - sillier than you already do posting on a Lakers blog.

Ok. We're done now.

I couldn’t help wondering if LeBron was watching as Kobe drilled dagger after dagger into the hearts of the Suns and the reputations of the national sports journalist who had written him off as too old. The next series of Most Valuable Puppets is going to have to work hard not to appear cruel and mean. The stark contrast between Kobe and LeBron as players and team leaders has never been any clearer. Kobe is still the #1 player in the game while LeBron is the overhyped overrated guy gone fishing.
Kobe is on an MVP tear. He can feel it and we can feel it. He’s in the zone where everything is easy. Of course, the Celtics will be a challenge as they know how to wall off the paint on defense but I don’t think they have a 1-on-1 defender who can stop or bother Kobe. Not only is the Black Mamba not over the hill but he is now on a streak that may culminate in the finest playoff performance in his career. And a healthy Kobe makes worries about Bynum’s injury, the bench’s play, and Pau’s softness moot.
As we know, an exciting statement playoffs win by the Lakers isn’t enough to stop the Bynum Bashers from their usual sniping. If they really watched closely, they would appreciate the contribution that Drew makes even if he is playing injured. His presence changes the game completely for the Lakers. The matchups swing heavily in the their favor and opponents are intimidated from attacking the rim. Did I think Drew had a good game? No. Did I think the Lakers were better because of him? Yes.
It’s the nature of blogs in this age of fantasy sports and video games that fans think trades are the answer to every problem a sports franchise encounters. We should appreciate that we have a young man who works extremely hard at his craft, is exceptionally intelligent, has excellent moral character, and possesses the potential to be the dominant center in the NBA at both ends of the court. Rather than belittle him, we should celebrate that he is willing to play with pain to help his teammates.
Watching the Celtics and the Magic, it’s clear neither team has a good post up game. They are both drive and pitch teams, whose inside-out game depends mostly on dribble penetration In contrast, the Lakers actually have 5 players who know how to play with their back to the basket. Posting up is a lost art today. Watching Dwight Howard’s awkward footwork and clumsy post up moves convinces me even more that if Drew can stay healthy, he will be the best center in the NBA in a few years.
As for the blogger who commented about my being dissatisfied with Drew’s touches or minutes, he obviously never reads or remembers what I post. I have always believed in going with and staying with the hot hand. I hate it when Phil benches the hot hand just to maintain the normal rotations. Lamar played up to his potential last night. Hell, if he played like that every night, he would be our starting forward and either Gasol or Bynum would have to come off the bench. Way to go, Lamar.
Finally, I have grown to really dislike Amare Stoudemire. What a jerk! His All-Star Game and second team All-NBA selections were a joke only made possible the NBA allowing the Suns call him a center. The only reason the Suns were unable to trade him during the offseason and earlier this year is that no team was willing to give up anything of value to get him. Here’s to Lamar owning him again.


glad you understood my question. not only Magic views Kobe as thread to his legacy, there is a total dislike between the 2.

don't you think that Kobe's PUBLICIZED desire to learn from the DREAM was a little slap on some Lakers greats?

but Kobe just went to learn from the best in THAT specialized domain.

actually, as Lakers greats, I find both West and Magic being very poor sports regarding KOBE. but karma is a …

Totally agree about the asterisks, Justa.

If we're going to define "asterisk" championships by injuries, lets put one on the Pistons championship in 2004. If Malone doesn't get hurt, we would have won that series in 6 or 7.

The only asterisk I really agree with, and it's a bit of a stretch at that, is the shorten-season Spurs championship in 1999.

Laker Truth,

Magic is doing a Wilt. Till he died Wilt would always say he preferred Stockton to Magic. Couldn't accept that there was a better Laker than him. Wouldn't give love to Kareem either.

Laker fan-

LOL ... Please make more predictions. You guys are as clueless as Amare. If you dont believe me ... go back and read the last 2 weeks blogs!

Sorry ... I gave you too much credit. Go back and read cluelessness from day one. Cant wait for all the blog geniusess to break down the salary cap and who should draft who. Then you ask them to pick a winner and they have no clue ... LMAO!


I cant wait for you brilliant comment ... "the leprechauns won by a measly 3 points" ... LOL!

I hope the Lake Show were watching and listening to Magic Johnson's comments after the game about Boston's strength. I think he was planting the seed. I bet Kobe was watching it then texted Pau. Kobe studies the game even when talking to his daughters.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

ECF is a game contested between chokers vs. dirty players (called defense). Now I see why Mike T likes Perkins, he pushes, embraces then smirks at refs. I love his face when he got fouled out 7 mins to go, it's the picture of a frustrated diablo. Carter choked on two bad possessions, a fade away shot and two missed free throw plus the premature three pointer of Nelson. Why is there a premature celebrations on part of Magic when they need to score 3 more pts. to tie.

Anyway, good game the Celts won as assured by Red. It is coming closer to reality.

Justa: Epic smackdown of a Greenie Weenie.

Go Lake Show!

Laker fan-

Let the record reflect that my prior comments didnt include Tom Daniels and Mamba.

The rest of you ... you know who you are!

Ah, I'm feeling tingly all over just thinking of a Celtics/Lakers Finals....

Quick, someone pinch me, I think I'm dreaming.

E - ok you're right - an asterisk is ok on that title!

Outlaw - first of all sup! And thanks - it was deserved...stupid trolls. Scourging complete. Starvation mode commencing....


Nice game, the three points is just enough for you to move forward after masterful tearing of Dwight Howard resulting to fouled out of the best player in the world and the heaviest Celtic player. love it and three cheers for the leprechauns!!!

Fatty - reaching now to pinch you and.... WTH???? WHAT WAS THAT???? Ok - backing off now....

GAWD - don't ever ask me to do that again. I'll need the debrillator - and some hand sanitizer.

Welcome back The Moderator!

It's always refreshing to read your posts! Keep 'em coming pls.!!!

Until then...

LAKERS ALL DAY!!! sound like my wife. She's always saying the same thing!

JAMF, You have wicked and warped sense of humor. LMAO.


Guys, can you pls. give me the official blog of the Septics?(where 131. Red posts?? just wanna give them a few BS over there. TIA!

p ang - lol - no one but fellow Lakerholics ever appreciate me.

For whatever reason.... :)

Mark G,

Congratulations...on having a nephew with an I.Q. of over 140!


>>> Magic always viewed Kobe as a threat to his legacy.

I've believed that for some time. The more I watch his analysis on ESPN, the more I'm convinced it's true.

I don't know how you can be a part-owner of the Lakers and still go on TV and say some of the things Magic says. Someone needs to take that #32 down from the Staples Center rafters and send it to the dry cleaners to take the stains out.

Laker Truth / Rick -

I agree about Magic. He's really starting to piss me off. The last thing was him expressing surprise about how "the king isn't in the playoffs".

I wanted to punch him in the throat.

MAGIC - TAKE A MEMO - the king IS in the playoffs and his name is KOBE BEAN BRYANT - you moron.

Stick to the acting, Magic. You're better at that than you are at being objective.

And you SUCK at acting.

Sorry Moderator. While I always recognized MJ's greatness, I hated him with a passion back in the day. I was a Laker fan of course, how could it be any other way? Time heals all wounds, as they say, and I've softened over the years (quiet dimwits!). Maybe it was the Hanes commercials with Charlie, maybe it was the fortune he's lost gambling, but my feelings changed. As Kobe has made his steady rise to greatness, the comparison has been an annoyance. Nothing more.

Then MJ made his hall acceptance speach, and reminded me what a douche bag he really is. All that hate and vitriol came back. As far as I'm concerned he was the greatest player of his generation, but much like Ty Cobb and Mike Tyson, universally hated by his peers.

KB24 is the greatest of his generation, and comparing generations is really hard. Could Russel have done what he did against Shaq in his prime? How awesome would it be to see the 85 Lake show take on MJ and co, or the 2000 Lake Show? Or todays team?

Pardon my confused interruption, but in case you missed my point, KB24 is the greatest!

Quote of the night by Stan Van Gundy :

"We can`t stop them!"

isn't that funny how today in the lottery pic there were 3 owners left. and multi billionaire, tall and cocky after shopping in New Jersey had a HUGE FLAT face.

waiting for the announcement i was screaming for #3: nets, nets ..... and it was Nets, None, Done.

Someone needs to say it, so I guess it's me. The Boston Celtics are on fire. They're for real. So, should we be careful what we wish for?

No, Red's, I'm not asking you. I'm asking my fellow Lakers fans. Since 2008, we've pined for a re-match. Now it looks like we're going to get one. It's 2010. Which team wants it more? I'm not asking whose fans want it more. (I know it's us.) I'm asking which team wants it more.

I know Kobe's answer. I know Fish's answer. I know Pau's answer.

Does Lamar have seven more games like we got Monday night? Is Andrew capable of sacrifice and playing through the pain and manning up? Can UPS and Farmar make the mental leaps required to minimize mistakes? If all their answers are "yes," the Lakers should be in good shape.

Doc Rivers has done a great job of convincing his guys to sacrifice their egos for the greater good and trust each other completely. It's pretty much what Phil preaches. But sometimes individual Lakers except Kobe play like they don't trust themselves. The belief system must be in place.

Utzworld the BANNER HOLDER has told me that if the NBA Finals come down to the Lakers vs Celtics, he will do more than visit. He will return for the series. I hope he's already arranging his schedule accordingly.

For all the earlier hype of the NBA wanting a Kobe vs LeBron Finals, what we have here is a far better scenario for basketball fans. Happy Muppets are for kids. The Black Mamba's game face is what I want to see. When his opponents see it, they should be very afraid.

After watching tonight's game in Orlando, I want the Lakers to dispense with the Suns as quickly as possible. That would make the Finals start on June 1 and not on June 3. And it will start at Staples Center. Go Lakers!


>>> Stick to the acting, Magic. You're better at that than you are at being objective. And you SUCK at acting.


ooooomg, celtics vs lakers in the finals, PLEASE bring it on

The extra motivation the lakers will have will be we have home court.

seems like we are getting lucky every year,

I cant believe it may actually happen..
the dream rematch w/ the celtics..
I'm startin to get some serious GOOOOSEBUMPS!!!

Can someone see if there's a way to crank the heat & humidity in the visiting locker room? Looking for revenge in every possible way here....

And, with tonight's outcome, odds of a Laker sweep in the WCF just went up four-fold.

Like it or not fellas - it's rematch time, except now we're mostly healthy instead of half injured like in '08.

We have to sweep the Suns now. It's a matter of pride... because the Magic (whom I respect) are going to be swept by the Celtics.

Man, I hate the Celtics.

I really do.

And there's reason for that.

Because they're evil.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I hate the Celtics.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Lakers need to end this series as quickly as possible.

And much as everybody likes making fun of Mike T's obsessions, he was right on the money with the ECF. The Cs are dominating the Magic, and look very much like championship material right now.

So they'd better fix up Bynum enough so he'll be somewhat effective, because they'll need him against the Cs. The Cs are the one team who can match the Lakers in the frontcourt. This will be possibly the third straight Finals with the Lakers, and Bynum has been missing or hobbled in every one of them. If he can't be fully effective when the most important games of the entire season come around, the Lakers need to trade him for a center who can.

while i'm keeping an eye on the east, it really doesn't matter who comes out of there victorious. if the Lakers are going to take home a championship this year, they're going to have to defeat anyone whom they meet. before that, they have to take care of Phoenix, who is terribly overmatched, but who is capable of the upset if the Lakers allow themselves to be caught slippin...

{Secret Agent Report}

So, it was my co-worker's birthday tonight and a lot of people were out on the smoker's patio congratulating my co-worker on another day survived and I asked him, "So what about the rumor?"

People looked down and began talking about "Gloria."

I'm so deep in it that it is not about "LeBron's Mom." It's about "Gloria."

It's bad.

I feel sad for the situation because I am close enough to it that I have empathy for it, but...

If I was a betting man, I'd put 8-1 odd in favor that the rumors are true.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Aloha Laker Tom,

You are absolutely right about Drew. He changes match ups. I have maintained all along that if Drew had been available in 2008 we would have won, even without a great series from him. Drew in the line up allows Pau to play against power forwards and not the more physical centers. If we do meet Boston in the finals, Perkins has to guard Drew and that allows Pau to play against a less physical Garrnet, which he plays very well against. And when the Celtic's bring in Wallace, we bring in Lamar, who can chase him to the 3 point line.

I am looking forward to this series, something tells me that Pierce won't repeat as MVP with Artest on him instead of Luke like the last time. Like I mentioned to Mike T, Pierces MVP should have a * next to it that reads Guarded by Luke Walton.




1. You're a liar who defamed my name and what I'm about unjustly.

2. "not only Magic views Kobe as threat to his legacy, there is a total dislike between the 2."

I fear you might be right.

I still remember in the heart of the Kobe/Shaq revolt of Magic stating emphatically "I like Kobe. I LOVE Shaq!"

Seeing all these interviews in which Magic is practically licking LeBron's boots... it just doesn't feel right.

It feels like something artificial.

It is profoundly disappointing to me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mark G,

Congratulations...on having a nephew with an I.Q. of over 140!

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 18, 2010 at 09:38 PM

That actually describes a lot of people in my family. TY though!

Smiling superman, Why? Because thats the way he is someone said> Please.

Van Gundy calling out his players when he should be calling out himself. What did Shaq say, the big Choker?

Betcha they wish Hedo was still on the team now. A point forward who makes freethrows.

Jameer Nelson is exposed, he hurt them last year in the Finals also.

Baby Davis throws his butt out on every screen and nothing is called
He also planted himself twice while the offensive player was in the air and shooting and got the charge called.
Bad officiating, it's one thing to have a reputation about playing great defense its another to have the refs calling the game on reputation alone.

The Moderator,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. It's true that you don't fully realize what you have until it's gone. Kobe is truly a once-in-a-generation player.

If the Lakers meet the Celtics in the finals which is highly probable....

This would be the #1 defining moment in Kobe Bryants legacy.
A win separates him from Shaq and equal to Magic and redeems the 2008 fiasco.

A loss to the dreaded Celtics devastates not only him but all us Laker fans.
To be ousted twice by Wheelchair Pierce would be unbearable.

If the Lakers meet the Celtics in the finals which is highly probable....

This would be the #1 defining moment in Kobe Bryants legacy.
A win separates him from Shaq and equal to Magic and redeems the 2008 fiasco.

A loss to the dreaded Celtics devastates not only him but all us Laker fans.
To be ousted twice by Wheelchair Pierce would be unbearable.

Posted by: Troll Man | May 18, 2010 at 11:03 PM

Laker fan-

Nice to see you singing a new tune.

You sure are doing a lot of backpedaling!

okay.. i'm not normally one to brag here but do i hear anybody disputing my predictions now..

-- the crab choke... CHECK.. (see LAguy after he was who was skewered alive. dead or missing)
-- half man half choke.. CHECK.
-- orlando weak without turkoglue.. CHECK
-- boston will be a force in playoffs.. CHECK.. (oh funny now everyones jumpin on this bandwagon)
-- ron ron will be the difference maker.. TBD..

do i hear anybody still fellin nostalgic for ariza with boston and pierce coming to town soon? pls step up NOW

anybody still think magic better with vince than turkoglu? yes i know celts didnt have kg when they took orlando to 7 games but lose two at home and possible sweep??

call it amazing foresight.. i think i'm changin my handle to yellofever THE ORACLE. haha..

any questions.. thought not..

class dismissed.
to be continued.

yes i believe it with every bone in my body.. its simple.. magic is currently greatest laker of all time.. kobe is the only true and real threat to his laker legacy.
MAGIC= SELLOUT.. very disappointing.

I would not discount the Celtics team, Rondo is much improved with his crisp passing and penetration to the post. Who are new in the Celtics this year who were not part of the '08 that would be Davis and Wallace, of course Finley but he is seldom use. On the Lakers, definitely Artest will be a big help plus the improved Bynum but also injured. Shannon was not there in '08 season. It will be a classic rivalry and I want our chances because we have the home court advantage. Orlando's home court is different from Staples.

Anyway, lets take care first of our end before fast forwarding the event in June.

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