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Steve Nash still believes Phoenix Suns will beat Lakers in Game 6

A day after making somewhat of a bold statement, Suns guard Steve Nash said Friday that he wasn't making a "guarantee" that Phoenix was going to win Game 6 of the Western Conference finals against the Lakers.

Nash said it's "a belief" that the Suns can defeat the Lakers in Game 6 Saturday night at US Airways Center and then force a Game 7 back in Los Angeles at Staples Center on Monday.

The Suns lost a last-second game to the Lakers Thursday night in Game 5 when Ron Artest grabbed Kobe Bryant's airball and scored on a putback.

The Suns trail the best-of-seven series, 3-2, and are on the brink of elimination.

"I didn't say guarantee," Nash said. "But, I have no problem with that."

While he was doing post-game interviews Thursday, it did sound as if Nash was making a guarantee.

"We lost, and they held home court," he said. "We'll go back and do the same, and we'll come back here for Game 7."

The Suns did win Games 3 and 4 at home.

Perhaps that's why Nash sounded so confident.

"It's a belief," Nash said. "I believe we're going to come home and win and go back and play Game 7 over there."

-- Broderick Turner in Phoenix
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I believe you too Stevie. The NBA wants this to go to 7 games, I have no doubt they'll make sure it does.

I'm sure Steve Nash believes the Suns are going to win. And why shouldn't he. They gotten the lions share of foul calls at home, their bench has played much better at home and because of last night's comeback to tie up the game at Staples, he and the Suns think they got the Lakers number.

However, there will only be a game 7 if the Lakers don't play through adversity. For sure the crowd is going to be into the game, the Suns bench is going to be better because they're playing at home. But as the last two games in Phoenix demonstrated, if somebody besides Kobe plays hard on both sides of the ball, the Lakers win going away. In both games the Lakers were right there in the 4th quarter, either tied or leading. All of our guys can play better than they did in the two games at Phoenix.

If we play to our potential and not get distracted by lack of calls, touches, etc.... then we got this!

We need to go hard and play smart for 48 minutes. There's nothing the Suns can do to stop us from doing either. It's up to us!

Go Lakers!


Game 6 will be tough. The Suns role players are great at home. The crowd has huge energy. And the calls all go their way. Steve may be right.

The Suns defensively are focused on neutraizing the Lakers' inside game. That is the point of the zone. So Gasol and Bynum will not be having huge games. So the Lakers need solid D and strong efforts from some combination of Fish, Artest, Odom, Farmar, Brown and Sasha offensively.

Kobe will get his.


While it was a key game 5 win but don’t forget Lakers have not accomplished anything yet. Media’s job is to amplify and remember journalists are not rocket scientists, they are merely glorified typists. Phoenix is still alive and I would not want to see them in game 7.

Good effort from Drew, Shasha, Luke and Lamar!!

I refuse to speak in Spanish fearing……..and I carry my passport at all times with me

That's three straight 4th quarters the Suns out played the Lakers.

This is why Stevie is confident. But......

A pressure close-out game is different, whether you are at home or away.

Both teams are very experienced in these close-out games. The Lakers have experience in winning them and the Suns are very experienced in losing them.

I don't care what stevie says. I already said that the Lakers will win in 6, and that is gonna happen. Too bad for him.

This is off-topic, but have to get it out of my system: Has anyone noticed how pathetic Doug Collins' commentary is? He merely points out the obvious, constantly. For example I can remember at least five times yesterday when uttered, "Now, Marv, look at the score," and then continued to say something about how it "felt" as if the Lakers should be up by more. I wanted to yell at him and say, "yes, we are all looking the score, everyone is looking at the score, you do not need to tell us that." I mean as much as the ABC crew with JVG and Mark Jackson go off on tangents, at least those are entertaining, and when they do talk about the game, they do add something positive to the experience of watching the game. Doug Collins adds nothing. I'm really glad the guy is coaching next season.

Mr. Nano

Currently I am looking for more Suns fans to take that bet. They are so easy to take advantage of in these games. I don't even need to give them any points.

Typical Suns fan: "We are going to beat you guys. Kobe is so selfish. Man, it won't even be close, because, we got Stevie, and, and, he's the best!"

Typical Fatty response: "Care to make a wager on that?"

This year I plan on taking a Caribbean cruise with my winnings. In fact, have booked it already, we leave on June 6th. You see, you can never lose with Suns fans, because they have ALWAYS lost the big game, and never seem to learn.

Doug Collins is a sore loser. You can always hear from his commentary that he never wants the Lakers to win. I think he is still sour from Phil taking over the Bulls team with Micheal and winning six championships, because that was suppose to be his team.

I can't stand hearing him call a Laker game.

Doug Collins lives in Phoenix and his heart has always been with the Suns. Similar to Barkley who played for the Suns and makes his home in Arizona as well.

One time, while flying back to Arizona from a Lakers game, I talked to Collins on the plane. He was very cordial, and answered all my questions. I was very impressed with him. He really does know his stuff. I just wish he didn't call the Lakers/Suns games.

I personally like Hubie Brown. I feel like I'm learning something when he talks about the game, not something that is obvious.

Hey just a housekeeping announcement. We're going to have a game chat for the Celtics-Magic game


I believe in life after the Suns.
-Some Silly Cher song

The gorilla will fade into the mist, the setting will occur as it does on a daily basis and the Lakers will remain, standing resolutely in the darkening deep of the NBA Finals.

Don't get me wrong, this series started off with the Suns playing A) Out of character, B) Less in need of a week off than the Lakers, and C) lots of 'untested in the playoffs' players. All of these things helped the Lakers tremendously in games 1 and 2.

Conversely, Alvin Gentry should win the playoff coach of the year with the job he's done on keeping his team's keel extremely even. If our off-season was a free agent nightmare, the Suns have experienced the same thing but during the regular season and into the playoffs. Amare is going to be a Sun until the end of the playoffs last I heard, yet he and his teammates must continually answer speculative questions on where he might be going. It is, in a word, absurd. That and the double walloping they got in that stint and I can imagine lots of those 3 year and under players folding tent and looking forward to vacation.

They haven't. That shows a quality of character from a lot of NBA cast offs that you normally don't see. It speaks of Steve Nash's ability to command a team. Does anyone think Farmar could acomplish the same feat? maybe, given the length of rope Steve's been given on occasion. but Nash has a leadership quality that is similar to Kobe's with a bit less grit to it. His spirit of competition and will to win are among the NBA greats, just like Kobe.

It's been a very entertaining series and I expect that tomorrow will not let us down.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

Laker fans you are quick to fry the fish that is still in the water.

Suns will go out and play their best in game 6. The ball is round and can bounce in Suns or Lakers favor. Last night was a Laker luck it bounce in Ron's hands.

Despite your predictions Lakers in 4, 5, we are already in game 6.

All I am saying Suns (zero championships) play with heart and believe and fight against Kobe's, Pau's, Jackson's, Lakers, who are taller, stronger, 15 champions, and were supposed to dismantle them. Yet, Suns find another gear to come back from 18 down last night. Let's play the game. Go Suns

I like how Hubie Brown uses ath-e-lete, ath-e-leticism, etc. It kills me every time.

Count your chicken in the fall, Laker's have not won it yet.

The girlie Suns came back from 18 down last night the ball bounced in Ron's hands and he scored. These same girlie Suns were not supposed to be even in the play offs, were not supposed to give hard time to the 15 time mighty, taller, champions, Lakers were supposed to sweep them in 4, 5? Well next is game 6, and we will take it for a chance to event the series. Go Suns

I found Doug Collin's take on the (alleged) state of the Eastern Conference next season. Sounds he thinks at least 2 or 3 playoff spots are going to open up. This year it was:

w/ Toronto 1 game back.

Philadelphia finished 14 games back. Even if they completely over haul the roster (by that I mean trade Brand, Dalembert and maybe a few benchies for an impact post player, like Bosh) they still have no bench and AI (Andre, not Allen) has never been consistent. Ever.

Doug is expecting to vault over 4-5 other teams to get to that 8th spot to think about having a chance at getting anyhwre in the NBA playoffs. He's doing it to win, not have an impact on some young guys. I just don't see how Philly can make that sort of turnaround.

Good luck, Doug, maybe now we'll get Joel and Stu in that booth.

why r suns fans in LA times articles lol. Very confident there nash, don't forget the lakers are comfortable in closing out series on the road, they've even won championships in an opponents homecourt and the suns have won....right....we got phil (and his perfect record when winning game 1 of a series) kobe, and a championship squad that would already be in the finals if the suns didn't decide to play their "we can't play legit defense" zone and we had at least 1 good pure shooter (play sasha more phil). Don't be surprised if u lose convincingly on sat. suns fans.


The only thing absurd is the title of this article, "Steve Nash Still Believes Suns Will Beat Lakers in Game 6".
First of all, why wouldn't ANYONE think the Suns couldn't beat the Lakers in Game 6? The Suns have won the two games played in Phoenix. Second, why wouldn't Nash or any Suns have a strong belief in their ability to win game 6? Does Kobe or any other Laker believe they will win game 6? I would think so. I guess I don't know what the issue is. Or are Laker fans and Laker media so incredibly arrogant, despite the fact that the Suns have a legitimate chance at winning this series, that such a statement from a Laker opponent is almost offensive in nature?

let's hope Phil plays the bench a little more like last game. Kobe probably missed all the shots down stretch, because his legs were tired. If he is going to go into decoy mode for 3 or 4 minutes to conserve energy, why not just sit him down?

Other guards and 3's need playoff experience too,

Remember this, the lakers starters are better then the phoenix starters......... go lakers



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