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Vujacic has severe ankle sprain, x-rays negative

Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic was carried off the court after sustaining a severely sprained left ankle in the second quarter Wednesday against the Clippers.

Vujacic was coming down after attempting a 20-footer from the left side when he landed on Mardy Collins' foot and began writhing on the Staples Center court. He was carried off by trainer Gary Vitti and reserve guard Jordan Farmar.

X-rays were negative and a timetable for his return had not yet been released by the team.

--Mike Bresnahan

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Thanks, Sasha, for your patience and service this year. I'm sorry it was a rough year for you. I hope the Lakers can win a championship, but it doesn't look good. Anyway, rest and rehab, and we'll see you next season.

Lakers just got creamed by the Clippers. Can anyone imagine what the Thunder are going to do to the Lakers ??
They looked sorry on the court as they have for some time now. See ya all next year. IT'S OVER !!

The Clippers suck. Oh wait a minute. They had their backup point guard against Fish. He only had a triple double. 23 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. Fish a smoking 2 for 7 with 1 assist. Thats a good night. I think that hypothesis that the Lakers play better team ball without Kobe was thrown out the window tonight. Kobe is the Lakers. This team would not get out of the first round without him.

"X-rays were negative", what they didn't say that it was of his brain.

On a serious note, just when he started to show some tenacity and his shot started falling, this happens.

This season is starting to look like the 1989 playoffs over again. Injury after injury. Bad Karma...

Bring on the KFC Thunder!

Perfect, get Adam Morrison on the court to drain those 3s baby. A serendipitous kick start to the Lakers offense.

Baby Bonehead Bynum out now The Machine. LAKERS ARE NOW GOING TO SWEEP ALL SERIES-LMOA!!!

Hypothesis that Fish's veteran presence makes a difference on the court has been utterly debunked.

Steve Blake triple doubled on Fisher!

LA Times columnists need state the obvious Fisher's terrible defense is a problem. His terrible shooting doesn't help much either.

Artest has set himself up to be blamed but Fisher is the culprit. Fisher is such a defensive liability that its almost impossible for the Lakers to get a big first quarter lead, because the opposing team exploits PG advantage.

Opposing PG's have been averaging about 8 first quarter points on Lakers.

Who plays in the 1st quarter?

Fisher getting torched from the gate puts Lakers in trouble.

Am concerned it will happen against OKC.

Lakers will start with Fish on Thabo who will immediately use his size and quickness to misuse Fisher. OKC will then put in Harden who will blow fisher a new one.

No way can Fish guard Westbrook.

C'mon don't you hate the dumb grin on Fisher's face when his man
scores off the dribble?

Fisher DNP would be best contribution to Lakers.

Well, that sucked. Another injury to cap off a regular season where the most important element -- health -- made anything like a consistent effort nearly impossible. To the regular season, fans, coaches, and players alike can only say goodbye and good riddance.

The Lakers now enter the post-season at far less than 100%. The West is bigger, stronger, tougher, and more talented as a division than it's been in recent memory.

Wednesday night's loss to the Clippers is a statistical non-event. What matters is that Sasha is out for two weeks with a high ankle sprain, Thriller turned his ankle, Luke tweaked his back, and Jordan could play only token seconds because of his hamstring to complete a full 82 game season. Lamar, too is less than 100%.

The Lakers infirmary could provide a season-long reality show for some cable network. But we only have three days to get everybody healed. Gary Vitti might as well be assigned to a non-stop 72 hour shift in the LA County Hospital ER. He and his staff are temporarily more important to the team's future than Phil and his coaches.

But come the return to action on Sunday, don't write this team off. The Lakers have a coach who has a ring for every finger. A dinged-up Kobe Bryant tops any opponent who's 100%. Gasol is at the top of his game. Andrew is coming back to the lineup. These Lakers are not only formidable, they are experienced.

Dings and all, the Lakers enter the playoffs poised to repeat. The injuries are a problem, but Laker Pride can overcome many things. Let the games begin.

Are we fricken cursed this season or what??

Sasha was just starting to grind.........

"Severe ankle" means Sashas is def gone for 1st rd, and if we make it past the 1st round then probably out 2rd too. Sprains take a long time to heal especially high ankle ones..

We gotta find a way to rise above it all!!

sasha was just getting back to his old form, watch for him in the second round, i dont think shannon will produce close to what he did during the regular season.

Baby Bonehead Bynum out now The Machine. LAKERS ARE NOW GOING TO SWEEP ALL SERIES-LMOA!!!

Posted by: George

Shouldn't it be "LMAO"?

Try to get your acronyms straight before you start bashing people.

The blogger that goes by "DFish" -- you must have some sort of a stalker mentality, bro, to be obssessed with Derek so much that you not only call yourself "DFish," but seemingly every one of your posts is about Fisher. What kind of a malady do you have, bro? Did Fisher not give you an autograph one day at the mall? This is pathetic, your seemingly childish and creepy obsession with Derek Fisher. Are his best days behind him? Certainly. But your creepy stalker-type assasination of him daily on this site is so creepy, over-the-top and petty, that it makes me really believe that he did in fact blow you off at the mall.

Lakers are still odds on favorites to win the West by a huge margin according to my bookie. Lakers are at a +175 and the closest is Dallas at +1000. Cleveland has slightly higher odds to win it all at +160. FWIW, the Thunder are at +5000.

Let the games begin !!! In the words of John Kerry, "Bring It On!".

Atlanta Hawks +2000
Boston Celtics +2000
Charlotte BobCats +20000
Chicago Bulls +10000
Cleveland Cavaliers +160
Dallas Mavericks +1000
Denver Nuggets +1200
Los Angeles Lakers +175
Miami Heat +8000
Milwaukee Bucks +20000
Oklahoma City Thunder +5000
Orlando Magic +600
Phoenix Suns +1500
Portland Blazers +5000
San Antonio Spurs +1500
Utah Jazz +2000


Ludwig, you're absolutely right about the Blogger who Bogarted the Name "DFish". He is obsessed and way over the top.

I've run into Derrick a few times (once when I was wearing my Lakers cap) and, without my attempting to approach him, he walked by and asked me "How's it going?" or "What's up?" Derrick is not the type person to blow off your average Joe. Of course, I honored his privacy.

With that said, the Blogger who Bogarted the Name "DFish" most probably started heckling him at the mall just like he does on these blogs. And then had the nerve to ask "Hey Fish, you mind signing a few hundred autographs for me? It'd mean a lot."

Fish probably just smirked, turned and walked away. All the while hearing the Blogger who Bogarted the Name "DFish" yelling "You Suck! You Suck! etc., etc."

MarcB -- Well said, Marc. I know Derek's not the type to blow anybody off for an autograph. This pest, who as you rightly point out, "bogarted" the name "DFish," probably went up to him when Derek was with his little girl and asked him to sign a hundred goddamn hats and after the first 40 Derek got tired and the girl started crying and "bogart" got ticked off when Derek walked away to take care of his baby.

In all seriousness, this guy is a royal creep. I live in New York, and in the final years of Bernie Williams, when he couldn't run, couldn't throw better than a 12-year-old girl, couldn't hit the long ball anymore, nobody disrespected the man, EVER, no way, no how! -- in fact, he was always, I mean ALWAYS treated with the utmost respect and loyalty, for having been a major cog in securing 4 world championships for the Yankees.

The same can be said for Derek Fisher, who's been a part of 4 world championships for the Lakers. There's got to be a place in sports where it's not just 'what have you done for me lately,' a little piece of sanity and respect for what the man has delivered in the past. I have my moments where I get upset when we lose, but I always come back to all those precious moments when Fisher represented the best qualities of being a Laker.

One day, I'm certain Fisher will be the Head Coach for this blessed team, and who knows, Derek may just go down in history as the Laker with the most rings of all.

God bless him and his play (and his team) during the playoffs, we sure need it!



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