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Video Caption Contest: Kobe Bryant proves Jeff Van Gundy wrong; Sasha Vujacic posterizes Marcus Camby

You can usually tell how the ending usually will turn out for Jeff Van Gundy when he utters something controversial.  

He once suggested when he coached the New York Knicks that Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan was a "con man" for befriending opponents before dominating them on the floor. Jordan responded by dropping 51 points on the Knicks. 

Van Gundy recently suggested as an ESPN analyst to Lakers guard Kobe Bryant that "he had the worst left-handed hook shot I had ever seen" during a pre-game shootaround three weeks ago before the Lakers' eventual 92-83 win to the San Antonio Spurs. Bryant responded during the Lakers' 91-88 loss Sunday to the Portland Trail Blazers with a beautiful left hook, and he didn't forget who to immediately look to as soon as he made the basket.

Said Van Gundy: "I will never doubt his left hand again." (Kudos to Ball Don't Lie for the link).

That wasn't the only video worthy of a caption contest. On a day when Lakers fans and media members alike are wondering when will this team ever get its act together, this may serve as a brief solace for fans before the insanity kicks into high gear again. Even if plenty of things had gone wrong during the Lakers' loss to Portland, at least fans were entertained by a Sasha Vujacic dunk. That's right. I'll repeat it again. Sasha Vujacic dunked over Portland center Marcus Camby, a feat Vujacic also accomplished last season against Sacramento. Those wondering if the Machine thought it was a big deal were quickly told the answer. It didn't take long for his Twitter page to link the clip. On the dunk, perhaps Vujacic took Lamar Odom's cue and said, "Get out of my way, Saturn!" Perhaps Vujacic said to Camby, "Welcome back to L.A.!" Or maybe Vujacic just barked after realizing it appears he's no longer in the Lakers' doghouse.

In the comments section below, feel free to write a caption for both videos. The best caption for each video will be featured in tomorrow's links post.

-- Mark Medina

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Too bad Phil played stupid mind games with Sasha rather than developing him to be an effective and consistent player. Sasha has talent.

Hello, Laker family.
Yes, it is I, Passionate Lakers fan.
I decided to not post after winning the championship.
However, since the play-offs are near, some observations:
A healthy Drew and LO will be the key to a repeat.
Yes, a healthy Kobe is needed.
However, Drew makes the Lake Show a defensive force.
And Drew allows Pau to play the power forward position.
LO (and hopefully Luke) strengthens the bench.
Its like dominoes.
Drew replaces Pau at center.
Pau replaces LO at power forward.
LO replaces Josh as the first power forward off the bench.
And LO/Luke improves spacing on the floor for the 2nd unit.
And floor spacing improves 2nd unit shooting.
And Kobe benefits from all the above.
If Kobe/Drew/LO are healthy: the Lakers will repeat!

For all the shock and awe of the moment, Sasha's dunk was just okay. I didn't really go in all that cleanly, but 2 points are 2 points.

Still had fun watching the game, regardless of the outcome.

Todd, good point. Phil has ruined the guard rotation for the Lakers. He had 3 competent guards that have failed to reach their potential due to Phil's mishandling of them, and his over-reliance on Derbrick Fisher and his horrendous 2 year slump.

Best thing the Lakers have done this year is to lose the last game to the Blazers. Now, it's very unlikely we see them the first round.


I asked a question, but I didn't see an answer.
[ I didn look through several posts to take my lumps. :) ]

Does the Utah game on dec. 12, 2009, in the second quarter,
with the lineup of:

Lamar, Artest, Pau & Bynum count as the *TALL* lineup?

Especially given the Lakers tried LO as pg in preaseason 2008 &
haven't used him that way since.

You had originally argued for the lineup of Kobe, Lamar, Artest, Pau &
Bynum with LO running pg. That is correct isn't it?

I have one: SASH-AM!!!

HOBBITMAGE… As I stated numerous times as clearly as can possibly be stated, the Lakers have NEVER played a lineup with Kobe, Pau, Drew, Ron, and Lamar at the same time. There also was never any link that showed they played this lineup. Therefore, there could have been no way that I lied about this as you contended. Your apology is accepted. Let’s move on and agree that we never will agree on anything. ;)
Just for the record, I also don’t consider a brief testing a variation of the lineup (Farmar versus Kobe or Triple Towers only) in a back-to-back on the road for a few minutes as anything close to a valid trial. And of course, there is no way to implement a change in the starting lineup without testing it beforehand, so we are likely looking at something that may or may not be tested down the road. Elements such as Lamar at point guard or the Triple Towers have been tried on occasion but never really given a serious test in my opinion.
My issue is simply that at some point in time, hopefully in the playoffs this year, Drew is going to demand minutes that Lamar is now playing and as a result we are going to need to find a way to give Lamar more minutes, which could include playing him at times as Ron’s backup at small forward or as Fisher’s backup at point guard. After all, it seems logical that our five highest paid players should start and play the most.
If we do not experiment with the Big 5 lineup during the playoffs this year, I think there is a strong chance that we will revisit the lineup in camp next year. Our problem is that Fisher is nearing the end of his career and neither Farmar nor Brown have proven that they can or should take over. Further, the point guard free agent and draft options also seem to be dismal. So unless the Lakers decide to trade one of their Big 5 for a point guard, which I seriously doubt they would consider, I believe we will be confronted with the same situation as this year with Derek Fisher as our default starting point guard. If it comes down to that, then give me Lamar Odom at point regardless of who the other four players are. I think Lamar has matured greatly the past two years and could at worst do a better job than Fisher, Farmar, Brown, or Vujacic.
No need to waste your time responding as everybody already knows what you are going to say. Let’s keep it real.

I'm thinking that our first round will be the most difficult round we face in the playoffs.

It'll probably take that whole round to get our timing and synergy back.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I wonder if we will have the "Big Five" next year? I am thinking if there is any way possible to lure D-Wade in a sign & trade or straight out trade for CP3 or D.Williams, we would have to give up a "Big." I think our weakness is in the fact that we have no Pippen to our Jordan. Am not knocking Pau or anyone else in particular (Bigs that is), but we would be unstoppable with any of the three aforementioned.


"I have one: SASH-AM!!!"

Hmmm... are you suggesting that we change Sasha's nickname from "The Machine" to "Shazam!"?

If pressed, I'll vote "Aye!"

Sasha may not be reliable, but he plays hard and that matters.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


People dog on Sasha but I would prefer to see more of Sasha than Shannon Brown. Shannon wows with his athleticism, to be sure, but he hasn't been the same since the All-Star break, and he can't seem to play or find good passing angles within the triangle.

Sasha has lapses but overall he is sharp when he gets minutes. He took a key charge on Sunday, bum shoulder and all, and it's not the first time he has done it in recent weeks.

The Dunking Machine!

Sasha is a physical kind of player they needed when the playoffs begin.He is a rugged defender & very quick player.Only the problem was they limited his time & potential..

for Kobes..."Hey coach Van Gundy, this tape won't let me bend my finger...

for Shash's...and Sasha has another throw in and out down, on Camby.

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