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Ron Artest doesn't know what to expect in round 2 against Kevin Durant

After delivering the first knockout punch, Lakers forward Ron Artest says he can't anticipate how Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant will strike back.

After Artest held Durant to 24 points on seven of 24 shooting in the Lakers' Game 1 87-79 victory Sunday over the Thunder, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson equally chalked up the outcome to Artest's tough defense combined with Durant's poor shooting.

And after Artest proved his worth on the big stage, he refused to delve into it.

Said Artest: "I just move onto the next day."

That's what will make up this matchup intriguing for the rest of the series, including Game 2 tonight (7:30 pm. TNT). Artest has provided a fair amount of defensive consistency, with his toughness and holding marquee players under their season average, including a five-game stretch in February against Pacers forward Danny Granger, Denver's Carmelo Anthony, Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala, Dallas' Shawn Marion, Memphis' Rudy Gay, Boston's Paul Pierce and Golden State's Corey Maggette.

But Durant has done his part on offense, finishing the regular season with a league-leading 30.1 points per game and finishing as the youngest player to become the league's scoring title. He scored at least 30 points in 47 games and went on a 29-game stretch this season where he dropped at least 25.

Both the Lakers and the Thunder have seen the consequences when their respective star isn't on their game. Artest suffered from inconsistency in January when his plantar fasciitis affected his speed and quickness. The Thunder has gone 0-7 when Durant doesn't score at least 20 points.

Therefore, it's hard to anticipate how this matchup between the bear and the hunter will turn out. In the Lakers' 3-1 season series against Oklahoma City, Artest held Durant to an average of 25.8 points per contest, his fourth-lowest total against any opponent. But each game brought different wrinkles. In the Lakers 101-98 overtime victory Nov. 3 against Oklahoma City, Durant scored a team-leading 28 points, but Artest held him scoreless in the fourth quarter as well as in overtime. In the Lakers' 111-108 victory Dec. 22 against the Thunder, Durant had 30 points on 11 of 19 shooting, but Artest forced him to foul out with 1:31 to play in a game OKC could've used his last-minute theatrics. In the Lakers' 101-85 blowout win Nov. 22 over Oklahoma City, Durant became a non-facor with 19 points. But in the Lakers' blowout 91-75 loss to March 26 to the Thunder, Artest's defense was a non-factor, resulting in Durant dropping 26 points.

Through all the uncertainties, there's one thing that remains clear. The success or failure of both Artest and Durant will likely become the game-changer, much like how it turned out in Game 1. But that question won't be answered until the next contest begins.

--Mark Medina

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JAMIE… “I think Andrew knows that Pau and Kobe don't have the same strength of will that they had in last year’s playoffs. He knows Lamar is hurt, Fish is a year older and Artest will still be figuring it out for the rest of the year as far as the advanced options of the triangle are concerned.”
Excellent point, Jamie. I specifically remember Drew saying that he had been watching the games and was focusing on providing what the team was missing, protecting the rim on defense and attacking it on offense. The big question, of course, is how does Drew follow up the great first game. I think tonight the Thunder will try to attack the rim aggressively to get Drew into foul trouble. Since their big men are not likely to draw fouls on Drew, look for Durant and Westbrook to try and attack him by driving the lane and jumping into his body.
JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN… “*sniff* *sniff* *wiping my eyes* *blowing my nose* YOU LIKE ME!! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!!” LOL. Yes, you, my brother. In addition to being an adept and articulate analyst, a great gatherer or stats and rebutter of false arguments, you are also exactly the type of blog buddy with whom we all want to share a virtual fox hole in the never ending battle to bring veracity and rightness to the Lakers Blog.
MICHAEL H… “Hey I was looking ahead to a possible match up with Dallas and I noticed something, Dallas would be the ideal team to run some jumbo line up at. Now it wouldn't involve Lamar at the point, it would be Ron at the shooting guard. Now the jumbo line ups concern has always been defense. but look at these match ups on D. Kidd- Kobe. Kobe could really disrupt Kidds game. Butler- Lamar can lay off him a little because he is a decent outside shooter but not deadly and Lamar is long enough and quick enough to disrupt Butler if he gets inside. Marion- Pau Marion is another guy that you can play off of and wait for him to come inside. Haywood- Andrew enough said. Dirk- Ron I would love to see this.”
Excellent observation, Michael. You are right. In fact, we have numerous players who could play point guard on defense against Jason Kidd. I think Kobe, Lamar, or Ron could guard him. JK has slowed down a lot the last couple of years but has compensated for that by becoming a 40% 3-point shooter. Reminds me a little of Magic in his later years. Two vets who learned to become proficient with a sort of push or set shot from beyond the arc. Who knows…Phil just might be thinking the same thing we are. Wouldn’t that set the blog afire.
BLITZ… “What does this boil to? When he outplays an old man Shaq maybe I'll join you Laker Tom (as in outplay him in a 7 game series and not dunking back like in 05-06). I really think he has stopped his big mouthing and preferring to play.” Well, that’s at least a step in the right direction, Blitz. I don’t quite get what you rap is about Drew versus Jordan and Shannon though. Choosing between Drew and them does not make sense. Drew is a starter and future franchise player in many opinions while Farmar and Brown are just subs.
ART… “From Bresnahan article: ‘As Bynum stood at the free-throw line in the first half of Sunday's game, a lone fan repeatedly yelled out "M-V-P" from the lower bowl at Staples Center.’ Laker Tom, Didn't know you were at the game. (LOL, just kidding LT, I like Bynum too).” LOL, Art. I missed that quote. Thanks. All in good time, although, if Kobe really struggles and Drew continues to play great, who knows: it could happen. After all, this is the NBA and as KG taught us, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. For sure, Drew will win Finals MVP in some future season, maybe when Kobe is playing out the final year of his contract.
MAMBA24… My Andrew Bynum glass is truly overflowing. I feel like a proud father watching his young son come of age. Thanks for the Bynum Believers Bandwagon. Reading it is like watching the Making of a Beast. Each line brings a new smile. Each blogger brings a new hope for greatness. I cannot wait for tonight to come. Drew is going to have an even better game tonight as the Lakers crush the Thunder this time. Kobe as MVP.

no worries here...keep that bandwagon rollin dawg!

point well taken but whos to say this is blog aint about theology. to some people lakers are a religion and kobe is a god! (wink)

MAMBA24… My Andrew Bynum glass is truly overflowing. I feel like a proud father watching his young son come of age. Thanks for the Bynum Believers Bandwagon. Reading it is like watching the Making of a Beast. Each line brings a new smile. Each blogger brings a new hope for greatness. I cannot wait for tonight to come. Drew is going to have an even better game tonight as the Lakers crush the Thunder this time. Kobe as MVP.LakerTom | April 20, 2010 at 09:33 AM
LAKERTOM I have never been more happy for anybody in my life. You called it and I came along for the ride and now THE BEAST has truly been unleashed. KUDOS LAKERTOM for your perserverance
Mamba24(Larry C.)

(01) LAKERTOM – OWNER - My Andrew Bynum glass is truly overflowing. I feel like a proud father watching his young son come of age. Thanks for the Bynum Believers Bandwagon. Reading it is like watching the Making of a Beast. Each line brings a new smile. Each blogger brings a new hope for greatness. I cannot wait for tonight to come. Drew is going to have an even better game tonight as the Lakers crush the Thunder this time. I specifically remember Drew saying that he had been watching the games and was focusing on providing what the team was missing, protecting the rim on defense and attacking it on offense..
(02) STAPELES24 – DRIVER - Andrew Bynum He was out for the last 13 games of the regular season, he comes back in time for the 1st game of the playoffs, his presence and toughness alone in the paint made a difference. Then he decides to dominate in the offense with his dunks, intimidating and blocking shots in defense. What happens when he gets his strength and rhtyhm back? To make things even brighter, he is exactly what Pau needs, when he is around Gasol's weaknesses are covered. Gasol relies on Drew's power and strength in the paint, it prevents Gasol from loosing his touch of the game. The trio of Bynum, Gasol and Odom is the Lakers strength.
(03) CORNERJ – RIDING SHOTGUN - “Laker Tom, the drinks are on me. Bynum earned his stripes today. In fact, he completely changed the entire dynamic of the game with his athletic, aggressive, early play. He was indeed a beast today. If he can keep this up, the Lakers' chance for another title go way up.” Thanks for the early props, CJ. Another swish from the corner for you. Make that Grey Goose straight up on the rocks with a medical marijuana chaser.
(04) #4
(05) FAITH – DEFENSE COACH - Very well played game by Andrew Bynum. Laker Tom will be pleased ;-).”
(06) EDWIN GUECO – JUDGE - LakerTom must be exceedingly happy with what Bynum exhibited today, he made a beastful presence today.
(07) TOM D. REFEREE - “LakerTom, Been waiting for your post-win post, but haven't seen it yet. I was very encouraged by Drew's play yesterday. I have always been a Bynum optimist. I see the size, the agility, the hands, the touch. All the tools to be a great big man. I've been waiting for him to pull it together, to have the light bulb go on, and I think the two big knee injuries slowed down that process.”
(08) CYBER COSMIX - Bynum showed EXACTLY why the Lakers had been listless the past few weeks while he was gone. They REALLY missed his inside presence, Pau in the paint doesn't make up for his inside game. He is a beast, pure and simple. The Lakers have a lot of talent that surrounds him, but if he had 15-20 more touches per game then he would be in the MVP conversation, no doubt about it! He also allows for L.O. go back to the 6th-man role he's so well filled these past two seasons. Yes, LakerTom truly does deserve a big tip of the hat for defending his man through thick and thin, much props for that! Mark my words, we will ALL see in the coming decade the beast that AB will become, I think that he will more than earn his spot alongside the pantheon of great Laker big men! Like I will continue saying, Bynum will be the best big man by 2012, he will then be 25 and a 7-year veteran, he will be a MONSTER in the paint! In this game though it was like the cavalry came to the rescue right in the nick of time, great to see AB back with a vengeance!
(09) WESJOENIXON - with Bynum back and averaging 4 blocks per game (Andrew, you big lug, you better keep this BPG average if you want another ring fitting) we may just have a shot at another title.
(10) JAMIE SWEET - I hope Bynum tracks upward this year and this is a foundation for even greater success, I think Andrew knows that Pau and Kobe don't have the same strength of will that they had in last year’s playoffs. He knows Lamar is hurt, Fish is a year older and Artest will still be figuring it out for the rest of the year as far as the advanced options of the triangle are concerned.”
(11) PSYCORP - Kudos to Bynum who did pretty well for a first game back. Let's hope he stays in control for game #2 as well and not try to do too much (on Offense that is) just because he's no longer cautious as in game #1. Anybody noticed that since the Lakers started to go away from their big men, Bynum and Gasol after the first quarter was when OKC started their come back?
(12) YELLOW FEVER - -- bynum.. talk about an overdue homecoming party.. yes i know against krstic.. NOT FAIR. but he showed great energy, hustle, determination.. everything that was missing from the regular season.. 12 rbs 4 blks.. keep it big fella and you will win back your fans... win us a ring and you can even skip every regular season
(13) MAMBA24 – Always have been, Always will be a Bynum supporter. Great game young man.

whos to say this is blog aint about theology. to some people lakers are a religion and kobe is a god! (wink) Posted by: yellofever | April 20, 2010 at 09:39 AM


Artest was about to say: "you ain't seen nothing yet", however he avoids being fined of the meaning of that statement. If Durant can still move and play, it means the work is just half way. The contract is still on.

In the 60's for Filipino bloggers here, I remember of a local cager by the name Ed Ocampo. His guarding tactics are: don't let your guard receive the ball ( well at that time touch fouls were not considered fouls); if your opponent star gets the ball harass him to submission in order to pass the ball; Discourage him on doing his favorite moves. On jump shots impede his vision as well as his balance without touching the opponent. I think that is what Artest is doing with the kid Durant. At the end of game, Durant timing is affected, his mind is disturbed and the cold warrior becomes angry at himself.

Artest has done his job on defense inspite of poor FG %. Odom is good in rebounding, defense is just a so-so and offense is like flipping switches or choosing the type of chocolate candies to chew. There is no Saturn destination in his performance, it is still a reality TV for Lamar. Farmar and Brown are moody with their scoring tentative what to do with the ball and can't decide whether to pass or to shoot wasting precious seconds dribbling and dancing. Fisher knows what to do with the ball but the ball is not cooperative to his age. Luke knows how to pass to a teammate yet has not mastered to pass it to the hoop, that's his next lesson for the seasons to come. lol! The saga continues and without the help of these role players Lakers will be hopping and limping for their end objective.

Please explain.

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 20, 2010 at 04:48 AM

I'd rather take Bynum in terms of scoring.

Do I think he can be immature? Yes and one reason I don't view him as a franchise player like the way Laker Tom and I agree on you on the following:

"He can't help on fast breaks. He's too slow. He can't prevent outside
shooting. That's not his position.

He can't handle the ball. He can't guard pg's and sg's. We need someone
coming off the bench who can do those things."

The reason I prefer him over Jordan and Shannon in terms of scoring. Jordan hasn't played to the level that makes him a starter over Derek Fisher and Shannon has been bad on being an off ball guard in terms of scoring and hasn't improved his game beyond dunking and greatly disappointed me since he forces creating the mid range game too much at times instead being more a pure spot up shooter like Fish and isn't the playmaker that Fisher usually can be (yes Fisher despite being more of a spot up shooter gives like 2-3 assists per game which is more than Farmar doing and unlike Jordan won't force the action that will result in turnovers). While Bynum is still not the franchise player that Laker Tom feels he is close to at the very least he gives better consistent scoring (and more efficient) than either Jordan (who probably is gone this off-season) and Shannon. When motivated Bynum is good as can be seen in the 1st quarter where he was a big difference maker though when he settles down he was like the rest of the Laker team in the 2nd half almost a non factor.

That said, I'd take Bynum because he is better and more consistent than Jordan "This is the way I play and I don't like to play your system" Farmar and Shannon Brown.

"I also wonder why the Lakers gave Kobe $84 mil with the end in sight and the
need for a John Wall or even better, Evan Turner?"

Well maybe Petey boy is the fact that Wall and Turner are LOTTERY picks this offseason in the draft and the Lakers has almost ZERO chance of netting those two? Whatever team that drafts those two are not idiots. The rest of the NBA is not dumb and will give those guys to the Lakers. Even without Kobe with the payroll of Pau+Bynum+Artest+Odom+Walton+Vujacic the Lakers would be close to the cap and not even have enough money to sign a Lebron or a Wade or a Bosh or a Stoudemire or whatever big free agent in 2010. Plus you still need to fill out those role player positions and can't have stars. THINK before you say anything like that please.

And don't use FG%. That's one of the arguments anti-VC fans in New Jersey complained when Carter was still there and kept asking why the heck he wasn't passing it more to Brook Lopez.....just look at the Nets without Carter. Sure they would have been a lottery team with Carter still since there isn't much help for him but heck they wouldn't have STRUGGLED to not become the team with the least wins in NBA History.

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leaving massive exit wounds...@ THIRTY2
Kobe can win THROUGH his team mates. He can win WITH his team mates. He can win DEFERRING to his team mates. He can win IN SPITE OF his team mates. He can win INSTEAD of his team mates. He can even win BY HIMSELF (just ask Dallas & Toronto). Champions are forged in the 4th quarter. Franchises are defined in the 4th quarter. Dynasties are cemented in the 4th quarter. Sit back & watch PJ, Kobe & Fish orchestrate this symphony we call Lakers basketball to another parade down Figueroa Blvd.@ FEARLESS
I say when the playoffs start Kobe Bryant will have one of the greatest singular playoff runs in the history of the game. In the history of the known universe. Many refer to 'the switch' as though it is tangible, physical object in someones control. The truth is that the switch is one that can only be activated by the spirit, and by metaphysical forces. In the case of Kobe Bryant, the switch is the playoffs and the back against the wall, elimination game. From there, the chattering of the masses shuts off, the instruction of spiritual masters can be more easily understood, and the heart of a lion can be revealed in it's truest form. What the team needs more than coaching, more than new players, more than just a simple win streak is a chance. It needs a moment. It needs a sword wielded from a rock that only one man can retrieve to be struck at the right time. It needs a game in Denver. It needs a thriller. In it's darkest hour. It needs a moment. I say, it needs a thriller. I say, it needs Kobe Bryant. The Moderator Universal Love Corp. @ The Moderator |
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We got The Logo Jerry West & First Great center George Mikan
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Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!


1 down - 15 to go - another step forward tonight.

So it has been written - so let it be done.

Mamba24 - get me on every rollling bandwagon there is please. (And - by the way - I never should have been left off the Bynum bandwagon. I've been a supporter of this kid for as long as Laker Tom has! HE WILL PROVE HIMSELF WORTHY - just watch!!)

Enjoy the ride people - the REAL season is finally here!!!

Get excited or get run over - I don't care which. Just pick a side already and stick to your guns. This team is special. We may be injured, but you never count the wounded animal out of the fight. It just makes them that much more dangerous. So - look out NBA. The Lakers are coming! The Lakers are coming!


Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

@LAKERTOM, Tell me I'm crazy but, I'm thinking if Bynum continues this type of play, one day he will leap over Shaq and may well be mentioned in the same breath with Kareem & Wilt.

KB Blitz,

Thanks for the response.

*** PREDICTION *****

Good day everyone,

It is game day! Let's do it! Game 2 should be interesting. Game time is 10:30PM EST....ARGH!!! 2:00AM to sleep for me but I am not complaining. I will do everything to support my Lakers.

There is LOVE in the blog today, I am loving it. When Larry is around, you just can't help but feel the love. I support all the bandwagons and will ride on each one of them.

GO Lakers!

@Mang Edwin, yup I know Ed Ocampo, he was from Pampanga as well. He was an excellent defender. By any chance you played with him?

MAMBA24… “@LAKERTOM, Tell me I'm crazy but, I'm thinking if Bynum continues this type of play, one day he will leap over Shaq and may well be mentioned in the same breath with Kareem & Wilt.” Here’s the thing about the great Lakers centers such as Shaq, Kareem, and Wilt: How many of them spent their entire career as Lakers? That’s what sets Jerry Buss, Jerry West, Chick Hearn, and Magic Johnson apart from Kareem, Wilt, and Shaq. Drew has a chance not only to put himself in the same conversation but to be the greatest Lakers center to only wear purple and gold. That is something special that you have to love. Lakers for life are unique.


Nice BOLD score for tonight! I kinda had to take a double look, but then in the last game had Kobe just been normal 9-19 from the field and 10-12 from the line, we would have won by 16. I think you just might be on target! Go Lakers!

PS-Not that it matters, but on the Roll Call, I am the same DJ, D(erek) J(eter).

If the Lakers don't win it all, please don't let it be Denver, Boston, or the Cavs.

My bets for a replacement NBA champion is either the Dallas Mavs or the Orlando Magic.

Edwin, nice Ed Ocampo reference. Never got to see him play, but my dad and uncles would always talk about the Philippines' glory days when they were the lone Asian basketball powerhouse.

Suffice it to say, if Ron uses any of the tactics that some of my uncles said they used (some of them were former PBA players), I think Durant would probably start a fist fight at some point.

Jeannette, are you from Pampanga? My wife is from there, born in San Fernando. She can't stop saying how you guys have the best food...and I'd be inclined to agree, lol.


Thanks for the props, I can play but not on professional level. I only reach up to high intramurals. My foundations are weak which my knees and my height.

On LAT article today: Fisher says it is not yet his last season in basketball. So the DFish and Todd will be still be around too for next season. They are all linked together like a fishing rod's hook, line and sinker. If not the Lakers, who will take Fisher as a mentor? I say Clippers, if they can take the ugly Sam-Iam as pg, then Fisher is much better looking. Anyway, Fisher will play for many seasons therefore, it is premature to write his obituary with the Lakers if not in the NBA.

There are so many SoCal PG players who are not playing with the Lakers because we are always in the championship derby. What we get are the leftovers. Analyze the best pg's today and most of them came from LA high school teams. LA is like the US companies, we thoroughly research and produce the initial goods then later on, outsource the technology to another country for profit. After wards they complain there are no jobs. Whoaa!

There is LOVE in the blog today, I am loving it. When Larry is around, you just can't help but feel the love. I support all the bandwagons and will ride on each one of them. Posted by: Jeanette | April 20, 2010 at 10:17 AM
Yes my sister these are the best of times and you are among the best of Laker fans. We will see if the Thunder learned anything tonight. Love ya sister.
Mamba24(Larry C.)

Programming note: For those of us who prefer the home broadcast team, the game tonight is also on FOXSportsWest, not just TNT.

Its hard to believe that Durantula didn't play his best in game 1. Is KD capable of making the adjustments to get open looks? Will Ron continue to disrupt Durantula's silky smooth shot? Ron is up to the challenge, and will give 100% on defense for every minute he is on the floor. Our bigs need to hammer Westbrook when he enters the paint, no easy baskets! Still we cant take these guys lightly, we must respect every opponent.

Unleash the Beast and save Kobe for the next round.


Good Morning Boys and Girls. Look for more of the low flying Kobe. The higher flying Bynum, the lock down Ron, the heads up Pau, the cagey vet DFish and LO, Luke Farmar, Brown and company to do the dirty work. Feeling good! Mamba, please put me on the new Bynum Bandwagon. I've been saying for the last 2 years that he is the future of the franchise (regardless of whether that is a good thing[which I've stated repeatedly it is]). GAMEDAY

PS-Not that it matters, but on the Roll Call, I am the same DJ, D(erek) J(eter). Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | April 20, 2010 at 10:48 AM
Hey DJ, Yeah I changed Roll Call but then my PC got the dreaded Blue screen of death so I'm using a loaner and i don't have the most up to date Roll Call listing. It'll be together by Game 3. Sorry bro. I think Durant will try too hard tonight to make up for Game 1 and Ron Ron will again shut him down. meanwhile Bynum The beast will be one game more fit and I expect in this game to see streaks of total domination. I'm just worried about how the Lakers get Lazy when they get a lead.

Yes, I am from Lubao, Pampanga. About 15 km from San Fernando. We are famous for our good food and Mang Edwin can attest to that. :-)

#4, you are correct, if Ron can guard Durant ala Jawo, then KD will be too frustrated .....I was a Crispa fan way back and I hated (sports' hate) Jawo with all my heart.


Eric - Your other comments were blocked because they were personal. Your comment about Kobe also had other things that were inappropriate.

Let me just make something clear. No one is under any obligation to "kiss my butt" as you call it. I've welcomed all feedback, including negative, so that the blog can improve and grow. I think it's fair to say there's numerous instances where some of the posters have offered suggestions and tips on what they thought it could be better and I welcomed the discussion with open arms.


LakerTom: Those that called for trading Bynum are probably those that don't follow / understand the NBA or basketball in general, most likely casual fans that don't watch more than the occasional game. Before I get to my point, I want to say that the Lakers historically have featured teams with dominant centers, going all the way back to Mikan. Yes, the Lakers have had 2 of the greatest guards in NBA history in Magic and now Kobe, but it is dominating post play that have been the hallmark of Laker teams since their Minneapolis days - and much of the reason of continued Laker success.

Bynum is a rarity in the NBA these days, he is one of the last of a dying breed - the 'true' center. This isn't an undersized power-forward converted to play center, or what is the current fad, the perimeter-playing, jump-shot taking Nowitzki's of the NBA world. Bynum operates and scores from the low-post. This is where the casual fan doesn't understand the value of low-post play, Bynum dominating around the basket collapses defenses, and creates better looks for perimeter players.

There is NO DOUBT that some of the poor shooting that has plagued the Lakers during his absence can be attributed to the lack of an active low-post player, now that Bynum is back the rest of the team will benefit not only from the easy baskets he scores, but in the better looks he creates for everyone else.

Welcome back Drew, couldn't have come at a better time!

- - -

Sundays game was the reason the Lakers got Ron Artest. When he shuts down the best scorer in the league like that all opposing coaches must cringe because he makes the Lakers that much tougher. Artest didn't just shut Durant down, he stole his lunch and ate it too. So I repeat, THIS IS WHY THE LAKERS GOT RON ARTEST!

Sundays game was the reason the Lakers got Ron Artest. When he shuts down the best scorer in the league like that all opposing coaches must cringe because he makes the Lakers that much tougher. Artest didn't just shut Durant down, he stole his lunch and ate it too. So I repeat, THIS IS WHY THE LAKERS GOT RON ARTEST! Posted by: CyberCosmiX | April 20, 2010 at 11:36 AM
I think that about says it all...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!


Ron Ron always makes me smile.
I like his nerdiness and his openess about things he says that might make him sound (and look ;)) "strange".
I find all that very genuine, and I truly appreciate it.

All that said: RON!!!!
Keepsowing Durant what you did last game.
Guy is skilled, but we are the Lakers, right?

On the Bynum bandwagon...well, I am part of every bandwagon showing love to our guys. Andrew's efficaciousness can be a relevant key, more than relevant, for us.

We know it.
And also others know it ;)


I am blessing Bynum to carry on his shoulder his old broken down Kobe, tired Pau, aging DFish on his shoulder and deliver the trophy.

I say touch that TV screen and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!

Mother Teresa

Oh and I don't want to leave Jerry West off of the list as one of the best guards in the NBA, "the logo" absolutely is one of the greatest of all-time!

Posted by: Mother Teresa | April 20, 2010 at 11:26 AM

Whatever you posted and whoever you are, you seriously need to get a life!

BTW, just to let you know, I am not short, I am 5'9", that is tall for a girl right? I don't normally pay attention for people like yourself but you crossed the line.

I guess we all need to live up with these kind of posters. These days, it is much worse than the BSPN blogs. SIGH!

Jeanette - I apologize. I deleted that comment. It shouldn't have gone through.


We have a new post btw with links. Edwin, I just want to extend my congratulations. You're offering some great insight.


Mamba24: "In two years time Lakers will be second to none, And Kobe Bean Bryant will be number one If the pieces fall into place, That Freaking MJ, Kobe Bryant will replace".

LOL! Mamba24, what did you smoke when you wrote this? Kobe Bryant will never surpass or replace "that freaking MJ"! Stop those exaggerations, Kobe is great, but not the greatest when he finishes his career. MJ 10- time scoring champion, uuhhmmm, what else? oh, he has 6 championship rings and were the "LEADER" during those championship years! That's it! Oh, I'm sorry, he also won 5 regular season MVPs, oops, I almost forgot, 6 finals MVPs too! oh, my bad, he's also the "ONLY GUARD", aside from Payton, to ever win Defensive Player of the year award. MJ averaged 30.1ppg in his entire freakin career, let me refresh your mind, that's no.1 all-time, while dishing out 5 point something assists as well, w/c is of course, higher APG than Kobe. Oh, by the way, Kobe was not the leader during the 00-02 title run, it was Shaq, just in case you forgot it.

And speaking of Shaq, for those who are saying that Bynum will/can surpass Shaq and has the potential to be one of the greatest centers, stop dreaming and start waking up! You're making me laugh. Let me tell you this, If bynum really has the potential to be one of the greatest, he's supposed to show it at this point and his past 5 years in the league as well!

Shaq,Ewing,Robinson,Duncan,Dwight,Olajuwon,Wilt,Kareem,Russell, they were/are already all-star calibers during their rookie seasons up until their first 5 years in the league! But Bynum is still consistent. I know some of you will say, hey, he's only 22. So what? He's in the NBA for 5 years now, and compare his stats and consistency to Shaq. Shaq entered the league at the age of 20 and was already a monster and consistent during his first 10 or 12 years in the league. The only time Shaq started to fade, was when he left Miami. Ok, Let's talk about Dwight, he entered the league almost the same age as Bynum, But look at how monster Dwight freaking Howard is, during his rookie season until present!

Ok, I'm not a laker hater, I'm just pissed off from those exaggerations going on. Kobe and Bynum are good, probably the best guard-center combo at this point. But never will Kobe replace MJ, and Bynum to be one of the greatest centers.

Kobe can surpass Magic and bird when he finishes his career, but he won't and can't surpass MJ! He will be at that level for sure, maybe in the top 5 of all time, but never will MJ slides to #2.

"Shaq,Ewing,Robinson,Duncan,Dwight,Olajuwon,Wilt,Kareem,Russell, they were/are already all-star calibers during their rookie seasons up until their first 5 years in the league! But Bynum is still consistent".

My bad, I mean, Bynum is still inconsistent.

By standards, my height of 5'8" is not short. That's the height of Spud Webb and an inch shorter than Nate Robinson at 5'9". The fact of the matter, this is about the Lakers not about the posters. Again when someone have nothing to say more often than not, they focus on the messenger that they have no idea at all. Using the handle "Mother Theresa", a very respectable nun gives us the idea of the upbringing and level of intelligence of this particular blogger. It is just so frustrating what you're hopeless and useless dude to merit attention. Besides, height is measured above the shoulder not below the waist line.

DFish ,

People have been complaining about Fisher letting point guards go past him since 2000. I still believe it's part of the game plan..Fish is letting the guards go by him to funnel them to the big men..He did it with Shaq and with now with Bynum and Gasol..Jackson likes Fisher because he is a smart crafty veteran who follows the game plan and can hit big shots.

His defense may not be perfect, but I still believe part of Phil's philosophy is to let the point guards go by and try to score inside.

Thanks MM.

I'm one who truly believed that Bynum might not reach his potential due to being injury prone. LakerTom was one of the first to say that this young man may be the second coming, I didn't see it. Always flashes but not enough substance WELL WELL, WELL, if we get a follow-up game like the first. Turn out the lights... the party is over, the BEAST has truly arrived.

Also I have to admit that I’ve been a critic of Kobe’s poor shooting efficiency theses past games, and how he has to improve. But being fair what can we really expect, he may not be able to put Odom, Fisher, Farmar and Thriller on his back at this moment due to his injuries. Maybe they should carry there on weight!!! Not a bad ideal. You just don’t know what you’re going to get from Lamar, sugar rush today low energy the next. Fisher (he is what we though he is) aged and slow what do you really expect… you prefer Farmar running the show. Thriller just needs to hit a few wide-open shots, I mean Ariza didn’t play bad “D” either, Ron Ron needs to give me a little more. There is no doubt this team will continue it’s winning way in the playoffs, not the Thunders, the Jazz’s, Nuggets, Mav’s or Spurs can stop them. This team is put together for the playoff’s just getting that championship attitude swagger back, at this time were lacking a little outside shooting mainly staying healthy is most important thing, will be O.K. “THE UNIVERSE HAS SPOKEN”.

Let me be the first one to say that although Bynum is young the only area he gives up ANYTHING to young shaq is the area of sheer POWER, Any other part of Shaqs game anyone would like to add thats better than Bynum? Now if he would only stay healthy.

Mamba....Did I get dropped from the role call??

KB is not the Lakers, he is just an important part of the team like everyone else. I posted earlier that KB's problems seem personal. As long as they play team basketball, they will be ok. Everyone except for LO and Fisher had extended rest during the regular season so, we do expect AB, PG, RA and KB to do great in the PO. I wnt to see KB and LO do that dance they do when they play well together. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their's a very high positive vibe in the community today, KEEP IT COMING.

Jeanette and Edwin, Are both of you still in the Philippines?

This video made me cry:
And that's not a good thing, as I'm still at work (but nobody saw..)
I came from far away because I LOVE LA!!!!
Here's where I met my girl, where my son was born and where I saw our Lakers 2008/2009 CHAMPIONS!!!!

Could even LeBron beat a pressing Artest on the outside, only to find some combination of Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Bryant waiting in the lane? Sure looks like we are going to find out.



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