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Lakers lose to Portland Trail Blazers


Portland Trail Blazers 91, Lakers 88 (final)

The return of Kobe Bryant from a two-game absence because of swelling in his right knee didn't help the Lakers break free of their doldrums.

They lost to the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center Sunday, giving the Lakers a 3-6 record in their last nine games.

The Lakers lost after Pau Gasol (23 points, 12 rebounds) missed a game-tying three-pointer as time expired.

The Lakers (56-23) now have the third-best record in the NBA,  4 1/2  games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the best record in the NBA, and one game behind the Orlando Magic, which has the second-best mark.

The Lakers have two regular-season games left, Tuesday against the Sacramento Kings and Wednesday against the Clippers.

Bryant finished with 20 points, including a three-pointer and a three-point play the old-fashion way that gave the Lakers an 87-86 lead.

But Bryant was eight for 23 from the fiell and he missed two free throws with 6.9 seconds left and the Lakers trailing, 88-87.

The Lakers got the offensive rebound off Bryant's miss.

But Derek Fisher made just one of two free throws to tie the score at 88-88.

Then Fisher fouled Martell Webster while shooting a three-pointer with 3.1 seconds left.

Webster made all three free throws for the final margin.

As of right now, the Lakers would play the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs if the playoffs started today.

Portland All-Star guard Brandon Roy didn't play in the second half because of a sore right knee suffered in the second quarter.

The Trail Blazers said Roy will get an MRI exam Sunday night or Monday.

Portland will host Oklahoma City on Monday night in an important game to determine playoff positioning.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers point guard Derek Fisher tries to draw the foul against Blazers point guard Andre Miller during physical play in the first quarter Sunday. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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Can't think of one positive thing to say after that loss. The playoffs start in one week and the Lakers don't look very sharp at the moment. At least the naysayers and trolls on the blog can crawl from under their rocks and get some fresh air. A game like that gives them plenty of ammunition.

I am not trying to antagonize others but I just can't wait for the lakers to get bounced out of the playoffs. Then all of you who have been stating that this is a championship caliber team will sthu. This team stinks whether or not it's from coaching or lack of it, or players not working hard, or being focused - frick I don't care already. This team needs to get bounced in the first round. Then Mitch will hopefully make some decent trades because this team is not even fun watching - even when they win it's a struggle.

Bah! Have you ever seen so many offensive fouls called on the Lakers in one game? Nice way to take a team out of rhythm eh?

Shots: Everything coming up short!! PJ needs to rest the starters for the next two games. The Bench had better find their own rhythm and at least hold the lead that the starters get them. They had also better start making the smarter plays instead of jacking up 3s when they get lost.


(I don't feel good today so everything I say is knee jerk without any thought)

I dont mind losing that game but I am more concern if Kobe is ok. He doesn't look like the superhero of the 2 previous seasons right now. The man who could score 8 points in 10 seconds or less and can dominate a game. He looks like superman in Superman2 when he became a mere mortal.

You can blame the loss on me for not making my predictions.
Does anyone realize that Derek Fisher has committed the most boneheaded fouls of the past two seasons? Last year he fouled Roger Mason for a three point play and this season he fouls Webster giving up another three points?

Kobe needs to put a little variety in his game. Every team knows he loves to post up and they are sending waves of physical play at him as soon as he turns his back. He's absorbing a lot of punishment and not getting to the line enough to justify it. Turn and face, Kobe.

If Kobe cannot dominate the game in the playoffs the Lakers are in big trouble because there are several underachieving players right now. Ron Artest plays good defense but cannot hit the outside shot on a consistent basis. Fisher cannot shoot or make a layup and gets beat by the opposing team's guard. Farmar and Brown also cannot hit the outside shot. Sasha cannot hit the ocean from 3 feet away right now. There doesn't seem to be a spark who comes in the game and dive after loose balls like Rambis back in the day or give instant offense. The Lakers home crowd is too rich and laid back I guess and doesn't provide that energy. The lakers goal of 60 wins didn't happen, or getting the overall number 2 seed will not happen.

So if Lebron going 1-2 from the line late in a recent game "proved" he was a choker, what does Kobe's 0-2 mean?

I know, the excuse will be that he's "proved" he's not a choker in the past, but if you believe that overall performance is the proof, I have some numbers to point you to:

First I’m a die-hard Lakers fan, but it’s not looking good. Another pathetic performance by Kobe, the injuries and constantly adjusting his shooting stroke has finally caught up to him; his shot is in the tank. Choking at the end of the game missed free throws man, WTF. One of the three announcers made a point that maybe we are witnessing the deterioration of his athletic skills. He’s not close to last year Kobe; shooting efficiency may be the worse ever, shot selection is quest able even Phil mention that today. I really don’t believe he’s capable of carrying this team if need be in the playoff. Were looking at a short run in the playoffs, he needs the summer to rest and find his game. Come back next year with a healthy Drew a real point guard and a productive BENCH

Do the lakers actually suck this bad or are they trying to lose games. I can't stand watching them anymore. It's truly pathetic.

I saw the 3rd and 4th quarter. This was some kind of ugly game. I am a Lakers fan but Kobe looks really really old. The concept of old Kobe bailing the team out with some kind of miracle play will not work. If he continues to decline like this - not ifs - then he will be the the most overpaid player in the league next year! This year's playoffs will be ugly too. Their is no dynamic play whatsoever.

This Lakers team doesn't look as fun as Warriors or Thunder. If the Lakers get out of the second round (which I predict) I will become a Thunder fan. Kevin Durant is the next Jordan not Kobe. Kobe is washed up. It's sad and I'm not mad but it happens to the best. For real those injuries on his hand make him 10 years older. Kobe cost us the game. Even Fisher is playing better. They were moving the ball pretty good and looked Like showtime at the start of the game and then all of a sudden they forgot in the second third and 4th quarters how to make crisp passing. WFT? Chameleons!

Where is Kobe? this #24 is not him, this guy CHOKED at the end of the game. This guy was smiling and laughing as he was leaving the floor after a important game,WTF . We need an APB to locate the real MAMBA #24, has anybody else notice, this guy is not Jelly bean Bryant..

What happens to our swagger? Lost again at home? Our bench was as usual, horrific! they got outscored by 35-8...

And we're making too many dumb mistakes at the end of the game. Missed FTs and uncharacteristic foul by DFish just sealed the faith of the lackluster performance.

The coaching staff made some blunder as well when four bench players were inserted at the beginning of the 4th QTR along with LO. None of our perimeter players can shoot straight today (And has been this way for about a month now).

Suck it up, Lakers!




GASOL IS THE KEY THIS YEAR. GASOL IS THE KEY. GASOL IS THE KEY. GASOL IS THE KEY. GASOL IS THE KEY. PAALEASEEEEEA. ballhoging is very dangerous. We have a big man who has a shooting touch who should shoot 23 times not 13 times what the heck. Look at the percentages people. !!!! some players are just I don't know fill in the expletive.

13 shots for Gasol. lolololololololol 13 shots lolololol.

This team can be so irritating, the Lakers that is. There's no way that this game should have come down to free throws without Roy on the court. Disgusted right now. Kobe looks old. I hope he's injured. He did score 6 points in the last minute. But he has no lift.

And Shannon -- stop jacking up shots after shots! Aldridge, to me, was the difference in the game. If he played defense, he's be a beast. Lakers just didn't play smart in the end. And this is a championship team? They played tired and timid.

Sasha was a boost, love his energy, the very same fire that sometimes gets him in trouble. What a terrible loss. Orlando just may end up with a better record and that would not be good.

Lakers have no desire to play at all. Their still thinking about last year, regardless of what they say. The cavaliers will win it this year, and the lakers will watch it on tv. If they want 2 contend next year, they must make some moves, like get a bench. we have no back up center, and when bynum goes down we suffer. morrison, sasha, powell, and mbenga shouldn't b on this team,, and honestly neither should artest, get trevor back. Start thinking about next year guys, cause this one won't end well

After this lost I don't think home court matters. This just is not a very good team. Sometimes I don't know if having Kobe play hurt is a good thing or bad thing. He just doesn;t have it right now. All the injuries have finally caught up with him. But the bad part about that is they can't win in the playoffs without him. The fact that LA has no player that can create their own shot outside of Kobe, no good point guard, and no consistent three point shooter shows the personnel decesions have been bad. If we at least had a bench Kobe would not have had to play. Everyone dogs out Sasha but I believe he would have been our best point guard. Everyone talks about the defense but I believe our stagnant offense is causing problems with the defense. Defense becomes easier if you can get a score on the other end. Whatever happens with the team this year, whether they lose in the first round or make it to the Western Conference finals personnel changes have to be made. We don't want them to make it to the Finals Cleveland will crush them in four straight games. If they lose in the 1st round Phil is gone

Lakers made a huge mistake giving Bryant a 3 year extension. Kobe has always been a flashy player only. All this talk about him and Jordan should stop. Kobe is no where near jordans class, if anything he is more similar to a Ron Harper (had he not gotten Hurt) or a Dominque wilkens. The only reason he is on the lakers is because he sells out arenas. S#%t Brittany spears sells out arenas doesn't mean she can sing. The lakers owe the championship in 09 to the key plays by Ariza and the solid play of the overall team, not Kobe. If you were to trade Kobe for lebron the lakers would most likely have at the minimum 60 wins and the cavs lead by Kobe would be at best a 7 or 8 seed.

Then Fisher fouled Martell Webster while shooting a three-pointer with 3.1 seconds left.

This description does not even do justice to the play. It should be Then Fisher moronically, like other times in the past (Brent Barry 08, Roger Mason 09, etc.), fouled Martell Webster while shooting a three-pointer with 3.1 seconds left.

Fisher allows Miller with 6-5-4-3 seconds on shot clock at end of game for a lay up. Misses a free throw, and then bailouts Portland on the 3 pointer but other than that, he played great...

Phil-How much money did you have on this game and against Denver?
On a time out the BEST play you call is a 3 point shot by 7 foot, 0-3 this year and 0-4 last year, Gasol instead of calling a play for arguably the best clutch shooter (Kobe hit a 3 pointer to take the lead earlier) Even if Portland's double team Kobe at least someone other than Gasol???

In Denver you dont call a time out and have to advance the ball the entire court and the BEST shot is the guy who was not making a shot all game and then he is giving away 8 inches. Love Phil, but instead of looking at the refs about betting on games how about Mr. 10 rings...

I had Air Force reserve duty so I missed the game. I know we lost and that's it. How about sitting the starters the last two games? At this point Orlando is ahead of us and either we'll win anywhere or lose anywhere.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

i have nothing to say. i told u guys a month ago we were in trouble. i told u, kobe is battling injuries...we will be bounced in the second round. i told u to tell phil to go back and teach the art of boxing out. thank you marcus camby for the put back at the end of the game. i told u guys to tell phil to sit derek's old behind on the bench, he can't score, he gets blown by, and he gets our bigs in foul trouble. oh well, we have next year to look forward to....cause unless kobe heals real quick, bynum gets back, farmar gets inserted into the starting line up......WE ARE GOING FISHING!

What can I say, it was just heart breaking! Three chances to seal the deal at the end. Missed free throws by veterans. I can understand the reserves choking, I can even understand Pau choking at free throws under pressure. But to watch our veterans miss those crucial ones was really deflating. I can accept a loss, but to lose it the way the Lakers did.... the Blazers didn't win this game, we gave it to them wrapped in a pretty purple bow with fancy gold trimmings, on a diamond studded tray made of champion rings, no less!

Uhhh that last foul was Kobe's bump at Webster's hip. Fish's arm grab made sure it wasn't a 4 point play. Go back and watch the slow mo again guys.


The last 30 seconds or so of that game were extremely annoying.

Yuck. As most of you know, I try to stay calm, cool, collected, and positive at all times. But that 4th quarter melt down did not speak well for a team ready to repeat as NBA Champions.

As Wallace asked, where is the Lakers' swagger?

Forget the last two games. Rest everyone who needs rest. Make the bench responsible for quality minutes. As Mike Breen pointed out during the game, the bench was much better last year. Let our coaching staff give the bench their undivided attention. Let the starters do the soul searching required to find their way back to a championship mentality. Phil Jackson will not be invited back if things don't change dramatically, nor should he if the season ends in failure.

The Lakers have nearly a full week to regroup and find a way at last to get the job done. The team is going to need every second of it.

There were so many points that the Lakers had Sunday's game in hand. And too many events in the final seconds raising questions about their heart, focus, and mentality.

I don't like feeling grim. At the moment, I can't find it within myself to feel any other way.

Guys Kobe's finger is the problem, I mean let's be honest. Also since Drew got hurt they have been on a major slide. Now I wish Kobe would have sat out his finger would have been healed by now.

I would have hung onto Ariza if it was me. I mean, POR is without Oden, Pryz, Roy, and others I can't think of and they still have an edge over LA?

Spurs, OKC, POR - they all have mastered LA recently, and one of them will likely be the Round One foe. It's gonna be entertaining.

I was there and being there you can totally see some things we don't see on TV:

1st half: We played better. Period

2nd half: The refs started to call simply everything, taking us out of rhythm, even calls against portland. Jordan, many shots did he hit? I don't remember a single one.

Moral: As much as I like Jordan, he must GO! Sacha, GO! Morrison, GO! That will free some salary cap so we can bring DWade to the Lakers. These guys are simply not hitting their shots. Fish will retire next year, hopefully. He missed 1 wide open shot that made me bump out of my chair. A team like the Lakers cannot afford those shots, especially when almost every team on NBA hit wide open shots.


Anybody else think they are gonna regret that huge extension Kobe just signed? This team is built to win now and they are locked in on alot of big contracts to older players they cant move.

I think the Lakers should have made Kobe sit earlier in the season to heal his fingers. yeah we might be 5th or 6th in the west but a healthy Kobe is what we need right now. But it may be too late. If the Lakers falter I hope Orlando takes it this year because i dont want fat Shaq to get ring #5.

methomas48, I agree that 84mil may come back to bite mitch in the @zz, not looking good.

methomas48 - i sure do. Love kobe and all he has done but time for him to leave. We need young blood...lbj, kevin durant....kobe's salary and pau's, bynum's....we have no way of improving the bench unless Buss wants to cough up more money and if we don't go to the finals then don't think he'll be willing to do that. PJ will be gone. Hopefully another team will take our unproductive players like Walton, Sasha, Farmar, Brown, Powell, - wow - I could keep going but that would end up with the full roster.


just so you know.

Lakers vs. Utah in Utah, dec. 12 2009.

Beginning of the second quarter. Lakers lineup: Gasol, Bynum, LO, Brown,

9:27 in the second quarter. Artest substitution for Brown.
Lakers lineup: Gasol, Bynum, LO, Artest, Farmar.

6:33 Kobe enters the game for Odom.
6:33 Fisher enters for Farmar.

Oh, and btw, for those bashing Kobe...There was 3 moments when everybody said "WOW" for a play:
1) Kobe penetrates thru 3 guys and score in the 1st half.
2) Lamar got the rebound and went all court for a layup.
3) Kobe 3-pointer at the end of the game.

So, Kobe's extension was a GREAT thing!


I was at the game, but having the family with me, you know...the kid wants to go to the restroom, wife needs a beer, etc...So my question is: Did Luke Walton played at all? I don't remember seing him there. If not, why, PJ...WHY?

The veteran Fisher missed a game winning free throw just like the MVP Kobe missed two game winning free throws. What does coach Jackson think about his veterans now ?? Just a couple more games and I will be watching the NBA playoffs and its pretty sad to say the same of the Lakers. I just hope they use Bynum for trade bait and get a couple of good PG's and some players that can score. Kobe is not 100 percent and since January he has looked bad with his shooting. His passing is awful also. Wait til next year NBA, the Lakers will return.

I agree with Rick that things are looking grim. I don't think Kobe is washed up, but he is not healthy. Missed a lot of shots again today. That finger is not right and it affects everything he does and he's definitely a step slow.
It was pretty telling when he is missing 2 FT's with 7 seconds left in a 1 point game. That would never have happened before the bad finger.

At this point, I will be surprised if Lakers make the Finals. They coiuld lose to any play-off team right now.

It's over. Maybe next year.

I hate to say it but this team is not going to win anything this year. They'll be lucky to make it out of the 1st round.

Cleveland is going to run away with it.

This year is like the year the 76ers swept the Lakers in the Finals. The Lakers were the best team in the west by a little bit but worse than 2-3 teams in the east and by far worse than the 76ers. During the regular season, I think they split with the 76ers but got swept by Boston. This year's team has that type of mentality.

I think this is going to be the end of the Kobe Dynasty. He should have rested about 30 games to be 100% healthy even if it means a 3-4 seed in the west. Right now, Kobe looks like Jordan in his 40s.

The crowd was chanting MVP and Kobe clangs key free throws.
It's telling. Kobe is not only miles behind James, he is miles behind Kobe. It is a mental problem not physical.

ESPN has the Lakers ranked as the 5th best team in the west (7th overall). The way they are closing down the season hardly looks like a top seeded team, and any team in the west can easily take them down in the playoffs.
Is there really a switch for the playoffs? Will they be able to turn it back on?

Jackson told the ESPN reporter before the 4th quarter that the Blazers were penetrating the Laker defense for easy layups. Correctly so, just as the Lakers needed a stop at the end, Miller eats them up on an easy layup on a pick and roll.
Will Jackson finally unveil his master defensive plan to stop the pick and roll for easy layups?

As the 4th quarter started, the Lakers were jacking up 3 pointers making none, they didn't score until 6 or 7 minutes.
Will Jackson finally unveil his plan to attack the zone defenses instead of settling for outside jumpers?

Will Kobe play up to his new contract extension?
Will Bynum, Artest and Brown play up to their expectations?
Will Farmar, Walton and Vujacic ever show up?
Will the Laker fans take anything less than a ring?
Will the fans react lackadaisically or angrily after an early exit from the dance?
Will the LA media continue to give Kobe, Jackson in particular, a free pass?
Will the LA trolls line up outside Staples?

If the point is to win it all, it's like a baseball team burning out its ace in mid season. Houston won it all as a 6th seed. Lakers management are a bunch of morons they way they handled Kobe this year. So what if you win the west??? If the Lakers only went by how they did after the All Star break, they'd be the 8th seed. What a way to completely mismanage the season. Bynum is a bust. Lebron and Howard are going to win the next 6 Championships.

I find this stat revealing about the Lakers upcoming chances in the post season. After today's loss, they are now 33-5 against teams that will NOT go to the play-offs - which is good - meaning they do not lose much to bad teams, but they are now only 23-19 against teams that will make the play-offs.

all of you haters need to pick a new team to follow. The real laker fans will wait and give this team the time they need. Kobe will come back and dominate. It was funny the 3 announcers said that kobe was done and then he came back with a long long distance three and then drive and foul for a one point lead. Yes he missed two free throws but the dude has a broken finger on his shooting hand.

Fair weather fans need to go and the true laker fans will support their team no matter what. Kobe has givens us 4 rings, one mvp and so many great moments and you want to s*&t on him now. You all suck.


There is no switch to turn on n the playoffs. It is very painful to realize or even concede at this point. Lakers are not repeating, I rather see them not winning in the WCF than getting blown by the Cavs in the Finals. It would hurt really bad to see Lebron and Shaq getting a ring at Lakers' expense. It would be more painful than the loss to the Celtics in 2008.

I hate the Cavs and Lebron plus Shaq but I am a realist, Cavs is the better team this year. I would be very happy if they choke in the playoffs just like last year. Who would watch Mavs vs Magic in the Finals if that happens, not me for sure?

If the referees keep this up, Dr. Buss might as well switch the Lakers to the Euro League!

With that said, it's time to start listing your favorite highlights of the 2009-2010 regular season. Here's mine: 73 Wins!!!!

Wow! Truthfully, I didn't think that they could do it and I belittled all the media pundits when they made such a bold prediction. But, WOW, I must say that their tenacity on defense and absolute mastering of the triangle offense is unbelievable. Again, WOW! What will they do for an encore? 16-0 in the playoffs? Can't wait!

Next Season's Early Highlight: Season Tickets Increased 20-25%!!!

Seriously, I'm not jumping off the bandwagon. It just hurts too much to watch this regular season ending debacle.

I still believe they'll right the ship in the playoffs. If everyone remembers 2000-2001, the Lakers finished a whopping 56-26 (2nd in the Western Conference) and went 15-1 in the playoffs. However, that team won 8 straight to finish the regular season (and was healthier physically too).

At least we have home court throughout the Western Conference playoffs.


Watching the Lakers struggle night after night there have been two things that concern me about the playoffs"

1) Kobe is not Kobe. For the Lakers to be a real threat for a title, Kobe has to be in better shape than he is. He is gamely out there giving it all he has, but it is obvious he doesn't have much right now.

2) The Lakers have to hit open shots. The offense, and doubles on Kobe and Pau, are creating a lot of open looks on the perimeter and they are simply not knocking them down regularly. If the Lakers hit a couple their open 3's in this Portland game, they win.

I think it is truly that simple. There are other issues, but if Kobe is at 80-100% and the Lakers hit some open looks, they won't matter.

Andre Miller looks like Richard Pryor.

Tom D.

fair weather fans need to pick a new team.

Dude were are my posts? you seem to only post negative comments about our guys and nothing positive.

The bad news:
I'm not so confident in the Lakers' chances of repeating.

The good news:
If they do happen to win it all, it will just be that much sweeter!

Well, well, well, pretty much messed that game up. Don't understand why our Bigs and KB24 player so much? I usually consider myself the voice of reason, but I too am a bit concerned. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, my friend, you need to play within yourself. You are hurt and it is showing. Why LA didn't go to Pau more is something that Phil needed to insist or bench whoever! I am A huge KB24 fan, but he is hurting and it would be nice for him to play smarter and get those (ugh) teammates more involved, at least Pau.

It's only going to get worse next few years with the collective bargaining agreement, they may put in a "hard-cap" meaning that teams will not even be able to re-sign their own players if they are over the cap. The cap could be as low as $50 million. That means if a team has a Kobe eating up $30 mil a year, that only leaves $20 mil for 14 other players. That's less than $2 mil per player. What kind of team can you have with that??? But that's the way the NBA is headed.

They were winning till Kobe came in again . Lakers play better without Kobe period . He showed signs of age in Orlando finals as well as he is now . The Coach needs to keep him off the floor when team is doing better without him . All he did today was destroy the lead , deny the ball to his teammates who were playing so much better than him . Its heartbreaking to see all the hard work done by Odom and Gasol trashed by the asshole . I mean come on the best five now till Bynum returns are Odom, Gasol, Artest , Brown/Farmar and Mbenga . Its so unbelievable that he chose to keep Bryant , Fisher and Vujacic on floor while the team lost . I mean how far will this ego thing go ? Is LA more important or Kobe ?

Where is Kobe? this #24 is not him, this guy CHOKED at the end of the game. This guy was smiling and laughing as he was leaving the floor after a important game,WTF . We need an APB to locate the real MAMBA #24, has anybody else notice, this guy is not Jelly bean Bryant..

Posted by: 2PHATT | April 11, 2010 at 04:02 PM

How is that game important? The playoff don't start until next weekend.
This forums/message boards/blogs are a haven for negative people, whiners, and pessimists fans. These people get overly excited when their favorite team losses despite having clinched the playoffs and have the best record in the West! LOL. My goodness. What losers.
I followed the Lakers since the 70's. The dominant Laker teams also losses games just like today's and guess what? They still won championships. Lots of them!

God... To all those people who keep saying that the Lakers made a huge mistake by giving Kobe 3 year maximum contract, whatever happened to the term "loyalty" ? For more than a decade, Kobe has been the one player that made the Lakers relevant and one of the most successful franchises in the league, not to mention the huge revenue the Lakers pocketed due to his sky high popularity. Now, he is getting old after so many years and mileage on him so we need to get him out of here ? I know NBA is all business but come on... It's like saying we need to get rid of our aging but always-faithful and loyal dogs because they are not cute anymore(go watch the movie Hachiko, really). Please.... Lakers have to pay Kobe maximum money allowed even if he sits on the bench for the next 3 years.. What he has done to the franchise can't be measured in money.

Maybe they can 'turn it on' in the playoffs?

What a mistake for Kobe to comeback today. Lakers would have won this game today without him and this was witnessed the last time these two teams got together in Portland. Because Kobe is so banged up, he appears to disrupt the offense. I am not saying this team is better without Kobe. I am suggesting that this team has struggled because he is far from 100 percent, if even 60 percent. My suggestion is for the next two games, bench Kobe for the rest of the regular season, since the competition is weak and take our chances from there. What do we have to lose at this point. We already have possibly lost the next best thing, home court advantage against the Magic.

BUTLER sighting. It must be playoff time.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

I fricken hate chicken littles.

No heart.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So the Lakers are struggling. What else is new. So is ever other team in the NBA. The Cav;s have dropped 3 straight. Dallas and Denver keep winning one and losing one. Utah is up and down. Orlando is about the only team that seems to be on a groove and they are 4 and half back of Cleveland. Don't panic Laker Fans. When the playoffs begin the team will be ready. Lets just hope Bynum is back. because he is the wild card. I still think the Lakers will win the West, but the title may be something else.


Playoffs start in a week, the urgency of the playoffs cannot be duplicated in a regular season game. This team is built to flip the switch and we will. Of course I would like to see Kobe in a better groove right now, but I'll take my chances with Mamba starting next week. I'll also go into playoff wars with Gasol, Lamar, Artest and Fish. Obviously we need Bynum back, I'm suspecting he'll be back next week, hopefully in better shape then what we had last year during our championship run, because that version of AB will not get it done for us in the finals.

Liked seeing Sasha do some good things out there today defensively, we'll need his energy in the playoffs. Was that trick photography or did Sasha dunk (sort of) on Canby. Like to see him take it to the hole, keep the D honest. Shannon needs to stop taking so many quick 3's and be the slasher he really is. Farmar needs to give us some consistency and Luke needs to give us something if possible. It really all comes down to Bynum. He gets back in the starting lineup and I like our chances.

LAKERS NATION BE PREPARED TO LOOSE IT ALL THIS YEAR WITH KOBE SHOOTING THIS TEAM OUT OF EVERY FRIGGING GAME. IT IS HIS WARNING TO US THAT HE'S ABOUT TO KILL OUR CHANCES BY AVERAGING 22% IN THE PLAYOFFS. HE'S THE WEAKEST LINK, EVEN THOUGH HE'S THE REASON WE GOT HERE. IT'S JUST LOGIC. BUT HE STILL DESERVES THAT RIGHT TO SHOOT US OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS. NEXT YEAR WE may WIN WITH A HEALTHIER KOBE. IF HE PLAYS IN THE OLYMPICS I'M GONNA SHOOT MYSELF . Lakers can make the playoffs without him but not win it. So next year he should come backafter he's healthy 100 percent from surgery on his shooting hand even if it means after the all-star break. He he doesn't play in the Olympics that will give him about May 1st (hopefully they make it to the second round) to February to get back strong wich is about 9 1/2 months of pure regeneration of hands and whatever else. Bad idea?? Also no Luke in the lineup what happened to him?

everyone has valid concerns about our laker's team, as do i. most glaring to me, is we've lost our "swagger, mojo or whatever". TEAMS OUR NOT AFRAID OF US ANYMORE! according to the abc broadcast team, this is our first loss at home this year, when we've taken a lead into the 4th quarter. nice, decent stat, HOWEVER, as so many of you had previously stated, we CHOKED this game away PERIOD! yeah, kobe finally starting being "kobe" at the end of the game, but, a little too late! he and fish missed 3 critical f.t's at tcrunch-time. i'm in agreement with feeding the ball to gasol, ALSO.....lamar, you know kobe's hurting out there, you too SHOULD DEMAND the can be a BEAST when you want to be. there's not one person on the planet that can guard you. in the meantime, kobe should stop forcing so many shots and be more of a facillatator until he gets some rhythm in his shooting. DAMN, AND I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL WEEK TO SEE THEM PLAY!

Lakers played the 80th game today. Do the Fisher lovers still think Fish will bail them out in the playoffs ? Even when he shoots well which is not very often. He makes so many bad plays and is so pathetically slow that he ends up costing you the game. Loyalty is one thing...but he definitely should of retired before this season started. One of the worst seasons for any NBA player ever !!!!

also, P.J., please start coaching better. you and your assistants know and keep stats throughout the game. gasol and l.o. combined for 39 pts on 17 - 28 shooting and taking 27 boards. sometimes the coaching staff needs to be more assertive in telling the players to get the ball into the hands of the players that are hot! comprende? ALSO, can someone tell artest the reason we got him was to be like the "old" artest of last year. the one who helped push the lakers to the brink of elimination????wtf?

what a bunch of fair-weather fans we have here. go find another team to berate if that's what you're about. i admit it can be frustrating to watch a team with so much potential struggle as our boys have at times this season, but for chrissakes the playoffs haven't even started yet and some of you have already written them off. i'm concerned about their inconsistent play, but there are several big mitigating factors, not least of which is bynum being out for the past 11 games. i have a feeling they will find a way to pull through in the clutch...

holy trolling, you're odd.

If that puke Fish isn't shooting the Lakers into a loss, he is stupidly fouling them into a loss. But Fish is in good company, because the entire Laker team have played like pukes the last half of the season. The LA Pukers will get an early exit this year.

Anyone still think Mitch Kupchak measures up to the GM abilities of Jerry West? Dump PJ first. The fish rots from the head down, no pun intended.

Gasol went 9 for 13. Kobe went 8 for 23. Please don't shoot so much Kobe.

My solution is to get Luke in the starting lineup . The team moves better with him out there, plus I'm sure Kobe's % would increase dramatically by many more points. Plus Luke can get the ball into the post better.

Please Mr. Phil Jackson start Luke Walton. Better offense creates better defense. You are old and can't see things as clearly any more. So start listening to the fans cuz we know . Are you trying to get Luke out of playoff form or was he injured today. WHY DIDN'T LUKE PLAY????? Actually I did like the Sasha substitution. It was needed and we could have won if Kobe didn't sabotage(In my opinion) by missing 2 free throws and fouling a 3 point shot. WFT KOBE???? You're acting like ...
Kobe it's hard to admit it but just let Gasol be the one to shoot 23 times, you have to shoot about 10 to 15 times now. You're making LA look horrible out there. Next year you can start fresh but this year we are too close to the playoffs. I say now because old habits can be hard to erase is this is the intention for the playoffs. If the team knows Gasol is the go to guy he'll get double teamed opening up someone's shot. It's easy as cheesy.

Mid-season injuries and a tough Western Conference have pushed the Spurs to the bottom of the Playoff scrum.

They are the most lethal 8th seed I think I have ever seen in all my years of following the NBA. And it's no secret that Lakers do not want to meet these guys in the first round!

That said, it looks really bad that the Lakers lost today because they wanted it so bad. Heck, even Kobe came back!

Looks really bad.

The way this trolls coming out is only a sign how famous the Lakers is...Was signing Kobe for another 3 years a mistake? For the uneducated, moronic and idiotic person yes, but for those who knows the game it is wise decision. Do you think the Laker management is dumb? If there are people who know what is the real score about Kobe's health it's them. There is no doubt that Kobe is not playing the way he should, he is trying but his injuries make it so difficult for him. If he cannot play like the Kobe we used to know this coming playoff it doesn't mean his going to play the same for the next 3 years...he will be back for sure..this trolls are only seeing this moment, his struggles, his downside because he is injured and not done. He will get better if not this year for sure next year. It is true that we really need to overhaul the bench, we need to get some guys that can help the starters. I still believe even the way our team is playing right now we can still make it to the western conference finals, it is hard and have some luck but we can. If we go against Portland in the first round we can handle this team pretty good, they cannot beat us in a seven game series...Utah and Phoenix occupies 4th & 5th place and if go on with the present set up we can still manage both...for the WCF it would be tough, for these 4 teams will give our team some big challenges ( Dallas,Nuggets,Spurs& OKC) it would be tough but I still have faith in our team...lastly, Phil should take a wise decision to sit Fish, he is the main target in offense for the opposing team, he is being torched every game...and for Brown,Sasha & Farmar if you guys cannot make the 3, drive to the basket, not only it is a high % shot but can create some fouls....we are struggling but not done....the fat lady has not sing yet....

Nothing to play for? If the Lakers ever make it to the finals and meet Orlando they will not have home court, yet Kobe and Fisher chuckle when they miss the potential winning free throws???
Kobe has been very bad in the last few games and Fisher has been well Fisher... Can not wait until the organization realizes that their need a new point guard and I am not talking about Farmar or S. Brown. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt each time but their play has been nothing short of pathetic recently.
Even if they rise up to the occasion come playoff time and win, they must get new players in here. I am a loyal Lakers fan and will always stay loyal but they are testing every Lakers fan out there with their very poor play. Please play to your potential and win.

Those people who say that the Lakers made a mistake re-signing Kobe are out of their mind, and not worthy Lakers fans. They're the real fakers. Kobe has earned the right to finish his career in Los Angeles, period.

What worries me about Kobe right now is not so much his offense, as it is his defense. Kobe used to be a monster ball defender. His defense is clearly not what it used to be, while his offense comes and goes. Hopefully, it will arrive in time for the playoffs or we're not going very far.

It was quite shameful to witness a championship team tank a game to avoid playing the Blazers in the first round.

From what I gathered here from the faithful, the Lakers are only faking it right now.
Kobe is faking his 26% shooting average.
Fisher is faking he is old and slow, averaging 6 points and 2 assists a game.
Gasol is faking he is a soft "power" forward.
Artest is faking he can not play to his true potential.
Bynum is faking his Achilles' heel injury.
Odom is faking he's an inconsistent player.
Vujacic is faking he is a fake.
Farmar, Brown, Powell are faking they can only shoot marbles.
Luke is faking he'll never be Bill.
Jackson is faking he doesn't have a clue on defenses.
So, never worry 'cause starting next weekend all the faking should stop, right?

MarcB, put the pipe down.. it's OVER.

I am very frustrated.

The Lakers are playing so poorly, I don't even want to waste time watching them.

They, each, have to come together and play like a team on a mission.

Otherwise, they will lose big this playoffs.

Being a .300 team over the past 9 games is a very poor showing for a team that is suppose to win the championship. They simply don't look ready. They look like losers.

FIRST OF ALL, LET'S CALM DOWN. With all those criticisms and worries, last time I looked up, the Lakers have the top seed in the west with the best record in the conference. That means they did a lot more good than bad throughout the season. At least let's wait until we have the first game in the playoffs and then we can start.

Hey 2PHATT, then why bother playing the games? You've anointed them losers, so it must be over. My pipe's filled with reality!

According to you, those Amazing Mets should never have played the Series! A hobbled Kirk Gibson shouldn't have bothered stepping up to the plate for the Series! The 1980 USA Olympic Ice Hockey team shouldn't have laced up their skates against the USSR! Etc., etc.

If you're a Laker Fan, I pity you! Your defeatist mindset is better suited for the Clippers or the Nets!

KB24 will find a way to adjust his game by the time the playoffs begin. Fisher will find his shot (everyone said he was finished last year). And Phil Jackson will adjust his lineups accordingly.

Bynum coming back will be the biggest question.

The only team that will beat the Lakers are the Lakers themselves (including their injuries).

If they lose, they lose. In the 1989 playoffs, the Lakers lost to the Pistons due to injuries to Magic Johnson and Byron Scott. I remained a faithful fan anyway. I may make observations and provide some constructive criticism, but I remain optimistic that this team will find a way.

You just emit bad vibes and bring everyone down.

"Mr. Doom And Gloom" should be your name, NOT 2PHATT!!!!

ZOPI, "So, never worry 'cause starting next weekend all the faking should stop, right? i loved the take on the FAKERS! it's the only time i've laughed all day! ha ha.....can we just cancel the next two games? better yet, let morrison, luke, d.j., powell and sasha start the game. let the starters come off the bench. at least the subs won't pack it in like the starters!

Well, Kobe is dragging one leg due to the bad knee so that's one thing. He's been a warrior all his career so its no surprise that over time, things tend to catch up to you! The lakers still have a better chance with him on the floor than without ! The bottom line is that other players are not stepping up..Ron has to be consistent and aggressive and be able to execute shots at close range --- you just have to cash those money balls in the basket. For so long, everyone has been so reliant on Kobe and now that he is laboring, we want to str8t diss this man and say he's washed up and this, and that! Basketball is a team game so if you are truly a baller as these guys claim to be then you have to make those opportunities, however few they may get, you have to make them count. Its not about plays not being called for you or whatever excuse they uss. I don't see that with other teams, you hear players say, "I just try to make my opportunities count for however long I am on the court, I just want to make a play for my team to help them win." Our players missed multiple open shots during one spell but all anyone can say is, Kobe is losing games for the team and he is done! Yall mofos got it twisted!

The team is in trouble because they are not executing for 48 minutes and we are weak in overall talent after 6 players..

Andrew is probably not going to come back and be able to give us whatever and nobody else has taken a personal responsibility to step up consistently off the bench..

We have problems beyond Kobe. You all need to recognize!

Tom Daniels!

OMG -- About Miller looking like Richard Pryor, always thought that.. that is sooooooooo EFFN hilarious but TRUE..Everytime I watch him, I see Richard Pryor its crazy so I am buggin that you brought that up..I thought I was the only one! Whoda thunk it!!

Here's my predictions for Western Conference Playoffs--1st time in NBA history all 8 teams will have 50+ wins.

First Round Matchups:

1. Lakers v. 8. Blazers (Lakers in 6--7 if Roy comes back healthy)
2. Mavericks v. 7. Thunder (Mavs in 7)
3. Jazz v. 6. Spurs (Spurs in 7--Utah went 4-0, but hasn't played revitalized Spurs at all (Last Game was Jan. 20th))
4. Suns v. 5. Nuggets (Suns in 7)

Western Conference Semis Matchups:

1. Lakers v. 4. Suns (Lakers in 5)
2. Mavericks v. 6. Spurs (Mavs in 7)

Western Conference Finals:

1. Lakers v. 2. Mavericks (Lakers in 7--KB24 finds a way)

NBA Finals: Too Soon To Tell...

All right, all you Off-The-Bandwagon So-Called Fans can tell me I'm delusional or hitting the pipe. But, if the next few days play out the way I think and these matchups occur, then the Lakers (especially with Bynum back on the floor and LO back on the 2nd unit) have the ability to work their way back into the NBA Finals.

If Kobe wants the Lakers to be committed, he needs to take the summer off and have his hands and whatever else worked on, instead of worshipping Coach K. (He ain't coming, and it wouldn't work anyway, not in your career span Kobe)...

The 3 pointer attempt by Pau, I can live with that, I can remember a few recent last 2nd similar needs and Kobe missed, fumbled, or Fisher fumbled the delivery to Kobe....The shot was straight and the trajectory was good. I have no issues with the call. At least KB didn't pull a Pippen and refuse to enter the game......

It's really amazing that while the whole team and players are getting criticized and disected, no one mentions PJ. There were numerous head-scratching decisions at the final moments of the games throughout the season, including the game on Sunday. I really hate his laid-back, let-the-players-figure-out-themselves approach and I really think this attitude of his is creeping into the players. Just name one player who plays with high intensity. Even Kobe seems to be losing it for some reason. Ariza for Artest trade seems to be a really bad one by the day now. We need a new leader at the top. Byron Scott sighting on the horizon ?



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