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Phil Jackson singles out Lamar Odom for poor play


It's usually been expected that road playoff games lead Lakers Coach Phil Jackson to tighten his rotation even more, knowing that victories bode more importance than restful bodies and road environments tend to play against the bench's favor. Yet, with the Lakers' inside game mostly neutralized and their perimeter shooting leaving lots to be desired in their 95-92 Game 2 victory Tuesday over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Jackson plans to give more minutes to his reserves. And with that comes an added responsibility, which Jackson mostly directed toward Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

In the Lakers' two playoff games, Odom has  averaged only 5.5 points on 30% shooting as well as seven rebounds per game,  far below the 10.8 points on 46.3% shooting along with 9.8 boards he averaged in the regular season. I cited those statistics as a point of reference, but they are a tad misleading considering Game 1 featured Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol running the show inside and Game 2 featured Kobe Bryant leading the team late in the game. Yet, Odom's two-of-nine clip in Game 2 shows he looked to be a part of the offense, but he didn't have the good looks like he normally does. It's also good to keep in mind that Odom averaged 9.5 points per game as a reserve and 12.2 points as a starter, a role he played for the last 13 games of the season because of Bynum's strained left Achilles' tendon.

Odom in years past has often carried the reputation of displaying both brilliant and hair-pulling performances, with his California-cool vibe fueling the notion that he doesn't care and plays with complacency. That couldn't be further from the truth this season, what with L.O. fighting through pain for two months with an injured left shoulder, loudly voicing his frustrations with the team's attitude in March and playing pretty consistently. He's cracked double figures in 44 games, grabbed at least 10 boards in 41 contests and scored at least 20 points in six of those games. Odom also has appeared in four of the five Lakers' regular-season lineups that boast the highest plus-minus ratings -- a statistic Odom holds in high regard because it equates his value on the floor and his versatility.

Though his plus-minus rating currently stands at (-)1 in the postseason, Odom says he's not worried about those performances because that snapshot only reflects two games. Odom also appears to agree with Jackson on what he needs to do to what he called leaving an "imprint on the ballgame." Here's what both Jackson and Odom said when I asked them how he could do that.

"It's an understanding what the game is," Jackson said. "Opportunities are going to be in shots and little things like that. Probably pockets he finds in penetration ... as well as the ball movement he can create in penetration."

"I just want to get myself going offensively and find my shot," Odom said. "Play in my rhythm, play in my space and my comfort zone.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Lamar Odom fouls Thunder forward Serge Ibaka as he shoots between Odom and guard Kobe Bryant during Game 2 on Tuesday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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Art - FL Lakers Fan

i use only safari and is working. usually i just put the computer to sleep and the lakers blog on all the time. so i don't give them too many hits. but for many PC sites, Firefox will be more stables. i prefer safari for bookmarks and archiving, but when it's not working i just paste the link in the Firefox and go ahead. Firefox is also much better at saving music files and downloading. different strokes for different reasons.

i play 360 espn only in Firefox. safari is very finicky with it.

other game links in Safari. hope it helps.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | April 21, 2010 at 04:39 PM

I have been impressed by OKC in this series.

Westbrook is just flat out fast. Most reporters and posters use this as a way to knock the declining Fisher, but the reality it that is doesn't matter who is on Westbrook, I have seen him blow by Fish, Brown, Bryant, Artest.

Durant is the real deal - should be superstar. He was off in game one, but in game 2, even with Artest doing a great job devfensively, he did a lot of damage. The rest of the team is young, aggressive, and unselfish and they play great defense.

Bashing the Lakers is popular in LA. Never mind that there are 29 other teams that are ALSO trying to win a title. Or that even the great Jordan Bulls teams often needed MJ to make last second second shots to win series in 6th or 7th games. The Lakers not only have to win every game, they have to win every game decisively.

It is a ridiulous expectation, and the NBA would no fun to watch if it were true. There a a handful of teams capable of winning a title, and even more very very good teams that can wreak playoff havoc. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD to get through the playoffs.

The Lakers are up 2-0 in round one. Playing against a talented young team that has played with aggression and poise, they have found a way to win both games. This is good. The sky is not falling. Game 3 will be another battle, one the Lakers may well lose. When you hear "Lakers in 6" or "Lakers in 5" it means they may lose one or two games.

The NBA is tough. That what makes it fun to watch.

Tom D.

Lamar has struggled, and Phil is clearly trying to motivate him. I wonder about his shoulder. Also, a defense like OKCs is tough for Lamar, who usually uses his athleticism to beat less athletic bigs. He glides to hole and lays it up soft. That wont work with these guys. Lamar will have to be more physical and also try to throw it down, not lay it up, against this band of shot swatters.

You do not talk about Pau?
You are waiting like rats Gasol's a bad game?
Come on man troll!! not be a coward
You Do not forget to talk about the games I keep learning

let's not forget that LO had a great contribution to the series yesterday, through his wife, Khloe who twitted something like:

"this is terrible. the referees are cheating. is this LEGAL?"

she can't be fined and also i'm sure the twit was funneled to the right channels. now we r talking about intangibles. :-)

If Phil is singling out Odom then why is he letting him finish games? Why not use Bynum instead?

i like it... the DFISH debate rages on and has now hit a whole new level.. to dfish or not to dfish.. that is the question?

the majority of this blog that is loyally standing beside dfish and sticking up for him through thick and thin PASS ME A FREAKIN KLEENEX.. how admirable of you to stay so loyal to him after *EVERYTHING* he has done... please dont use the stupid GUILTY or LOYAL card.. that is completely bogus argument...

but first lets differentiate between dfish THE PLAYER and dfish THE PERSON... no one is disrespecting dfish as a person.. strong leader. great character blah blah... we appreciate all he has done... now its DFISH as a PLAYER is a whole new can of worms.. lets please try and keep the two separate cause if you're defending dfish THE PLAYER then you got another thing coming..

what the hell is there to defend about dfish AS A PLAYER anyways?? how many games does he have to get burnt on BOTH SIDES of the floor EVERYNIGHT? if you're gonna bring up his *INTANGIBLES* great but how many charges and flops make up for all those costly missed shots and forced layups?

we are ALL laker fans and we all want to win badly.. having a dislike for a player does not take away from anyones loyalty for the team.. nba is a freakin business.. as fans we dont owe ANYTHING to dfish.. if anything if in fact WE ARE RIGHT and he costs us that championship then he is doing us all a huge disservice.... so please dont talk about loyalty.. that is the most hypercritical thing i've ever heard today.

dfish is a freakin warrior.. name me one warrior that even after their prime is gonna come out and admit HIS TIME IS DONE.. COMPLETE HYPOCRISY AGAIN.

as for MMs favorite line of reasoning "well the whole team respects him so should you" CROCK!! you think the fact the team respects him means ANYTHING? what do you want the players to say.. hmm dfish you suck.. i dont like you.. get the hell out .. they are a team and teammates stick together...

as for the always nonsensical kblitz favorite "well who else are you gonna play'?? i dont freakin know blitz.. what i do know is farmar and shannon deserved way more minutes last nite and certainly didnt singlehandedly STINK UP THE JOINT

mti312 - Phil is singling him out because he wants him to do more. So he had him on the floor knowing his potential and because AB was getting defended tough


oh yeah one more thing..

phil jackson, kevin ding and even mark jackson and charles barkley and even heisler and MM and even the kbros never criticized dfish so he deserves a lifetime free pass..

great reasoning... oh yeah phil has 10 rings.. he could never be wrong.. if phil jumps off a bridge than i guess i will too.

Mark G -

Thanks for the love! I'm glad that you got the reader comment of the day. :-)

I feel thankful that you listed me as someone who has helped to sharpen your wit; I just hope my really cheesy jokes didn't stymie your potential to wield a sharper wit.

Tom Daniels -

Thank you for the reasonable assessment of the playoffs. Perhaps some detractors will take it easy.

All that matters is that our Lakers win 16 games. I don't care if it is a 16-0 or 16-15 record in the playoffs; first team to 16 wins WINS.

If you don't like don't like Laker basketball!

Phil is smart he knows game 3 is very important and a win can make the series short ,which can be very good news for the banged up lakers like a week of rest. the Utah and Denver can go 6 or 7 games so bottom line he needs a monster game from lamar in game 3 you know 20-10-5 something like that specially if drew is sore. when lamar has a great game the lakers never lose

MM… When the KamBros first started the blog, there was a daily post called Extra! Extra! for each day. Extra! Extra! was their version of your Caught in the Web, meaning it was a daily Lakers portal that had links to everything new Laker that day. Like a daily newspaper for Lakers fans.
Whatever you call it, the main daily post should be your virtual version of the morning newspaper. It should also have a different look because it is the regularly scheduled recurring post. Call it “Extra! Extra! Wednesday, April 21, 2010” or “Caught in the Web Wednesday, April 21, 2010” or “Daily Lakers Blog for Wednesday, April 21, 2010.” The main thing is one a day 365 days a year.
This main daily morning post would be home for ALL reader comments posted during the day. Then, as needed during the day and depending on whether it is a game day or not, you and other Times reporters could post as many special articles and create as many threads as you want. These special news updates or articles would each have comment boxes that feed into the main daily thread.
You could also make the Daily Thread better by having all links open as new pages so your readers never leave but you still get clicks. You could even create a photo link gallery on the side where the day’s supplementary news and articles were posted. This would then allow the bloggers within the blog to stay on the daily thread page while browsing links and still be alerted to new posts. It is the proverbial win-win situation. We posters get stability and one daily thread and great home page. The Times can create even more supplementary posts to draw new visitors to the blog.
In a way, it is just revamping the blog to be much like the LA Times Website. It’s a combination of Lakers Newspaper and Lakers Blog, the best of both worlds. A Daily Newspaper with main story and constantly updating side stories and a full day’s worth of comments that would reach humungous numbers of comments every day because of the great continuity of the venue.

When you are listening to Lamar Odom, as if you're talking to a homeless who is drunk! He doesn't any sense of urgency, his head turnin' to and fro like a good pianist doing a concierto. Immediately, you will say, this player is a happy go lucky guy. He has talents but just does not have the aptitude to use it and have a full determination of why he is there.

Consider this, his stats last night 2-9 = 4 pts; 8 rebs; 3 assts; and 1 to. If he can improve his % by making 5 out of nine, then we get out of the doldrums of depending on Kobe. If he wants to he can go from court to court like Magic or Scottie Pippen did during their prime. He can rebound, dribble and shoot or lay up with finesse and athleticism. Unfortunately, we only see these talents once in a blue moon or when Kobe is not playing.

After Odom, we have DFish who is the center of attention in this blog lately. here are his stats last night 2-10 = 5; 4 rebs; 6 asst; 3 to in 32 mins. while the 2nd unit pg were playing only half the time but producing more theFisher. Again, if his minutes are limited to 20 and the other 12 are spread evenly to Farmar & Brown, perhaps Lakers will have a better game defense and offensewise than relying on old Fish to stop a young barracuda.

Finally, Bynum and Artest who made a total of 11 pts. combined for averaged 32 and 41 minutes. Artest made a lot of steals and control the outflow of shot from Durant while Bynum made a lot of contributions in rebounds. Again if they'll only give a quota for themselves to make at least 10 pts per game, a lot of pressure is release from Kobe and Pau to do the scoring.

"I have been impressed by OKC in this series..."

Posted by: Tom Daniels | April 21, 2010 at 04:59 PM

So have I. OKC is not your usual bottom-of-the-barrel 8th seed. They have the same regular season record (50-8) as 6th seed Trailblazers and the 7th seed Spurs. Only the tie-break method landed them against the Lakers.

They even have the same regular season record as the Celtics (4th seed in the ECF). Playing against OKC is not a walk in the park.

"well who else are you gonna play'?? i dont freakin know blitz.. "

The best answer you gave me the whole time you were here in the blog hehe.

Posters extol virtues of the opposing point guards after they destroy Fish. Following Clippers game several posters said how great adding Steve Blake would be. Before that it was Aaron Brooks is too fast, in December it was Ty Lawson, nobody can stay with that rookie. After New Orleans it was Chris Paul AND Darren Collison.

Now its Westbrook.

Stop it already.

Westbrook is fast but saying "nobody" can guard him as an excuse for his Fish blow byes is shady.

Westbrook can be contained, just not by Fisher.

Phil if you are feeling me .... start Brown on Westbrook.

Don't get your hopes up ...

Phil doesn't change.
No matter what.

OKC are good young players. I believe it was Kobe's injury and others injury from hand or another foot that made this series competitive. Lakers are slow not because they are too old but they're all in rehab. What we are seeing this year is just 75% of themselves compared to last year.

My theory, as the playoffs becomes older our Lakers will get use with their injuries as long they don't create a new one. Our Centers are made out of thin glass capable breaking anytime. Gasol is the bamboo, thin but flexible but easily carried by the force of the wind. Bynum looks sturdy on the outside but not sue on the inside, once he cringed in pain, there goes our series!

Another reason why OKC looks good, we do not have the Horry's, the Fox's, the Coop', the Scott or those Chicago perimeter shooters who will provide those long balls game killer. They close the game without any change of rebuttal because their performance are as consistent as the flow of a tidal wave.

Today, the PJ Triangle becomes weak when the outside shooters are bad. Every shot is a trial and error.


Excellent points, I agree 100%

Games 3 and 4 in OKC will be critical in this series. The biggest asset that OKC has is they are young and stupid and don't know enough to be scared or worried.
Let them get on a roll and they'll be hard to put back in the bottle again.

The old and battered Lakers need the rest to face Utah and Denver next round. If OKC takes the Lakers to seven, LA may have won the battle but may yet lose the war. It's going to be difficult facing the Jazz or worse, the Nuggets, after a 7 or even 6 game series versus the young pogo sticks. LAL needs to make the 1st round a 4 or 5 game series.

The triangle offense has to be working at its best. The Thunder are too athletic to be outmuscled, outquicked or outworked by the Lakers. They can only be outsmarted. Kobe needs to use his basketball IQ and needs to use the team to make the game easier for him. Even though I usually disagree with Barkley, I totally agree with his assessment on TV at half-time last night.

Bad outcome of last night's game, LAL is still on the Kobe dependency habit. All eyes will be on Odom, Bynum and Artest the rest of the Big 5. KB and Pau are doing their jobs and Artest is doing his job on defense but the championship lies on the shoulders of Odom and Bynum, and Artest giving what Ariza gave on offense. The rest of the Lakers are little more than ballboys. It's the Big 5 or nothing.

The Snake,

"They even have the same regular season record as the Celtics (4th seed in the ECF). Playing against OKC is not a walk in the park."

However, if the Thunder were in the Eastern Conference, they would probably have a better record than the Celtics (due to the weakness of the Eastern Conference). The Thunder would probably be a 3rd seed in the East.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Thunder are good and getting better as they go. This isn't last year's Houston series, although it could go the distance, the Thunder are better than that rag tag Houston squad. It was crazy watching them give a Laker team that had dominated all year fits. But losing was never a possibility.

This year's Lakers have yet to "gel" to the point of no sweat wins and that worries us. We've always thought it was around the corner, but for reasons we all know, it wasn't. The offense has yet to gel with an improved defense. But in a sense, that's what playoff basketball is. The 2010 Lakers have been playing a win ugly brand of playoff basketball all year. There hasn't been a bunch of giggly Cleveland wins over weak East teams. Look for more ugly, teeth grinding W's around the corner. I'll take 14 more, thank you.

yeah, we need to take game 3 and then rest Andrew until the start of the 2nd round!

I am a surprised how little was made of the 17 blocks by the Thunder. I know there were some good blocks, but about half of those were fouls that the refs overlooked. It will be interesting to see if the refs continue to let these fouls continue.

His father, Joe Bryant, watched his son play in person for the first time in five years because he's been coaching in Japan, and saw the same old Kobe.

"It's all part of it, and what makes him special is he plays through it," Joe Bryant said. "A lot of athletes will use that as an excuse. That's what makes him special. You guys will understand it once he retires and you look back. I remember some players, their knee was a little sore and they couldn't play. But Kobe played through it all."

~~a lot of Kobe haters wanted him to be done permanently. He's like the Magic of the 80's, the Jerry West of the 70's and the Baylor in the 60's when they are finally done, it is a resounding beat LA, beat LA. Is it hate or envy for a fair weather 2nd biggest city without the stress and baggage of the 1st.

"You make shots and you miss shots," the father said, in a tone of voice I've heard his son use many times. "It's all part of the game."

On the other team of Los Angeles, it has a different profile.

Btw, Kings are leading as I write 3-2 in 3rd Q so this another a big euphoria happening at Staples. I think these hockey fans are more passionate than the Laker fans. The latter are spoiled and doubting thomases born of tradition and privileged and pampered fans.

How about the Clippers? How can you respect Don Sterling? We always see his page every week in every charity of jewish gathering in town and yet here is another sad story of the recent fired coach.

"The source also revealed that Dunleavy is owed nearly $12 million, which includes $6.75 million remaining on his current deal and deferred money from the entire time he had been with the Clippers."

"Mike went to lunch one day and they [the Clippers] told the media they had totally severed all ties with him," Clements said, according to the Times. "He learned about it from family and friends e-mailing him to ask what happened."

~~what a travesty for the owner and the organization. The legend GM is suing the Clippers, their Coach-GM is being short changed and asking for a bargain as if he was taken from Craigslist. Why will a superstar ever will consider a team such as the Clippers?

PS. A sad note the "paisano" of Pau Gasol, Juan Antonio Samaranch died yesterday at age 89. He is the good spaniard responsible in awarding LA its second Olympics in 1984. May his soul rest in peace.

In all the years I have been following the NBA, I would say the Thunder this season is the strongest #8 seed to play. They are young, fast, talented and have nothing to lose. Add to it they have a Top-5 PG and Top-5 SF, you have a deadly combination. They play each possession like its their last.

Can anyone of you think of a better/tougher #8 seed to play in the 2nd round of the playoffs?? If this Thunder team were to play in the Eastern Conf, they would be in the top-half of the bucket. Even in this WC with so much of talent, they have same record as the #6 and #7 seeds.

So, we have NOTHING to be ashamed for getting two ugly wins against such a quality team. If the 8th seed were Spurs, instead of OKC, and we're up 2-0 with two such wins, then would that be better?? One more thing to be noted: After two games, ALL the other match-ups in the WC other than Lakers-OKC are tied at 1-1 (Suns-Blazers, Nuggets-Jazz and Mavericks-Spurs). All those top seeds have LOST their home court advantage, whereas we're the only top-seed in WC to have it intact...

So, we have played two games against a worthy opponent, who played their best, and still we managed to get Ws. True, we could have played better, but 2-0 looks sweeter compared to 1-1 which everyone else in WC has got. I am sure we'll steal 1 of the 2 games in OKC and seal the series in LA in 5 games!!

Also, I am a lot more glad that we're facing OKC in the 1st round than in the 2nd round. If we had played OKC in the 2nd round, then they would have had even more loads of confidence given that they won the 1st round the very 1st time they reached the playoffs - and it would have been real dangerous for us...

Facing Jazz in the 2nd round and Spurs/Suns in the WCF would be our easiest path to the Finals. I am sure Jazz and Suns would be lot easier to handle than the OKC!!


excellent post

shannon brown should be given more of Fisher's minutes, at least he is closer to westbrook athletically

I consider this to be the most significant thread since the regular season ended. We've seen Kobe's playoff mentality. We've seen Pau's playoff mentality. We saw the true Beast in Game 1 of this series. Thriller will have good nights and bad. Fish is Fish; what we see is what we've got, like it or not.

Lamar has been M.I.A. If I weren't so conscious of the NBA's strict substance abuse policy, I would have made several 420 references as to how he played on Tuesday. Khloe's tweet may or may not have been with out foundation; for much of the night, it truly seemed it was 8 vs 5 on the floor. But Lamar, dude, come on! You've got to step it up! Does the coach *really* have to challenge you to reach down deep and be aggressive? Puh-leeze!

If there's one game that will send this series into a Game 5, it is Thursday night's Game 3. The Thunder will be nestled safely at home, embraced by the loudest crowd in the NBA. Whether the Lakers win this one or not, I'll be OK, as long as we play competitively.

It's likely to be a long, ugly slog, based on what we've seen so far. But it's 2 down and 14 wins to go. Go Lakers!


You're hitting my notes again on your posts. We're all die-hard Lakers fans and want nothing more than a success for our team. Barring all injuries we have all season, which was unavoidable and is part of playing a professional sports. I'm very disappointed in DFish this year, not because he is no longer keep up with the upcoming great PGs in the NBA but his inability to compliment a Lakers by making his jump shots consistently to keep defense honest and make them pay when they decided to double team Kobe. We know that DFish's penetration skills and finish the shot around the basket is not one of his strength but he MUST make those open shots for the Lakers to get a chance for the "W." I don't questioned DFish's heart and desire to win at all. I want him to play well. But if he's a true leader of the team, he should realize that since he's struggle with his game, it's time for him to pass the baton and give our young bucks a chance. Farmar has proven that he can contribute if he got the chance. Sure, he made lots of bonehead plays that lead to turnover but I don believe that his outside Js are now more reliable than those of DFish. UPS starts to come around and made several key baskets for us in the last two game. He's still also has not mastered the art of playing within himself and has a tendency to jack up clank shots when he's playing with Farmar in the backcourt. He performed much better as Koe's wingman!

LO has again stirring doubt in all our mind whether he's 24/7 and every days players. This year, LO played only a few games with the passion and desire that earned him a praise as a candidate as the best 6th man. This year, he's Mr. Nobody. With all the talents he has, it's a big let down for LO. Perhaps PJ's comment today would awake him from the doldrums.

Go Lakers!


Very well put. I'd agree if we get the W in 3rd game, OKC would be done in 4!!

One thing I would disagree: The loudest arena would be the Jazz' EnergySolutions Arena in SLC. Warriors, Hornets and Thunder make up the Top-5 for sure.

As for Staples, it must be the last fan-involved arena...!!

So, I've been watching Derek Fisher for some time now this year, especially since the haters piled on.

I admit. I'm not unbiased, but none of us are. Still, I have been honestly paying attention to his game and here are my conclusions:

1. His shot is awful. It is utterly un-Derek Fisher-like. He can't make a layup, that's the worst part.

2. His team defense is excellent.

3. His one-on-one defense is adequate, especially in terms of when he's playing against un-one-on-one-guardable ultra-quick point guards.

4. Everything else he is doing is fair to very good, especially since the offense plays so much better when he's in.

That's it.

I see no reason for hysteria. Criticism? Sure. But this hysteria on the blog AND in the media is just that: Hysteria.

It sure is disappointing. I suppose people want a scapegoat in this greater culture of blame. Well, there ain't a scapegoat on this team, not in a true sense. Deal with it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lamar Odom plays to his potential, we win. It really is that simple. The guy is so fricken good when he plays like he can. It is one of the great tragedies in basketball that he has so much trouble sustaining his BEST.

I cannot recall at this moment a game where Lamar Odom played as we know he can and we've lost that game. Literally.

There is a reason why the LeBroniacs here in the Wastelands of Northeast Ohio live in fear of Lamar Odom... and it's not because they don't know basketball. They do.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey guys we got a new post up

Tom - Maybe we make the Caught in the Web post the main conversation post?


Here's my two cents. I think Jackson's criticism is legitimate, plenty of blame to go around. Most annoying is Bynum\s play and current attitude. This guy is a walking talking insurance nightmare. Every season mostly out with injury. Trade him to Minnesota and get a big man with a big heart.

LO does not recognize his own talents. Too bad the Lakers have to depend on a guy who has no mental toughness & IQ to meet the challenges of play-off intensity. He needs someone on the bench to jerk his chain every few minutes or feed him candy with labels: "Drive to the basket"; " Wake-Up & be aggressive" (Team needs you to score Kobe, Artest & SB have injuries); Kobe & Pau have to kill themselves on offense because the other 6 guys are mentally fragile for play-off intensity and cannot make wide open shots ? LO, JF & SB are too scared to attack the basket like their counterparts on the other 15 play-off teams? All three of these guys have the physical attributes to be aggressive for the 15-30 minutes they are expected to play but lack the mental toughness and the killer instinct that only Kobe seems to have on this team on a consistent basis! Forget finger roll plays with the Thunder, think dunk at the basket. No lazy passes or slow motion moves and communicate when your team mate is being blind sided. Kobe & Pau have done everything to get these drones involved, it is time they take responsibility & show some Laker Pride like the former championship teams!!

re: OKC record--not only the same as #7 & 8 Blazers and Spurs, but the same record as Boston.

watch out for Blazers-Thunder rivalry the next 3 to 5 years.

Lamar needing another wakeup call? Nothing new here. Khloe says "Lamar and I cant wait until the season is over..." Note to L.O. -- stay focused, season not over yet. Still have to get thru playoffs my man!

@lew, that's huge. maybe LO is distracted mentally? He sure is physically: a sugar diet while exercising at peak levels is just plain immature, Khloe should encourage him to make some healthy smoothies or something! Of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is considered to be one of the most harmful. Refined sugar contains no fiber, no minerals, no proteins, no fats, no enzymes, only empty calories. Consequently it causes the body to deplete its own stores of various vitamins, minerals and enzymes. GREAT FOR BBALL! I don't think so. LO has to face it, he's a sugar addict!

I can count on Fish to make some big plays in the fourth quarter, defensive or 3s, to get them out of the mess he helped get them into. The Lakers have no inside out game when he and artest are in the game. We're missing Sasha or we could utilize Farmar and UPs for threes.

Lamar was in the game? I thought he had retired? ROF LMFAO

DFish is finished. He should get into the old folks home. What is he, 60? Westbrook has almost retired DFish. I like Fish, but it's time to hang it up!

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So, I've been watching Derek Fisher for some time now this year, especially since the haters piled on.

I admit. I'm not unbiased, nba replica jerseys but none of us are. Still, I have been honestly paying attention to his game and here are my conclusions:

1. His shot is awful. It is utterly un-Derek Fisher-like. He can't make a layup, that's the worst part.

2. His team defense is excellent.

3. His one-on-one defense is adequate, especially in terms of when he's playing against un-one-on-one-guardable ultra-quick point guards.

4. Everything else he is doing is fair to very good, especially since the offense plays so much better when he's in.

That's it.

I see no reason for hysteria. Criticism? Sure. But this hysteria on the blog AND in the media is just that: Hysteria.

It sure is disappointing. I suppose people want a scapegoat in this greater culture of blame. Well, there ain't a scapegoat on this team, not in a true sense. Deal with it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


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Very good post. Made me realize I was totally wrong about this issue. I figure that one learns something new everyday. Mrs Right learned her lesson! Nice, informative website by the way.

You do a great job, continue on it!



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