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Lakers vs.Thunder Game 5 (Third quarter, 8:33), Lakers 67, Thunder 39

Lakers2_300 After such a dominant first half by the Lakers, many were wondering: Is this game over or will there be the always possible erosion of play (see Game 4) over the next 24 minutes. Surely, the new-look Lakers can't blow a 21-point halftime lead, can they?

The teams traded free throws through the first minute, including two by Kobe Bryant. It was Bryant's seventh free-throw attempt this game, a far cry from the two he took the previous two games.

Things really started to look like a Lakers breeze when Pau Gasol finished a three-point play with a free throw to give the Lakers a 26-point lead. Thabo Sefolosha and Ron Artest taded threes and following a Thunder miss Andrew Bynum dunked after an Artest steal to give the Lakers a 28-point lead.

It's looking like the Thunder has resigned themselves to losing this game.

--John Cherwa

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks for a block on Thunder guard Russell Westbrook as he helps teammate Derek Fisher on defense in Game 5 on Tuesday night. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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We don't need this update. WE WANT THE LIVE CHAT!


live chat is not working. can u STOP the updates please??????????????

Out of respect to your followers, your update on the 3rd quarter should include an update on your failure to get liveblogging happening. I guess you think fans will read your updates during the game and that substitutes for live blogging. You will lose a lot of fans this evening, despite your essays about how the game is going in your eyes.



Thunder is running outta gas..

not only that but we need code # to post. and 6 of them

that makes it fast

Looks like we are starting to get out bad habits back....

LA TIMES as an international paper is in medieval age

this unit is really deflate-able and disposable

finally Gassy is asserting himself

Do we really need the same blog post twice?

WOW. Phil made some adjustments. Am I seeing things?

Gasol helping D up Durant

Kobe D up on Westbrook

Artest making a dunk

To the "Doubting Thomas's " hope this win make you realize our team can get it done and to the critics who keep on saying we are in deep trouble even it's a tied series....get a life...

Memo to Thunder: I didn't see anybody laughing on that bench today...How does it feel to get BLOWN OUT? Next time don't act like you've won a championship (Sunday's game) over one game, two can play that game...

Also to ESPN and Kevin Durant you're a very good player and Great Shooter but your game is far from Kobe's game. All I see is a swing through jump shot and coming off a screen shot. In other words your a 6ft 9" REGGIE MILLER. Show me something else please...

everyone seems to have an insatiable need to post.........whether or not they know what they are talking about. "immediacy" is ok..........but it's way overrated......

Yes Lakers made adjustments and thank God Kobe asked to guard Westbrook. Lakers went more inside and midrange and that worked wonders.

Barkley saying Cavs easy over Celtics? Naw I hate the Septics and realise they are a very dirty team. LBJ's elbow is gonna take a lot of hard fouls and make the series very interesting. I think better for us to let them kill each other.

Open Live Blog to LATimes sign in like before. This Twit, facebook etc is crap. No privacy and fails often. Open up the live blog.



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