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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 5 (Final): Lakers 111, Thunder 87

Lakers10_510 Take a big sigh of relief Los Angeles, it looks like the Lakers are back. At least for one game.

In game that was never in doubt the Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, 111-87, in Game 5 of a first-round Western Conference series. Game 6 is Friday night in Oklahoma City.

The Lakers got a lot of help from areas that have been lacking. Pau Gasol had 25 points in about 30 minutes, including five for five from the free-throw line. And Andrew Bynum came out strong in the first quarter and turned in a 21-point game. Kobe Bryant, who also played only 30 minutes, finished with 13 points but no one seemed to mind. The Lakers had good spacing on offense and aggressive defense.

The fourth quarter was really an exercise in reserves as the Lakers' starters got a fair amount of rest.

As for the hyper-excited Lakers crowd in Staples Center, they spent the final quarter rooting for their taco payoff, which happens whenever the Lakers hold a team under 100 points during a victory.

Even that wasn’t in doubt.

--John Cherwa

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum alters the shot of Thunder guard Russell Westbrook in Game 5 on Tuesday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Tmes

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thank you lakers!

Jeez! hope the people that spent the last 2 days riping this team apart. will show them some respect. The Laker's play when they want to. Yes, it's frustrating sometimes, but thats the Laker's.

The Sleeping Giant has awaken!!!! Finally and I hope they stay awake throughout the playoff series.

That was an amazing display of team ball. Not only on offense but defense too, we played 48 minutes for the first time this season. I want more if that PLEASE!

Kobe Legacy - Kobe has no one but himself to thank for the play of OKC..not for the "hater" reasons Kobe haters like to spew; "shoots too much..ball hog..yada yada". No, the truth is OKC is really a talented college team with several young 20 somethings who grew up not wanting to be like Mike, but wanting to be like Kobe. As 10 year olds in their drive way, they imagined being Kobe Bryant dunking over whoever was foolish enough to get in his way (ala Yao or Nash to name a couple), they saw Kobe dropping 81 one night and 60 another without playing the 4th quarter. They saw Kobe call for the ball against Utah only to air ball shots in pressure situations, then they saw him call for the ball again unphased. They watched commercials showing how hard he worked in the weight room, watched him call out Shaq to get into shape because championships were what they played for. They saw him become the best closer (assasin) in the game and they said I want to be like that. Just as Michael gave rise to Kobe, Kobe has spawned Lebron and all the other up and coming stars of today. They watched and learned they had to work hard, had to be fearless, had to want to take the big shots and if missed, take them again. When I see Kobe's rings, MVP's, scoring and dunking championships, that's not the legacy I see. No, I see the generation of players who he influenced...that's his true legacy.

MAYBE JUST took a talented 8 seed delivering an embarrasing loss to awaken the sleeping giant...tonight the Lakers played more focused, more team oriented than I've seen this season. I believe the light bulb may have finally gone on! They now see how well the team can play, how dominating they can be when they play together not concerned about personal stats but simply the W. That does not mean they will in game 6 as OKC is energized (fed) from a robust crowd..but they will win this series and I truly believe their play will be elevated in subsequent rounds now that they've seen how well this game plan can work if they play together. Thank you OKC for embarrasing us...thank you commentators for disrespecting us..we needed something to wake us up and MAYBE JUST MAYBE you have

Nice victory for the purple and gold. Solid effort by everybody. If only they can duplicate this kind of sense of urgenct in game 6. Keep Kobe on westbrook and dominate the paint again. The drive for five is alive for the mamba!

Oh, the humanity! The Thunder go down in flames. Hey, where are all the trolls? Come back, you punks, and let's hear how the Lakers are too old, too slow, and dead in the road now.

Durant the best player in basketball??? Hahahaha.
Nobody on the Lakers can stop Westbrook? Looks to me like Kobe punked him all night long. The Thunder are the next dynasty? More like die-nasty, stomped into the ground by the WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion, punks.

Kobe scored only 13 points on 4-9 shooting and the lakers killed the thunders. So, will the kobe haters still say that he jacked up the game??

Lakers played with effort and tough mentality and thats what you need to win. They lose when they dont have it. Its pretty straitght forward. They need to come out with effort and play hard each and every game. Ofcourse there are some X's and O's here and there, but with 100% effort u will win majority of the games.

I hope the kobe haters will shut up now and let him play!

"We are OLD and FINISHED! Oh wait, just kidding! We are EXPERIENCED and UNBEATABLE!"

Ha ha! You wacky kids!

Go Lakers...Great the playoffs it's not about how many points you win or lose, it is a game of adjustments an the Lakers did great job putting into action all the adjustments they needed. Our team will continue to use these strategies :
get the bigs to score and dominate the paint, let Kobe facilitate, penetrate the lane and stop shooting to much from the outside, hustle and fight for the ball. Many trolls kept on saying Kobe is a ballhog but they never realized this guy is so phenomenal when he controls the offense, some also say we fed the ball to much to the big guys in game 4 and they criticized the plan, well now you see the result when they really dominate. The difference from game 4 and tonight's game is they penetrated the lane and they control the boards. Now stop doubting our team even it reach game 7 we will prevail...Go Lakers...

Solid ball from Lakers. It was great to see fan participation once again from the home crowd in L.A too. Seems to have awakened the sleeping giants. Still think this will be a 7 game series. May the best crowd win.

Thriller's dunk in the 2nd quarter was the highlight of the game! Great win Lakers - take care of business on Friday night!

Okay, order has finally been restored in Lakerland. Everyone can relax now and have a good night sleep!

Sweet win. Lakers played great from start to finish. PJ did a great job letting Kobe guard Westbrook. DFish played scrappy D; Ron was all over the court and the two bigs were great.


Still look old, ron ron can barely squeak through a finger tip jam.

it was a great game from the start!
when they play like this there unstoppable!

kobe is the best player in the NBA

Not even the most picky of us can complain after that game. Their best game since when? Since they beat Denver in LA maybe?

Laker Jeff

re: Kobe. great angle and very well put

damm lakers are too siick they smoked the "thunder"
where was durantula at?

Phil showed tonite what $12 million buys.
Changes were made.

- Limited 3's and jumpers.
- shots going to the basket
-Kobe on Westbrook.

Is there more in that can of whuupp?

Yes, Andrew Bynum.

i love the silence of "laker fans" that just bash the lakers after each loss and pms like no other!


Awesome effort. This may be the first game this entire season where the lakers opened up a big lead and didn't give any of it back!!! they looked greedy in the best possible way. instead of their normal M.O. of playing sloppy ball punctuated with a few minutes of excellent play, the lakers put in a complete game. What a difference!

Yes!!!! The real Lakers came out to play and what a game it was. Awesome TEAM defense and attacking the paint with authority!! Man that was beautiful to see them passing and making shots.

Must have been Edwin G's bandwagon!!!!!!

Please repeat this performance in game 6 and this series is over!!!!!!

earlier this morning i said, "YOU'RE THE DEFENDING NBA CHAMPS, START PLAYING LIKE CHAMPIONS! thanks for showing some heart and some major tanates! VAMOS!

Are you fairweather fans ashamed of yourselves yet?

Awesome game and I agree, the best we've played. It's better for us to deal with this sort of challenge prior to the finals.

Now, I don't think fairweather fans ought to be ashamed, per se, but I hope this game was a valuable lesson for you. You just can't give up on a good team until they blow it all.

Even if we'd lost today, it wouldn't be over and it would be premature to give up.

Game 6 oughta be interesting.

Good job Lakers!

By the way, under the photo slideshow for courtside celebrities at Staples Center, it says Justin Bateman instead of Jason Bateman.

¿Gasoft? Not too bad today.
25 pts 11 rbs 5 ast in only 30 mts on floor.
May be time to trade him yet not arrived.
But the song changes everyday... this is L.A..

blame the global warming

the Lakers ripped this years just a few weeks later

This is what we mean by "hell unleashed tonite"......!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lakers showed who's BOSS.

Superb win. Finally Artest came back.

Kobe shoots only NINE (9) FG'S;

NOW TROLLS??? YOU CALL THIS "TANKING"????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cause it seems when Kobe shoots 20 +, trolls say "BALLHOG". Kobe shoots 10 or less, trolls say "kobe's selfish, he is tanking the game/ he is passive".......

he shoots 9 today, now what??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BS!



This isn't fair. Lakers lose, we are here. Lakers win, you guys are nowhere to be found.


LAKERS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fairweather fans/ Doubters/ Those who said Lakers are toast- done,

Are you guys "Lakers fans" again? Can you believe it?



By the way Thunder Fans, based on what I saw from the Lakers players eyes tonite, THERE WON'T BE ANY GAME 7. None my friends, none.

We got Kobe Bryant, and you've got none. Kobe is brutal in close out games. Remember Denver last year? Orlando? "SHOW NO MERCY!"


The "Switch is officially ON". It may be too early tell, but I can sense it.



NOW, LET'S GET 13 MORE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok... I'm happy... very happy that the Lakers finally came out to play...

But all you guys calling people fair weather fans are not realists. While we all hope they are finally awake, the reality is that it shouldn't be necessary for a championship team to have a must win game to do that. The question now is... will they sustain? Or regress again?

Until we can see a consistent effort, we know nothing. So enjoy the victory. I am. But let's not get ahead of ourselves... there is still a lot to be done... it's looking up though.

And the reason you see this board blow up after losses is because it serves as therapy. Yes, therapy. It's like a diary. Statistics show an overwhelming increase in written therapy when individuals are dealing negative emotions. Duh.

Jov, I also felt the "switch" finally turning on.

And lol someone said about the thunder that they aint not a dynasty. More like a die nasty. lol


Spoken like a true fairweather fan. When we:

1. Get knocked out.
2. Don't play as well as we could when it happens


Then I will be willing to see things your way. Until then I have faith in

10 rings and the coaching staff
faith in the best player over the past decade
faith in the other great players on our team
faith in the heart of this team.

If you actually had some faith "your" team then you wouldn't need therapy way prematurely.

Backs against the wall... BS.

Kobe's manner makes it very clear. The manner of Kobe's teammates makes it clear.

He's no longer ****ing around. This is some serious ish for everybody. The metagame is over. They're in the moment now.

at this moment in his career, Kobe started to make final moves toward check …, while playing chess against The History of the NBA.

So NINOY where are you now???What are you going to say now that my Lakers play their A game and abused this overhype thunder.Will you rise from your grave and say something nice?Your just one of those pathetic lakers haters that always eat what you spite out,hahaha!Have you seen the look of thunder players when my Lakers bullying them all night,they look like bunch of kids ready to cry because the bigboys have taken their lollies.hahaha!Lakers all the way baby!!!

Mamba24 can we please start,finish them without mercy bandwagon.I really cant wait until friday when my Lakers will kick this overhype thunder ass again.Lakers all the way baby!!!


27 assists? Holding the Thunder to 7 fast break points? Hitting the boards hard? Moving the ball? All things of beauty!

Finish this and roll on, baby!

take a look of this.
kobe scares westbrook.

Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh, such Gasoft?
When LAL earn merit is always of the elated when they lost Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol's soft.

As I have indicated above is not bad 25 points, 11 rebounds and five assists in 30 minutes but for characters like you slurred there is never recognition of errors and merits of others. Too bad you do not want your mother and you will be very simple, sheep!

All subjects as you had to be food for dogs ...

Lakers 'stayed thirsty', my friends.
One more W to get this job done and then, NEXT!!!!

And to honor the Lakers for a game finally worth watching, I flush all the bad-game demons down the toilet by way of the magic of the heavy metal, mullet encrusted duo.


13 to 16

its just incredible all the kobe stans talking about Kobe, Kobe, Kobe during the game whereas its been Gasol and Bynum the heroes of the night and Gasol the MVP in the series so far. is it really so hard to accept for Kobe's boyfans (not Lakers fans definitely)


The blog is done with this topic. When Lakers WINS, it doesn't matter who we are talking about. We all love our Lakers.

BTW, what team are you for? Crabland? Septics?


It's just that sometimes we call on our Players or any particular player when they need some wake up call/ when they play bad.

Adrian Palomar,

I'm with you brother on the "Finish Them Without Mercy Bandwagon"!!!!!!!! Larry, let's do this brother!!!!!

and yes, where is NINOY?????????LOL



Die-Nasty it is!!! Other previous "die-nasties" are Kings(C.Webb days) and Blazers(Pippen/S.Smith/R.Wallace) days....


Ender_Wiggin, I hear you about the Kobe fanboys, and yeah they're not really Laker fans. Having said that, Kobe played a nearly perfect game last night. People that complain about Kobe shooting too much, want him to play the type of game he played last night. Give him credit, last night he made his teammates better.


It is a beautiful bright sunshiny day here in TO. 2 hours of sleep for me, no problem. I have the smile on my face. I liked the look of RA after the game. Did anyone catch that?

Maybe all the Laker players signed Edwin G's bandwagon. Can we see it?

I agree with Kenny Smith, it does not matter how you win and how many wins it takes you to win a series, it is all about advancing to the next round and finally to the FINALS.

Let us finish this in game 6. GO LAKERS!

Very nice win last night, ugh hangover at work today.
I really wish the refs would stop getting in the way, so we can all see a real game played. Last night the Lakers clearly had The Stern Advantage. Things that were called on the the Lakers the first 4 games, were let go completely in game 5.
Btw Kobe was the one that made the adjustment to guard Westbrook, not Phil.
Kobe did a damn good job on West too, bothered him all night.
So does that mean Fisher really is the problem? Westbrook and the thunder seem to roll when Fishers on him for the majority of the game.

Good morning family,

As I've said on the game 4 game chat, the Lakers would respond and they did last night. When they play as they did last night, especially on defense, these Lakers are unbeatable in a 7 game series.

When you're about action, you're not about too many words. Talk of the champions demise were exaggerated and unwarranted. Go Lakers!!! Nuff said.

The Game We've Been Waiting For -

Mrs. Rancher and I finally returned from our road trip in time to catch game 5. Since today's classes start at 6AM, I was worried about the game being a close affair and students getting to laugh at Mr. Rancher snoozing at his desk. However, our boys came out to play last night and I was able to roll over and gently drift off mid way through the third, knowing that there would be no 26 pt let down in the 4th.

This was the game we've been waiting for. The Lakers played the way we've been expecting since October and the Refs were nearly invisible and allowed playoff basketball to be played.


I don't get why the Lakers play so horribly one game, and then play brilliantly the next. And if Kobe can play this well, he should be able to maintain steady play throughout the playoffs.

Yes, the win was great, but I'm not satisfied, and I'm still concerned. The Lakers MUST win game 6 in order to be rested and healthy for a very good Utah team. No more of the disrespect for the Game I say in game 5; all that missing fts and layups BS.

Do not go into your shells just because you're in Oklahoma, Lakers. Play hard, and end this damned thing already. We have a long way to go, and the road is difficult.

So far, Pau Gasol is our series MVP. If he can keep this type of play going when we face a more physical team, then there's no way we can be stopped (assuming Kobe doesn't disrespect the Game anymore).

Also happy with D Fish. Good job, but don't let Westbrook off the hook game 6, dammit.



I still don't see Cleveland getting out of the East...

thunderfan_nbafan -

If you are what I think you are (a fan of OKC), I want to say thank you for being respectful on this blog.

As one of the posters that enjoys reading what people have to say (especially from other teams), it's nice to know that not everyone who posts here as a fan of an opposing team is a jerk.

I am looking forward to seeing how the OKC crowd reacts for game 6. As Derek Fisher said at halftime of game 3 (maybe it was 4; I think it was 3), the crowd, with their energy, makes you want to play your best (no matter if they are for you or against you).

It should be a fantastic game on Friday.

A Lakers sighting last night.

Finally, everybody's moving. Everybody's playing with determination.

Finally, instead of whining about self importance we play with the will
to win.

The glare in Kobe's eyes. The jut of the lower jaw. I haven't seen that
since June of last year.

Finally, I love Phil's comment about finishing on the road.

Well, talk about a momentum shift.
Nice to see that Laker team we've all come to know and love out there.
Message delivered.

Good morning,


If you had...
The Lakers season ending in April...
Kobe applying for Medicare coverage in May...
And Ron Artest with a one-way bus ticket back to Houston...
You're OUT!

Go Lakers!

Hey Laker Tom,

8-10, 5-7, 11, 21, 27 minutes, not too shabby eh?

Where are all those calls to trade Drew?

Go Beastling!


Ender Wiggins,

you wrote: its just incredible all the kobe stans talking about Kobe, Kobe, Kobe during the game whereas its been Gasol and Bynum the heroes of the night and Gasol the MVP in the series so far. is it really so hard to accept for Kobe's boyfans (not Lakers fans definitely)

my response: You've got this all wrong. Gasol & Bynum had the box score &
there's no denying it. What you don't get is that *KOBE* took the defensive
assignment on Westbook which slowed/changed OKC's game. What you don't
get is that *KOBE* influenced the game by driving & passing. What you don't
get is that *FINALLY* everybody was moving instead of standing around

Art-FL Laker Fan,

Yes, Bynum had a good night. Yes, he finally played with effort. I still
would have traded for Bosh. I'll give you this. If he plays this way for
another *YEAR* I'll admit that I was wrong.

Did you want to ask me anymore questions? :)

Hobbitmage.....good stuff on Kobe and the movement around Kobe.

Yes, Bynum had a good night. Yes, he finally played with effort. I still
would have traded for Bosh. I'll give you this. If he plays this way for
another *YEAR* I'll admit that I was wrong.
Did you want to ask me anymore questions? :)
Posted by: hobbitmage | April 28, 2010 at 07:28 AM

If he plays like this through each round of the playoffs I can live with his let downs during the regular season.
I don't even mind if we only get about 70 games/yr from him.
Time will tell, but still good to celebrate and give credit when due.

Art -FL Lakers Fan,

you wrote: If he plays like this through each round of the playoffs I can live with his let downs during the regular season.
I don't even mind if we only get about 70 games/yr from him.
Time will tell, but still good to celebrate and give credit when due.

my response: I can't. That is the same sort of crap that Shaq put us through
and caused the breakup of a dynasty. As Kobe said, regarding playing hurt,
there are a number of people out there who spend their hard earned $$ on
watching us play. They deserve our best [paraphrase ]

I do agree that it is good to celebrate. I agree that it is good to give credit
when credit is due. I did give him credit for playing a good game.
[ it's not just about whining when he doesn't. ] :)

Pau Gasol, the most underrated player by their own fans ever... he has a bad season because of 2 years not resting, to be able to make this team a winner in the playoffs and he passes from being admire, to have 3 coments saying he was good in arround 300 coments overall. Amazing, you are blind guys...

Who said there is no switch that can be turned on? Oh yeah, all of the so called "experts" on TNT, ESPN, ABC, and the online sportswriters.

This team has just proved all of those fools wrong.

For this team, it's all mental. Now that they've "woken up," it's onto the next round after Friday night.

Kobe may be hobbled, but he can still play great D, and setup his mates so they can dominate on the offensive end.

It's a rare thing when your first round opponent is your most challenging opponent on your path to the finals. We own the rest of the so called elite Western teams that we will face in the next two rounds.

Go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the game!!! Kobe is top player.... taking the heat out of the thunder.



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