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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 4 (halftime): Thunder 55, Lakers 42

Odom2_300 The Thunder did everything it wanted to in this half, and the Lakers showed only flashes of their talent. It added up to a 13-point lead for Oklahoma City. The Lakers tried to go inside early without much success, and the Thunder attacked the basket and hit the boards, outrebounding the Lakers, 28-21.

The Lakers' shooting woes in the series also continued; they hit only 18 of 45 shots; the Thunder made 17 of 39.

Kobe Bryant, who finished the half with eight points on three-of-six shooting, finally showed the kind of spark that Lakers fans pay to see when he drove the lane and hit a left-handed layup with 58.7 seconds left in the half, but Russell Westbrook did the same at the other end to negate it. Westbrook, as he has done throughout the series, left Derek Fisher spinning in his wake.

Free-throw woes continued for the Lakers when Bryant missed his first of two with 1:25 left in the half. At the break, the Lakers were three for 10 from the line; the Thunder 18 of 19, the only miss by Kevin Durant on the second of two free throws with four seconds left.

Westbrook led all scores with 16 points on five-of-six shooting as well as six of six at the free-throw line. Durant added 11 points.

Andrew Bynum, with 11 points, is the only Laker in double figures.

--Mike James

Photo: Lakers forward Lamar Odom attempts a reverse layup against the defense of Thunder center Nick Collison in the first half Saturday night. Credit: Larry W. Smith / EPA

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What's going on with the Lakers Blog? Are you fishing comments by putting so many threads? Are u chasing the Thunder by putting a train of threads? Really crazy!!!

Thunder in 6!

Man, they can blow the lakers out but the lakers barely beat them at staples? who is the reining champs?

Bynum could at least *try*. All I see him doing is standing on the weak side, not even posting up or positioning for a rebound.

These announcers suck. I'm not against female announcers, but still. And if I hear the phrase "young and athletic" one more time... man alive.

Few more stops by the Thunder and the Lakers are phoning this in. Pretty sad.

Like somone posted - at least when OKC loses they make a game of it. these lakers are pathetic.

The Lakers are perhaps the worst team in basketball right now. I've never seen this team be so predicable and so uninterested. They just don't care. And because of that, they deserve to get beat by this mediocre Thunder team and endure all the negative press they'll get over the summer.

Don't fool yourselves Thunder. The Lakers have been playing bad for a few months now, and they're not looking to change anytime soon.

Right now The Clippers could beat The Lakers in a series. That should tell you about how bad this team is.

Goodness sakes, they are trying so hard. Too old and slow. Too tired to even make free throws. Lake Show unmasked. Clearly not the best by any stretch. The Sonics are the youngest team in the NBA folks. Wow!


there is no more frustraing of a team than the lakers...i love them to death but they make it hard to be a fan....this series could have been a sweep and went 5 at the most...they totally abandoned everything that made game 1 what it was....I dont know if I cant watch them anymore. I turned the game off...we dont even many times can we get beat by guards to the rack or uncontested J's from all over the floor...every team in the league seems to have comeback ability but the LA LAKERS

Sorry folks but it looks like my prediction is cumin true.How sweet this is.Thunder in 6.

Laker fans should boycott game 5. Give your tickets to a visiting fan from OKC. At least their guys actually show up to play the game.

Yes - I love the lakers to death also, and this is pure torture. As soon as this team is bounced from the playoffs we are making arrangements to get rid of the ENTIRE bench including LO.

I keep asking, where's Trevor Ariza? The Lakers shot themselves in the foot trading TA for RA. Sorry, whatever defense RA can play, TA could compensate for with steals and threes and offense. I'm so disgusted watching tonight. I know O CT are young and agile, but my fav LO is floundering, and the team has no cohesiveness. I'm hoarse from yelling at the TV tonight, and honestly do not think the Lakers can pull out a win in 7. Certainly was not my prediction.

Wow, time to re tool.. I can of find it hard if the thunder win this series that means they either won 4 games in a row or 4 out of 5, wow that is unreal. I'm also feed up with this effort and kobe is just wrong right now. How did these guys get westbrook and we get farmar. Shit the guy is awesome. Think if we would of traded bynum for bosh and picks up heinric. Now that would be a pretty scary team. I agree with all you. Arrest has gotten old and was a bad move by mitch. Atleast we can fix this mess with a good guard and an outside shooter. Our bench really needs work. I'm out


Too bad Kobe didn't rest earlier in the season. Funny to think, Lakers still have home court advantage, and I bet Vegas has them favored to win this series. Talk about a HUGE gut check here both for team and for fans. Geeze wonder what the vibe at Staples is gonna be like on Tuesday? How does this kind of blow out and momentum be overcome?

You know what I see? As people have already noted the ONLY game that the Lakers one that was convincing was game one. Even with this game it was hard fought tooth and nail. Than they win game two by THREE POINTS only. That could have easily went into over time. Than the OKC come back from a 10 and even 13 point deficit in game three in the 1st quarter to beat the Lakers. In game 4 there were soo many times I had to pinch myself and scream "Am I dreaming"?

I predict game five will be very hard fought and Phil Jackson will probably even go with a different line up. However, I think the OKC take the Lakers in game five in a hard fought contest.

I'll agree with the above Thunder in six games!

I can never believe in any pro sports team anymore.When you play the way this non-interested does Why shoud I CARE!!! 1- no point gurad play( drive and finish,hit timely jumpers, and PLAY Decent Defence) 2-no low-post play especially in the 3rd and 4th qtrs.whether they get a pass or FIGHT for postion, no physical or mental smart plays at all.3-where are the professional shooters ? Cannot hit a WIDE OPEN JUMPER AT ALL!!! Every other team has MORE THAN ONE!!! BUT What really bothers me is the following: You learn at the lowest level of Basketball to BLOCK OR BOX OUT YOUR MAN AFTER A SHOT NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!!!, To run hard after every play to gain an advantage(you cannot STOP Transition offence if YOU DO NOT RUN ,Easy baskets do not come to a pedesterian (OLD AS MOLASSES TEAM)And finally The Old LINE DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS well it is TRUE BUT YOU have to have HEART AND DESIRE for it to be successful and THIS TEAM HAS shown it DOES NOT!!! SO WHY SHOUD I CARE? They are going to get their MONEY, PATS on their backs from MYOPIC FANS,Free food from their favorite eaterys,Hit on by GROUPIES and life goes on .Thanks for last years championship IT IS NOW OBVIOUS THAT IT WILL BE awhile until L.A. wins again. I am tired of these type of indivduals REPRESENTING the CITY I was BORN .Every city says alot of stuff about this city but does this team have to always make it seem like they are right? You know we are fake ,soft,plastic,phony,non-deserving,nutty,fruity,and so on ETC. For once i would like to root for a team who plays hard until the game is over and until the entire season(playoffs too)OVER!! Defence,Hustle,Desire to WIN and DO IT !!! It happen before so it is possible!Good luck Mitch you have your work to do BUT YOU GET PAID SO GET IT DONE !! I just know in my heart that this team will not make it far,they just do not CARE!!

I also would like someone to explain to me how this team keeps getting non-atheltic,non-SHOOTING,non-rebounding,not to bright,deer in the headlights playing,nervous,slow footed,non-aggessive,cannot share the b-ball enough,turnover waiting to happen,cannot get to the basket EVER it seems,no emotions having, I am going to play better next game EXCUSE having PLAYERS!!! WHY??? NEEDS: LOW-POST BEAST,A PROFESSIONAL SHOOTER(kerr,paxson,scott,v.johnson,etc),A Slasher/Finisher(Heir to KOBE),Another young Hungry BIG MAN who loves rebounds,and A POINT GUARD who can drive, score or pass and hit the three when he is W I D E O P E N !!!!



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