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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 4 (Fourth quarter 5:27): Thunder 104, Lakers 76

It's not over, but it's as good as over. A thoroughly dominating performance by the Thunder in front of a wildly appreciative crowd.

A scary moment with 7 1/2 minutes left when Eric Maynor was shooting underneath and Luke Walton flew in to defend. Walton elevated, Maynor stayed on the ground and Walton ended up vaulting over Maynor and flipping before landing on his back. He was unhurt.

--Mike James

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Hats off to the Thunder. They gave our Lakers an old-fashioned azz-whippin' tonight. Unless something changes, the Lakers are in for a very rough time.

I have never felt more disheartened watching my Lakers play. Yes, the Thunder have youth and amazing heart and athleticism, but it's like the Lakers have forgotten everything that supports their collective strength. Lakers, I love you and support you, but it looks like your time is running out. Where's the passion? Where's the rebounding and following your shot? You look to me like you have already given up, and that makes me very sad. You collectively miss every free throw. That is not the Lakers. Last year your team was the SAME, with Trevor (my fav) and minus Ron A.....Lamar, you dominated.....where are you? Come back, come back....get that next ring!!!!

Wow. This is embarrassing. Kobe runs the team. Kobe decides Derek is still young at 36, going up against a 21 year old point guard. Kobe is old and hurt. Phil doesn't have the balls to stand up to Kobe and tell him he has bad judgment.

We're gone in the first round. Don't blame it on Ron Artest. Kobe runs this team. It's his fault.

As I told you guys... you're guess is good as mine... Thunders in 6!!!

To be truthful, this is the first Lakers’ game I’ve watched all the way through this season.

My interpretation thereof:

So many people were asking this question: Why don’t the Lakers pound the ball inside to Gasol and Bynum? Well, now you know…what? You don’t know? Well, let me explain.

First, it has never been proven that either Gasol or Bynum can carry a team on the offensive side of the game. Both players are complimentary players to Kobe Bryant. We saw that when Kobe, in the first quarter, was passing the ball and the Lakers were pounding it inside, well, by the time we looked up the Thunder were up…what? 24-13? Why?
Because when the Lakers try to pound it inside they take too much time to work it in. Too much of the shot clock is passing. And then if the Lakers don’t convert while they’re trying to pound it inside, the Thunder are off and running off the rebound. Quick Thunder points compared to slow Lakers’ points. What does that mean? It means that little by little the Thunder pull away. Young legs verse a slow offense. The only way the Lakers can keep up with that is to convert almost all their shots. Give credit to the Thunder for making the Lakers have to work so hard just to get the ball inside. They killed the Lakers’ by making them use too much time to “pound the ball” inside. The Thunder are playing serious defense. They are making the Lakers work for all theirs. The Thunder wants the Lakers to pound it inside because it slows the Lakers down. These kids are working them.

The Lakers have to go back to Kobe and let the offense revolve around him, which opens up things for Gasol and Bynum down low. Odom has to attack the rim to open opportunities for the Lakers’ big men. The Lakers’ big men can’t carry a team when the offense revolves around them. They are complimentary offensive player who don’t play defense too well. Plus they’re too slow footed against the young Thunder legs.

The key for the Lakers, since they got Gasol, is that both Bynum and Gasol know how to finish. But those finishes are based on two things. One: Off of what Kobe creates for them. Two: All those finishes were against teams in the regular season (very little defense). Kobe has to be the focus of the offense. These guys, Gasol and Bynum, can’t carry the team.

Now, we switch to the defensive end. Russell Westbrook is killing them in the middle. Why? It’s because the Lakers’ two big men aren’t good defenders. Where is the defense on the high pick and roll to slow Westbrook down? Nowhere in sight! Think about it. We have two offensive big men, Gasol and Bynum. Yet, together, they can’t carry the offense and Westbrook is killing the lane on the defensive end.

mike t.

Definitely the Thunder have this. It's Kobe's arrogance and hubris. We all tolerated it, including Phil Jackson, when he was young, but when the injuries piled up he still thought he could impose his WILL, and do what he wanted, including keeping his friend, the 36 year old Derek Fisher at point guard!

Trust me, this is the Zen master sitting back saying...OK, Kobe, you keep telling me it's your team. Now what? the universe provides. He knows this. That's why he doesn't panic. Time for Kobe to realize he isn't superhuman. this is his humbling experience, and Phil has been waiting a long time for this to happen. Will Kobe, who is the team leader, make changes? It will be interesting.

We knew last year that Fisher was old and couldn't stop the young quick guards anymore, and that Farmar isn't a keeper either, yet we didn't do anything to fix the problem. Now we are paying the price for it. How about trading Fisher, Farmar and Sasha for Westbrook in the offseason.

Lamar has always only showed up about once every four or five games, so we are used to seeing that. I was against trading Ariza as he was young and showing alot of potential. As of today, I'd still rather see Ariza in a lakers uniform than Artest.

Now lets look at big 7 footer Pau "Big Sissy" Gasol. Tons of talent and loads of potential, but as long as he plays soft and weak, he will continue to be an underachiever.

Bynum at least trys to dominate and use his size and talent. I think we should be going inside even more in this series as that is one advantage that we have on the Thunder.

Kobe has the heart and drive of a true champion, but it seems he is running on fumes as the wear & tear coupled with age is finally catching up with him.

Unless they can find that magical switch that past great laker teams could turn on when they wanted too, this team won't be playing for a title in June.

Hope Luke is all right. That was one scary fall that he took. Thank goodness he was able to break his fall slightly with his hand and arm and not land completely on his neck.

How about trading Fisher, Farmar and Sasha for Westbrook in the offseason.
Posted by: chip | April 24, 2010 at 09:45 PM

What in the hell makes you think the Thunder would want ANY of those losers? Westbrook is in OKC to stay.



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