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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 4 (final): Thunder 110, Lakers 89

Lakers7_300 The Lakers will limp back to Los Angeles for Game 5 on Tuesday night after being dismissed by an energetic, young and fast Oklahoma City Thunder team, 110-89, at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

The Lakers managed two difficult victories in the opening two games in L.A., but this Thunder team has seemed to gain confidence with each game since, tying the series at two games apiece. And Saturday's game was a mismatch almost from the start.

The Lakers had planned to pound the ball inside, but the swarming Thunder defense gave no quarter down low. This is a young team that appears to be coming of age, while the Lakers, at least in the last two games, simply seem to be showing theirs.

The game was such a rout that the fourth quarter was essentially played by the second units. Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher remained on the bench in the final quarter. And the Thunder rested its starters as well. 

Bryant, who didn't take a shot in the first quarter, finished with only 12 points. Andrew Bynum and Gasol had 13 points each and Fisher added 11. Bryant, who never seemed to feel comfortable (no Laker really did), left the bench for the locker room for treatment well before the game ended.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, as usual, were hugely effective for the Thunder. Westbrook scored 18 points, had eight rebounds and six assists. Durant scored 22. Jeff Green, who made three of four three-point shots, and James Harden each added 15 points.

Free throws were a huge part of the game. The Lakers couldn't find the rim early and were three of 12 from the line at one point, finishing 17 of 28. The Thunder, crashing the boards and driving with the quickness and growing aggressiveness the team has shown in the series, made 42 of 48.

By tying the series, the Thunder guaranteed that the series will return to Oklahoma City for a Game 6 on Friday. The conventional thinking, that the Lakers would probably dominate at home and do no worse than split on the road, is open for question now.

--Mike James

Photo: Lakers forward Luke Walton is sent flipping backward to the court after elevating above a stationary Eric Maynor of Oklahoma City in Game 4 on Saturday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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To be truthful, this is the first Lakers’ game I’ve watched all the way through this season.

My interpretation thereof:

So many people were asking this question: Why don’t the Lakers pound the ball inside to Gasol and Bynum? Well, now you know…what? You don’t know? Well, let me explain.

First, it has never been proven that either Gasol or Bynum can carry a team on the offensive side of the game. Both players are complimentary players to Kobe Bryant. We saw that when Kobe, in the first quarter, was passing the ball and the Lakers were pounding it inside, well, by the time we looked up the Thunder were up…what? 24-13? Why?
Because when the Lakers try to pound it inside they take too much time to work it in. Too much of the shot clock is passing. And then if the Lakers don’t convert while they’re trying to pound it inside, the Thunder are off and running off the rebound. Quick Thunder points compared to slow Lakers’ points. What does that mean? It means that little by little the Thunder pull away. Young legs verse a slow offense. The only way the Lakers can keep up with that is to convert almost all their shots. Give credit to the Thunder for making the Lakers have to work so hard just to get the ball inside. They killed the Lakers’ by making them use too much time to “pound the ball” inside. The Thunder are playing serious defense. They are making the Lakers work for all theirs. The Thunder wants the Lakers to pound it inside because it slows the Lakers down. These kids are working them.

The Lakers have to go back to Kobe and let the offense revolve around him, which opens up things for Gasol and Bynum down low. Odom has to attack the rim to open opportunities for the Lakers’ big men. The Lakers’ big men can’t carry a team when the offense revolves around them. They are complimentary offensive player who don’t play defense too well. Plus they’re too slow footed against the young Thunder legs.

The key for the Lakers, since they got Gasol, is that both Bynum and Gasol know how to finish. But those finishes are based on two things. One: Off of what Kobe creates for them. Two: All those finishes were against teams in the regular season (very little defense). Kobe has to be the focus of the offense. These guys, Gasol and Bynum, can’t carry the team.

Now, we switch to the defensive end. Russell Westbrook is killing them in the middle. Why? It’s because the Lakers’ two big men aren’t good defenders. Where is the defense on the high pick and roll to slow Westbrook down? Nowhere in sight! Think about it. We have two offensive big men, Gasol and Bynum. Yet, together, they can’t carry the offense and Westbrook is killing the lane on the defensive end.

mike t

This game was Fixed!!!!!!!!


Don't be bashful. Lob another "disingenuous" remark.

Michael T. Where you been?

To everybody else,

If you like you can go back and read some of the posts I've made. This loss
sucked and you can't blame Kobe. He pounded it into the Bigs just like
LakerTom asked for.

Bynum as the featured center comes up with 13 pts and 10 rebounds.
Pau, who threw Kobe under the bus, comes up with 13 pts & 4 rebounds.

Kobe leads all Lakers with 4 assists & he only shot 10 times.

The Lakers will lose a close one at home and another close one back in OKC and this will be the end of the dynasty.

Kobe is clearly hurt.

Instead of resting Kobe so that he's 100% for the playoffs, they were more concerned about getting the best record, which means nothing now.

OKC scrapped for every lose ball while dinosaurs like Kobe and Fisher, when the ball was lose, just started to run for a fast break.

The refs, although not necessarily favoring OKC, were terrible again. That 3 by Fisher clearly should have been a foul as well, but this game, again shows how horrendous the refs really are.

The refs aren't what lost the game and the series, it's the Lakers lack of sticking to the fundamentals such as making free throws, getting loose balls, getting back on defense.

If OKC faces the Cavs in the Finals, I want to see how much of a disparity there is. When the Cavs sweep OKC and Durant isn't getting the calls he's accustomed to, OKC players will be crying about calls all game.

The series should be 3-1 if not for the crooked refs and Stern wanting this series to go 7 games.


Can't hang this on Kobe

Artest is useless, MY GOD i MISS ARIZA

Pau is fools gold, the Laker play so much better when Bynum is in an Pau is out, don't care if he has 30 points and 15 rebounds, he disappears.

Westbrook is just killing us, he doing whatever he wants

The refs are so corrupt, I expect the Lakers to win next game

Dr. Buss please get rid of this entire coaching staff, not one Laker besides Kobe has any fundamental skills. the Thunder are so well coached it magnifies the how poor a coach Phil is.
Where are the pick and rolls, where are the blockouts, why in the world is Fisher out there when Westbrook dominates him


This is no joke. Lakers are really close to toast. The M.O. against OKC has been the same since game 1, and the Lakers can't seem to adhere to the defensive scheme. I'm an avid UCLA fan, so I love seeing RW shine, but come on Lakers, get back on D and take a charge. What is the next zen comment from Coach on the lack of team play? Isn't that what he "is in charge of?" L.O., get your palm read and get back to playing Laker ball like last year. The good news is I don't hate OKC, so I might have the ultimate 8 seed underdog to root for going forward if Lakers keep underestimating their opponent. It is, after all, only the FIRST round,,,,,quite a ways to go to get to the Western Championship, and you as a collective unit--including Phil Jackson, are very UNDERWHELMING to say the least. Love you, and get back to playing BB.

Time to let Phil retire.

This team is uninspired, uninterested and completely predictable. Me and 4 of my friends could go out there and defend their offense, it's that predictable.

The talent is there. The IQ is a little low, but still, the talent is there. Gotta bring it on the coach if he can't come up with wrinkles and tweaks to actually get the ball going into the basket given the talent on the team. Even worse, they seem to have no defensive scheme whatsoever, unless 'everybody run behind your man to make sure they can see the basket more clearly' is a defensive scheme.

I want Byron Scott next year. Phil, thanks for all your service, but time to hit that farm in Montana full time.

Kobe is the greatest leader of all time a humiliating defeat and the leader leaves the ship before final.
Do not understand why Kobe can not stay until the end.
What if all players do the same have to be in good and evil Mr. Bryant.
This is not a team. Most responsible for this is Phil "Heidi's grandfather" Jackson.

Michael T,

what's good man? where you've been?

As always, nice analysis.


wow ..Michael T is back...we need but I digress.. u know what tho i agree with u 100%..

Anyways a funny thing happenedyo me tonight, i went to watch not the lakers game..the wife asked me if I was sure because the game was on..I said well we didn't go last time and we lost so lets see what happens,and i can catch the 4th quarter anyhow..well I feel like I was watchin the movie all over again. you know what though no fan should be suprised we've seem this many times b4.last year aginst houstun..2008 bostom..06 phoenix..
anyhow what's in common with all of these games?Who was here Phil Kobe Lamar Luke...anyhow to all you kobe shoots to much the last game was very winnable and it was lost in the #rd quarter not the 4th btw.In this game however Kobe was very efficient 5/10 so what happened..remeber I didn't watch the game..
B4 or if someone answers this let me say I've said b4(this is why i like (D-How).Why is it time and time again those guys can win reg season and playoffs with howard having low scoring 9 and 10 point games,those guys shoot way more 3's and no they don't always shoot a good don't hear howard crying for more touches which he should get..and he is way better than Bynum at least..Did somebody say defense?? btw I don't care how much rings he has phil is an idiot and he coulda had 12...... no other coach or other team for that fact rips there best player that bs must stop.. like I've heard so much say a team is a direct reflection of the coach....


Artests looks like a Clydesdale out there. Great move Kupchak, I'm sure Houston is still laughing at you taking him

My props to Bynum, I've been on his case all year but he is playing really well.

Pau is the one who should be traded, the announcers were so gaga over him early in the game but the guy gives no help defense and disappears when it counts the most.





This team is done and most of us know that in our hearts....whether you want to admit it or not. This team does not have the heart and soul it did last year.

I'm quite sure that the Thunder are going to win in if they need it. They've basically dominated the lakers. Lakers can barely win at home - and get dusted at OKC. Props to OKC and their freaking COACHING staff!!!

It will be better for the lakers to just phone it in already. Stop wasting the laker fans' time and energy.

Then hopefully Mitch and Buss will start the trade machine going. Unfortunately, they have so much money already tied up I don't know what they can really pull off. I'm sure a lot of you know the options available...maybe start discussing that. At least it gives some of us hope - this current team is freaking HOPELESS!!!!

Damn kobe better rest in the summer and let his body, finger, knee, etc... heal!!! That is the most important thing.

Get rid of LO, Farmar, Sasha, Brown, Powell, Fisher (to the bench), trade Gasol and Bynum if necessary. Some of you complain about Noah but he would have never let this happen to this degree. He's not a superstar but he defends and plays his frickin heart out. Not the BS that we see from these players.

btw what's with those free throw attempts for the thunder is it a re3cord or what??

let's look at the positives, these are perhaps the last couple of games (future potential rounds included) we will see phil jackson sleeping on the bench. Fisher is a warrior, a team leader etc etc but he can't just keep up with the speed of any point guard whatsoever. Shannon Brown on the other hand has really quick feet and is as athletic as Westbrook.

The bench needs leadership and scoring, the starting unit needs more athletism and defense.... Am I missing something here?


if you had a bad knee, broken finger, sore back and you were freezing up on the bench
wouldn't you get treatment ASAP

I don't know about you folks, but I enjoy seeing a young, talented, well-coached and classy team excel. The Thunder are the Anti-Lakers...they respect the game,respect their opponent and don't waste time constantly arguing with the officials. No matter how many idiot celebrities the Lakers have sitting courtside trying to intimidate the officials and the opposition...they will still have to find a way to stop Durant and Westbrook on the court. Good luck with that.

sorry, i can't understand this game. i can't read Kobe this time. what's wrong with them this time?

Raise your hands if you`re undefeated in the 2010 playoffs :

Cleveland? NO
Los Angeles? NO


Lakers played uninspired ball

They got bored staying in lame OKC, Lakers in 7

problem is that the great phil jackson didn't give farmar or shannon enough minutes to develop their game, instead he chose to give the majority of minutes to a guy who won't even be a Laker next year.
On the other hand, OKC has developed every player on their team, did anyone notice the last scrub to come in, that center with the long dreadful locks?
He came in and fought for position against Mbenga,

Trevor you will be forever loved in Laker land, excuse us for not being able to grasp how important and awesome you were to this team. If it wasn't for you stealing those entry passes against Denver or hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in the playoffs last year and mostly in the finals against Orlando, we wouldn't have enjoyed that small piece of happiness that meant winning that title after some very tough years.

Thank you forever Trevor Ariza

Given Game #3, I was concerned the Lakers would lost this game #4- and that occurred. I am very surprised more people are not aware of the problems the Lakers display. OKC is very fast and that team makes the Laker players look old.

More fast breaks are needed.

This could be the end of the Lakers for 2009-2010 - and given how the Lakers played the last month.

I think this series is over. OKC is going to defeat the mighty Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games. Lakers are proving with every game that they cannot run with these young guys. A few weeks ago I posted a comment about how the Lakers just may get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round if they meet a team like Portland, I am sure a lot of people thought I was nuts. A lot of people thought the Lakers would just flip a switch and be ready for the playoffs. I was less than optimistic about that happening. The Lakers didn't look me as if they were bored with the regular season. They looked to me like a team that has no basketball I.Q. Seriously, the dumb plays these guys make on a continuous basis is tantamount to what you see guys doing in schoolyard basketball.

I concur

Thank you forever Trevor Ariza

If it wasn't for you stealing those entry passes against Denver or hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in the playoffs last year and mostly in the finals against Orlando, we wouldn't have enjoyed that small piece of happiness that meant winning that title after some very tough years.

Kobe is the most awesome warrior but i think he has mental problems.

Now that PJ has told him he's shooting too much, he decides to show the team what it would be like if he doesn't shoot at all. That passive-aggressive sheet is for babies!!!

Just because 9-30 is unacceptable - then he decides, ok...let me show you what happens when I don't shoot at all.

This team obviously lives and dies by Kobe but that is not really a team. It's Kobe or bust.

I also like players that come out from UCLA so I like RW's game. (how do we end up with loser Farmar and not get Westbrook) The Thunder are a great team and I love that they are not cocky. They just play the game and they play it every possession. Durant is a beast and it was fun to watch RW tear up the Lakers defense.

Once the Thunder take out the Lakers I'll be rooting for them in their playoff run. Love to watch their passion for the game.

Seriously, wish they did not extend kobe. We need a star who can play nicely with others.

No offense to you Bart A, but it's not really about how OKC is playing. They're playing decent, but considering how badly the Lakers have played since about February on, it's no big thing to blow them out by 20 or 30 points.

Take it from a town that has seen what a champion team looks like, and you'll understand while we'll give OKC props for at least showing up and playing hard, there is nothing they're doing that the Lakers haven't seen or dealt with before, it's just that the Lakers aren't interested or focused enough to care about it.

OKC will still get blown apart by any other team in the west, and could still get destroyed by the Lakers if LA would get off their butts, but I think it's looking like too many guys need an early vacation to recover from all the injuries and mental fatigue to consider LA much of a title threat at this point.

The Lakers got beat by some pretty bad teams heading into the playoffs. Don't fool yourselves and think that OKC is that good, they're really not. The Lakers just stink.

well, I'm sorta sorry i missed the game chat, I was hanging out with my folks. I got to watch the game with my dad, and while it gets harder to have a lengthy conversation with him, we both agreed that the two apparent local media types that the thunder hired to call the game were a bit too much. So we listened to Jack Ramsay call it in the radio, which was a bit better.

Of course, my Dad is both blind and has memory problems, so he neither saw nor will remember this game tomorrow. I think that might be the suggestion i would make for all of us. Let's go back to Staples and play our basketball and teach these flitting hyperactive super team the Thunder what playoff basketball is all about.








doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result


actually Jon K is driving the bike right now. where is the poll???????????????

did u guys see that prank kenny smith played on barkley with the skying and the trees test,

that is the test for Jon K

Somebody has to convince the Lakers that life doesn't stop after you pass the ball to Kobe, nor does it stop after you make the entry pass down low to one of the big guys. The game doesn't suddenly become one-on-one after making that pass, and all the other 4 players don't suddenly become spectators. Everybody still needs to screen and cut and position for a rebound. And somebody needs to let Artest know that just about every one of his clanked 3-pointers get converted into easy lay-ups by the Thunder.

If the Lakers don't figure this out soon, they are toast in this series.



ky jelly --

You're a total fool -- you know nothing about basketball. Just shut up and go watch bowling and leave basketball to basketball fans. This tool writes, "I'm quite sure that the Thunder are going to win in if they need it. They've basically dominated the lakers. Lakers can barely win at home - and get dusted in OKC."

The Lakers could have easily WON game 3 in Oklahoma. They were leading the game for 3 quarters, they only lost by 5 points. Do you consider that getting "dusted." If PJ had not taken Kobe out of the game with 3:11 left in the 3rd quarter, who knows what happens in game 3.

And if you knew basketball, and in particular, Lakers history, you would know that it doesn't matter if you lose by 30 or 1. The 2000 Lakers Championship team lost a game to Indiana in the Finals by more than 30 points. The Lakers lost to the Kings in the playoffs of the same year by over 30 points. And they ended up winning the whole thing. Last year, there were games against Houston, where the Lakers got crushed, and still found a way to win the series. MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Lakers still have home court advantage. The Thunder will not have their fans in game 5, and they won't have home-cooking refs (they shot 48 free-throws tonight!); so we'll see who wins.

But the smart money says that the Lakers will win Game 5, to go up 3-2, and will close it out either in game 6 or 7. The Lakers have TWO home games left, the Thunder ONE. In the playoffs, that's a HUGE advantage, enough to allow me to sleep plenty tonight.

Troll Man
For me but that's no excuse, Kobe is the best player I have no doubt but it is a bad leader.
Phil Jackson is a bad leader too.
In this team there are only three players with level of play offs: Kobe, Gasol and Bynum.
Odom could but do not wish
Fisher is old
Brown is spectacular at times, but most of the time making bad decisions.
The rest of the team would have difficulty playing in Europe.

Mike T.: I found your analysis painful to read but definitely on point...

The Lakers could have kept Ariza AND gotten Artest. But Buss was too cheap to get both and Kobe was too greedy to take a pay cut. Even though they were above the cap, they got Artest with the MLE, and they can sign their players to whatever they want. If they had Ariza, Ariza could guard Westbrook and they could have played a line up of Ariza, Kobe, Artest, Bynum, and Gasol.

Of course a hundred million dollar profit isn't enough for Buss. He needs all the $$ for his 20 year old girlfriends and poker.

Mayor - you're probably right. I mean the Thunder are good but they are not that great. But beating the stinking Lakers really will give them a confidence boost. Which could possible take them to the finals. They're one team I could find myself cheering for.


the lakers stop moving once Kobe or a big man gets the ball

U can blame the insane phil jackson,
i don't think the players know what to do out there
how do you get worse

Sighting of our prodigal son, MikeT., finally appear when Lakers were sent to the cleaners.

Well, it is still 2 out 3 game, it's not over till the fat lady sings. However, Thunder really have the momentum and confidence. Lakers will regroup in their home court, this could be a 7 game series similar to Houston last year although I don't know if Lakers will skip the 7th game this time.

Mike T was absolutely correct. The importance of Kobe in this team is a lot, in offense and in attracting defense, that is precisely the reason why the triangle is favorable if Kobe is "healthy" . Unfortunately, this year with or without Kobe Lakers are still in the punk. Many players are hurt and they're not competitive at all. Passion cannot exist when there is a clear mismatch. We don't have perimeter shooters, our so called PG's should start packing their bags for the season. I don't think they will be invited to be back. In this game, there is a complete domination by Thunder far and beyond our wild expectation from ft, rebounds, def, off, post plays, perimeter shooting, well, sh*t happens even in our blog tonight.

I have never experienced a thread used like live chat, sort of a beehive trying to attract bees, frustrated and disgruntled bees among laker fans. It is all about ticks and ratings a very embarrassing episode in the history of this blog and LAT. Perhaps, this is the only department that is making money.

besides PJ's conference speech, Gasoft's post-interview, i'm looking forwar to MM's game recap

let's see

"Lakers lost the game because Kobe went to the locker room to get early treatment"

Artest is 3-for-23 from the 3 in this series, 14 out of his last 72 overall. So why is he allowed to keep shooting them?


you're right, watching these last 2 games almost every thunder player was better than the Lakers except for a few.

I doubt they could make a European team, Sasha couldn't even make his home team


Ludwig - you can lube up with me and then bite yourself.

You're just mad because you know I am right! LOL!!! These Lakers suck and will be lucky to get past the Thunder. Yes, hca is a huge advantage but so are 2, 7 footers - but the lakers keep finding ways to not utilize them. This game we do throw it in to them and they can't convert. So we should have listened to Jerry West when he had doubts about the twin towers.

Lakers squeaked out hc wins - definitely think the thunder can steal on in LA. If thunder win the next game - they'll win in 6. They got swagger and the lakers just look lost.

Of course I admit I could be totally wrong - it's just my opinion. And you are welcome to yours.



Like what I said the other day...our team is fighting for the Western Conf. Finals in OCK..if we win this series we will be in the NBA finals...OCK is young but very talented and they defend extremely well both the perimeter and the paint..they play transition offense very well too...their offense is to penetrate the lane not just for Durant to play one on one and they capitalizing on Fisher's defense. Also, Phil is like a dog continues to eat his own vomit for not making any adjustment on Westbrook vs Fisher...this match up is killing us...I would try to put Brown vs Westbrook and in the 4th qtr switch it with Kobe on Westbrook and Brown on Sefalosha or Harden...until Phil makes any adjustment we are heading for an early exit.....

Laker fan-

I hate to say that I told you so but ... I told you so!

They are old,slow,no bench,no d,cant shoot ....

Still think Dribble Dribble is a better fit than Ariza?

In this team there are only three players with level of play offs: Kobe, Gasol and Bynum.

Posted by: hiltontown

u r a total ignorant.

Gasol is 0-12 in the playoffs


Bynum knows the playoffs only from:
2007-2008 not playing
2008-2009 on the bench with foul troubles
2009-2010 CAN'T post. and of course at ANY END of the season he is hobbled. so, where is the playoff experience.

or Gasol's winning experience?

but hey. glad u have a girlfriend and her BB's brain.


ALL we need is for Artest to make outside shots like he has all year

Fisher to play stellar defense and make his outside shots like he has all year

Shannon and Farmar to ignite the best bench in NBA like they have all year

Odum to bring it every game like he has all year

Pau to play tough like he has all year




if the Lakers had only Farmar I would understand phil jackson keeping fisher on westbrook, but hell shannon brown is the same size or bigger than Westbrook, he has ultra fast feet to play defense, he can jump almost like no other and the bench needs an alpha dog like Fisher.

Guys the Lakers were down by 2 pts on game 2 before Fisher got thrown out and shannon came in with less than 3 mins remaining, what was the final outcome of that game?



but then again if we get 50 free throws next game.........

I don't believe in conspiracy theories nor haunted hotels, so who thought this series would be over in 4 or 5?

A young, aggressive young team which moves to OKC (!!) and gets the 8-seed in the playoffs (and had a great run during the regular season) will not get swept in 4-5 games.

Whether it's the Xfactor of Stern chastising Phil, the refs (who DO read, Phil) or that crowd that had anything to do with this series being tied 2-2, it remains that Lakers need to win 2 of 3, with 2 being at home at Staples. If they can't do that, then you can question their heart.

Until then, I remain, and always will be, a Laker fan.

Go, Lakers!! Get the W on Tuesday!

Lakers have big problems. Start from Phil all the way down the roster. After this season is over this team needs the sh*t shaken out of it. This roster is way to pricey, the bench is horrible. I don't understand how unmovtivated this team is. No game plan or if there is they don't stick to it.
Why even leave your hotel room for Game 4? You didn't even show up.
This series could easily be 3-1 the other way.

This has the feeling of the 2003 playoffs. Remember that year.
Lakers were coming off the 3 peat yet they just didn't seem to have the horses to compete with younger teams. Their bench was also terrible.
At that time, San Antonio was the younger team.
And Tim Duncan is now Kevin Durant.
By 2004, they had gotten rid of Horry and some others and scooped up Malone and Payton for another run to the Finals.

The regular season does not lie. The Lakers had one of the worst records at the end of the season.

Kobe is obviously injured and not operating at peak form. He has just played too many games in the 2 previous summers for Team USA and the wear and tear is showing. There is no free lunch and the Lakers are now paying for it. This is the price for the Olympics gold medal, boys.

Odom is also injured and is nowhere normal. Bynum is not fully recovered and his development has been held up once again by injuries.

Artest is the best defensive player the Lakers have had since Michael Cooper but his offense is more often missing than not. He may need another year to really understand the triangle. Don't forget that Ariza spent a whole year prior learning the triangle before he could produce in the 09 playoffs.

Gasol can't really carry a team by himself as he showed in Memphis. He is a great player but he needs a healthy Kobe. Otherwise, his maximum is first round playoffs just as in Memphis.

The rest of the Lakers, there's really nothing to be said. They are supporting players and were never expected to bring the championship.

Phil could retire after this season. That means a new coach will have to implement a new system for the 3 year run that the Lakers have committed themselves to Kobe and the rest of the Core 5 contracts. That might not be enough time to win next year even if all the Big 5 are healthy. So we're really looking at a 2 year run: 2012 and 2013.

The only thing that could save the bacon is if Jim Buss bet on the right horse. If Bynum turns out be an All-Star tnext year that's the only bet at this point. Jim Buss has already made it for LA Laker fans.

You call me ignorant is a compliment.
For you koby only won last year anyone else played with he.
If you learn it today, will learn more than basketball in your life
The basketball is a team sport!!.

If the lakers play with great players Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, for example,
play on a winning team.
If you play in Memphis with terrible players playing on a losing team.

I will repeat it because you're not thinking very fast


Offense: If we had a point guard that could break down the defense like Westbrook is doing to us and get in the lane and have two 7 footers to dish off to, the offense would certainly be alot more effective.

Defense: Fisher & Farmar can't stop a quick guard, so when they get in the lane, its an easy basket or a foul on our big men. We knew that last year and didn't fix it. Trade Fisher, Farmar and throw Sasha in to boot. this offseason.

And as long as Pau "Big Sissy" Gasol plays soft and weak, look for teams to get plenty of second chance opportunities.

Lamar we are used to seeing you just show up once every four or five games, please show up for game five, we need your "A" game.

Hey Mitch, hate to say I told you so.......You don't trade a young and rising star like Ariza for Artest who is definately washed up.

If things don't change, LA will be on vacation long before June.

The Thunder attempted 36 free throws in Game 3 and made 34. They attempted 48 free throws tonight, and made 42 of them. Do you phoney Lakers fans think that the Thunder will get 48 free throw attempts at Staples? No way. Not that it was just the refs, but put them together with 20,000 crazy first-time playoff fans, and you have a potential recipe for a blow-out, specially with a arrogant team like the Lakers who never EVER feels a sense of true urgency until it is do or die time (lest we forget last years playoffs against the royally short-handed Rockets, with the Lakers winning in Game 7, at home).

Lakers will be fine, they will win Game 5, (and 83% of teams who win Game 5 go on to win the series). Even if they lose game 6 in OKC, there's no chance in hell the Lakers lose game 7 at home -- zero!

Definitely the Thunder have this. It's Kobe's arrogance and hubris. We all tolerated it, including Phil Jackson, when he was young, but when the injuries piled up he still thought he could impose his WILL, and do what he wanted, including keeping his friend, the 36 year old Derek Fisher at point guard!

Trust me, this is the Zen master sitting back saying...OK, Kobe, you keep telling me it's your team. Now what? the universe provides. He knows this. That's why he doesn't panic. Time for Kobe to realize he isn't superhuman. this is his humbling experience, and Phil has been waiting a long time for this to happen. Will Kobe, who is the team leader, make changes? It will be interesting.

Look at all the trolls slither out of their holes, ha!

This Laker team just does not run the triangle offense very well. The only open shots that are created are 3-pointers and we've seen that the Lakers do not shoot a very high percentage from beyond the arc. The triangle is supposed to create movement towards the basket or good, midrange shots...not just threes.

Also, a popular misconception is that superior size will result in a rebounding advantage. Bill Russell has always noted that most rebounds are taken below the level of the rim. That means positioning and effort are more vital than size. The Lakers have been severely outhustled for the past 2 games, resulting in huge deficits on the boards.

Lakers have their work cut out for them.

GO LAKERS!! the biggest Laker fan in Montana I will offer my perspective.

1) I posted on my facebook page last July that I like the Flakers a bit less now that we have Ron I Detest. He is and was going to be useless for us. Ariza was the right fit.

2) Kobe's ego got in the way by not resting his body properly, especially having something done with his finger back in December. Please Kobe, earn that extension and commit yourself to the Laker franchise by taking your wife and kids someplace to chill this rest rest!

3) Too many injuries to too many players. Shoot, the only healthy player on the team is our oldest, Fish. (And please stop knocking on Fish people, he has provided so much for this franchise)

4) Also, we don't have enough consistent outside shooting to keep defenses honest. I gave up on Farmar last season and we all know the machine should have been out of the league by now regardless of his 'hustle'. Shannon Brown is the asterisk because of his hand injury.

5) Finally, we really have no chemistry. And with the lack of hustle/complacency we simply cannot win games consistently against quicker teams. It didn't take a genius to figure out how important a guy like Ariza was. Stupid Lakers! Dammit I was so pissed when we didn't resign Ariza!


I think your observation is very realistic tho' the season is not over yet till they get the 4th loss in one series. Even during the 80's, lakers are thrown under the bus when they're on the road and recoup at home courts. That could happen in this series.

Definitely, there has to be a lot of changes at the end of Laker season whether they get to the Finals or not. All expiring contracts should be honored, unless Brown is willing to come back @ 2M. Luke should be moved to front office. I would still stick with Kobe, Pau and Artest. If there are attractive FA's out there, Bynum + Odom are good trade baits for thosea 2 year consecutive 1st rd draft pick from cellar dweller teams + another Superstar PG. That is how we got Magic and Worthy in the 80's It is advisable to get a new coaching philosophy, perhaps Coach K and get new young recruits from draft and good outside shooters from euros.

These are my observations of the game:

1. 48 free throws for OKC in this game and 30 some in the last game is a message to Phil Jackson from David Stern. I'll show you who's boss. Not right, but it is what it is. In the last two games, OKC is averaging at least 20 more free throw attempts than the Lakers, that's gonna give them an edge regardless of how well or how badly the Lakers play. The refs are indeed giving OKC an edge, either by direction from Stern or by their own decision to show Phil Jackson who's boss.

2. All that inside outside crap Gasol and Phil keep talking is just that crap. They didn't win a championship playing inside outside ball. They won playing Kobe facilitate the offense based on what you see on the floor. Read the defense and everybody be ready to shoot, pass, rebound or go to the rim.

3. Tonight Gasol got exactly what he wanted. The Lakers tried to force the ball into the bigs. Didn't work out because it's not about a formula, (inside, outside) it's about taking what the defense gives you.

Sometimes you have to give people exactly what they ask for to demonstrate that their suppositions are not correct. In this case if we play inside outside basketball we win. And I guess the other team is just gonna let us do it without disrupting our plan. Tell me how that worked out tonight.

What no one seems to get this year that everybody got last year is that having Kobe facilitate the offense meant the defense never knew what he was going to do, so there was no one defensive scheme that could work. With an inside outside offensive scheme all you need to do is what OKC did tonight and game over.

Gasol is a great player, but lately he's a legend in his own mind. He isn't the answer, nor does he have the answer to our offense problems.

While I undertand and appreciate some of you guys on the board being positive, my problem isn't as simple as this Laker team winning or losing.

Lakers will ALWAYS be my team, but I can't say I like being a fan of the character of THIS particular Laker team. It becomes increasingly difficult to stand behind a team that insults this game by their undetermined efforts. THAT'S what kills me. They are playing entitled ball, as if they should be escorted to the Finals. Even if they pull it off and turn on the proverbial "switch"... and believe me, I hope they do... There will now always be a part of me that wished I could have the same amount of pride in this squad as I did with past rosters.

They embarrass themselves and they embarrass us as fans.

That is my gripe. I would be much more proud if I were a OKC fan right now. Win or lose, they play the game the right way.

I'm not going to play the "blind parent" that believes their kid is great no matter what... I love the Lakers, but can't say I'm proud of their attitude and what they have become.


Someone mentioned that LO's playing hurt...hadn't heard or read about that in awhile...? He'll be back home and needs to step it up. He plays WAY TOO SMALL for someone with his size and ability...biggest disappointment thus far for the Lakers in the playoffs. I figure he'll have a good Game 5, though.

re: whether or not PJ comes back...guess it depends on whether they get to the finals and get/do not get a ring. That's why I loved Riles...he was always intense no matter how many rings they had. Zenmaster sometimes looks like he's going through the motions. I wouldn't be surprised if he retires.

I seriously doubt Coach K comes to the Lakers...they tried it before and is passion is in college ball. Byron Scott may be waiting in the wings...and then this season may be the last we see them playing the triangle.

And oh I don't necessarily blame Ron Ron for this demise. I blame the entire team's lack of urgency, determination, and motivation - the entire roster including Phil himself. Even if Ron never came and we still had Trevor, the outcome of the season and series would not be any different. Seriously the way this group has played is far worse than the group that got humiliated two years by 39 points at the hand of the green monster.

Oops..HIS (Coach K's) passion is in college ball.

Sarah Smith writes, "Definitely the Thunder have this."

What kind of fans are you people? Did you just start watching basketball last year during the Finals against Orlando? This is insanity! Pure and simple! The Lakers only lost by 5 points in game 3, and were in charge of that game for almost the whole game, and were only down by 2 points with a minute to go, until the refs called a bullcrap moving foul on Artest. That game could've easily gone to the Lakers!

Who are you people?!

The Lakers still have home-court advantage and this lady says it's definitely going to the Thunder! Asinine! Did you watch the Lakers play against Houston last year? There's a lot of crunch-time basketball left to be played (it's a 3-game series now, with TWO games to be played in Los Angeles!) and this is where PJ will earn his $12 million, not when he coaches against the Clippers in the regular season. The Thunder will now have to go on the road and play at Staples, where they haven't won a game all year, and they have no room to "choke" (young teams are athletic and fast, but they also have a tendecy to choke under pressure).

The Lakers will win convincingly on Tuesday. True Laker fans, relax, the Lakers will win this series. Let's hope Utah beats the Thuggets.

there is no sadder situation than the one before all laker fans.this could be the last time the lakers do any thing worth talking about. the salary cap,the fact no one ever trades with the lakers like others( washington to cleveland,phoenix to cleveland, washington to dallas) lakers get one trade and it was a so called steal however how is that working now?(gasol) a point guard,a shooter,two rebounding/defence minded young athelitic beasts low-post players,and a new staff with some energy for growth and costant change(defensive schemes would be very helpful) this SUCKS!!


TRADE ODONE PLEASE, the lazy arse
TRADE ARTEST PLEASE, the stupid acquisition

DON'T RE-SIGN FARMAR, the legend in his own mind
DON'T RE-SIGN FISHER, the #2 reason we will lose

DON'T RE-SIGN PHIL, the #1 reason we will lose

This title-defense team is also different from the title-defense team of 2000-01 team. Records were almost identical between this season and that year (only one game difference in the W/L standings), but the 00-01 team headed to the playoffs with some steam - winning the last 8 games of the season and we knew what happened from there on: 15-1 playoff record with an undefeated road record. This is something this team doesn't have coming into this series after chocking in 7 out of their last 11 games. The tank is left with a couple of drips left before it dries out soon.

@Ludwig---it's either 'half-empty or half-full' as a Laker fan. During the 3-peat, a good friend of mine was always calling me during the tight games (Portland--4th quarter, game remember what happened) and telling me 'they're gonna lose!'. I stopped answering her calls and called her after the win. Lots of games, two of those guys are still on this Laker squad and helped them win it again last year...Kobe and D-Fish. They have PJ and his coaches still on the sidelines.

As I said to her after they'd win each game en route to yet another ring....
"oh, ye, of so little faith"...

Seriously, Game 5 at home, tied 2-2...GO, LAKERS!!!

I'm with you luis

We will eliminate the thunder
My problem is that I just realized this year there will be no ring.
Not like we're playing not with this coach.



and for all his defense, he can't keep up.


Game 5 would be a test of the will to win, our team is very good in handling this kind of pressure. OCK needs to win 2 more before we can say it 's over, the good thing is our team still has the homecourt advantage. Do you think OCK will beat the Lakers 4 in a row??? I don't think so....but I believe when the going gets tough...the tested team wins...Lakers in 6.....

Well, I don't have anything to say, you've done the
best you could. You really have, the best you could.
You can't expect to win em all. But, I want to tell
you something I've kept to myself through these years.
I was in the war myself, medical corps. I was on late
duty one night when they brought in a badly wounded
pilot from one of the raids. He could barely talk.
He looked at me and said " The odds were against
us up there, but we went in anyway, I'm glad Captain
made the right decision. The pilot's name was George
The last thing he said to me, doc, he said, "Sometime
when the crew is up against it, the breaks are beating
the boys, tell them to get out there and give it all
they got and win just one for the Zipper. I don't
know where I'll be then doc, he said, but I won't smell
too good, that's for sure.

Artest is a funny guy
if he does not earn much money I would defend

....and a great fighter
For a fight I want on my team Artest and Mbenga


Kobe has a no-trade clause

Pau, we can get something for him

What can the Lakers do? You play like you practice so they must miss alot of W I D E O P E N jumpers,turn the ball over repeatedly, miss lay-ups (during the warm-up lines) ,stand and look/reach for rebounds,constantly question each other about defensive assignments,and then work on their pre-game hand shakes,hugs,and words of encouragements to look like they are going to play BASKETBALL! Wow thanks for NOTHING!

Troll man
"Kobe has a no-trade clause"
I did not know that, kobe is good agents.

In that case trade Gasol, trade Artest and trade Bynum.
You have to throw away the rest and bring a lot of players, young, good and no ego problems, Kobe not to bother.
And any coach with less than 60 years, and maybe if coach dares to explain to kobe "the years pass for all"
Win some rings the next four years

You ever notice,

Very insightful story, as long as we are breathing there is always hope. As long the Lakers are still playing, we can still win it all. Although our magnificent passion should also be based on realistic expectations. One thing given, Kobe is not healthy as well as the others from: Artest, Odom, Brown, Bynum, Walton. Indeed, we all hope for miraculous turnaround and redirect the downward trend. 2-2 is not bad at all, people here get into desperation because of the way our players played in Oklahoma, it was just sloppy and uninspiring defending Champions. We cannot avoid true fans venting and very disappointed by the outcome of a mismatched contest.

Therefore, as true fans to purple and gold never say die at this time nor utter "repeat" Champs as well. We'll take it in stride whatever our players are capable of achieving in game 6.

If Bryant chooses to play ANYWHERE this summer , not rest and get ready for the next season , all the Lakers fans should get their idea where his priorities are.


Where are you? I'm wanting to hear more about Lamar as PG.

Sling more "disingenuous" insults my way.

After all, it's so simple. Pound the ball inside.


To everybody else,

Ok. I'm mostly finished venting. However, the next time LakerTom
spouts some crap about the Bynum Beast and how I'm disingenuous, will
somebody please give me a good word.

Yes, I do wish we'd traded for Bosh.


Ok. We all know what's coming, right? Kobe is coming and there will be
hell to pay. The idiots who threw him under the bus will now look to him
to save them. He will do his best. That's all I ever asked. That's all I ever
wanted. I will be satisfied regardless of what happens.

Btw, for those who asked. Kobe didn't shoot the ball much because Pau
Gasoft [ that was for you LakerTom ] demanded pounding the ball inside.
Kobe passed to his teammates because everyone keeps telling him it's a
team game even though they don't work as hard as he does.

PJ let this happen so now his players will listen to him. Unfortunately, we
have personnel issues. I told y'all earlier and I'll tell y'all again. Speed Kills!

I'm half expecting the wrap to come off of Kobe's finger for the next game.
We'll see.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Thunder will win series in game 6 at Ford Center!

Lakers are defending champs......fact
Thunder is most improved team in their second year as NBA franchise....fact
Phil Jackson has a lot of Championship rings...fact
Kobe has one of the best records in the NBA...fact
Kevin Durant has the potential to break all of KB's records....fact
Artest sucks...fact
Kobe is gettin' old and he's hurtin'....fact
Thunder has heart....FACT
Lakers rest on their laurels...fact
Officials are partial to Thunder....fiction
Thunder can't win at Staples....fiction
Series will go to game 7...fiction
Thunder will win game 5 at Staples...FACT
THUNDER WILL WIN ROUND 1 in OKC game 6....FACT!!!!!!!!!

Lakers are defending champs......fact
Thunder is most improved team in their second year as NBA franchise....fact
Phil Jackson has a lot of Championship rings...fact
Kobe has one of the best records in the NBA...fact
Kevin Durant has the potential to break all of KB's records....fact
Artest sucks...fact
Kobe is gettin' old and he's hurtin'....fact
Thunder has heart....FACT
Lakers rest on their laurels...fact
Officials are partial to Thunder....fiction
Thunder can't win at Staples....fiction
Series will go to game 7...fiction
Thunder will win game 5 at Staples...FACT
THUNDER WILL WIN ROUND 1 in OKC game 6....FACT!!!!!!!!

Is this what the Lakers blog has come to since I was last year (during the transition)? What a joke. Bunch of fake "fans" bandwagon people coming to slam on the Lakers. Really?

What is wrong this team is that they are too hurt and tired. Their defense has actually been solid most of this series, we have been keeping them relatively low scoring except that our offense has been so bad that it has led to extra OKC possessions (turnovers, long rebounds off 3s, etc).

3 things need to happen for the Lakers to win despite their faults:

1. Kobe and Bynum need to play off each other in a two-man game like Kobe and Shaq did. When they have passed to each other in the lane is when you have had success. People knock Bynum, he looks the least rattled, the most focused and has been doing fine after not playing for a month.

2. They need to stop setting up Fisher and Artest for 3s. That's partially Kobe's fault, he goes in the lane to hang for a jump pass and they consistently find Artest and Fisher wide open for a 3. That's not who should be the focus of the offense. The triangle calls for the open player to take the shot, so that is what Artest is doing, and Fisher makes enough 3s to think that he should keep shooting.

3. Gasol needs to be running across the lane, not posting up from the far end of the key. Whats the point of being tall if you post up so far away? If he runs across the lane for little hook shots, thats when he is most effective.

*also they need to slow the pace like they did in 07 against the Funs. Intentionally slow the pace down, I'm so sick of Shannon, Lamar and Artest running up on a 1-3 and blowing a possession.

Eliza drinking cool-aid...FACT
Lakers, 15 Championships...FACT
Thunder, ZERO Championships...FACT
Thunder, a mind-boggling 48 free-throws in game 4...FACT
Thunder, 36 free-throws in game 3...FACT
Lakers will persevere...FACT
David Stern wants a 7-game series...FACT
So, the Lakers will grant him his wish and win in 7...FACT

It's sad to see the so called leader of Lakers play mental games with the team by choosing not to play his heart out. Did Jordan do that? No, he didn't. I'm sure Jordan had disagreements with PJ, but his focus was always to win the game no matter what. Kobe is nothing but a childish, spoiled brat. You're 31, you freakin idiot. You are getting over $20M a year, show some class and swallow your pride and give it your best no matter what. It just proves PJ's point that you are uncoachable. It is always about you and not about the team. Guess what? You are not the greatest player, LeBron has already eclipsed you at a faster rate. I dare you to play 'sulky' game again for game 5 and everyone will know that the team's failure will be on you. PJ is done after this season and let's see how the Lakers will do in the next 3 years while you (Kobe) is fast declining. I can bet my Mercedes that the Lakers will never win another championship in the next 5 years.

While I undertand and appreciate some of you guys on the board being positive, my problem isn't as simple as this Laker team winning or losing.

Lakers will ALWAYS be my team, but I can't say I like being a fan of the character of THIS particular Laker team. It becomes increasingly difficult to stand behind a team that insults this game by their undetermined efforts. THAT'S what kills me. They are playing entitled ball, as if they should be escorted to the Finals. Even if they pull it off and turn on the proverbial "switch"... and believe me, I hope they do... There will now always be a part of me that wished I could have the same amount of pride in this squad as I did with past rosters.

They embarrass themselves and they embarrass us as fans.

That is my gripe. I would be much more proud if I were a OKC fan right now. Win or lose, they play the game the right way.

I'm not going to play the "blind parent" that believes their kid is great no matter what... I love the Lakers, but can't say I'm proud of their attitude and what they have become.


Brilliant. Perhaps the best I've read this year. Great job, and I agree 100%, PT.

Dammit, Lakers, I'm a lifelong fan, but that doesn't mean my dedication to the team can't be tempered. Keep missing freethrows and layups, and I'll have the exact same dedication to you as you have respect for the Game (entitled and flawed).

Stop disrespecting the damned Game, Lakers!

IMO, artest is a jinx to the team, yea he brings defense but where the hell is his offense. he takes very bad shots selection. he missed A LOT of opened 3. ariza was able to knock down the 3 in last year playoffs
kobe is obvious not 100% healthy
and if the lakers play the way they did in this series and the refs being basied, lakers arent gonna make it out the 1st round.
and please dont say the refs arent basied. how the hell a team shoot 30+ FT in both games, and the lakers get less than that. the lakers were attacking in game 4 but no calls for them. and the one where fisher was foul on the 3 point shoot, no call but previously possession of the thunder a foul on kobe.
when the first 2 games were at staples i didnt see the refs giving the lakers such a big advatnage for the line.

NBA playoffs are a joke now esp with Stern making that statement

Well I woke up today trying to spin a positve about last night PLAYOFF game.I cannot be a MYOPIC " LAKER FAN" I have always been a b-ball fan first,that being lets start our EXIT interviews shall we? I mean does anyone believe that this particular team is going to win this series or any in the near future?When PJ coached at chi-town I do not re-call those teams being pedestrian,they played pretty much up-tempo but hindsight is 20/20 and YOU cannot bring back the past besides those teams had a roster of BASKETBALL PLAYERS!!! Now to the EXITS: Mr. Benga- only time you are on the floor it is GARBAGE time pls stay in shape,work on another shot you are a sevicable Big man thanx. Mr.Powell-when you make you first shot you act like you want to play but it is always short-lived(posing after a miss WHY?) need to work on basic rebounding skills,keep or go to Stu's Big mans camp it should help good luck Mr.Morrison-why are you in the league? you can shoot(I hope)better than some of your teammates but you stand and watch.would you please make -up your mind so everybody would know too? Mr.Sasha-the "Machine" you dub yourself this name or somebody did Well you are BROKEN!!! you did try to LEARN to drive to the basket after finally finding out that players play you for one thing a three.You were supposed to be a point guard when drafted but could not DRIBBLE with your Left hand So now what Hustle is all you have for this team as everybody does once you leave will you be in the league still?Mr.Walton- your going to be a coach so start now your physical body cannot hold up it is the way it is you still cannot make shots consistently at this point in your career what do you have to offer? Mr.Brown-SLOW DOWN it is called change of pace and direction a basic DRILL done in Grade school but I understand when your are a pro you do not NEED Fundementals,you can play, just slow down to see before you go to the rack. You should stay and help with the team ,keep working on your shots(both mid-range and threes)

Mr.Farmar-when will you step up and stay up??Either you want play with Lakers and this system or try elsewhere to showcase your amazing speed/quickness,shooting abilities on a more up-tempo running team. Because missing WIDE-OPEN shots lead me to believe that you could care less and you cannot wait to vacate to get a fresh start. But if you can't get to the cup or defend your position who is going to seek you? good luck trying to find yourself.Mr.Odom-When you play sometimes it leaves a bad feeling,Enigma that's YOU.How can you comand a salary and only play when you want to?The fact this team relys on you is a joke,Just like your eating habit(CANDY)you enjoy it when you want to and NOBODY can stop you It is like that when you DECIDE to play we all enjoy it because Nobody can stop the TEAM !! There was a reason NOBODY came after you hard in free agency YOU !!! you are your worst ENEMY BE A MAN AND ACCEPT YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFTS AND MAYBE YOU WILL BE THAT PLAYER EVERYONE LIKES!!!Mr.Artest- Adjustment; the team made one for you,the ability to understand this offence they gave the benefit that you would get it.But you don't have a clue and it shows.this is still a game so how can you be so LOST on the floor? Are your feet still hurting you? if so GET RID OF THOSE C H E A P SHOES that don't support your feet!!Yes you can defend and create havoc But because your o has gone on vacation that BLAME you said to put on you has been on you since THE FIRST EXHIBITION GAME you have been one of the biggest BUST in N B A history and I hope you find your WAY.

Mr.Bynum-Find Kareem!! He helped you more than anybody else who has coached you and it SHOWED!You still have work to do and you will probably succeed.But you must work on being a better defender at all times it will be your legacy!Toughness is measured through desire,heart,and decipline.Play the game and be STRONG this could be your only team in your career make the best of it!!!.Mr.Gasol-Finesse Does this team need that or SKILLED ?why do you wait on the defence to play you when you can put them at a disadvantage everytime you TOUCH the ball Your lack of effort sometimes makes you a SOFT PLAYER!!Stop waiting and START PLAYING suck it up!!! and PLAY the way you play when you represent SPAIN(NASTY,STRONG,AGILITY,MOBILE and PASSIONETTE!! Mr.Fisher-thank you for being a strong leader.I wish you and your family the best But if you think that you can still play and that you might play elsewhere than I have a question.If you can't come off the bench(you could request this to PHIL as a LEADER)with this team why should I believe you can have good or better season on some other TEAM ?Please tell me you are going to rest and work on your shot if that is the case.Good Luck!

KOBE-I have watched you all your career.It looks as if you are slowing down and that is expected given all the games you have played.Can you grow old gracefully?The man you have pattern you game after played his latter years wisely(mid-range jumpers,deadly,timely threes,STILL INTIMADTING DEFENCE,getting to the line NIGHTLYand biggest of all TRUSTING his teammates and the SYSTEM!!)Arrogance does nothing !!!!! I maybe a just a FAN and you and your teammates could careless But so could I!! I mean I'm not winning anything here and I will never be that close that my comments make a dent to you or anyone but know I'm not NAIVE to believe that this was the best TEAM effort!! Please undrestand it will be over soon HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GO OUT?(A winner,A whiner,or A whatever)????Mr.Jackson-You have to be gearing up to settle down on the ranch.I do not see you putting up with the males on this team any longer.(males- young minded adolesnce individuals with no responsibility of their actions/man-mature person humbled and reliable,determind willing to listen and act!)I mean why put yourself through another season of questioning by players who have so little knowledge of the game that a simple suggestion goes without response(ODOM,GASOL,ARTEST,BYNUM,FARMAR,SASHA,POWELL,MORRISON,BROWN,BENGA,WALTON,FISHER,andKOBE) every game a instuction was versed and by the way this team played I can see why they would not listen to a coach or staff(SCOUTING REPORTS SHOULD BE STUDIED!!!)with as many CHAMPIONSHIPS as he has to go on and do whatever they wanted while they play from BEHIND alot of the time!!!The team needs men that are willing to PLAY FOR EACH OTHER!!!!that's IT If you should go THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THOSE PLAYERS the way to that success!! GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS YOU P J ( NO SHAQ THREE OF FOUR OF YOUR RINGS WHERE NOT LUCK!!!)

Dfish Is an Idiot The Thunder have played almost flawless this season their coach was given the coach of the year and they may win the next game but you can bet Thunder is be the best team for the next 3 years

I've never seen more bogus calls in my life. Yes, a lot of the calls were 100% legitimate; however, did anybody notice that every time OK got the ball, whistles were blowing? Did anybody notice that every time LA got the ball, they practically got beat up--no whistles? Take a look at the FACTS. When in OK, Thunder went to the line 48 (4/24) and 34 (4/22) times, whereas the Lakers went 28 and 12. In LA, Thunder went to the line 24 (4/18) and 33 (4/20) times, and Lakers went 22 and 32. Does anybody see the extreme favoritism in OK?? Or is that just me? Please reply, I would like to know others opinion on this. I'm not just looking at numbers here. There were many times when the refs were blowing whistles in favor of OK and LA was no where near them, zero contact. I saw where OK fouled the Lakers, and the either there was NO whistle blown, or refs called the foul on the Lakers. Also, did anybody notice how when a call was made in favor of the Lakers, they got the ball taken out, and did not get to go to the free thrown line? Take away all free throw points from each teams final score, and Lakers have more how can anybody say they (the Lakers) are doing poorly? PJ even got fined for his opinion on Durant getting to the line "easy and often". Is this just the Laker Hater syndrome at play, or something more sinister?
Who knows, maybe I'm just blinded by my love for the Lakers.......



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