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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 3 (Final ): Thunder 101, Lakers 96

Lakers8_510 Oklahoma City roared back in the fourth quarter to beat the Lakers, 101-96, as the young Thunder won their first game of the series.

Kevin Durant hit two free throws with 13 seconds left to secure the win.

Russell Westbrook led the Thunder with 27 points, including 10 in the final quarter. Durant also did a fine job defending Kobe Bryant; Bryant missed 8 of 10 shots in the fourth quarter. Durant scored 29 points despite a poor shooting night.

At one point in the final quarter the Lakers went nearly four minutes without scoring.

The Lakers lead the series, 2-1, with the Game 4 scheduled for Saturday night.

--Barry Stavro

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol grabs an offensive rebound in front of Oklahoma City power forward Jeff Green in the first half of Game 3 on Thursday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Good Kobe...bad kobe

Ron Artest, SF 42 5-10
Pau Gasol, PF 43 7-12
Andrew Bynum, C 32 6-9
Kobe Bryant, SG 41 10-29
Derek Fisher, PG 36 5-8

So could someone explain to me why Kobe was pounding the ball into the ground to take contested fadeaways and turnaround jumpers in the fourth quarter?

The refs were the sixth man on the Thunder. The Thunder shot 34 free throws and made 27. We were 8 of 10. One third of the Thunder's points came from the referees. Is that fair? Is the NBA fixed? Yes

This one was Kobe's fault, not Fish.
I've never seen Kobe totally shoot us out of a playoff game like he did in the fourth quarter. The Thunder are an athletic nightmare for us.
All that being said, we'll still win in 5 or 6.

The NBA needs to have the series go beyond a sweep. How else do you explain 34 free throw attempts by the Thunder? Everyone knows that anytime you go to the rack, a foul can be called. The free throws should be about the same for each team at the end of the game. Lakers made ten attempts, the Thunder 34. Look no farther than that statistic as to why the Thunder "won". They didn't. The refs determined the game. Period.

It's the Lakers fault for not putting this team away. They were toying with them until they got ambushed.
Kobe thought he will make shots to shut the crowd up instead of passing to Bynum who was wide open 2 times under the basket. Earlier in the game he was passing it to him.
Then this foul called on Artest with the Thunder protecting a 2 pt with under a minute left. Since when did the NBA refs call that a foul? Away from the ball too. I didnt see too much contact there. Am I watching a different game here?
Anyway, next game, put this team away please!!!!

Lamar, we need a much better game out of you on Saturday.
Can we get anyone to play with intensity like Tim Tebow?

Kobe took 29 shots without getting to the FT line? Wow!!!

I don't know if it cost them the game, but that was any ugly 4th quarter by Kobe.

Live by Kobe die by Kobe, his mistake was as soon as the 4th quarter started he kept shooting and missing and gave the Thunder the oppurtunity to take control of the game.
Kobe should have waited till at least mid-quarter to take over.
But the real problem is Lamar, he really stunk of the joint for the 3rd consecuted game.
Also, why is it the Lakers can't throw the ball into the big men when they have established position.
Also, why can't our bigs actually try to block a shot? Standing there with your hands straight up isn't going to put fear into the Thunder. They drive to the basket without any concerns.
Now does anyone else want to defend our point guards?
Pau Gasol needs to make quicker decisions when he has the ball down low, too many times he held it and held it then he would kick it out to Kobe for a desparation last second shot.
Phil once again played some head shaking line-ups.

I do not understand why this team will not clearly use the advantage they have in the low post. And what is up with Odom? Stop with all the 3 point shots. Phil seems to have clearly been out coached. Kobe is shooting ill advised shots and to many. This was done at the half.

kobe bryant's fourth quarter killed the lakers.

he completely ignored gasol and bynum in the fourth.

kobe clearly doesn't know how or when to realize that his shot is off.

lamar is in la la land...played like the wannabe celebrity he's married to.

i will say it now: lakers will not repeat.

the sad part about this team is their is one alpha dog. kobe.

gasol isn't an alpha, socks is too young/injured to be one. and lamar & artest are simply too crazy or aloof to be alpha dogs.

kobe aged rapidly overnight. and our big men (gasol, bynum and lamar) simply don't play BIG ENOUGH. 19 boards for durant tonight? 17 blocked shots in game 2?

where are the big men?

I caught a glimpse of the Thunder defense. That's some serious stuff they got going on. In the 2nd quarter the Thunder would have killed the Lakers if it were for those 3-pointers the Lakers were hitting. Man, to have to make 3-pointers to stay ahead in the 2nd quarter...uuuum!

mike t.

When Kobe 29 fga > 21 fga (Bynum + Gasol) Lakers typically lose.

Kobe didn't play inside out and took several bad shots.

time for kobe to give gasol more control of this team.

did he learn nothing from shaq?

if this remain's kobe's team and kobe alone...well, it will be kobe's last title.

We can't win them all. We were due to lose this game. All and all, we played a good game, but then Kobe's version of the Triangle ruined it for us.

Hopefully, Phil with his 12 million dollar salary and the beautiful Jeanne Buss at his beckoning call, will figure out what went wrong and correct it next game.


It is time for every single Lakers fan to return to the days of yesteryear and send old fashioned snail mail to David Stern. The NBA's address is 645 Fifth Avenue 19th Floor New York City, New York 10022 .

Pile on the paper to let Darth David know, we won't tolerate the corruption that determined how Joey Crawford and his crew called Game 3.

The way fouls were handed out/not handed out was not worthy of playoff officiating.

And in case you missed it, Stern threw down the gauntlet against coaches challenging the officiating to a reporter from Sports Illustrated, saying he'd like to up the amount of the fines, telling coaches "Make My Day."

Make Stern's day by strewing his desk with your thoughts on his evil dictatorship over the sport. I'm glad Phil at first refused to shake hands with this disciple of the devil who calls himself commissioner.

We wuz robbed. Go Lakers!


exactly. that fourth quarter was gruesome to watch.

4 lakers watching kobe jack up horrendous jump shot after horrendous jump shot.

kobe trying to iso on durant. no ball movement. clanger and clanger...thanks for the L kobe.

wake up man, you been cold for at least 4 weeks.

i prop you up for playing injured, but time to spread the responsibilities to pau, drew, artest and lamar.

put the game in their hands, too. use the players that dr. buss is playing luxury taxes for...

Wow! The return of Mike T. Dear Diary.

I've been a Kobe fan his entire career.
I looked past the three air balls against Utah in the 90s.
However, I no longer have respect for Kobe.
10 4th quarter shots.
Are you kidding me?
Trying to go one-on-one with Durant.
Kobe lost this game.
Lakers should be up 3-0.
Kobe should be resting his injuries.
Instead, his ego will add more mileage to his bad knees.
Kobe will never be Micheal Jordan.

The Lakers don't shoot 3's well. I wonder why they shoot so many of them.

Ron Artest, SF 42 5-10
Pau Gasol, PF 43 7-12
Andrew Bynum, C 32 6-9
Kobe Bryant, SG 41 10-29
Derek Fisher, PG 36 5-8

So could someone explain to me why Kobe was pounding the ball into the ground to take contested fadeaways and turnaround jumpers in the fourth quarter?

Posted by: LA Guy | April 22, 2010 at 09:26 PM

Best post of the night.

You have to drive to the hoop to get to the free-throw line. Are we scared to take it to the Hoop?
Lamar, I thought you were suppose to be this great dribbler who can take it to the rack. All I saw tonight was you on the perimeter doing nothing. 6 foot 10 inches of dribbling on the perimeter, what a waste.
So Fish actuall shot well, that's the only thing he did, he couldn't defend or run a fast break, but then again, Farmar and Shannon were pathetic on defense as well.
Shame on Mitch for not getting something at the trade dead-line, he might have sacrificed a championship this year.

If the Lakers pounded it inside for 48 minutes the way they do the first 5 and played inside out ball, would they win by 20 every night?

kobe isn't kobe anymore.

it happened seemingly overnight this season.

the problem is that kobe still thinks he is kobe.

and it's obvious he has the same mentality that broke up the shaq-kobe dynasty.

it's his show, his or lose.

an all-time physical talent...who could have been the greatest if he had any leadership skills and selflessness.

his act is wearing thin on laker fans (now that his talent can no longer bail out his selfishness)...

Michael C. Teniente,

Nice to see you again.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rick and Sarah

I'm with you guys. We wuz robbed! How can they shoot 34 free throws to our 12? Considering we had 34 pionts in the paint and they had 32.

DFish. You need to have some respect. If you don't agree with someone on this blog then you need to provide a reason, not disrespect. Specially to a lady. Grow up!

Charles Barkley said it right the other night
Kobe makes it harder that it has to be

If we had a coach who had any guts he would have benched Kobe after the first few minutes of the 4th

Kobe is the dumbest greatest player to ever play.

Maybe this loss to is a blessing in disguise. The Lakers should NOW know that shotting 3's will not cut it. Other people will need to get involved. The inside-outside game is what works for them. So they should stick with it.

I'm sure Phil and Kobe will review the film and see all of those jacked shoots. Kobe maybe arrogant(do you blame him) but he's not stupid. They better quickly fix their mistakes in game 4 or we will be in BIG trouble in this series.

Go Lakers!

I'll begin my rant tomorrow but one thing is clear...

Darth Stern is lurking in the audience.

Lakers: 12 freethrows.

Thunder: 34 freethrows.

Something's not right and to anyone but the foolish, it's obvious.

I watched the game.

The Thunder played well. I'm not taking anything away from them, but they got some help.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's the thing...

We should have won this game. Absolutely.

Did Kobe lose it for us in the fourth quarter? Maybe.

But we were running uphill the whole game and the Thunder were running downhill.

That's just how it was.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


All about Momentum changers;
Shannon Brown (period) air ball, no defense and his guy hits a critically 3 pointer, and no help o n Westbrooks dunk
Fisher-game on the line and fouls Westbrook on the elbow like last game (3 pointer play
Kobe-he is no Michael Jordon-ball hog and taking bad 3 point shots that Phil criticized with Durant all over him, lazy defense
Artest-Very low IQ foul with .54 seconds left giving Durant free throws with Lakers down by 2.
Phil Jackson terrible rotation of not putting Bynum on the offense with game on the line when Kobe was forced to take a bad 3 pointer because the ball wasnt going to the inside to but to Fisher on the outside and then Odem.


By the way-read the following and what is Stern is smoking. His sport is so tarnished with felon, tatoos and, a corputed ref who was leaking information to the mob and Stern has the audacity to say this;

"I wish I had it to do all over again, and starting 20 years ago, I'd be suspending Phil and Pat Riley for all the games they play in the media, because you guys know that our referees go out there and they knock themselves out and do the best job they can. We have coaches who will do whatever it takes to try to work them publicly," Stern said.

Kobe seemed like he was TRYING to show up Durant at the end.. or something like that...Without any disrespect to Kobe, it's clear which direction these two guys' careers are going.

I know Kobe will improve next game so I don't mind this being "rag-on-kobe night." The Lakers are in a tough position. In the final minutes of a game teams always look to their superstar, but this team has too much talent to just settle with Kobe taking contested shots.

this is the real post of the night:


If the Lakers lose this game you have to go back to the 3:11 mark of the third quarter when Phil Jackson made the decision to remove Kobe ...............we immediatley lost all the momentum and may never regain it

Posted by: pfunk36 | April 22, 2010 at 08:58 PM


a 9 point lead went down to 75-74 and PJ started the 4th with the same group. LO shannon and farmar. not surprised kobe started to shoot because LO was doing NOTHING. maybe Khloe should wake up his man and stop commenting on the referees. ( not that she does not have a point )))

love how the shaq lovers r out in a bunch. maybe they should go to the CAVS blog and ask Le Princess why he did not pass the ball to Snak. or is he just another little bite by now.

snak had 2-2 FT but 2-8 FG and the great NUMBER of 4 FOUR rebounds.

Had a feeling Kobe was going to start jacking it up, ignoring Bynum and Gasol. He wasn't even looking for them, taking the offense completely out of its rhythm and tanking this game. There is no way the Lakers can win playing this way. So strange how Kobe's game has fallen off, even stranger that he has not responded to it in a more constructive manner.

The complexion of this series is now changed
The young and talented and well-coached Thunder now have momentum and confidence.
Will Durant now guard Kobe the rest of the series?
Will Kobe respond by playing smarter or will his ego get in the way

kobe isn't kobe anymore.

Posted by: tha show | April 22, 2010 at 09:51 PM

who played with #24 on tuesday?

wtf, i finally make it home from london after being in the penalty box for 8 days.....and L.A. folds their tent in the 4th quarter? squarely their demise in the last quarter falls solely on kobe's shoulders, he clearly was forcing his shots. even the guys on tnt said, it was his 3rd bad shot in a row. with his finger affecting his shots, he needs to put his EGO aside for the betterment of the TEAM. don't get me wrong, i love kobe, but this is not the same kobe from last year. he's a banged up version! you've got a great supporting cast USE THEM! gasol/bynum 13 - 21 from the floor. listen to great clint eastwood line kobe, "a man has got to know his limitations"! 'NUF SAID!

The refs send the Thunder to the free throw line for 34 attempts and the Lakers get just 10 from the line... nearly 3.5 free throws taken by OKC for every 1 taken by L.A. That's just ridiculous. Doesn't the NBA realize that this blatant manipulation of the outcome by the refs is ruining the game?

This was an easy one to call, did so in the morning Blog. OK had to have this one. Same deal with the Bulls, they had to win today just like OK.
As far as pound the ball inside, well yes, but was anyone watching the game like I was and saw Collison and Ibaka totally out hustling and out positioning Pau and Drew? About the only energy I saw from Drew was the dunk that KB set him up for. I mean really, Collison and Ibaka
I agree that Phil needs to teach these guys how to post low, be quick and guards dish inside quickly, you know, like in football when you hit the tight end over the middle with a quick-hitter! Pau isn't great about posting and Drew is awful, just don't understand it.
One more valid excuse, Kobe has a broken INDEX finger on his SHOOTING HAND! I know, I know, he should distribute more because of that (had team high 8 assists the way it was), but just who is(are) our outside reliable shooter(s)?

Wow.lakers wouldn't be in the playoffs if not for kobe.One bad qtr don't mean sh** in this series.

Wow, the foul whiners are out again. Guess what - when you shoot jump shots all night long, you don't go to the line much. Does 30+ threes mean anything to you? Do you watch basketball? And on the other side, how many players on the Lakers were really playing strong D, moving their feet, and not reaching in, and how aggressive were the Thunder at forcing the ball inside over and over and daring the Lakers to stop them?

Once again, I am dumbfounded that the team that is clearly the NBA's #1 draw (and it's fans) whine about foul calls and conspiracies. If you really think there's a conspiracy, then you should realize that it's ultimate goal would be to get the Lakers into the Finals every year if possible.

We lost this game because of Kobe. He should go - and the rest of the team will play fine, and they did during the regular season. He's awful and painful to watch. Too old, and too egoistic to amid that his time has passed. He jacks up shot after shot, and when he makes one he gestures as if he's hit a miraculous shot. What a tool. Charles Barkley is correct - Kobe should retire. Now!

Durant schooled Kobe today. They will have him guard Kobe on Saturday.

I really hope Thunder beat the Lakers, but it's unlikely because David Strern will make sure Lakers and Cavaliers meet in the finals so that LeBron can nail Kobe's coffin shut once and for all. I would love to see LeBron send the dagger into Kobe basketball career, and the 80+M he recently signed.

Advice to Kobe; fake an injury and pull yourself out for the rest of the season.

Thunders in 6

With the exception of Phil Jackson (who I think is clearly trying to work the refs in his favor and doesn't actually believe all of his complaints) and a certain commentator who gets paid to be the "homer" guy, it seems that complaints about anti-Laker bias in refereeing are inversely correlated with actual basketball knowledge held.

Anyone see that one play early in the 4th when Kobe was juking at the top of the Key and Bynum made an incredible reverse move that left him wide open under the basket, too bad Kobe was too busy dribbling between his legs to pass the ball.
Why is it we hardly see any lob passes to the bigs?
Every other team seems to do it at least 2 to 3 times a game.
Can't our players throw it over the top?

unfortunately we let a third man get involved in OKC's offense. Harden was their x-factor.


pretty good comment. :-)


kobe this and kobe that.

how about our #2 option and LO in the last 3:11 of the 3rd? did they assert themselves? Kobe was not there to take the shots or to ball hog?

where is their leadership and TOUCHY plays?

LO is giving nothing in this series. not offensively. not defensively. the OLE defense.

except his tradition OFFENSIVE foul on a penetration. did he had 2 today?

They (lakers) are not a good team this year. Their bench is poor, their outside shooting is weak, and their center, Bynum, is not that great. Kobe can not do it ever game. They barely won in LA. I think they will lose again on Sat. They have been a bad road team all year. Last year in the playoffs, Ariza shot almost 50 percent from the floor and played great D. This year they have nothing like that so far and this is against the 8th seed ! Time to coach, new point guard and build a better bench. Good luck Byron, I hope you can make this team great again. Maybe they will listen to you?

This team should be special ed. They have the most obvious advantage in their height and length but they REFUSE to utilize their strength. They are a horrible 3pt shooting team but they decide to chuck up 31 long rangers like they are Orlando - plain and simple - they are total moranos. They won't listen to their coach. They don't even listen to their own advice of not chucking up long shots.

They could easily slow down the game and control the tempo - not allowing the thunder to run - but they don't because they are undisciplined. You might see that in a rookie team but this is the reigning champs.

I can't even watch them self destruct anymore.

They easily win this game if they throw it in the Bynum and Gasol and grind it out. Is it that freaking hard to learn to pass it in to the post?

passionate Laker Fan

i'm sure you were always a great KOBE supporter. tell us more.

I'm a diehard Laker and Kobe fan, but Kobe better quit being the "black hole" and get back to "black mamba". He's the greatest player to ever have the poorest shot selection...

Quote of the day:

Respect your opponent by out hustling them. - Scott William Brooks

We might as well call Lamar Odum
Lamar Slodum

Just one loss, even Showtime Lakers lost on the road. Keep eye on the prize and win on Sat. they can beat the Thunders in OK. Give credit to the youth.

Basically, there is no inside game on the Lakers, I don't why the coaches decided to go for 3's when lakers advantage is the inside game.

Thanks Ouchhhhhhh,

I try to be the Voice of Reason. I have been an LA fan since I was very young (since Jerry and Elg), but I feel like I can be objective. Kobe didn't play very well in the 4th, but would like to see what everyone blogging here shoot a ball well with a busted finger (I know it's an excuse to some, although Kobe doesn't cry about it) on their shooting hand.

okay sorry...but every time the Lakers lose it is always the refs !!!!!

Posted by: DFish | April 22, 2010 at 10:13 PM

No, it's not always the refs. But you can't ignore stats either.

Btw, thanks for the apology. You owe it to Sarah not me :)


If you watch our Bigs, rarely do they get themselves open in a low post setting, they seem to get outworked and make the timing pass inside very difficult. Wasn't hard for Kareem or Shaq to post low and receive the entry pass.


the OKC guys r gurading Pau and bynum upfront. the only solution is to lob the ball. unfortunately they r more athletic than Bynum and especially Gasol. just long hands don't do it in this case. and except Kobe there is no other Laker that can penetrate or create. LO is still sleep walking on Saturn or maybe he is still stuck on the Moon.

Somebody needs to put Russell Westbrook on his butt. He's penetrating the lane to easy. In the old days someone whould have sent a message.

If I were Phil Jackson I'd take it to DaviD Stern right now, The comments he's made are ridiculous and could be considered influening the ref's. For Stern to say he would suspend Riley and Jackson for playing mind games with the ref's, what the hell is he doing.
Phil take on Stern, call him out, it your last season anyway, this guy is out of control.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

It's obvious that a lot of true Lakers fans are being tested with their faith in the team. Certainly, tonight's performance didn't help the Lakers cause as critics and naysayers will definitely make it look like the Thunder is a team that has won MULTIPLE championships. Well, it's all a part of the media hysteria that sells stories. Out with the OLD, and in with the NEW...

Hmmm...Tonight's loss to a spry OKC team definitely proves that adversity is in full swing all around. As I've felt all along this season, our team was going to be tested every which way possible. There would be no cakewalks this year whether in the regular season or playoffs.

Remember, teams out there WANT what the Lakers have, which is a championship. Keep in mind folks that the Lakers have been a really BUSY team gamewise for two years PLUS...TWO Finals appearances. To me, although no moral victories, is one HECK of an achievement. Don't think that any team out there is going to give the Lakers a free pass for a third straight trip to the Finals. NO WAY! This is why a loss in a series won't affect my belief in the Lakers getting through this series. It will be GOOD for them!

Give credit to OKC, they are a darn good team that found a way to win a HOME game, an important aspect of playoff basketball. Nothing like HOME to cure the misery of losing...

Although I'm not a coach or expert by any imagination, the Lakers might want to exploit two areas the next game on:

RUN pick and rolls often with KB24 is he's going to be the stud down the stretch to make OKC move defensively. This will open up the floor a bit for dribble penetration/cuts by other players. Finally, POUND the rock inside each quarter to Gasol and Bynum, even in the fourth where KB24 does his work. Obviously, there has to be a balance offensively. It will come.

The key is spreading the D out and forcing them to MOVE. More importantly, it will alleviate the trap defenses employed by OKC against KB24 (ie Boston Celtics).

Overall, the Lakers are an outstanding post team that has size and skill, not a three point shooting, quick draw team...The spacing out should help the Lakers cause if they commit to the INSIDE more often...However, it is what it is...back to the drawing board.

Personally, drawing OKC will no doubt test their limits mentally and physically, especially PHYSICALLY, as they are a BANGED UP team PERIOD from all angles! No excuses, just what it is...

BTW, is Odom more banged up as reported? He looks really detached physically. That shoulder must have a torn labrum of some sort. He just doesn't look right at all when extending his lengthy body for drives and rebounding. He's the KEY in my estimation to repeating...Hmmm...It is what it is.

I expect the Lakers to make adjustments on both ends of the floor for Game 4 and win. Furthermore, maybe putting Brown on Westbrook for stretches with a bit of KB24 just to body him up a bit. KB24 on Durant should be revisited...Just have Artest on his tail and even Odom (although not looking good). The chess match has BEGUN!

The Lakers are too good and veteran of a team to not adjust accordingly. It's a series NOW! Go get em Lakers!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

last year we had a long series with Houston. bad match ups. this year looks like is OKC because of their youth. i still have lakers in 5. yes, i wanted a sweep.

lets just hope that the utah series with the nuggets will be long and utah prevails.

another reason for tonights loss was REBOUNDS, c'mon, we let durant get 19 boards? 14 offensively for okc, to our measley 7! total, 53 okc, 39 L.A. yes, it sucks that we're getting outhustled on the boards, BUT there are a lot of the "over-the-back" fouls not being called on okc! am i imagining that? yes, i do agree you have to take it to the rack to get some calls, but why are the lakers being timid in that area? kobe on several occasions looks like he's taking it to the hole, then passes out or shoots a ill-fated, off-balanced jumper. this is a game we should have won, but didn't. kobe just has to know when his shot is off and BE THE FACILLATOR! also, they were fronting bynum a lot in the 2nd half......throw the ball up and over the okc's defenders! damn, is that pass that hard to complete???

Somebody needs to put Russell Westbrook on his butt. He's penetrating the lane to easy. In the old days someone whould have sent a message.

Posted by: Ernie Juarez | April 22, 2010 at 10:30 PM

indeed. where is the old school NO UN-CONTESTED LAYUPS. unfortunately both Pau and Bynum r fouling like little girls. and LO just watches.

Granted the Lakers didn't penetrate so they were bound to shoot less free throws but some of the fouls that went against the Lakers tonight were not fouls in games 1 and 2.
Herein lies the problem, Stern influences the referees, and he has the temerity to talk smack if someone has the audacity to point it out.
Very strange timing, don't you think.

People....Kobe's fault...the team plays better without him? look at the differential this series with Kobe on the floor versus Kobe not on the floor...the Lakers are better without Kobe? .....that is just stupid....the Lakers are fine...for all OKC did...they won a close game at home in a game they out rebounded the Lakers Massively...relax.....the Lakers have this series in hand...why is it the end of the world when the lakers lose...and even when they win Lakers fans still panic...geez......


I know they are outworked and outhustled but if Gasol and Drew will hold the ball in the post from first Q to the end, a lot of the Thunder would foul out. They cannot manage to block all shots. Of course, I'm not saying everything should be inside game at least most of the shots. There has to be a grand strategy to counter the speed and dexterity of the Thunder which is smart basketball. I guess Thunder where smarter in the 3rd and 4th because they hang on and enticed the Lakers to play their way which shoot 3's and die with 3's in the end.

I saw again the bad defense of Odom just raising hands, he can't stop anyone in the post and made bone head fouls of forcing through. How many has he been called of those fouls time and time again? Don't you think by this time, he should have listened to coaches to make a little alteration on his lay up to avoid those kind of fouls.

Thunder fan here. Everyone seems to underestimates our team. We are going to take the Lakers out or at least push them to 7 games!!! All we have to do is clog the paint and tempt Kobe et al to shoot the long ball.

Yes, Kobe had some incredible 3 pointers before the end of the first half but that actually helped us win the only encouraged his ego to chuck them up more and everyone knows that it's a numbers game. The percentage of made shots close to the basket is obviously going to be higher than all those long shots - so we welcome the Lakers to fire away. Sure, some games they will fall all night - but the Lakers probably haven't had one game all season where they shot lights out from long range.

Even if we don't beat the Lakers we have a bright future ahead. We have young talented guys who play their hearts out. I'm actually flabbergasted watching the Lakers - I haven't seen them play many games this year but the really don't look that good. I don't think they will make it past the second round...most definitely not to the finals.

Oh well - it's only a game and has no bearing on any of our lives. We don't take home the million dollar salaries so let's not take it so seriously. There is so much more to life than these games.

PJ has not adjusted, in game 2 the Lakers were lucky that kobe was hitting his shots. Oklahoma collapsed inside daring the Lakers to make a shot outside.
Same story tonight but with the David Stern ending.
The coaching staff needs to come up with a plan to attack inside even with the Thunder collapsing
Back screens
what's that offensive play Utah uses? double down baseline screens
Double screens
The Triangle doesn't work if you going to attempt 30 3-point shots and not shoot a high percentage

This game was not kobe's fault. You so called "fans" cry when he doesn't shoot the ball and you cry when he does, who gets you.Laker's played two teams today, the thunder and the refs.Your telling me the best player in the NBA didn't go to the free throw line today thats horrible! Seems to me like nobody can touch Durant pimpled face because they'll automatically send him to the free throw line.

I can summed up this game in my own opinion in two words....Stubbornness...Stupidity...."The fool ( Phil Jackson ) says in his heart, Fisher can guard Westbrook in this series"....Do not blame the refs for having OCK 34FT, they deserved it because they drove to the basket, they penetrated the lane much more than our team did. I cannot understand why we always settle for jumpshots and long 3 when they know OCK was in penalty? We should have won this game but because of poor coaching job we lost...How in a world Jackson still not making any adjustment to have Brown on Westbrook instead of Fisher, well I guess that is why Scott Brooks is the NBA coach of the Year. King Solomon has a wise counsel for Jackson and his coaching staff...
" As a dog eats his vomit,
So as a fool returns to its folly."
By the way, I believe the Lakers are now playing the Western Conf. Finals against OCK, Why? I have been watching other Western playoffs, this OCK though young they play like an experience team, they played decent perimeter defense and extremely outstanding inside defense, they have a very sound half court game and excellent transition game. If we win ( I believe we will ) this series we are going to NBA finals...Denver/Dallas/Spurs/Suns are easy to beat than OCK....that is my belief...

Where the heck is Lamar Odom ?? He missed the bus once again and did not show up to play. What is it with him ?? He lacks energy, shooting and does not have the desire to win. HE'S LIKE A BUTTERFLY OUT ON THE COURT INSTEAD OF AN ATTACKING BEE. Some one please tell Odom it's the playoffs. No need to get Farmar out on the court also his play is awful.

To the "Bandwagon Ex-Laker Fan" the Lakers lost because your six man, the refs helped your team win. The Thunder in 6?! C'mon lets be real they're facing the Champs- Lakers in 5!!

Before ever one throws Kobe under the bus. Remember two things: they wouldn't have won game two except Kobe willed them to a win.

The last three minutes of the 3rd quarter when Kobe went to the bench were AWFUL and the Lakers gave back all but ONE point of there lead.

Also very early in the 4th quarter, Kobe got his defender in the air a nd went up for a jump shot and got hit yet no call! Phil needs to shut his mouth and quit commenting about the refs because they paid him back tonight.

Thanks for visiting OKC Joe and congratulations for a well earned victory.

Well, as Laker fans, we were just analyzing where we lost control of the game. As usual, to release a frustrated passion there has to be venting involved. Laker fans hate to lose because they have been spoiled of winning most of the playoff games. We pinpoint where the flaws are, to correct them in the next game. Now the Mr. Momentum is with the Thunder even though they are behind in the series, psychologically they are ahead by Saturday until Lakers can find out a way to get out of their fox hole alive. The good news Fisher made his shots but his defense leaves a lot to be desired. This time, he is not alone, the whole team was bad, slow and tardy in transition defense.

You are right OKC Joe, this is just a game, the players earned their millions while the fans lost their bucks.

there is no triangle if the team does not hit the open shots

the triangle is reduced to a straight line.

and in that case P&R is much more efficient. unfortunately neither PJ neither the assistant coaches know more than that. and yes, there is no Tex Winter.

personally i never liked this TRIANGLE THING. it can be spectacular BUT only if there r smart players and good shooters. otherwise it is the most BORING form of BB. and inefficient.

as you've seen tonight, on many possessions, they were OVER-PASSING and the players who had to make the shots (fish, ron and farmy) WERE TENTATIVE. of course the last pass with the clock running down was to Kobe to bail them out. and he did not have the shots. (i'm not talking about his ISO's)

I remember that play, Kobe got the the defender to leave his feet and Kobe went up for the shot was bumped and no call.
Not only that, the commentator said the defender didn't leave his feet when it was obvious he did.
David Stern an the Evil Empire

Com'on Laker Fans!!! I'm a life-long die-hard Laker! I live in OKC. You can't blame the loss on the Refs! Game 2, Kobe, alone, attempted 15 free in the fourth quarter. No need to whine!
Lakers are old and slow! They're sliding down a slippery slope!
Best stategy for the Lakers to win is make it a low scoring game. They cannot win a "run and gun"contest.
Your "good thang" has come to an end!

Wow, had to stop reading the comments. Too much negativity but I expected that after a loss. Unfortunately I couldn't watch the game tonight (I have a night class on thursdays), so I can't give an opinion about the specifics of the game.

Ok, here goes. I made a comment earlier in the day about what I expected from this game and it looks like what I said may have been pretty close. I did somewhat think the Lakers would win, but that was expecting a good game from Kobe. I was expecting the Thunder to have a very strong game with this one being basically do or die. I was also expecting Kobe to try to dominate and win it to "drive the dagger into their hearts". I also thought that the game would basically be decided on whether or not Kobe was "on". It looks like Kobe was not on and the Lakers lost.

In essence I am not surprised at all that Kobe tried to win it on his own. I am also not surprised that he failed.

As for the freethrow discrepency, I am not surprised at all. Having not watched the game I can not say for sure how fair the refs were. Having said that I expected the Thunder to be more aggressive in this game. It was also in OKC. The home team ALWAYS gets more of the "bad" calls in their favor. I was expecting, even if the refs called the game fairly, for the Thunder to have a pretty big freethrow discrepency just because its in OK and they would be more aggressive.

The Lakers are older and had to play this game after traveling on only one day of rest. This is no surprise at all.

The Lakers are still in control of this series. Even if they only win their home games, that would still give them a game 7 at home. No way they lose that game. Even so, I still expect them to win either game 4 or game 6 in OK.

People, even the "mighty" LBJ and his crabvaliers lost game 3 today. Do you guys think it's the end of the world for them? That's what I thought, stop freaking out now please.

I disagree on Phil keeping his mouth shut.
David Stern went on an epic if not historic attack on coaches who voice their opinions. This is the real story of the day.
Phil should not back down now.
To tell the coaches that they make a good living so keep your mouth shut is totally irresponsible, tryannical, and unethical.
Is David Stern part of the Mafia?
I'm serious, who does this guy think he is.

With regards to officiating, there are two schools of thoughts on this area. The calls made during the season may not apply during the playoff. Uncalled fouls go both ways in this game. It is also given that home team are usually favored by the eye of the beholders which are the refs. They are judgment calls. Precisely, a visiting team must be aware of that disadvantage and practice foul management. As professionals, they should also memorize the favorite calls made by these refs and patterned their game to that style. NBA is not just playing basketball but lots of home works to do to gain perfection.

LA Guy,

you're a total moron. David Stern want's Lequeen in the Finals against anyone. He doesn't care that it's the Lakers. He'd be just as happy if it's Carmelo or Dallas. He wants Durant to be the next superstar. The NBA isn't about the Lakers any more, you moron. He doesn't want Durant to get swept. So that's why in the 2nd and 3rd periods of game 2, ALL the calls went against the Lakers and that's why all the calls went against the Lakers the entire game. You show me one play where there was a questionable call called against OKC. That play where Collison essentially tackled Bynum while Bynum was in the air could have injured Bynum. Did Collison make a play on the ball??? That play where Westbrook cleared off with his arm and a foul was called on Gasol??? That foul on Artest with less than a minute to play??? So listen you moron, before you make any more dumb comments like that, check the facts. 34-12!!!

The reason why the Lakers weren't taking it to the hole was every time they did and got hacked, nothing was called.

The NBA refs are a total joke. There's a reason why the coaches and players call out the refs. Out of the 3 major sports, the NBA refs are the worst. It isn't that they can't see the plays because they're too fast. It's because they pay waaaay too much attention to who the player is. It's one thing if the make equally bad calls for both teams, but they get waaaay too caught up in the game, the game situation, and the players. If a player jumps up straight and Lequeen lowers his shoulder into him, 100% of the time, it's a blocking foul. If it's Odom, it's a charge or a no call. When was the last time you saw Lequeen get called for a charge???

There's definitely a conspiracy in the NBA. It's gotten so blatant that it's not even funny. And Stern is even trying to affect Howard's game by making the refs call a foul every time Howard breathes on someone so that when they face Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals, this time Orlando will lose.

What a joke of a league.

Troll Man

i totally agree. i believe the fans should boycott the NBA and also have a group suit against the NBA. America is considering the freedom of expression as the most sacred value. and all the fans of all the teams should be part of it. what is going on? is that the new NBA dictatorship?


La Guy is not a moron. JUST a Le Brick fan.

"kobe isn't kobe anymore.
it happened seemingly overnight this season.
the problem is that kobe still thinks he is kobe.
and it's obvious he has the same mentality that broke up the shaq-kobe dynasty.
it's his show, his or lose.
an all-time physical talent...who could have been the greatest if he had any leadership skills and selflessness.
his act is wearing thin on laker fans (now that his talent can no longer bail out his selfishness)..."
tha show

Best post this season. The only thing I would add is Fisher sucks. Oh, and, does Phil really believe he's smart? It's painful to hear his cliches during time outs. Soon he'll be saying "score more points than the other team!" Followed by the inevitable media hype calling him "the Zen Master." Yeah, whatever that means. Now for the apoligists with the "he has lots of rings" comments. As if a decent high school coach couldn't have won without Jordon/Pippen; Kobe/Shaq and then one with Kobe/Gasol/Bynum and Odom. Yeah, that was coaching.

I cannot believe these post saying Kobe lost this game.Yes Kobe went 2-10 in the forth quarter,but that was not the reason they lost.Sitting Kobe with a little over 3 minutes left in the third quarter losing a 7 point lead going into the forth was the main reason Lakers lost this game.Kobe played a damn good game.Our Big´s were out Rebound and not getting position in the paint .They were able to front the Big´s of the Lakers in the second half,leaving Kobe as the (BAIL OUT OPTION),with very few seconds left on the shot clock.Lakers win and Kobe is a STUD,but a Lost and Kobe has aged and Fallen off His Game.How about that last game.I guess that was a ¨Aberration¨,yeah tell that to the RETARDS !!! Broken Finger,Swollen Knee and has Played Way To Many Minutes During this Long Season cause the Bench can not ¨HOLD A LEAD¨,blame on Kobe´s EGO.....Wow The Haters Are Out To Hang A Great Player Who All Will Miss When He Finally Retires.Some of these Hateful Comments come from,,,,SO CALLED LAKER FANS.Kobe Nor His Team Played Good In The Forth Quarter and it Showed.How can Lakers get (OUT REBOUNDED BY A SMALLER TEAM),you want to Know Why ? It´s Called Being Out Hustled....Great Game Oklahoma Thunder,but Lakers will Prevail and this can ONLY HAPPEN WITH KOBE´S HAND ALL OVER THE GAME.I´m from ¨Philly¨,and became a Lakers Fan when The Sixers Wanted To Let Go ¨Dr J.¨,and they weren´t able,so guess what happened that Next season.They swept the Lakers.I guess there will be some So Called Lakers & Kobe Fans Wanting The Same.......Kobe Bring Home Another Title For Your Homeboy from Philly !!!


also LA GUY posts ONLY when Kobe has a not so good game. JUST to praise Le Brick. who had 39 points, 10 rebs and 8 assists. what a waste of energy to loose to the low Chicago Bulls. Joaquim Noah rockssssssssssssss!

Leveland and Jimmy promised a SWEEP. in their DREAM.


It is the ghosts at Skirvin Hotel that haunted the Lakers in OK. There should be ghosts busters among Laker fans here.

C'mon guys, it is just one loss, this is the first victory of OK thunder in the playoffs, we'll get them on Saturday. Goodnight to all.

PS. Jon K, is that Mike T. who made a cameo post? I know why he posted to remind us all the importance of Kwame in the lineup. lol!

I see a franchise meltdown in the works. I predict it will happen after Russell Westbrook posterizes two or three Lakers with a tomahawk dunk after going around Fisher like he was playing against a junior high schooler. Fisher will blame Artest for not helping out, Artest will scream at Fisher, Kobe will go to the bench and pout and Phil will finally succumb amidst all the insanity and have a seizure.

Fish may have had a decent scoring night, but Westbrook exposed him as slower than molasses again. As for Kobe, his injuries are no excuse for selfish play, again. He was more concerned with winning the duel with Durant than with winning the game. The consummate selfish player who only thinks of his own stats. The next MJ? That would be dissing MJ. Instead we should use Kobe as the standard for comparing selfish players. Another failure by PJ. I'm still predicting an early exit for the LA Pukers.

Why do you all keep bringing up the free throw discrepancy? The Lakers on average shot 3 more free throws than their opponent over the season, does that mean the officials on average gave them 3 extra points? You're fighting an uphill battle with that.

Lakers lost because they took way too many jumpshots. You don't get to the line when you take a lot of fadeaway jumpshots and 3 pointers, that's just the way it goes. Lakers lost because they didn't take advantage of their size advantage down low. If they pound the ball inside, they'll shoot more free throws and get more wins.

Most of you people are clueless. Yeah, Kobe had a bad game. He will be back.

If the game was not fixed you would all be singing a different tune. But it was fixed. So obvious. Seriously, call the FBI.

MM - my concern is that this is the worst I've ever seen Kobe play in a playoff game. It was not only that his shot was off, he made bad decisions and took the team out of their offense by repeatedly jacking up off balance shots without even "reading the defense". Based on his performance in the playoffs to date the serious question needs to be asked whether he is injured beyond ability to play or too fatigued. AND, can he realize that and adjust to play within his limitations so that the offense is functional and effective. This was not just a close game loss in the playoffs - least of the worries.

Hey guys we got a new post up


Repeatedly saying the game was fixed is doing nothing other than saying it's ok for the Lakers to play the way they did tonight. Kobe wasn't playing the way he did at the end of the game 2 when he attacked the basket. The Lakers were not pounding the ball inside at all. They only got inside points off offensive rebounds.

Complaining about the free throws disparity is also saying that the Lakers didn't really earn some of those wins this year where they shot a lot more free throws than the other team. It's simple, when you get outplayed and don't play inside, you don't shoot free throws.

Bay to LA,

The Lakers shot 2.5 more than their opponents over the season. Out of the 14 teams that had a positive differential, 12 are playoff teams, and only one had a losing record. So that just shows that the Lakers are a good team, not that they get any benefits from the refs. That's why they say: "There are lies, and there are dammed lies, and then there are statistics."

Show me one game in the entire playoffs this year where there was a bigger differential.

The reason why the Lakers were taking jump shots was that when they drove down, they were getting hacked and not getting any calls, or getting called for charge. Look at one of Odom's charges and Fisher's charge. The defender was moving on one of Odom's charges. On Fisher's, the defender was set, but he got there AFTER Fisher was in the air, which is CLEARLY a block. When calls are going like this, you're going to take more outside shots.

My point is that the refs are terrible. Orlando got robbed last year, both against the Cavs, and in game 2 against the Lakers when Gasol goaltended by putting his hand on the net. It didn't alter the shot, but it's still basket interference. Game 6 Lakers-Kings WCF 2002(although Kobe got fouled on his last shot in game 5 with the Lakers down 1- so game 6 was a make up). Every time Lecrybaby drives into the lane a foul is called. That's a joke

Next to the WWF or WWE or whatever wrestling is called now, the NBA is the next worst.

Trollboy Stern wanted Cavs Lakers last year and did everything he can to create that scenario, but failed. But I'm afraid this year, Stern's going to hand his little BFF Lebrick the O'Brian. That's how it is in the NBA now. Might as well let Vince McMahon run the NBA.

The Lakers really screwed up this year by not resting Kobe.

It's like this. Lets say it's the middle of the season and the Giants are in first place in the West and have a 20 game lead over everyone else in the West, but are tied in the National League with Phillies for the best record. Lincecum pulls a muscle but feels he can still pitch 90%. But every time he pitches, he re-injures his muscle. What is the smart thing to do? You rest him to make sure he's 100% for the playoffs!!!

Now, Kobe is playing at about 80%. He's trying to will his body to do things it can't. It's embarrassing. His performance tonight was sad.

But you can't blame him. You can only blame the stupid coach and management who didn't stand up to him in the regular season and tell him that he needs to rest and let the finger heal.

The 1994-1995 Rockets only won 47 games but still won it all. It's how you're playing at the end of the season that matter the most, not how many games you win during the regular season.

What they need to do next season is only play Gasol, Artest, and Odom 60 games. They should only play Bynum 20 games. If any are hurt, they need to rest until healed. The reason why Bynum should play only 20 games is he usually is at peak performance after 20-30 games and gets injured after about 40. Either that or only play him every other game and only in certain situations, such as against the good teams. He should only play against crappy teams just as practice once in awhile to get his confidence up. Kobe should only play 40 games, and just in the 4th quarters of close games.

Just as baseball has a rotation of pitchers, as well as starter, set up, and closer, coaches in basketball should do this as well to best utilize older players and players more prone to injury.

The goal is to win the Championship, not to win the most games in a year.

dj855 --

Sure, most people always bring up game 6 against the Kings in 2002 as an example of bad officiating, but they forget, almost always, about game 5 in Sacramento, where Shaq was fouled out on a COMPLETE PHANTOM CALL with 3:52 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter (I've seen the replay a dozen times) and the Lakers ended up losing by ONE POINT, when Bibi hit a basket with 8 seconds left in regulation.

Are you gonna tell me that Shaq wouldn't have scored ONE BASKET in the last 4 minutes? One extra basket from Shaq would have given the Lakers a one-point win in game 5, not to mention the missed foul on Kobe's shot in the last few seconds of the game.

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