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Lakers vs. Thunder Game 2 Updates (Final, Lakers win, 95-92)


Final score, Lakers 95, Thunder 92

No one said it would ne easy. And it came down to the very end as the Lakers pulled out a 95-92 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder to take a 2-0 lead in the best of seven first round series.

In the end Kobe Bryant was the star scoring 39 points. However, his miss of a free throw with 15 seconds left, allowed the Thunder a chance to tie the game. But Kevin Durant missed a three with 7 seconds to go.

 Pau Gasol was fouled on the rebound and missed the front end and the Thunder had one more chance. But Jeff Green missed a three and the Lakers escaped.

Fourth quarter, 3:02, Lakers 86, Thunder 86

The Thunder then regained the lead from the foul line. Jeff Green made a single on a defensive 3-second call and then added two more after Luke Walton fouled him. Any thoughts this was going to be an easy game were dispelled long time ago.

Bryant then gave the Lakers the lead again with 8:16 to play and followed that up with a three-point play. the Lakers were back up by four and Bryant was at 29 points. Durant answered with a two and then Bryant went to the line and made one of two for his 30th point. Long time since we've seen that.

The Thunder then closed it to a one-point lead when Ibaka made two  free throws. Back steps Bryant with a three pointer and the confidence may have returned. But don't count Durant out, who scored his 30th point with a two.

The Thunder tied the score at 84-84 when Durant made two free throws and the Gasol converted on a three-point play and the Lakers were back in front. After Fisher committed his fifth foul and Westbrook made both foul shots it was a one-point game.

Fourth quarter, 8:56, Lakers 75, Thunder 73

And just like that the fourth quarter started with the Lakers losing their four-point lead. Krstic and Ibaka each made a bucket while Bryant picked up two fouls. It made the Laker faithful almost wishing the fan who sank a half-court shot for $235,000 had stuck around.

But a couple of misses later the Lakers regained the lead on Odom's driving layup.

--John Cherwa

End Third quarter, Lakers 73, Thunder 69.

Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant scored 21 of the Lakers' 26 points in the quarter, although Kevin Durant (who has 26 points in the game) is keeping it close.

The Lakers used their height advantage throughout the quarter by passing into Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Russell Westbrook now has 4 personal fouls.

Third quarter, Lakers 65, Thunder 59, 3:39.

Pau Gasol ignited the offense in this quarter as the Lakers kept pounding the ball into their big men. Gasol has 10 points this quarter. Kobe Bryant also hit his second three-pointer in the quarter from the same spot; Bryant has 8 points in this quarter. Meanwhile, Ron Artest has been muscling his way to keep loose balls alive but he is a disaster from the three-point area.

Third quarter, Lakers 56, Thunder 53, 8:07.

Lakers grabbed lead back by pushing the ball inside to their big men. Pau Gasol has 6 points in the quarter, Ron Artest has 2 thanks to a fastbreak layup and Kobe Bryant hit a three-pointer. Thunder center Nenad Krstic has hit two jumpers to keep the Thunder close.

--Barry Stavro

Halftime, Thunder 47, Lakers 45

What looked so promising at the end of the first quarter turned dangerous for the Lakers as the next 12 minutes transpired. After a strong first the Lakers looked sloppy and couldn't make baskets.

Durant made up for his less than perfect Game 1 performance with 21 points in the first half on 9 for 15 shooting. Bryant led the Lakers with 14 points on 6 for 16 from the field. The only other player in double figures was Gasol with 10.

Here's how the lead was lost. The Thunder came out of the timeout with about two minutes to play with Durant sinking a three and suddenly the Laker lead was down to two. Gasol then made one of two from the line (is this a trend?). Durant cut it to one with about a minute to play and Thabo Sefolosha made a driving two and then a free throw to take the lead.

Bryant answered with a two but the Eric Maynor answered that for the last points of the quarter.

Second quarter, 2:21, Lakers 42, Thunder 37

The Lakers saw their lead dwindle to five points (37-32) but it wasn't as if the Thunder took over. Some sloppy play and misses were starting to catch up with the Lakers. But then Kobe Bryant went to the line and sank both of his free throws, something he was having trouble doing in Game 1.

Kevin Durant answered with a basket and then Jeff Green cut it to two with a three pointer. The Lakers got the lead back to three  when Pau Gasol sank one of two free throws and then slammed home a dunk to give them a five-point lead.

However, one of the better notes for the Lakers this early in the game is the fact that the Lakers bench has shown up actually outscoring the Thunder bench.

Another plus for the Lakers was Russell Westbrook picking up his third foul with 6:06 left in the quarter sending him to the bench.

Second quarter, 8:58, Lakers 33, Thunder 22

The Lakers looked comfortable opening the second quarter with Andrew Bynum getting four of the first eight points on a 10-footer and a layup after an offensive rebound.

The Lakers 11-point lead had the crowd pretty animated despite some series of sloppy play.

--John Cherwa

End First quarter: Lakers 26, Thunder 18.

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant were very active looking for their shots throughout the quarter. Bryant was four for nine from the field and leads the Lakers with 8 points, while Durant was also four for nine but has 10 points.

The difference in the quarter was the Thunder shot only 29% from the field.

First quarter Thunder 13, Lakers 11, timeout 5:35.

Kobe Bryant is looking for his shot early and is 3 for 6 from the field and leads the team with 6 points. The Thunder are scoring from the outside, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Thabo Sefolosha have all hit three-pointers

Pre-game update:

The Lakers beat the Thunder 87-79 in Game 1 of the series Sunday, but the Lakers were outscored after the first quarter. Still, oddsmaker has the Lakers as a six-point favorite in Tuesday's Game 2. And for what it's worth, the Thunder has lost four straight road games.

Both teams shot poorly from the field in the first game (Lakers 41%, Thunder 40%). The Lakers' coaching staff expects the Thunder to run more screens in Game 2 to try and free up Kevin Durant for better, and closer, looks at the basket. Durant will be defended again by Ron Artest, and both players shot a miserable 1 for 8 from beyond the three-point arc in the the opener.

Tip-off for Game 2 is supposed to be around 7:30 p.m., but it's a TNT broadcast so the game may start 10 to 15 minutes later.

-- Barry Stavro

Photo: Ron Artest, left, knocks the ball from the grasp of Kevin Durant as Andrew Bynum defends during first-quarter action on Tuesday. Credit: Paul Buck, EPA.

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[Game Day Prayer]

Let us pray...

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for our Victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game One of the first round of the 2010 playoffs.

Thank you for the healthy return of Andrew Bynum and the spectacular defense of Ron Artest.

Thank you, also, Heavenly Father, for the statue of Chick Hearn outside Staples Center. Chick was a blessing to all of us in Laker Nation. His insight, intelligence, passion, humor and personality lighted so many of our lives for so long. We miss him terribly and we ask you to let him know that Laker Nation deeply misses him and that we appreciate all the joy and entertainment he brought us for so long.

Thank you, Oh Father, for DJ Mbenga's health. His eye injury scared many of us and we are happy that he will be returning to the team soon.

We thank you, Oh Father, above all for your LOVE and your faith in each of us. You never give up on us and we strive to be worthy of you LOVE.

Oh Father, there are posters to this blog who haved clearly disrespected you and the sacrality of prayer. We ask you to open their hearts and turn them away from the darkness of negativity and scorn. We also ask you to strengthen our resolve so that we do not become more like those who have lost faith in you, the future, and themselves. We ask you to lead us to celebration and hope! Lead us to a brighter time of Victory and Realization.

Please bless the health of Sasha Vujacic, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, and all our injured warriors. Please protect their health and lead them to a complete and invigorated recovery immediately.

On this day of Game Two of the 2010 Playoffs, we ask you to bless the Los Angeles Lakers and lead our team to be their BEST in every way. We ask you to protect the hearts, minds and bodies of our team with the power of your Spirit. We ask you to inspire this team to play brilliant basketball, basketball that their BEST, not just as individuals, but as the power, elegance, genius and beauty of A TEAM. We ask you to show this team the wonder of synergy, not only in their minds, but their hearts and spirits.

Inspire this TEAM to realize its potential--to be their BEST--not only tonight, but through every game, to VICTORY, to CHAMPIONSHIP!

Thank you for the competition of the Oklahoma City Thunder and bless them for they provide us with the challenge through which we will improve. Please bless all players on our Lakers and the opposition and protect them from injury and physical harm.

Again, Heavenly Father, thank you for this blogmunity and the relationships it has fostered. Thank you for giving us Lakeraholics a place to express our passions. Thank you for the guidance of Mark Medina, he is appreciated and, above all, thank you for the Los Angeles Lakers and their continuing committment to excellence. Let their triumphs be an inspiration to humanity as to what a group of individuals can accomplish when they are committed to being their BEST despite opposition and despite excellent competition.

Lead this team to VICTORY!


Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon, do you actually think that the entity to whom you pray specifically wants the Lakers to win? Wouldn't that very fact, were it true, invalidate that entity's status as omniscient and absolute? Praying for one team to beat another team, and for god to take sides in such a matter, particularly one so ridiculously trivial, is, in a word, creepy.

What a poorly coached team

Bynum playing great, coach pulls him
Farmar bringing quickness, coach pulls him
Fisher playing like crap, coach keeps him in
Odum playing like crap, coach keeps him in
Kobe shooting the Lakers out of it, coach does nothing
Officiating is atrocious, coach does nothing

Get that bum of a coach out of here next year, Charles Barkley said it best during the half time show, the Lakers make it harder than it needs to be, and that's all on the coach

One more thing on 10 rings
He once called Kobe a saboteur, the real saboteur is Phil Jackson.

Nice win....Go Lakers....I want to give the OCK all the credit they deserve in this series, they are young but not intimidated. Their defense is awesome, they make our team really work hard for their shots...this is a playoff opponent our team needs....Artest once again played great defense...I do not care if KD scored 30+ pts but Artest showed his detractors the Lakers did wise decision signing him, he is the key factor in this series so far...I also like what Charles Barkley commented during the half time break...Kobe should take quality shots and let him not force the issue..get the ball inside coz that is our advantage....Odom is missing in action, he is having trouble with Ibaka's defense, and Fisher, well we will live and die with long as Phil is the coach he will play no matter's a blessing in disguise he fouled out tonight....this is the playoff not the regular season..let us expect tough games from OCK, they really deserve a shot good thing about our team we are playing good defense too....defense, hustle, rebound are the key factors in the playoff...Go Lakers....



You know what, I think we have a very good chance of reigning as West Champs again if we pass OCK. Why? OCK is the only team in the West that I can see defending the lane extremely well....they challenged every shot and they made 17 blocks in this game and we know that inside game is one of our arsenal. This is a good test for our big guys...I don't see any team in the West as ferocious defender in the paint as this team is, they really make Bynum, Pau & Lamar earn their living. Not only that, they are helping each other in transition defense, their perimeter defense is also good...I really wonder what Scott Brook's did to this young guys do not expect a blow out game for us just because this is a very young having our team scored 90+ pts and take 2 - 0 lead is a good sign for us...Go Lakers....

hey guys, i'm still stuck in london and haven't seen one game yet, AND we're 2 - 0. should i stay here AND not jinx L.A.? ha ha.....seriously the lakers have reverted back to the "gang that can't shoot straight"! wtf is that all about? l.o., artest, fisher and bynum (drew, gets a free pass cuz of the injury) 9 - 39 from the field. i'm assuming they're all getting good looks, right? help me out on that one. to win without any offense from those 4 guys, missed free throws down the stretch (when we've could have iced the game sooner) bodes well for L.A. simply put, we've yet to play a great game and we're up 2 - 0. let's go lakers sweep the thunder. on a brighter note, mite finally get out of london on thursday.....not holding my breath, just like i'm not holding my breath that artest and odom will knock down some shots! ha ha

If only this team was as talented as people want to make out. Hmm. Let's see you have Kobe nothing need be said. There is Gasol a decent but soft player who is hardly going to lead a team to a championship. The best of the rest Odom (sometime player), Artest (offense has left him), Fisher (done) and Bynum (A player yet to play a significant role in any playoff series). The rest are role players who I get the impression think they are better than they really are. Sometimes, I think they label these lakers talented in a effort to demean Kobe as if he should be doing more with this bunch. When in reality you have a point guard who cannot guard, a shooting forward who cannot score, a power forward who does not command respect and a center who cannot remain healthy and who mobility is less and less with each injury. The bench is stock with players that when playing ample minutes deficiencies become glaring for all to see. Yet Barkley and company get on TV calling them talented but lazy when I think they are just playing to their potential. A talented team was my showtime Lakers. Not this bunch, this team will only go as far as Kobe can drive them and if he is hurting them well theywill need a lot of luck to win the whole thing. I don't think the lakers have a problem a healthy Kobe cannot fix but then again a little more offense from the others and this series like all to come will be over.




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