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Lakers get ready for Oklahoma City's loud crowd

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Lakers have braced themselves for a deafening crowd inside Ford Center that will be ferocious in its support for the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night in Game 3 of the Western Conference playoffs.

It has been that way all season, as 18,004 fans stand and cheer the Thunder with all they have.

With this being the Thunder's first playoff game in their two seasons in Oklahoma City, the crowd is expected to push this young team to new heights.

The Lakers lead the best-of-seven series 2-0, but they know the crowd can be a factor, especially for the Thunder.

"I don't know if they can yell any louder," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said after the team's shoot-around Thursday afternoon. "I mean, once the benediction is over, the amens get too loud in this building."

Jackson said the crowd probably "will inspire" the Thunder.

The Thunder was 27-14 at home during the regular season.

The Thunder defeated the Lakers the last time the two teams played here, building a 33-point lead before winning by 16 points.

"We expect it to be loud," Derek Fisher said. "If we allow it to be, it will be a factor. So we'll have to make sure that we remain composed and make sure we're poised and really playing a solid game."

The Lakers will look to play their game.

They will look to go inside to seven-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

But the Lakers are also aware that the Thunder has been trying to take that away by keeping defenders down low and by blocking shots.

The Thunder blocked 17 shots in Game 2, a Lakers' playoff opponent record.

"Maybe we're not going to have direct post-ups," Jackson said. "They are going to throw the kitchen sink at us to keep us from going inside. We have to take the shots and understand that.

"But this is a young team that really has the athleticism to intimidate people from coming in there. So we have to measure that and understand what's a good shot."

-- Broderick Turner
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Mark Medina,

When Derek Fisher scores five more three pointers in the playoffs he'll surpass Michael Jordan for career playoffs three pointers. When he does so, please note that fact.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


WELL,WELL,WELL here we are in the real Cow town with the young and athletic Thunders. WE won’t underestimate this team, the Lakers will be ready despite what the odd makers say. The Lakers in a Sweep, “THE UNIVERSE HAS SPOKEN”.

Jon K - You got it. I definitely will point that out if that time comes.


Still think you're Nostradamus "2PHATT"?

This is going to be a total Lakers Blowout...just like the Sacramento series a few years ago. Tonight we had warm-ups for the coming slanted ref-athon when the zebras got together and changed that double dribble call for Kobe after he protested vigorously. It was like a "red flag challenge" in the NFL except the refs needed no prompting to just up and change the call to suit Kobe's complaint. The NBA denies veracity of Donaghy's testimony, but man I see stuff like that and wonder; no surprise more people watched the NFL draft the other night than tuned in to NBA playoffs. No, wait--no need to reference Donaghy anymore. Now we have coach Phil's thinly-veiled implications of slanted reffing in his comments about Kevin Durant's marquis-player favor to get to the free throw line easy and often. Show me a man over 30 who loves the NBA and I'll show you an exception. The same is a man over 30 who doesn't love the NFL. It's not the game per se, that's the difference, but perceived fairness of said game. NBA draws short stick there, and will continue to do so as long as marquis players get preferential treatment. The TV ratings the other night at least showed the NBA playoff game viewership neck and neck with SpongeBob. The universe has spoken allright: Lakers plus 23 million viewers in the LA Basin vs what, a newbie team plus a million or two in Oklahoma City? That says it all right there. Lakers will win for sure. But wait! Those refs are sure gonna make it look like a squeaker especially after all that loud yelling the other night from the ignorant newcomer Okies who haven't figured out that small market teams have no chance against the large market big boys! Go Lakers!

Thanks for sharing the information there would be some apprehensions from segment but I am up for it.



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