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Lakers Roundtable: Mark Medina and the L.A. Times' Lisa Dillman preview the Lakers-Clippers matchup

There's really nothing to preview here, what with the Lakers facing the Clippers Wednesday night in the regular season finale. Sure, there was that embarrassing 102-91 loss Jan. 6 to the Clippers. But the Lakers have won 10 of the last 11 contests, including their most recent, a 40-point blowout. And clearly both the Lakers and the Clippers can't wait for the regular season to end. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (fractured right index finger) and center Andrew Bynum (left Achilles' tendon) are resting for the playoffs. Baron Davis (sprained right wrist) and Drew Gooden (sore right knee) will also remain on the sidelines. The Lakers (56-24) are looking ahead to the playoffs, and the Clippers (28-53) are looking ahead to free agency.

There will be plenty of analysis leading into the Lakers-Oklahoma City playoff matchup, aside from just how NBA2K10 believes the Lakers will win the series in five. But I thought I'd briefly interrupt that conversation and get a take from L.A. Times Clippers reporter Lisa Dillman on that team's future.

Among the highlights:

--How Blake Griffin's season-ending injury and a horrifying experience in Memphis served as the turning point toward a failed season

--Why the Clippers sorely miss Marcus Camby

--The Clippers' chances of landing LeBron James

--The future of the team, including nine free agents and interim coach Kim Hughes.

You can read more of Dillman's work at The Times' website and you can also follow her on Twitter.

-- Mark Medina

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Wow! You're on a roll today. I just checked Websters and saw your photo as definition #1 under "prolific."

Sure, more than 3 threads today. But all worth my time and attention. Gotta hand it to you.

MM - I like the roundtable idea - Great concept, excellent way to keep things fresh (from the reporter's standpoint), and interesting to hear about what people who follow the team on a day-to-day basis have to say.

I doubt that the story about Craig Smith would have been in the paper, but those kind of anecdotes are rather interesting.

Two Thumbs Up from me. :-)

Rick - Hah thanks man. Unfortunately for your sake, my editors want more than three posts a day but I will make sure there's a reason behind the post and to make sure it's the best of my ability.

I'm glad to hear you're liking the items today.


Cali - Thanks man for the feedback. Glad to hear it. I thought it was a cool idea especially because of the positive response you guys gave me when I do the roundtable with Brez and BT. Figured it can expand our horizons by kind of getting the other team's point of view, just for another perspective and because we all might learn a few new things about the Lakers' upcoming opponent.


ANDY… “LakerTom…Yes, it's that simple! Now, if only our boys in purple and gold could get that too...”
I think the malaise that infected the Lakers after the All-Star break may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The players, including Kobe Bryant, may just be ready to put away their egos and squabbles and focus on running the Triangle Offense properly. If they run the offense with their typical efficiency, then everything else including their defense will fall right in line. The fresh start the playoffs offer is the medicine this club needs.


Posted by Tim-4-Show: “ if you actually call the Lakers the Fakers, you're not a fan..”

DEEP THOUGHTS: really? Ok hope you are reading Laker the Fakers, there I said it, and I am still a fan.

Posted by D(erek)J(eter): “We all know what happens to "Kobe Stoppers" in this league dont we boys and gals??

DEEP THOUGHTS: pray tell? Ah do they turn into a frog?

Posted by: Edwin Gueco: “OK, this is an invitation come to our side, there is no in between at this point. Quoting former pres. W, it is either you are with us or against us.”

DEEP THOUGHTS: What does political partisanship has to do with sports? You are full of it.

Posted by: mamba24 : “@THE MODERATOR, Brother keeep doing what you doing! You are AWESOME!”

DEEP THOUGHTS: refreshing to see that the brown nosers still exist.

Posted by: SouthOC: “It will be great to have Drew back. I'm looking forward to his defense and rebounding.”

DEEP THOUGHTS: defense and rebounding by Drew? You have been reading too many posts by LakerTom on what a defensive beast Drew is going to be, time to stand on your own two feet and get you own opinion about Drew and not some hogwash from BynumTom.

Posted by Rick Friedman: "I just checked Websters and saw your photo as definition #1 under "prolific."

DEEP THOUGHTS: sounds like you trying to hit on M2? Or, butter him up so that your post will be posted as a user comment again?

Somewhere in Time,. Episode 4, Season 1
The Moderator


Many thanks to everyone supporting the idea's emanating from the Somewhere In Time series. It is just a vehicle for pushing ideas, thoughts, and analysis that may not be generated from the regularly scheduled blogging.

Special thanks to Jon K., Mamba24, LakerTom, ouch, Mark Medina and many others with their positive responses and contributions.


After another season of practicing in Staples Center-adjacent gymnasiums, the Lakers finally shift their practices to Staples Center itself. Overlooked by many, the move is a dramatic one, one that will have an immediate impact on the mindset of the team, and a very important advantage as the team steams into Sunday's Playoff opener.

The league is simply a bunch of easy-out teams ready to be conquered, if the Lakers believe it. The Western conference are a reeling bunch of overachievers ready to waive the white-flag, if the Lakers believe it enough to carpe diem. Indeed, there is a field of gold waiting for the Lakers on June 20th, if the Lakers believe it enough to see it.


Believing and realizing (or re-realizing) one's potential and godlike co-creator capacity is a profound discovery (or re-discovery). The only question is if this crop of Lakers will understand it and yield it's power.

One great aspect of having Phil Jackson coaching this Laker team is the spiritual aspect he brings to table as well as the level of consciousness and awareness he carries in his infallible bag of tricks. You can bet that Phil will take the chance of moving directly under the Staples Center dome to fundamentally and quintessentially change the current culture of the team, by ratcheting up the intensity and executing other ploys, essentially throwing the regular season into the basura' can while preparing for the second season like they were Star Wars.

One question that boggles the mind, looking at it from a historical perspective, is if Kobe Bryant understands and comprehends the opportunity of a lifetime which has just crash landed at his front door. A world renowned scholar (*) once said "some are born great, some become great, and some have greatness thrust upon them." In the case of Kobe Bryant, he has, from a Basketball sense, had all 3 options supplied to him by life's Wheel of Fortune. The ladder presenting itself in the last 82 regular season games.

The unrelenting truth is that Kobe has had one his most taxing seasons. Aside from the start of the season where he displayed a vicious array of post moves, coupled with a refreshed 2-finger release, he has had a tough season. The game-winners have been fortuitous, but they have ultimately been overshadowed by the consecutive losses to the Cavaliers, his new and old arch-rivals teaming up to overthrow his MVP chances. When the MVP is hoisted by James at the onset of the Playoffs, with O'Neil standing and smiling by his side -- forget about buying gas. You'll save your money by filling up at the local Kobe Station where he'll be overflowing with your desired fossil fuel.

This aspect and intrigue cannot be overlooked.

Additionally, the outrage that was the KD-is-better-than-KB article by a maniacal wing of the Mass Media Complex and the hard hitting losses against the Nuggets have made for an interesting subplot going into Playoffs. One that, when put in a historical perspective, would have made the untouchable Michael Jordan envious.

A Durant-Anthony-James TKO.

It's the ultimate trophy. The exquisite Sumerian diamond at the local museum ready to be snatched by the world's greatest thief. The incomparable Argentine' beauty at the local club ready to be seduced by the city's most outstanding playboy. It is, with respect, the Rumble in the Jungle, the Thriller in Manilla, and the acclaimed, video-game version of the Ali-Tyson fight botched into one Almond Joy.

It is the All-World, All-Time, All-Universe opportunity presented to a mortal by the gods. It is, potentially and if seized, a blessing of the heavens.

It is, a chance at timelessness.

It is, a Call of the Wild.

Next move..

Kobe Bryant.


Spell Check Omitted,

The Moderator

The Playoffs are here!

Dang, it took long enough.

The Moderator, That's was an "OUTSTANDING" post. Spell check omitted...

Eric Wrong is... JEALOUS...JEALOUS .... JEALOUS.

All this attention towards the Lakers. MVP this MVP that . Champions here, champions that. blah blah blah.
Why not pay attention to me, Eric Wrong????

As far as I'm concerned and the real fans, we don't care. We are used to this hate because the Lakers are bigger than you!
How many championships have we won????
In a span of 40 years I've folllowed this team, 10 NBA championships. 18 Western Conf. titles, and 22 Division titles.
That's a lot of entertainment for me and the fans compared to other NBA teams. Every year we are contenders. We cannot win it every year, that's what make this fun. The unpredictability. At least we always know we are always contenders.

Wow - I miss one day and all hell breaks loose around here!

Trolls go crazy, Rick wins comment of the day AND there's a ding how sighting??

HOW is this possible? Is there a star rising in the east?

moderator - agreed - great post.

phred - LOL my man - you are now and forever more shall be known as WAphred (weird al phred) HAHAHAHAHA!!! Keep them parodies coming!

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

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It seems I'm head over heels, a case of L-O-V-E
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Oh yeah it's better than drugs
In fact it's sent from above, huh huh

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Love (Lakers) addict, Love (Lakers) addict


Lets get this game started. It's 9:30 my time, and sweet dreams beckon...or sweet dreams of a bacon beacon beckon beautifuly before my bedtime...


In the meantime, I just bought this baby and added it to the horror collection; "Blood from the Mummy's Tomb"...


This one's for the Hammer Horror fans around the globe. And can we get a win tonight?


Hey wes - do you remember a show way back in the day about a space ship that had a bunch of different "pods" all connected together with different worlds in each one, and a group of humans who were the only ones travelling between them trying to find the "controls" because they knew the entire ship was heading for a crash or some kind of catastrophe? I used to LOVE it as a kid and for the life of me can't remember what it was called, and I figured you may just be the only guy on here that would know.... any ideas?

thanks everybody. two more tomorrow, but don't get the wrong impression, this is just reposting of stuff i've done before. i'm pretty slow at this.





I am flying out to San Antonio tomorrow and I'll be wearing my Laker purple & gold as I strut through the riverwalk. I'll watch game one at my friend's house, who happens to be a die hard Spuds fan. I'll be back in the 'Rado on Monday. Till then, stand fast.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

I remember that show when I was a lad. I hadn't thought of it since Jr. High. Great show!!

Hmmmm, kind of seems like how this season has gone eh?




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