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Lakers Roundtable: L.A. Times reporters preview Game 6 of the Lakers-Thunder series

We're always up for trying new things here at the Lakers blog, and the newest wrinkle entails presenting the Lakers Roundtable in video format! And with The Times' Mike Bresnahan, Broderick Turner and I eating Lay's kettle-cooked chips for every Roundtable, it's only a matter of time before we land the company as a sponsor.

But for now, we'll gladly pay for the chips out of our own pocket while we talk about all things Lakers. With the new format, soon enough we'll work on getting the Roundtable on satellite television. But we'll take it one step at a time.

Among the highlights:

--Why Lakers Coach Phil Jackson doesn't like Bresnahan's tie.

--Kobe Bryant's defense on Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook in Game 5.

--How the Lakers will fare in Game 6.

--What the Lakers could face if they advance past the first round.

You can follow The Times' Lakers coverage here and you can also follow Bresnahan and Turner on Twitter.

-- Mark Medina

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Walking around head held high, If I didn’t know better I’d think I could fly
That’s what a Laker win does for me, I guess I’ll be addicted for Eternity
Call Me an Addict, damn right it’s true, I’m addicted to the Lakers thru & thru
This affliction I didn’t know what to call it, Justa said 24, Man you a Lakerholic
I sank to my knees tears in my eyes, Was I afraid, Hell yeah I’m not gone lie
I said Justa, how much time do I have to me, Until the end of the Last Laker Dynasty
Then suddenly I began to grin, Any fool know’s Laker Dynasties will never end
Jon K hushed me before I could speAkl, He asked, Mamba24 are u sure this path u seek
Being a Lakerholic involves more than Bliss, You must be ready for your family to miss
The path of the Lakerholic is harder than Zen, You feel like hell when they don’t win
When a Laker game is on TV, You will neglect your job and even your family
The only thing that means anything to you, Is how did my Freakin La Lakers do.
If they won, zoom I’m sky high, And as I said before, I feel as if I could fly
But ah young seeker, if they lost, Do not receive the news alone at any cost
At times the pain might be so strong, You’ll sit in your bed & moan, & moan
Strange words will come forth from you, Damnit to hell what’s the matter with Drue
Then this will happen I don not lie, Before you will float a magnificent thigh
If this happens to the Doc. You must go, It’s Kwame Brown fever and it’s communicable
But if your heart is pure & you seek no pain, In the morning only traces of hurt will remain
This duality of highs & lows is the Tao of Lakerholics and thru it every novice must go
Then one day watching a game, A burst of insight will flash as bright as a flame
It will come to you & you will understand, Kobe Bryant is far more than just a man
He’s a Laker Avatar who was sent to us, To show that the way of Lakerholics is just
At that moment all seeking is thru, as these words of illumination transform you
“Seeker your search is over & done, All Basketball roads started from this one
Your True self reveal now I do, You’re a Freakin LA LakerHolic that’s who the Hell r u.


Why would anyone want to sit here and watch you eat potato chips?

Rudy - I thought it was just to create a casual atmosphere as if it's just a few friends sitting around talking sports.


Hey MM,

How is it going ? I got a problem with the videos you post ( Not the "roundtable" videos, postgame and sometimes practice videos ). The audio quality is too bad. If there is something that can be done about that, could you please try to ?


Amit - Yeah I think it should be fixed today. Basically for some reason the battery completely died on the audio mixer midway through the post-game presser in Game 5 and I didn't realize it until after the fact. Also, to be fairly honest, Kobe's audio is slow because he mumbles and doesn't speak into the microphone but fixing the audio mixer should still be good enough to have his voice be audible.


MICHAEL H… “If we remember what we learned in game 5, we will wrap this thing up. We finally played to our strength for an entire game, not just the 1st quarter. It's funny how two simple adjustments, along with increased energy made all of the difference.” Exactly, Michael. Game 5 was by far the best game the LA Lakers played all year, a truly beautiful exposition of how great offense leads to great defense leads to great offense. And the catalyst without a doubt was Kobe Bryant reprising his role from the last Olympics as the Doberman in charge of shutting down the other team’s most dynamic player and the facilitator getting everybody going.
MAMBA24… Larry, you are in true playoffs form. I loved “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT,” especially the opening line “Life evens all wrongs in an ironic funny way, Ask the Thunder, licking their wounds in OK.” And “THE TAO OF LAKERHOLSM” perfectly captured the impact that a Lakers win has on our fragile addicted psyches. You deserve great appreciation for your great efforts. It’s hard enough putting insights and observations into
intelligent and interesting paragraphs but to do that in the format of verse is pure genius to be celebrated. You embody the heart and soul of this Lakers Blog and deserve to be honored with your own bandwagon.

@LAKERTOM, OH BEHAVE! ;-) Thank you sir, much appreciated.

MM - for some reason, I'm using firefox, and I can't see the video at all. You think TP might be able to re-upload the video?

Thanks for your time, and I hope you're having a good day.

That was enchanting, Larry ;)
Truly :)

Cali, I am using firefox also, worked fine for me.

Cali - I'm able to see it on Firefox. Are you able to see it yet or is the video still blank?


Larry, thank you once again for feeding our Lakerholicsm. You are an addict so am I. Who needs rehab, I don't. Really, I don't smoke, cigar, pot or whatever. I don't drink alcohol anymore, although I used to. This Lakerholicsm is my only addiction. I don't want to be cured -:) -:)

Zaira, you are welcome dear. Unfortunately, I lurk only on game chat. FB sign in I don't really like. Besides, I am not as young as you to multi task during games :-) I read all posts on the game chat during time-outs.

I agree MAMBA24 deserve his own bandwagon. I can't do it, I-phones pain in cut and paste :-(

@Jeanette & Zaira, Thank both of you treasures of the Blog.


Hey man...make sure you don't have flash videos from certain sources blocked due to plugins like AdBlock Plus. Did this only start happening recently ? Are you able to watch other videos and just not this one (roundtable) ?


Mamba24 - outstanding - as usual.

Rick - sorry if my "whining" bugged you the other day. I really was just trying to see if it could be fixed cuz I find it very difficult to keep up when the chat is old school. Anyhoo - I won't post like that anymore.

Hey Justa! Is it game time yet?

@JustAnotherMambaFan, Oh, sorry, how rude of me. Thanks for the compliment.Lol!

Hey we got a new post up


Hey Amit, MM,

I disabled the AdBlock plus for this page, and when I refreshed it, it still was blank.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to respond earlier - I had class and had to run my discussion section.

I don't know what I did; usually the videos come up (they previously did) on different posts...

Mamba24, man you are amazing.. every morning before I leave home I first pull up the lakers blog to get my fix. I first seek my farvorites bloggers like you, LakerTom, Edwin, Cali, Zaire just to name a few. During the ShowTime Lakers I had it BADDD, when we lose can't sleep, when win the energy is like a HIGH. Man I needed rehab like a DRUG, and havn't smoked since 1984, but rehab may be in the cards if we win another championship. But I'll look forward to the treatment, Great Post, Great for the Lakerholicsm.

MM -

For some reason the video popped up this time I loaded the page.

I'll check it out later tonight and give you my thoughts. :-)

Cali - Sounds cool. I'm interested in hearing your feedback.




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