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Lakers reserve guard Vujacic out indefinitely with ankle injury

Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic will be sidelined indefinitely because of a severely sprained left ankle, a team spokesman said Thursday.

"It could two weeks, it could be 10 weeks. We don't have a crystal ball," Lakers spokesman John Black said. "Everybody's body heals differently, but it will be on the longer end. He's not going to be back any time soon."

Vujacic was injured Wednesday when he landed on the foot of the Clippers' Mardy Collins after attempting a 20-footer in the second quarter of the Lakers' 107-91 loss. X-rays were negative and an MRI exam Thursday confirmed a severe high-ankle sprain.

Vujacic is averaging 2.8 points and 8.6 minutes and had seen more playing time recently because of Kobe Bryant's four-game absence to rest an assortment of ailments.

--Mike Bresnahan

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(Winners in Caps)
Western Conference:
#1 LAKERS vs. #8 Thunder winner plays #4 NUGGETS vs. #5 Jazz winner. Then LAKERS over Nuggets
#2 MAVS vs. #7 Spurs winner plays #3 SUNS vs. #6 Trailblazers winner. Then MAVS over Suns.
Then LAKERS over Mavs
Eastern Conference
#1 CAVS vs. #8 Bulls winner plays #4 CELTICS vs. #5 Heat winner. Then CAVS over Celtics
#3 HAWKS vs. #6 Bucks winner plays #2 MAGIC vs. #7 Bobcats winner. Then MAGIC over Hawks.
Then MAGIC over Cavs
Then LAKERS over Magic

And here I was ready to shout BooYah! everytime he made a basket. Guess I'll have to wait till the Finals.


Its a conspiracy.. Open ur eyes people!

Why else would stern be so quick to fine if he had nothing to hide?

No freedom of speech..

Supress the people!!

People,everytime SOMEONE get fine by DAVID STERN-NBA commissioner-we all know that person is telling the true.Because it is the truth that why he get FINE.DAVID is running NBA with UNCONSTUTIONAL policy.Remenber DAVID! WE have the right to speak.

I'm with you LT!

Ic, you seriously need to take an english class dude. Your grammar is horrible...

The Sasha injury hurts. Darn it.


Is their any doubt why Phil Jackson has earned the nom de guerre of the Zen Master? His comments that Kevin Durant gets favorable treatment from the refs were pure genius and classic Phil Jackson. Just as Kevin Durant’s angered response showcased that Jackson had already gotten under his skin. The Lakers championship experience will suffocate the talented, young, and inexperienced Thunder.
I was sorry to see Sasha go down with a dreaded high ankle sprain. I’ve had a high ankle sprain before and they take forever to heal. They’re also not the kind of injury that you can play through. Sasha is most likely done for the year, which is a shame because I think Phil had been playing him in hope that he might get hot like shooters are prone to do. And hot outside shooters are something we need.
But it’s very encouraging that Drew seems to be pretty upbeat with teammates commenting on the hop in his step. I loved how he said he hadn’t lost his touch. All he needs to do now is to get his wind. If he really is healthy, Drew is going to be very driven and aggressive in the playoffs as he views this as his first real opportunity to have a big impact in the post season.
It is also encouraging that Pau seems to be playing at a higher level now. We may finally see our dream duo start to play in sync. The key in my mind is the team committing to playing inside-out basketball. If we run the Triangle Offense efficiently, don’t settle for outside jumpers, and win the points in the paint and rebounding battle, there is no team in the league that can beat us.
Which brings us to Kobe Bryant, who I believe is going to win his 2nd consecutive Finals MVP award. We need Kobe to stay within the game plan on offense and defense and to lead by example. We don’t need or even want 30 shots and 40 points from Mamba. We want efficient not volume scoring. We want the ball and the players moving not standing still. Most of all, we want team ball not Kobe ball.
Lakers in 4. Than Nuggets in 6, Mavs in 5, Magic in 6. Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

LakerTom, put away your crackpipe. Fakers don't get out of the 2nd round tops. Last year was a fluke, as the Fakes squeaked by injured teams. This year the teams are much more prepared, deeper, and have added superstars, for role players. Add to that fact that the Fakers are playing their worst ball of the season and have half their team on injured reserve. Besides, Orlando will not make it past the Cavs. Shaq daddy will eat Howard for lunch, as he always does, and the Cavs have the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. Cavs sweep the Magic. Keep dreaming though, even though dreams don't come true, not this year.

Why else would stern be so quick to fine if he had nothing to hide?

No freedom of speech..

Supress the people!!

Posted by: yellofever

Hey geniuses !!! Everyone in the NBA already knows you can't criticize the refs. Whether the policy is right or wrong. Everyone gets fined when they criticize the refs. Jackson was certainly aware of this when he made the comment regarding Durant. I'm sure he wasn't worried about the money. He has done this his entire career, and it plants a seed in the refs head and Durants. This has nothing to do with your ridiculous Darth Stern conspiracies !!!


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Laker Forever.


LakerTom, i absolutely love your optimism. i actually wish i could be that positive towards the Lakers post season run. i agree with most everything you stated here, Bynum's excitement and readiness to be an integral part of our run, Sasha's injury may be more critical to us as a team than most may think. but the one thing i am holding my breath on and pray to God that you are correct, is Kobe winning Finals MVP. i just don't see it this year. for the last few months, he has looked really bad out there. something just isn't right with his movements. he has no hops at all, he is struggling with his shot bigtime, and i've noticed him giving up on defense quite often. although, i hope i'm completely off base here.

mike smith -

I think I get what you're trying to say. The Lakers won last year because they were fakers. And, if they win this year, they'd still be fakers, right? The Cavs however are the real deal... and if they don't become champions they'll still be champions because any other team that wins is faking it, right? Ot is it only the Lakers that are the fakers? I cannot believe how I fell for all the lies spread by the Lakers for all these years! Thank you brother. Your brilliance shines... like an all-powerful light... of knowledge! Mike Smith, everybody. Read the man and know that he is the truth.

Sorry Tom. But Sasha is not a "shooter". "Shooters" actually make shots.

Mike Smith, May I remind you that Fakers won NBA Championship after being called as Fakers all the season? Nothing is impossible with REAL Lakers!

Mike Smith. You've got it all wrong. Whaquille O'neal (self proclaimed and still "The Big Cactus"--here's a lightbulb over the head moment, cacti don't move laterally or up and down the court) couldn't even handle Glenn "Big Lard Butt" Davis. He's the faker whose pettiness and ego also couldn't handle that KB24 had become a more dominant scorer and defender than he was.

Whaquille breaks a thumb, he goes down for the count. KB24 breaks an index finger, he adjusts and still scores over 27 points per game for the season.

KB24 buries deep threes with his broken finger. Hell, even Shannon Brown will require thumb surgery at the end of the season and he's still playing. Whaquille can't even make a chippy with his broken thumb.

Ohhhh, it hurts to play! Oh my aching thumb! Woe is me! If Whaquille was half as tough as he claims he is, he'd play all 82 games and would lay off the Krispy Kreme.

If Shannon played with Whaquille, he'd take his lead and be done for the season. But KB24 leads his troops by example. Look at how many hand injuries this team has, but none of them called it quits. Just another sign that KB24 is not only a True Warrior, He's a True Leader!!!!!

Who's the faker? Not the Lakers!!!!!


As for the NBA fines on Phil Jackson, part of the reason why Phil is paid so much to be able to afford to pay those egregious fines imposed for speaking the truth and getting into the heads of other teams and their fans. It's Cookie Jar Chump Change to him.

He's 110% Right!!! KB24 goes to the hole, gets bumped by 3 players, makes the shot and NO CALL!

Durantula, Ginobli, Parker, LeBron, etc., get feather touched. And One!

So much for Equal Justice...

Boy will we miss Sasha's 30% shooting, 0 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 numnuts fouls per game...



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