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Lakers' Phil Jackson, Ron Artest and Jordan Farmar discuss 107-91 loss to Clippers

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers guard Jordan Farmar

--Mark Medina

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Lakers loss to Clippers is nothing new. The Thunder are waiting and will be in town on Sunday. If lakers cannot beat Clippers I can imagine what Thunder will do to lakers.

Jon K.'s Early Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:

1. I expected this game would be more difficult that it seems most did. First of all, the Clippers have major talent--talent that doesn't always show up and talent that often doesn't gel, but they literally don't have a bad player on their team. You think the Lakers haven't met expectations this year? You haven't taken a hard look at the Clippers. The Clippers were picked to be a fifth or sixth seed in the playoffs this year. Secondly, considering how badly the Clippers season went (and how many free agents are on the team), it was clear that the Clippers were going to play hard because it's always a BIG DEAL for Clippers to beat the Lakers in Clipper Nation. For Laker Nation, beating the Clippers isn't that big a deal. So, thus, the game ended out partially how it did.

2. Over the last two games it sure looked like The Machine was back. This injury to Sasha sucks, big time. It was looking like his energy was inspiring the the group-of-reserve-players-formerly-known-as-The-Bench-Mob. Sasha won't be back until at least the second round.

3. I'm glad the playoffs are about to begin. I'm so tired of these reporters beating a dead horse with their questioning. I haven't heard a single interesting and/or innovative question in three weeks.

4. Adam Morrison has become The Anti-Machine. Unlike Sasha, who when given minutes plays like his soul has been dying to get on the court, Adam looked lacsidaiscal on the court and unfocused. It looks like he's given up on basketball. It's sad. He's just waiting for this season to end and that really sucks because with all these injuries and with our inconsistency with outside shooting, we could really use him right now.

5. Last night was a clear example of how badly we miss Andrew Bynum. The Clippers have a strong inside game with Kaman (finesse) and Jordan (power). Pau Gasol can't handle both and Lamar Odom is not the guy to really play a grind out power game. He's more the guy who constantly surprises the opposition because they don't know what he's going to do (in part because he can do everything.) Last night if we would have had Bynum on Jordan and Gasol on Kaman, it would have been a very different game.

6. It's moments like these that I wish our training staff made sure to improve their knowledge and skill set from last year.

7. Finally, the playoffs. Let's go!

8. The thing I hate about a loss is that it inspires all the 15-year olds to infest the blog with taunting, chicken little nonsense, while the best, brightest and most thoughtful of us decide to take a siesta. My scroll wheel is getting worn down to a nub as a result.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


“Laker nicknamed (not really) named Thriller’

To the theme song from ‘the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Now this is a story I’m telling you all
I’m not just a guy who got into a brawl
Laker fans just chill out
And sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became a Laker named the “Thriller’

I’m from Queens New York born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin all cool
Shootin some B ball til it was time for school
Became mostly known
for my defensive skills
At least until I played in that place; Auburn Hills
I came out of St Johns, feeling kind of rare
The Bulls said ‘Make these guys forget all about that guy Air’
I did my best in the city that’s windy
But they packed me up and shipped me out to Indy
We did all right there, those guys were alright
We were on our best behavior ‘til we got to Detroit.

That mess, that was bad
But I was sitting it out,
lying on my ass
‘Til some guy had to go and hit me with a glass
Well, that was gonna cause a fight

The NBA got kind of pissy, they whined about that
I got my suspension, seventy games I sat
I thought what the hell?
This really ain’t fair
I caused more suffering when my album hit the air
Well the Pacers they decided that I’d have to go
They shipped me off to Sacramento
I played real hard for Adelman
Must’ve had some success
Traded for me when he got to Texas
Playin’ for the Rockets was doing alright
But me and Kobe, we’ve always been tight
Rockets jersey wouldn’t be the last that I’d wear
Couldn’t wait to tell Kobe- man was in the shower

A season or so later
Heard Mitch to Trevor ‘Yo homes smell ya later’
Sign for the minimum
Do it with flair
Now I’m the Laker with the nickname Thriller

Posted by: phred | September 22, 2009 at 11:58 AM

“Shannon Brown”

To the tune of
The Strangler’s “Golden Brown”

Shannon Brown, isn’t he fun
Steals the ball, down the court he runs
Jumps up so high
Floats through the sky
Never a frown on Shannon brown
Every time just like the last
Down the court looks for the pass
Though with both hands
Cheers in the stands
Folks in this town love Shannon brown
Shannon Brown, like UPS
In the dunk contest he’ll be the best.
He’s come to play
Get out of the way
He’s throwin down is Shannon Brown
He’s throwin down
That’s Shannon Brown
Never a frown
That’s Shannon Brown

Posted by: phred | November 26, 2009 at 05:50 PM

Lakers loss to Clippers on the 82nd day....does not mean a thing with the playoffs for the Thunder. For newbies and greenhorns on playoffs like the Thunder, they immediately make trend speculation of what would happen next? For Phil Jackson and others who have been in this scenario a thousand times, a new dawn of season has just begun, it is called the playoffs. Perhaps, Sasha's ankle tweak is authentic but as to others.....we have to believe what when the first game starts. There is always gamesmanship involve once you get to the real season. So far, PJ struck the first salvo on Durant, and since Durant as a player and Eric Wrong as a blogger are neophytes on the game of chicken, they immediately respond and react....psychologically PJ got what he wanted without being fined. Between today and Sunday, there will be more talk from colorful to controversial and if Durant keeps on reacting, by Sunday he is mentally fatigued and intrigued on what is going on. As I said before these are the playoffs, the best attitude is just hone your skills, shut up and let your game do the talking.


Erica Wrong: "Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah."

To the Blog Faithful, I say this: The time for pontificating and speculating is over. Now the real season begins.

Go Lake Show!


I predict Artest will be an explosive in this playoffs, he has maintained a low profile in the last three games but once the playoffs begin, he will give Durant what he is due? Someone will get mad and thrown out of the game before it finishes. Those visitors continue maligned the Lakers, well you ain't seen nothing yet, you would see it in the next few days. Lakers are still the Champs and you have to pass the Lakers test injured, half injured or none at all to determine whether the Thunder are now a matured bunch or new kids in the block. The other player you have to watch is Fisher, if push comes to shove he is the 2nd enforcer out there. Last night was a sample how he shoved Blake on the sideline, he pissed off all those touches and pushed that are not being called so one big foul balances everything. Are these dirty plays? You bet. In the playoffs they are focused and narrowed their targets.




"Somebody got tourched...", "...can't imagine what the Thunder..." yada yada yada....

Did anyone else notice the Lakers looking at their watches wondering if they could go home and start thinking about the Thunder about mid way through the second quarter? For the chicken littles and nay sayers out there, I don't think anybody's heart was into trying to beat the Clippers. It was more of feeling of letting the little brother feel good about himself when he went to bed last night. Unfortunately they had to play and ended up with some new injuries.

Come on Sunday!!!



Jon K,

I think the best way to use Adam Morisson as a special gunner or marksman rather a transitional passer in the triangle. He is like the special forces to hund the Taliban, well this time to create headaches to the Thunder coaching staff. This kid is not looking for his shot but looking where to pass. Whoever is coaching him, he should now focus on his shooting accuracy, perhaps he will only make 4 shots or even less opportunities based on a limited time allotted for him playing and within that 4 shots, he should aim at hitting 3 out 4; 50% mark will be bad. That should be the mojo of Ammo. "I am here to help the team by adding to the score not just as transition player." For his last hurrah as a Laker, let's put that Zag swagger in the Lakers record with an imprint of Adam as a player not just a bench warmer. Boost the confidence of this kid that he used to be the Durant of Gonzaga.

Shannon Brown was scoring double digit however there are just too many "buts" on his game. He can be a shinning knight ready to jostle or a caterpillar about to turn into butterfly but could not put off his bad habits mixed with his good habits. His mid shots jumpers are deadly but lacks the right timing.. He should dribble less and communicate more with Odom and Gasol on what is the most effective way in creating shots, pick and roll and alley hoop among the three of them. They get into TO's due to miscommunication on what they want to execute. Communicate more and rehearse those moves with precision during practice not on the actual game.


phred&mamba: you killed me guys ;)

no need to address trolls, they are like dust blowing around on the floor, sometimes here, sometimes there. no matter.

as for the lakers vs. thunder, i love how phil's already got the mind games going on durant, and durant's immaturity has already gotten the better of him. he'd do well to focus on his game and forget about phil- but that probably won't happen. murphy's law, just when sasha's finally putting a few games together, he gets injured. i was hoping we'd see some of his energy against the thunder, but that doesn't look likely now. time for everyone else to step up, the season has officially begun! no cakewalking allowed!

Edwin Gueco,

Thanks for your post on Adam Morrison.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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