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Lakers owner Jerry Buss inducted into basketball Hall of Fame

Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, the hall officially announced today.

Buss will be enshrined in Springfield, Mass., on Aug. 13 with the 2010 class that includes inductees such as Karl Malone, who spent the 2003-04 season with the Lakers, Scottie Pippen and Cynthia Cooper.

Since buying the Lakers in 1979, Buss has won nine NBA championships.

Entering this season, the Lakers had recorded the highest overall regular-season winning percentage (.661) in the NBA since Buss purchased the team.

Buss will go in as a contributor.

-- Broderick Turner


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JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN… “You should have come on the live chat for awhile. I bet that would have made all the difference. Therefore I blame this loss on YOU.” LOL. Actually, I felt the same way as I watched the game. Another tough shooting night for Kobe. Good game by Pau but we really miss Drew’s inside defense. Duncan just backed Pau down for easy shot after easy shot. And Manu Ginobli has to be the toughest guy to keep out of the paint in the entire league when he is on what with the way he can change direction in one step.
JON K… “Why did we lose today? 1. Kobe took too many and made too few shots. 2. Our perimeter defense sucked. 3. Manu Ginobli played like a lunatic. 4. Tim Duncan played like he was four years younger. 5. We missed Andrew Bynum's inside presence.” Best, most succinct game summary I have read. Watching Duncan back Pau down for easy shots really drove home how much we are missing with Andrew not in the lineup. The only other thing you missed was one of the refs was Bennett Salavtore, renown Laker and Kobe hater.
OUCHHHHHHHHH… “mirror, mirror on the wall. who is the gutless of them all?” Come on, ouchhhhhhhhh. I will be the first to admit that Pau Gasol has problem when playing against physically superior and aggressive opponents, especially when he tries to fight back by being physical rather than being smarter and using his advantages of quickness and length to prevail. However, your relentless ridiculing and ruthless vitriol fail to acknowledge the positive impact that Pau’s play has had on this franchise, including last year’s championship. I suggest that you might want to look into that proverbial mirror to see if you are still wearing a Lakers cap.

I doubt Mitch Kupchak will be following Dr. Buss to the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, Dr. Buss!

You deserve it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Buss will go in as a contributor."

~~Way to go to HOF Jerry, you spent a fortune and get back something in return, a plaque, speeches and memories forever recorded in Springfield , MA. Other owners like billionaire Cuban, Kohl of the Bucks, Sterling of the Clippers practically find a happy medium to gate crash this institution, more often than not they remain as losers or short of accomplishment. All they achieve is a little fame during All Stars Game and in the case of Sterling during draft day.

Cheers for Jerry Buss, the best owner of NBA still winning since 1960.

***PS. Does this award have any connection to the re-signing of Kobe with that generous contract as a quid pro quo from Nike and Hof? Lmao!

***PS. Does this award have any connection to the re-signing of Kobe with that generous contract as a quid pro quo from Nike and Hof? Lmao! Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 05, 2010 at 09:32 AM


Isn't it ironic that Scottie Pippen and the Mailman are going in at the same time, when it was Scottie & MJ that twice beat Jazz in the Finals preventing Karl Malone from getting a Ring. I can't wait to see them both on the acceptance stand.

So the NBA decided to do what’s just, and induct the good Dr. Jerry Buss
It took them long enough this is true, to give Dr. Jerry Buss his due
Without the Lakers I do think, The NBA would probably sink
He raised the standards of the NBA, so it’s time he had his day
Before Dr. Buss came to be, Thugs like the Celtics was the face you’d see
The face of the NBA was a Celtics mug, That’s right the face of a straight up thug
Into this den Dr Buss came, and brought some class to the NBA game
He showed that basketball could be, A thing of grace and beauty.
He did a lot of other great things, including winning lots of Rings
So Dr Buss I’d like to say, You’re a credit to the World and the NBA!

(01) MAMBA24 - OWNER - David Stern for once do what's right and put Tex Winter in the Hall of Fame. You'll burn a lot of that Evil Karma if you do.

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