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Lakers' late-game collapses prevalent in 91-88 loss to Portland Trail Blazers


The M-V-P chants permeated around Staples Center, as Lakers guard Kobe Bryant approached the free-throw line. The cheers serve as a constant backdrop during Lakers games, but this chant sounded louder. That's perhaps because in a game filled with shoddy execution and missed opportunities, Bryant still had the chance to secure the Lakers a victory by doing something so simple.

He didn't need to hit a top-of-the key three-pointer like he did with 49 seconds remaining to pull the Lakers within two points. He didn't need to drive in with a finger roll that tied the game up with 31.5 seconds remaining. He didn't need to hit a game-winner to secure a win, something he's already done seven times this season. He just needed to hit a free throw to tie the game, or two to win it.

There's a reason why Portland Coach Nate McMillan said "we definitely didn't want to foul in that situation," with Martell Webster hacking Bryant near the free-throw line even though the Trail Blazers didn't have a foul to give. Bryant stood at the stripe with his typical determined look, but the results weren't typical at all. Both shots rimmed out in what was just the beginning of a bizarre seven seconds eventually leading to the Lakers' 91-88 loss Sunday to Portland. "I haven't been shooting free throws very well, anyway," said Bryant, who scored 20 points on eight of 23 shooting after missing the past two games because of swelling in his right knee. "I'm trying to brush up on them, change it up a little bit and get it right for the playoffs."

Lakers guard Derek Fisher most likely feels the same way. After Bryant's second missed free-throw, Lakers forward Pau Gasol grabbed the rebound, kicked the ball out to Fisher on the perimeter and drew a foul on Portland guard Andre Miller as the Lakers trailed 88-87 with 4.7 seconds remaining. After his first shot rimmed out, Fisher sank the second free-throw to tie the game at 88-88 and then quickly flashed a look at Bryant. After Portland called timeout, the two walked toward the sideline bearing smiles.

"Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying," said Fisher, who scored 14 points on six of 11 shooting and normally shoots 85.7% from the free-throw line. "We were ripping each other a little bit for each squandering that opportunity."

Fisher's intention to grab a steal ultimately resulted in three free throws for Webster, a sequence that resulted in three successful makes and something Fisher said "was a poor play on my part and I'll accept the responsibility."

Yet, with the Lakers trailing 91-88 with 3.3 seconds remaining, the team still had a shot. But Lakers Coach Phil Jackson drew up a play that involved Bryant setting a down screen for Gasol, while he flashed up for a three-pointer.

The reactions?

"I looked at him and smiled," Bryant said.

"It’s not a kind of shot I take on a regular basis," said Gasol, who scored 23 points on nine of 13 shooting. "It’s not a shot I practice either on a regular basis."

Nonetheless, Lakers forward Lamar Odom inbounded the ball at the top of the key to Gasol, whose three-pointer rimmed out as time expired. "For now on," Gasol said, "I’ll try to put some work in it and hopefully make the next one." 

That goes for the entire team. The Lakers (56-24) have clinched the West's No. 1 seed, but they are one game behind Orlando (55-23) for the league's second best record. And the Lakers are far from playing with any type of consistency with only two games remaining in the regular season. Case in point, Portland's win marked the first time in six games they won at Staples Center and the Lakers' loss marked their third loss in five games. 

The team's five of 22 mark leaves Jackson hoping the team can get some practices at Staples Center before the playoffs begin. The Lakers' up-and-down play leaves Bryant and Gasol concerned on whether the team will finally sharpen up. And the Trail Blazers' win left McMillan acknowledging to reporters that "I think we can play with these teams," referring to the Lakers' as a possible first-round opponent.

Said Fisher: "Let them keep hoping."

Meanwhile, the Lakers continued to display why teams aren't as scared in facing the defending champions. The Lakers managed only two field goals in the first 6:32 of the fourth quarter ("The ball wasn’t getting pushed in the direction it has to go to create shots," Jackson said.) Though he controlled Portland guard Brandon Roy to two points on one of three shooting before he missed the second half because of a sprained right knee, Lakers forward Ron Artest looked lost on offense and even sat in favor of reserve Sasha Vujacic ("I’m just looking forward to the next day," Artest said. "When I play great, you’ll get the same answer as when I play bad. It doesn’t matter to me."). The Lakers also could've held onto a one-point lead had Portland forward Marcus Camby not converted a putback over Odom with 12.7 seconds remaining. ("We just didn't make enough defensive plays throughout the game," said Odom, who scored 16 points on eight of 15 shooting. "I guess their defense was better than ours." And the bench continued to underperform, scoring only eight points. 

With the playoffs vastly approaching, things aren't going to get any easier.

"From this Sunday to next Sunday, there is going to be an incredible amount of difference in intensity that's there in the games, Jackson said. "The critical nature of every play becomes very obvious. If we can match that, we'll be fine."

So far the Lakers haven't, and the results are far from pretty.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant gets past Blazers forward Nicolas Batum for a layup in the first quarter Sunday. Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times.

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I have a message here for our visitors.

Whatever you guys say, this is a no-bearing game in the Western Conference. It is a game for future match up in the 1st round. You, as visitors in this blog can insult the Lakers as much as you want, if that will make you happy and feel contented. Our team has had ups and down throughout , in and out of injuries but this still an improvement of the Kwame and Smoochie years. We have been there. We have been at the lowest valley of the Lakers, today as No. 1 seed, not bad at all, we like our chances. We love the experience of being the depending Champ throughout the season. We love the parade and the laughter. We may not be favored this year and maybe a longshot for the repeat, however if our players become healthy intwo weeks out, we could still have that last laugh and another parade. laughter could be sweeter and long lasting. Tonight, you can laugh as much as you want to your hearts content, if that will help you towards maturity as basketball our guests.

To Eric Wrong: Mamba24 prepares a roll call in order to cast evil spirits and the voodoos that frequently visits our blog every time Lakers lose . I believe we've a chance to cleanse the very wrong in you as you recite those demonic posts against Jon K. Is there a chance for Eric to be on the right side and become a true Laker fan, win or lose in this playoffs?

Phil really drew up that play for Gasol? Huh? WTF!

Kobe is now a choker but can not admit it.

Kobe shoulda sat out tonight and the remaining two games left in the season. That wouldve game him something like 14 days of rest before the first playoff game.

Is that too much rest? I don't understand.

First round exit and then maybe somebody in the organization will wake up and see that maybe it's time to get rid of some of the dead weight on the bench. Luke Walton hasn't done anything to really warrent that contract he got, everysince bynum got his big contract, he's been nothing but a tease and i for the life of me, i can't understand why adam morrison is still on the roster, there had to have been a free agent or d-league player out there that couldve done anything more than what that loser has done this year. Farmar should be starting and fisher needs to be on the bench. It just doesn't make any sense to watch virtually the same team on the court and they won't even win sixty games this year. The only change was artest and for the most part..he hasn't been the issue..gasol is scared to dunk when he close to the rim...too many jump shots and now we can't even make simple freethrows....what happens next week in the playoffs. Those misses will come back to haunt, just like it did today!

" this is a no-bearing game in the Western Conference."

Dude, we lost homecourt advantage throughout the entire Finals against Orlando today. THIS WAS A HUGE LOSS!!!!!

Do you think Kobe came back today for his health????

I know everyone on here has totally forgotten about Orlando, but the reality is that we might have lost the Championship today.

People don't have love for Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the Lakers?! Well, let it be known!

Kobe cannot admit he messed up and lost the game. It is hard for him to see the light, that his game is not there anymore. He needs to sit out the next two games and Fisher needs to sit out the rest of the season and end his career after this season.

fricken hate chicken littles.

No heart.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K

Jon I with you...can't take the chicken littles !!! Also we need to get rid of these trolls !!!!

"the reality is that we might have lost the Championship today."

Sounds a little dramatic, I know, but it's true!
If Shaq doesn't come back like a beast, Orlando has everything it needs(and then some) to take out Cleveland.

If we would have won this game, we would more than likely have ended up tied with the Magic record wise. And since we have a better division record than them and held the tiebreaker. It's all but a mute point now.

Lakers caught a huge break tonight when the Warriors beat OKC, pushing OKC into the eighth playoff spot.

Now Portland and San Antonio control their own destinies at six and seven.

If this holds up, it means that Dallas, Denver, Portland and San Antonio will all be in the other bracket. Meaning that the Lakers will have to beat only one of them to get to the Finals.

Guaranteed PJ would prefer to have Utah, Phoenix and OKC in his own bracket.

And you wonder why he had Gasol take that last shot?

The Lakers are crazy like a fox.

Didn't you see Kobe laughing after missing the shots and then laughing even more with Fisher after his miss, then the whole bench laughing.

The lakers control their playoffs and they don't want Portland in the first round. Portland in the number 6 or 7 is better for them since the Lakers have a hard time in Portland.

With the win Portland is 6 no chance for 5. If they lost to the Lakers today it could have given them a 8 if they lose out.

This whole last few games are setting up the playoffs for the Lakers. They lost where they needed to.

Portland should win out against the Thunder and Warriors but if they didn't they had the Lakers in round 1 if the Lakers won today. The Lakers losing guaranteed Portland not to be 8.The Spurs at 7 may win out or lose to the Mavs. Still 7. The Thunder at 8 may lose out or get a win against Portland but still in the 7,8.

The Thunder should lose to Portland Monday making it a Laker first round for them. Spurs at 7. Wonder why the Lakers wanted to lose to them last week? The Lakers loosing to the Spurs last week helped the cause. So they would be 7. It made a Thunder 7 a lot harder and know it looks impossible. Just what the Lakers wanted

Nuggets, Jazz or Suns in the second round. Or at least what little they could control for the 4,5 and 8 they did. It's up to the number 3,4 and 5 to hold court. If anything they want Denver to win, maybe why they lost there the other night making them 2. The Lakers match up better to the Suns then Denver.

yeah...I'm a Laker Fan,

No bearing game in the Western Conference. Lakers are still # 1 seed.

Secondly, if they want a "repeat" this year, they have to win on the road whether here in the West or in the East. Lakers can't hide on your home courts alone and lose all road games.

Let the playoffs begin before believing all the prognosticators out there. As a betting man, I have already said we are not favored this year but we liked our chances.

The problem with you guys as Laker Fans....??? you are all thrashing the team on their 80th game with several lame players in the line up. Definitely, we are hopping on the freeway like an injured sparrow finding ways how to fly again. Realistically, Lakers has to lose four games against one team in the playoffs before officially calling them out. The horse is always ahead of the carriage, not the other way around.

You wanna laugh at our team because we lost against Portland today....laugh, who cares Laker fan yeah (sigh?) If we lose against Sacto and Clippers, laugh more (yeah sigh?) this point what matters to us are the playoffs.

Rick -

Once I read that, I was thinking the same thing...

I'm also starting to think that Phil might be trying to concoct something. The one person on the floor who doesn't shoot 3s got a play drawn up for him to shoot it? Kobe and Fish laughing about it?

Maybe they were pulling a "Gentleman's Tanking" for the afternoon.


Jackson drew up that final play for Gasol?
Are you kidding me?
Gasol should not have even been on the floor.
Odom (inbounding) to Bryant , Artest, Fisher, Farmar (all of them threats for a three)...
but Gasol? whose career percentage from the three is 22% on .1% career attempts?
That's the play Jackson draws up?
Home court advantage against Orlando is riding on that play?

I thought Jackson blew it against Denver and Boston when he didn't call a timeout and set up a play to try and win those games in the final seconds... but if he is going to call a play for Gasol shooting a three when Gasol SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN ON THE FLOOR in tonight's game then... what does it really matter?

If the Lakers even get as far as playing Orlando in the finals... and it goes to the 7th game in Orlando... just remember what the Lakers had to do for themselves to find themselves playing the final game of the championships in an away game...

They needed Jackson to call for a play that had Gasol shooting a three.

Needless to say, I am sick of Jackson. He's lost it. No question about it.

W-L vs Western Playoff Teams:

DAL 2-2
DEN 1-3
UTH 3-1
PH X 3-1
SAS 2-2
POR 1-2
OKC 3-1

It is rather ridiculous to insinuate that the Lakers are throwing the San Antonio and Portland games while still playing Kobe Bryant 40+ minutes a game and risking a possible season ending injury to your superstar....that makes no sense.

And if you lost Kobe for the playoffs David Stern and his merry bunch of cheating refs wouldn't be trying to help you out in every game you play in the playoffs. In fact, without Kobe nobody cares a lick about your team.

They can't hype Artest vs Lebron or Lamar vs Howard now can they.

You guys are getting beat because you have nothing left in the tank, plain and simple.....maybe next year. Enjoy Kobe's 300 million dollar/3 year extention!!!

Rick -

Once I read that, I was thinking the same thing...

I'm also starting to think that Phil might be trying to concoct something. The one person on the floor who doesn't shoot 3s got a play drawn up for him to shoot it? Kobe and Fish laughing about it?

Maybe they were pulling a "Gentleman's Tanking" for the afternoon.


Posted by: Caliphilosopher

Oh Cali you are so smart....not !!!!!!

To all my Fellow Laker fans out there :

The game of Basketball like any other sports is about speed. And this Laker team does not have it. Speed was the reason why it got to two consecutive NBA finals. We’ll it does not have it this year. When the Laker’s management decided to dump Ariza for Artest and play Bynum to Start games, they basically moved away from the proven formula that gave them the Championship last year. They settled for a more deliberate slow game that was “Old NBA” already. The game now is played very very fast. Shaq type slow big men like “Bynum” are a thing of the past. Management basically gave away the matchup advantage that the Laker’s had against everyone in the NBA.

And that is why Gasol made such a sudden impact with the Lakers, Gasol’s quickness transformed the slow Lakers into a fastbreaking Juggernaut, and made full use of Odom’s talents, which where not much in evidence before Gasol’s entry. And that’s why they complemented each other’s play very well. They had the distinct advantage of having Bigmen who can actually run the fastbreak against all their opponents. Thereby negating the physicality of the other teams in the NBA.

So, when the Laker’s played Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Kobe together, and sometimes Brown or Farmar, they were almost invincible last year. It was a thing of beauty to watch them dismantle team after team. Alas, that was last year, this year they have a slow Bynum, Artest, and a now very slow Fisher clogging up the fine Humming Running Machine that they used to have. So the games they have right now are so ugly, even winning is ugly. Because, there is no Cohesion at all between the players. I don’t believe it is because the players lack the desire to win games, it’s just that they play efficiently at different speeds. If they don’t play up to the speed or better than their opponents they will generally lose.

Basketball like any sport is a game of inches or advantages against your opponents, it’s either you run them to the ground or outshoot them. But this Laker team has no consistent outside shooting talent at all (aside from a now receding play of Kobe), so they made up for that last year, by running the opponents to ground and beating them to the punch.
(Remember the two steal by Ariza against Denver, you do not get steals by being slow footed)

Be it any sport, it is always about speed. Who is the fastest almost always wins. What the Lakers have right now is a wrong mix match of players, who cannot play together cohesively.

The bottom line here Fellow Laker fan’s is that it was a Laker management decision to
Sign Vujacic and Walton to long-high paying contracts, get Artest, and let go of Ariza. It was a Laker management Decision to keep Fisher to lead its $91 million investment through the season and now to the playoffs. No single player is to blame.
It’s all Management’s fault. They did the hiring and firing. They were not smart enough to recognize how they won last year. It’s always about younger, faster and stronger.

Ray allen with the lakers?!.. Wow. Imagine that. I don't care if he's a celtic I would love him here... Guarantee ring. He would break the alltime record for 3ptrs w so many open looks.. Unfortunately he's already got a ring and will be asking for at least 12-15MIL. Aint gonna happen

For ur own good, pls give luke walton as a starter a rest... He can barely hang with second string players now ur asking him to guard the likes of melo, roy, pierce, lebron to start the games. Like ur name suggest that idea just reeks like foul smelling freakin waste matter

U got me stumped! I have no idea why bloggers still think farmar is starting material in this league... Its like havin a JV player on a varsity team.. Five long years of headache and unrealized potential and you would think people finally get it.. . We'll shall see next year how he performs outside the triangle for once.. He may perform better but will never be more than a good backup anywhere he goes

Luke is signed because he adds a brain to the bench play.
Eric your comments like your logic are lame.
What lemon team do you support Eric? No heart probley got no team.
Fish will get a contract,but it will be as a assistant head coach.
Lakers should have made some moves at the trade deadline.
The bench is weak with sasha going as cold as deep space and brown has a hurt thumb,Walton injured and odom starting who is there that can do anything on that bench. Jordan is hot and cold and no one else on the bench can score 10 points and not have it be a carrier high in points.<-j/k

I just hope with the shorter rotation in the playoffs we can get some intensity back. If not all signs point to a early exit this year.

Side note WTF is with the officiating of the games. Pau gets called for a crap call that was not a foul in little girls basketball league and it was his second, so that sends him to the bench and sparks the other teams run.

I think it is obvious to anyone who has been watching the league for 20 years that the games are no longer won and lost by the players.. The officals make calls that control runs in the game and control tempo. It is obviuos that money, corruption or just the way the ref's feel about some players or teams controls the game flow.

Watch the low post for 5 minutes and you will see the knee between the legs rooting out Pau or straight hand with locked elbow on his back. They make the call when they feel like it other then that he is suppose to play through it and the second he gets aggresive about it they shut him down with faul calls.

Never in all the years of watching Kobe have i seen him get less respect and get no calls.Just watch the way defenders defened him now they have there hands all over him befor he gets the ball on every single play just about.

Oh well good luck to the Lakers.

rl: Your post says it all.

The real season starts soon. Can't wait. Until then, let the doubters doubt. That's what they do best. Me? I'm looking forward to a parade.

Go Lake Show!

you would think the lakers didn't make the playoffs the way the posts read. they won the conference as expected and the playoffs begin. Kobe does not have a major injury and bynum's late return should give the team a boost and put lamar back on the bench and get things back to normal.

relax, the NBA is supposed to be entertainment, no matter what lakers are champs until someone takes the crown away.

Dan, good pts. I have never seen that play for Gasol ever... He is the 5th/6th option at that point. So yeah a little fishy. I wonder if PJ is playing mind games with other teams. Sitting out Bynum, kobe to rest but so they can't scout us. All the while, trying to optimize 1st round matchups.

Let's hope they get their act together next week.

Go Lakers

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

It definitely looks like ADVERSITY has enculturated the Lakers team from all angles, and has challenged our faith as fans in getting it done again. The loss to the Blazers was yet another wrench of sheer confusion to most...her's my take after 80 regular season games...

Personally, I didn't expect the Lakers to have a cupcake run this season. As we all know, other teams got better simply because of the Lakers success for the past two years. You think teams got better to play the Celts of two years ago? Hmmm...

More importantly, nagging INJURIES, no doubt, have affected the Lakers play since December.

It is especially a diffcult proposition when lack of health happens to a veteran team like this, who pretty much rely on conserving energy for an entire 82 game regular season schedule.

As always, the Lakers orgainization carries a historical burden when it comes to performance on the floor on game days. This is why we as fans become so disappointed when they lose to practically anybody. Like I said earlier, we all have been challenged as a Lakers nation to see brighter days ahead.

With all the hoopla and doubt already creeping in, I still believe that the Lakers will preservere. The Lakers are the only team that have been battle tested the last two years in terms of games played and WON. Heck the whole decade from 2000 on.

Once again , let's not forget that the Lakers is a team that has been ravaged by a high dose of hand/finger injuries that are simply NASTY. KB24 basically is shooting with with a thumb and two fingers on his SHOOTING HAND for goodness sake! We might as well add bum knees (not only one, but BOTH) to that equation. No question he has been fighting himself not only physically, but mentally. After 14 years in the league, no surprise. Also, he is not the only one (Artest, Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Fish, etc.) with a medical list of concerns. We are talking about the starters as well as bench players (Farmar, Vujacic). It's just too darn ridiculous to comprehend.

Furthermore, the beauty about KB24 is that he ALWAYS bounces back from ADVERSITY, even through injuries. Last year, it was the "Beantown beatdown" from the previous season. This year, it may be the "LA Champs: PART II." Repeating is no question the Lakers purpose and burden.

This is why I have grown to appreciate the LA 3-peat team the most. Talk about the team fighting themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically and having doubters from year to year. It just plain TOUGH!

Naturally, we had to expect the unknown this year. With this being said, i have full FAITH that the Lakers will rise up to the ADVERSITY and reach the championship pinnacle with the PRIZE. That's RIGHT! I believe...Don't we?

After all, as Lakers fans you gotta believe through the toughest of times. That's what makes us Lakers fan special...Rising up through the negativity and uncertainty in an unforgiving sports world measured by success and failure.

On that note, Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! Peace!

They were laughing because they wanted to make sure that the game was lost exactly. Sure 3 straight missed freethrows then a 3 point attempt by GASOL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? VERY FISHY. Oh and A very dumb foul by Fisher. I think they want to play the Thunder. But the Thunder have Kevin Durant who really is playing better than Kobe. The kind of team that can beat the Lakers is one with good outside shooting and enters Durant. Maybe they can get one Laker to guard him and feel comfortable with handling the other guys?? Just a thought.

As Jon K. said, I SO FRICKEN HATE CHICKEN LITTLES!!! shoooooooooo

Haters/ Doubters/ Trolls/ Faker fans, you guys can doubt/ laugh all you want. Because this is the only time YOU will be able to do this. Come playoffs, you will see!

To borrow some lines in the song "One Day" by Akon & Matisyahu,

The world is a place
That you can´t survive without faith.

Sometimes in my tears I drown
but I never let it get me down
so when negativity surrounds
I know some day it´ll all turn around

I BLEED PURPLE & GOLD and nothing's gonna EVER change that.



To all Faker Fans,

Wake me up when the playoffs start, BY THEN IT WILL BE MY TIME TO LAUGH.

LAKERS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after we win the Championship this year, LAKERS IN YOUR DREAMS eric wrong.

My Lakers Brother Edwin Gueco:

Your wisdom and encouraging words allow me to bounce back from the unexpected loss to Portland yesterday sooner than I thought. Thanks! Just like many of you here, we're all disappointed in the loss that could come back to haunt us in case we make it to the Finals presumably against one of the two top teams in the East; Crabvaliers and Magics. Nevertheless, we need to support our team the best we can. It is what it is!

Here is my summary of our up and down season.

1. Our bench is non-existence. Mitch's Poker Move, check and check (Instead of making a bet (Sign someone before the trading dateline) could cause us a season. I don' think it will be easy and try not to pretend that I know everything but, we could have easily got Devin Harris from the Nets for the expiring contract of AMMO before the trading dateline. Instead, the Nets shipped him to Houston for nothing.

2. Injuries and more injuries. Kobe in particular. He is no the same Kobe we had last year. He has no lift, his shots do not look the same and his turnover are up. Bynum has demonstrated that beside talents, he needed to work off season to strengthen his body.

3. Farmar's inability to take command of the team. He' will be playing somewhere else next season.

4. Loss of Rambis. He is the heart and soul of our defense. The current coaching staff couldn't motivate the team or make appropriate adjustments during the game.

5. Lack of swagger: This team lost the confidence factor it has the past two years. They made too many mental errors in the closing minutes this year than the past two years combined. Just like yesterday, the real Lakers would not missed those FTs when the game is on the line or commit a silly foul.

I agree with "yellowfever" that the idea of counting on Farmar to lead this team is preposterous! He's a basket case that couldn't make a timely open shots. And for cry out loud Lakers' fan, please stop referring him as a "PG" because he isn't! He is a small shooting guard who couldn't shoot consistently.

Prepare for a up and down ride next week. Who know what this team would do. I'm lower my expectation this year and take the game one series at the time instead of counting on us to raise the O'Brien's Trophy in June.

Go Lakers!

Been out of action because you see, until after Apr.17 it’s all the same to me
Lose on Sunday & lose the last two, Until the regular seasons over, don’t care what they do
The West is ours & with a little strategy, we can pick our opponents for rounds 1 thru 3
Win 2 games and you might face, the toughest opponents in the playoff race.
Lose 2 games and you just might see, weaker opponents in round 1 thru round 3.
It’s not that we are afraid of a good fight, But the team isn’t healthy or 100% right
Normally I’d say bring em on, but let’s save the bravado till we are well & strong.
As Bruce Lee said be like the Willow my friend, Bend but snap back to win in the end.
Trolls have fun at the Lakers expense, after April 17 we’ll see who has the most sense
In round 1 we will start slow, Round 2 we’ll be healthier and show a lil more
Round three our health will begin to peak, Total Hell in the Finals, the Lakers will wreak
So let thy heart not be troubled Laker Nation, Sit back relax and just be patient
When it’s all over & said and done, Our victory will leave all the Trolls stun
Then the world will never again, bet against Phil, Kobe & the Lakers not to win
That’s it I’m thru, We’re still the Freakin World champ Lakers who the hell are you

I do hope "the switch" they are talking about is functioning when the Lakers decides to turn it on.

The game was NOT lost when Kobe and Fisher missed those shots, not even when Fish fouled Webster. The game was lost because we are poor with execution right now. We play good team defense for 23 out of 24 seconds and lose out on rebounds giving a team another opportunity to score the ball. Marcus Camby, as old as he is, is still very very effective defensively and knows how to play the game and he did an excellent job for them. Old ass Andre Miller did whatever he wanted to and went to the rim like he was Dwyane Wade and nobody stopped him -- no hard fouls, no resistance, nothing! Those missed foul shots just solidified us not being able to steal a game we didn't play well enough to win but maybe could've....

If there is a silver lining. At least we didn't get blown out!!!

People think its easy to win back to back -- you have to really have a special, extraordinary group of players, be free of distraction and purposely focused for more than 3/4 the season and into the playoffs, have alot of luck and be that much better than your opponent. This season has proven that to be more easier said then done.

We'll just have to see what we are truly made of....I never like to lose either so this is gonna be interesting.

Next year, our bench needs an overhaul and next year Kobe needs to be able to sit fourth quarters as does Pau and Lamar so we can preserve them for playoffs and games of substance...4 new quality BENCH players are needed, perhaps through trades and drafts!!!

Oh Cali you are so smart....not !!!!!!

Posted by: DFish

You think you can ascertain my intelligence from one post? That's cute.

Your insult sounds like something a 5th grader might say; notice, however, that I didn't say YOU were a 5th grader. For all I can tell, you're just a souped-up extra advanced Turing Machine, which is just manipulating symbols and who has the rules of syntax down but no conception of Semantics, Intentionality, or Qualia.

That's why I find you so entertaining - one can't possibly get mad at a Turing Machine!

"Reading" tip of the day for you:

1) Alan Turing - "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"
2) John Searle - "Minds, Brains and Programs" from Behavioral and Brain Sciences
3) Thomas Nagel "What it's like to be a bat"
4) Frank Jackson "What Mary Didn't Know"


The Switch

Well, if the Lakers don't care about this loss, why should we?
At this point I don't see any point in caring about the last 2 games, doesn't matter win or lose, good or bad.

All that's left now is the famous switch.
Either they can flip it on for the playoffs or they can't.
If they can we will still have some fun this season.
If they can't, well, it's been nice, better luck next year.

There's an old saying: "If you want to dethrone the king, it's not enough to wound him, you must kill him." Right now, the Lakers are only wounded. The rest of the playoff teams better watch out.

Geezus Christmas, Does Andrew need surgery or what?? Whats up with that Strain Achilles???

I was watching Nate McMillan worked the sidelines and he actually tore his achilles up but he is moving around now so I mean, I guess he's recovered.....

Andrew on the court, we are a different team. Bottom line. But still probably not the best since we cannot make outside shots and that's okay cuz we need to stay on the boards and create easy shots, higher percentage shots, get to the free throw line and cash in and stick with solid defense since our offense now comes and goes... The guards, everyone, needs to hit the boards and play scrappy and fight for every lose ball and start resisting whoever comes into our lane ! I cannot stand seeing a player go to the basket untouched and undefended with no resistance. Make his ass, whoever he is, make his ass earn that ISH!

Where is the PRIDE?? Somebody scoring on you at will and in your grill is the ULTIMATE disrespect! Dead all that when the playoffs begin!

As for a 1st Round playoff opponent?? Does it really matter. This is the WESTERN Conference -- the Real NBA! Nothing worth having is worth fighting for so whoever we play its gonna be a grind..The season surely hasn't been easy so the playoffs are not going to be easier.....Competition is what makes this game so exhilarating....If we deserve it, we'll will have to earn it..

why haven't pj sit fisher and let one of the two young guard start, then perhaps can the lakers can devise a triangle and two defense against the portland or teams with active backfield players. just a thought.

In my point of view LA can come out of the west through rounds 1 and 2 but, the western conference finals are going to be tough against phoenix or dallas. especially dallas because they are loaded and are match up against LA. As far as the east is concerned orlando or cleveland. Atlanta might be a shocker in the playoffs because they are improving and playing good basketball in the east.

Look, the world isn't coming to an end - the sky isn't falling, but the repeat does look like a formidable challenge:
Consider getting swept by the Cavs. Consider the poor record against playoff teams. Consider the antithesis of Phil Jackson repeat teams gaining momentum after the all-star break. Consider having to win TWO road games in the finals to pull out the series victory.

Yes, long odds.

But we already knew this.

What I'd like to point out is how everyone on the "Fish is cluth" bandwagon just got pwned. This wasn't the first time either - in the last three seasons, I've seen Fish make at least as many stupid plays on defense in the clutch...

In fact, last season I remember getting angry when Phil Jax would have one play left in the game (a defensive possession) and he had Fish in the game.... sort of reminded how in '08 pre-gasol, Phil would have one play left in the game (offessive possession) and put Kwame in...

Some things make no sense.

Fish has his own Horry moments - but he has made some stupid defensive plays in the clutch also.

OK, after this loss, I dont think the rest of the season is really matter !
Its not about the lack of urgency, Its all about the executions and the Lakers basically didnt execute good to win the game.
And there will be NO SWITCH in the PLAYOFFS to turn it on like some people said.
Again, Its about the EXECUTIONS, didnt you see the Lakers did not even try to play hard and play good DEFENSE enough to win the game ?
I think after we dropped like 4-6 in the last 10 games, the rest of the season is not really matter to the Lakers now, and I do believe that when it comes to Playoffs time, this team will play the LAkers basketball, ITs not like, you going to turn the SWITCH ON, Its about the executions.
Dont get me wrong, you can beat the Lakers once, twice, but Its pretty hard to beat this team 4 times a week WITHOUT HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE IN THE WEST.
People always saying that the LAKERS WILL TURN THE SWITCH ON but i would say again, there will be no SWITCH and Its just about playing smart basketball at the end of the day, the Lakers will show the better sense of urgency in PLayoffs time and I believe that will play ball with more executions.
Well, for some people would blame on KOBE's shooting performance, on Fish's being too old and should've retired, but those 2 guys have been in the league like 14 years, they know exactly about the game, they know how to win and they've been in the NBA FINALS 6 times. Like i said, the lAkers r an experienced team in the league and I DO NOT BELIEVE that anybody can take on the Lakers in a series.
The playoffs are a different BEAST, different story and about MAKING JUDGEMENT GAME AFTER GAME.
Lets the Playoffs begin LA Fans, dont be worry about this team, I have faith on them, peace.

Lakers caught a huge break tonight when the Warriors beat OKC, pushing OKC into the eighth playoff spot.

Now Portland and San Antonio control their own destinies at six and seven.

If this holds up, it means that Dallas, Denver, Portland and San Antonio will all be in the other bracket. Meaning that the Lakers will have to beat only one of them to get to the Finals.

Guaranteed PJ would prefer to have Utah, Phoenix and OKC in his own bracket.

And you wonder why he had Gasol take that last shot?

Posted by: jimjoyce | April 11, 2010 at 10:02 PM

I thought the same way. This lost is the good move for Lakers.

KB's injury is like a million years ago. His finger, unless it was held together by a piece of string, should be completely better by now. The Lakers are going to be fine if they play team basketball.with or without Bynum. KB has such a big ego that it ruins him. I believe that they gave Portland the game for obvious reasons, but, eventually, they will have to play team basketball to win again.

@ Ic: I agree on that, Phil Jackson is a smart guy, why dont you skip the extra steps to go through into the NBA Finals by the EASIEST WAY.
the Lakers dont wanna see Portland in the 1st round, Denver or SAn Antonio in the 2nd round and Dallas or Denver in the Finals West or something like that.
Sometimes you have to be smart to skip the extra teams, avoiding Portland, allowing the Spurs to beat someone in the other bracket, and overall I think that is a smart move by Phil if he does.
Its funny, Laker fans are jumping off bandwagon when the season is not even over, the Playoffs are 1 week away and we have not seen the LAKers in the Playoffs this year.
Relax, stay confident in the Lakers, they wont get beat in a series !



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