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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom discuss 101-96 Game 3 loss to Oklahoma City Thunder

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

-- Mark Medina

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Quoting a part of David Stearn lecture to coaches.....

"So our coaches should be quiet because this is a good business that makes them good livings and supports a lot of families, and if they don't like it they should go get a job someplace."

~~this sounds like the head of the Gambino Family describing what happen to cockroaches who spill their secrets to the media. Where is the principle of redress and due process in searching for truth? Is David Stearn or Stu Jackson always correct? What punishment meted to NBA top echelon on the Donaghy case? oh yeah, that would not be good for business!

GOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOd Morning Blog-O-Maniacs!

That was craptastic. 3 straight games without any sort of impact from Lamar Odom. Last season he was a major cog in our Playoff Success Machine, this year he barely qualifies as a squeaky wheel. You have to make noise to even be considered squeaky. So far, Lamar is so chilled out he's ice cold from the field.

3 straight games and Artest has one decent offensive showing. Lots of outside shots for a man renkowned for getting to the rim with his strength and quickness. I have no doubt he can make a jump shot (sometimes), I doubt he has the lift this year to make plays around the rim. We need him in the post, bruising Durant, making him play defense, possibly getting him into foul trouble in Game 4.

3 straight games watching our twin towers be relegated to the 'Maybe The Team Will Involve Them In the Offense' catagory. It's absolutely silly. Pau and Andrew are ABUSING OKC and they shoot less shots combined than the man with a giant wrap on the index finger of his shooting hand.

3 straight games watching Kobe trying to re-capture his stroke, his moxie and his game. I will never question Kobe's passion, dedication and will to win. I will question his decision making skills in the heat of a close game when his shot isn't falling. I don't know how to put this without alienating the legions of those who adore all things Kobe (I adore 85% of all things Kobe, FYI), but the way he closed out the game last night felt wrong from the beginning. If the shots go in, and we win, justanothermambafan is right, we'd all be here singing his praises. But even that would be wrong because when we win that way, we're setting ourselves up to lose the way we did last night. last season we saw a Kobe who didn't dominate the ball entirely in the 4th quarter, a Kobe who set up his teammates throughout the entire game. We need that Kobe. We need Olympic Kobe.

But we didn't get him and my gut tells me most nights we won't. Not because he doesn't care, isn't trying or wants to send a message to his team (Step It Up), but because the wrap he's forced to wear on his finger for this particular injury is clearly affecting his shot, his handle, his free throw shooting and his passing ability. The only problem is, he isn't convinced himself that he's playing with a handicap. This is why he won't deviate from his typical game mentality.

The Lakers need Kobe, they need his leadership, his toughness, his competitive drive and his defense. We need his ability to draw a double in the post. We need our guys who are on the court with him to figure out when the frack to CUT to the RIM with aggressiveness and decisiveness. then we need Kobe to pass it to the open man, be it cutter or shooter.

Kobe probably won't be the Finals MVP this year, even if we win. Because if we get that far this season it will be because Gasol is shooting more than 12 shots, because Bynum is allowed to crack the 10+ shot ceiling he's bumping up against and because Odom starts to contribute and forcing his man to guard him. I know that would irk Kobe, but it's the truth.

I know the whole team is banged up far worse than last year. That Fish is a year older, Ron is still figuring it all out and that Bynum isn't quite ready to take on the burden of leading the team on a nightly basis on the offensive end. But that doesn't mean we have to play outside in when we should be playing inside out. It doesn't mean that our offense has to consist of "give Kobe the ball and...". It means we need to play harder, or we'll go home until the Fall very soon.


It's the same thing I've been saying all year...we live or die with Kobe Bryant. He takes (by far) most of the shots, especially in the 4th quarter, so it stands to reason that if he misses, we're vulnerable.

And right now, Kobe looks like his legs and shooting touch just aren't there, likely due to injuries and little time off during the off-season. So unless Kobe in introspective and humble enough to say to himself, "I really need to lean on my teammates this year", I don't expect us to get out of the west. Because we all know his finger isn't going to get better and the playoffs aren't the time to try and rejuvenate tired legs.

We can get away with this in a series against the very young Thunder, but in the WCF? Probably not.

Posted by: Jamie Sweet | April 23, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Great post!

Have a little class and just tip you hat to OKC.

Posted by: DFish | April 23, 2010 at 10:48 AM

how about you having some class and not alienating first time posting female bloggers regardless of their opinion?

CLASS coming from a jock that lives in Utah and is a transplant from Massachusetts? take your low life comments and "i know everything about BB" somewhere else. looks like the ESPN board is more like your infantile style.

Mark Medina

even you predecessor Kobe basher, BK pinned that loss of the game on the 3rd qt. meltdown.

DFish, you have to prove those conspiracies that you alleged. That is our legal system. What I commented is part of his lecture to coaches, it just does not sound right to say that coaches should ignore bad calls because "it is not good for business". The evidence is there on what was said.

Lakers blogs are full of adjustments Lakers could make.

Guess what?

Phil doesn't make changes to rotation, offense or defense.

NO changes.

Stop it already.


"Guess what? Phil doesn't make changes to rotation, offense or defense."

True, it is not good on what we perceived. However, Phil wass a winner in the past with his own discipline. Hard to question a winner when we are just critics or Monday quarterbacks.

What's Todd talking about, I'm adjusting myself right now. See, no hands!

Nice observation Jamie Sweet, Lakers really blew the opportunity of winning Game 3. It was in their hand for 2 1/2 quarters, let go at the end of 3rd and bad decisions throughout the 4th, after wards it was too late to catch up.

Some people will again raise the idea of "big money" in sports for extended games. I don't know and only God knows the truth on those possible scenarios.

Hey Mark, thanks for the Kobe article. It was incredibly refreshing to read someone who unlike the rest of the media (at least in LA) think Kobe can do no wrong.

Jordan also averaged a huge number of shots per game, but his percentages were incomparable to those of Kobe's , in fact Jordan never had a season where he shot a lower percentage than Kobe's during his highest percentage season. Anyway, not that it matters Jordan was Jordan and Kobe is Kobe. The thing to watch is that Jordan shot literally almost all the time within the triangle offense. With Kobe on shooting mode there is no triangle whatsoever, it's just a lot of dribbling, "silly dancing" and some occasional pick and rolls.

What is kind of disturbing is that even though Phil called out Kobe two games ago, Kobe has on the other hand even increased his shooting rate while lacking any degree of efficiency.

It's also disturbing that almost every other game they have on national tv they pass this statistic about the Lakers winning 95% of their games when Kobe shoots less than 20 times per game yet Kobe keeps on passing and ignoring such a telling statistic.

All in all, I think a considerable part of people following the Lakers and posting here are more preoccupied with Kobe being able to do this thing than with the Lakers playing basketball the right way and winning games.

With the series shifting to OKC, the Lakers had very little time to counter what Thunder did in game 2 (fronting our bigs). OKC continued to play effectively by denying the paint in game 3 and now the series is 2-1. With a day of preparation for game 4, look for PJ to counter with some dribble penetration and dish to the bigs and PnR offense. That should create some open looks in the paint. I'm not sure we can improve on defense other than not give the open looks. Brooks has proven he can make adjustments. The ball is in Phil's court.

Everybodys right and...everybodys wrong. Let's play game 4 and see what happens, I am not worried.

"This is nothing new for David Stern. He has been a Dictator for years and years. Why you guys are just realizing this is a mystery to me."

DFish, that statement is an allegation that should be proven. David is appointed through election from team owners. So being a dictator as you alleged there is a conspiracy between him and the owners. Are those based on facts? what facts?

Everybodys right and...everybodys wrong.

Posted by: billy in slo | April 23, 2010 at 11:36 AM

I think you're wrong about that. Sorry I couldn't resist....

I'm patiently waiting for saturday too. Can't wait to see what adjustments are made.

Jamie Sweet,

you wrote: But that doesn't mean we have to play outside in when we should be playing inside out. It doesn't mean that our offense has to consist of "give Kobe the ball and...". It means we need to play harder, or we'll go home until the Fall very soon.

my response: So the last statement by PJ in the video link above is: "They
prevented play in the paint. [ paraphrase ]

My question to you is: How can the Lakers play inside-outside basketball
when the other team is preventing the ball going into the bigs? A quick look
at the box score shows 20 non-Kobe 3ptrs were taken. To repeat that,
Artest, D-Fish, J-Farmar & S-Brown took 20 3 point shots over the course
of the game. They made 6. That's ~ 27% shooting from players not named
Kobe. That's 5 3-ptrs per quarter from people not named Kobe.

Why are we talking about Kobe in terms of this loss?

MM - I gave you big props for giving me Reader Comment of the Day in the last post, but either it disappeared into the ether or I posted it on the wrong thread. Thank you much!

ouchhhhhhhhh - You're right, but also note below the main segment of Brian's breakdown and you will see he questions Kobe's shot selection


Hey guys we got a new post up on Luke Walton. Definitely some funny stuff


Dfish - do you have a job? Do you have a boss? If you had a boss, and you criticized your boss and/or the work of the company over and over again, in front of television cameras and reporters, how long do you think you would last at that job?

I'd love to know the difference between a "boss" and a "dictator" to you. Apparently, if someone appointed by your boss tells you to stop calling the company employees a bunch of cheats and cons, then that makes him a "dictator", right?

Kobe does not care about the result , if he is not a HERO , saving the Lakers , he might as well lose , rather then let anybody else shine. And one more thing , he wants to be the highest scorer on the team .

Dfish - do you have a job? Do you have a boss? If you had a boss, and you criticized your boss and/or the work of the company over and over again, in front of television cameras and reporters, how long do you think you would last at that job?

I'd love to know the difference between a "boss" and a "dictator" to you. Apparently, if someone appointed by your boss tells you to stop calling the company employees a bunch of cheats and cons, then that makes him a "dictator", right?

Posted by: LA Guy | April 23, 2010 at 12:31 PM


This is typical Odom - he will have a stretch of games where he's lights out, then he will call it in niot for none or two, but a week's worth of games.

I think JB way overpaid for him as this is the norm for LO - far too inconsistent, at least for my way of thinking.

And I will be anxious to see how Kobe comes out next season as it seems the injuries have finally got to him; he seems slow.

And then there's Drew - Bynum disappears from the game after the first quarter! He also has a very low threshold of pain & when you're injury prone, it's npot a good combination. I mean the guy sat out several games due to a bad cold or something ?

I wish this team had toughness throughout as they are not at all a physical team & since they can't seem tpo run with the Thunder, they better toughen up!

If Bynum was a hockey player, he would have never made it on a team - hockey players are tough! Look at the Kings rookie phenom, Drew Doughty, a finmalist for the leagues best Defenseman, he takes a puck in the mouth earlier this season, goes to the locker room with 4-5 teeth knocked out, he takes stitches & comes back later in the game & NEVER missed a game. Most of the Lakers sit out with colds, a mild strain, etc.

I have not seen the NBA's Free Agent list, but if they can't sign a tough power forward, they should definitely move LO for one; throw in Sasha too.

I recall the great 80's teams with the bangers under the boards, not afraid to stick their nose in there & scrambling for loose balls.

Well, let's see if this group can come out with any intensity & keep it for 4 quarters!

I love Lamar. He's a typical New Yorker. He only needs a little pat on the butt, and he seems to wake up in the playoffs. Maybe they need to not pat him this year but spank him. I love Lamar but he knows he needs an occasional pat on the but, that's just his makeup. But when his mind is right he is a freaking nightmare. So just head my warning. This guys is gonna wake up pretty freaking soon. I think it's good we all talk crap. Hopefully all this talk will light a fire under him. I don't like talking crap about him but I think he really does need it at times. Lamar, we only want to light that fire, we don't really think negative at all about you brother, we all love you man.
Same with Kobe, we don't mean to throw him under the buss, but some of us do because we don't know any better. After all is said and done we will still love this team even if they don't win a championship. I do think we will win it all though. And I'm starting to feel bad about all this crap talking I've done. So I apologize, I don't really mean anything bad if I've said anything. Denver's blog should really be active tonight though. HAHAHA.



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