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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom discuss 95-92 Game 2 victory over Oklahoma City Thunder

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

--Mark Medina

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Glad you agree with me that Fisher is Lakers weakest link and a liability.
Now if we can get Phil to give Farmar or Brown a chance to prove they can contribute more than Fisher by playing them 30 plus minutes at Fishers expense then we have progress.

As is, don't think Lakers can win championship playing Fisher 30+ minutes and having him on the floor at crunch time.

It was good Fisher fouled out in game #2, because his deficiencies could have cost the Lakers the game.


Are you still on the Fisher "veteran presence" bandwagon?

Lakers players telling media they have confidence in Fisher is political. What are they supposed to say, "It sucks that Fisher gets torched on defense and can't hit a shot but Phil still won't let me play?"

Farmar, Brown and Sasha know they are better players and options than Fisher. They also know, that they will not play major minutes because Phil plays Fisher no matter how badly Fisher plays.

Maybe its time for another Fisher speech.

(01) PSYCHED LAKERGIRL -OWNER - And as many know, I will always love DFish. I am proud of my love and the haters can say what you will. He still owns 4 rings and comes up big. He knows what to do and when to do it. So, don't be hating, be celebrating we have Fish's leadership on our team.
Fish plays within the team and always has his mate's backs. Weren't we hearing the same things last year??? Too slow, getting crucified by faster guards, wah, wah. It may not be this first round where Fish brings it - maybe this is where Artest (get rid of Ariza's ghost) and AB (is he healthy...once again) are supposed to lay this championship's foundation. Know this - Fish will be there when we need him most. Let us not forget his timely suspension, got your back, taking one for the team moments last year. He still has it............the heart of a champion.
(02) MAMBA24 - DRIVER - I'D Drive Psyched anywhere. Amd If I had but 0.04 seconds I'd give the shot to DFish.
(03) JON K. – RIDING SHOTGUN - Derek Fisher is playing very good TEAM defense (his one-on-one is okay, not great), but the guy has to make his open shots and least half the time.
(05) J24(LADY-JEM24) - I've always been a supporter of Derek Fisher
(06) WALLACE – The blame should not be put on Fisher alone.
(07) RICK FRIEDMAN - In Game 1, Andrew, Thriller, and Fish all played outside their bodies to deliver a dominance the Thunder couldn't handle. I
(08) EDWIN GUECO - We still need the best game from odom, fisher, farmar, brown, walton and back again to LakerTom's beast, bynum. Without their presence, we will hop, limp and crawl to Western Finals.
(01) FAITH – OWNER – I officially want a Chick Hearn bobblehead. Any chance you can grab me one MM? (02) JON K.- CO/OWNER – No, I want a Chick Hearn bobblehead doll.
(03) MAMBA24 - DRIVER - I want a Chick Hearn bobblehead too!
(04) #4 - Security - Me Too!
(06) KEIFO – SCOUT – I’m all in
(07) EDWIN GUECO – JUDGE - is Mark M really giving away chickie baby's bobble head? hey anything that's free coming from LAT I'll take it. Expecting some Championship tshirts from the Kbros, it did not come. Expecting good seats at the Coliseum during the parade reserved for LATbloggers, did not come. Jon K and many others here have been contributing posts after post since '05, hey if they'll give us a bobble head
(08) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL – DRUMMER – Yes ZI want one too!
(09) MCLYNE - please add me to the Chickey Baby Bobble head bandwagon

I'll say one thing I thought was great....Ron's D. He and a couple of other Lakers were very disruptive.

The flip side of that? We couldn't convert on forced turnovers. We tried to run, but we aren't that team right now.

I thought the first half was a very nice defensive half for us, but we just couldn't convert.

But still, a bad night for us, a good night for them, and we came out on top? I'll take it every time. Every time.

"I have to wonder if he has made the suggestion to PJ that he come off the bench and PJ won't make the change."

Um, that would be a NO.

Thus why I have said Luke is more of a leader (actions speak louder than words)

Look, the time for line-up adjustments is over/ was over months ago. It's winnin' time.

But maybe we can sub out certain guys at the 7 or 6 min mark instead of the 2 min mark, and perhaps we can sit certain guys more in the 3rd & 4th quarters? Judging from the past, this will never happen until the team corners PJ in the locker room down 1-3 (like vs Detroit) and that will not happen (even if we ever find ourselves in such a dire spot).

Todd, I did agree with you on that particular play last night, he was a liability. On the contrary, it is not also right to put the onus of blame on one player alone. It is a team, they all make mistakes.

Therefore, Fisher is a sob player at this time, but he's our sob, our own trash. Just like Jon K prayers, let's wish for divine guidance that our sob player will change. For as long as he's playing with the Lakers love him first before leaving him later.

Mamba24, there is no reaction to your chicky-baby bobble head bandwagon from the management. Maybe, WE are the bubble heads wishful thinkers. lol!

Something that concerns me, Kobes limp is pretty noticeable.


Can we get an intervention with Phil to make a change before its too late?

Not blaming Fisher alone, but more than anything else increased productivity from the PG position would assist Lakers greatly.

Change at PG is long over due.

I don't know if you mentioned or wrote about it in the previous thread (I think it is quite biased media reporting if you didn't). But did you make mention of Fisher's struggles in the series and elaborate at least somewhat on some of the STUPID plays he made last night. I can accept missed shots, but come on, from an objective point of view, a lot of his shot attempts were BAD shots. Fisher should only be shooting spot up wide open jumpers. He committed an off the ball foul that lead to free points at the free throw line in the fourth, he committed an offensive foul off the ball in the fourth to turn the ball over, and he fouled a jumper shooter (Westbrook) in the closing minutes of the fourth. Those plays do not describe someone who does the intangibles.

Not one single article in the Times mention any of this. Seems pretty biased to me.

Did you guys catch the made-for-TV-moment last night?

Fisher fouls out and the cameras follow him to the bench, and you could see Farmar leaning forward, ready for Phil to call his name......

....and then Phil calls for Brown. You could clearly see Farmar's initial reaction of "WTF?", before settling back down.

So obviously Phil's priority at the point in this series is defense. He knows that if he puts Farmar out there to guard Westbrook, Westbrook is going to go off and cause all sorts of problems.

Anyways...funny moment caught on camera.

Todd - Well veteran presence yes. But I'm not excusing Fisher's poor shooting. It's unacceptable for him to put up numbers like that.



By the way, for your next blog post or a post in the future. Consider writing one about how Fisher is a hypocrite. He calls this team meeting to show that he is a leader and tells everyone to put their personal agendas down, free agency, etc, for the playoffs. It looks to me on the floor he hasn't put his free agency status down. He keeps mentioning to the media how he wants to play more years and his play on the court seems to indicate that he wants a nice contract. He consistently shoots bad shots to try to score and inflate his numbers.

Fisher is a hypocrite.

so the K brothers leave the Times for espn and take their followers with them?

blog seems like a ghost town, especially after a playoff victory...

anyhow, kobe's health is a concern. crazy to write this, but the lakers need to start scouting/planning for our next perimeter go to guy.

not saying kobe is done right now, but it ain't too far away.

and it all just seemed to happen overnight. makes me glad that he got his title last season...cause it's looking like there ain't much tread left on those tires.

toss the ball into the post whether kobe is on the floor or not!

let's go lake show.

Mamba24, there is no reaction to your chicky-baby bobble head bandwagon from the management. Maybe, WE are the bubble heads wishful thinkers. lol! Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 21, 2010 at 10:48 AM
AWWW, EDWIN, I'm going to click my heels 3 times and say Dr. Buss I want a Chick Hearn Bobble Head. ROFLMAO!!!

Todd - Well veteran presence yes. But I'm not excusing Fisher's poor shooting. It's unacceptable for him to put up numbers like that.


Posted by: Mark Medina | April 21, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Last nite was not an abnormal game for Fisher. He has been consistently terrible.

At what level of terrible play would you recommend change, a giving another Laker a chance produce more with Fisher minutes?

IMO, with all this Fisher/Farmar/Brown controversy, I thought Sasha would have really helped. I think Phil was priming the Machine before he sprained an ankle.

Given Sasha's play during the last couple of games during the season, he would have been great for his length, shooting, and spacing the floor for others.

Lakers problem is Kobe should facilitate and dominate at the same time.

Like he did in game 1 facilitating and making the bigs dominate inside.

Like he did in 4th quarter of game 2 dominating and making shots at will.

When Kobe does both in a game, it does not matter when Fisher, Farmar or Brown is there or not.

What matters is and most important is..

1. Kobe sets up/involves Bynum and Gasol in the first half so they can dominate early and put fear on the opponents using thier length and strength of two 7 footers.

2. Odom and Artest plays well both on defense. Artest is doing what he is supsed to be doing in defense. Odom on th eother hand has to be more aggressive in rebounding and defense like he has shown the in past.

3. It all starts with Kobe and ends with Odom.

4. Order of importance in playing the right way.

a. Kobe facilitates this is when he is at best to dominate with is bigs.

b. Bynum responds and brings energy in the building at offense and defense.

c. Gasol gets comfortable and in rythym this is when he is at his best.

d. Artest plays great D.

e. Odom rebounds well, go after every shot.

When this five dominant players plays the right way and it starts with Kobe Bryant, it does not matter what Fisher does.

We all saw in game 1 how Westbrook was making lay ups after layups leaving Fisher behind. But the Lakers are still in control the whole game.

But if you can have a point gurad that can defend and hit 3's, this will make the Lakers deeper. Shannon Brown has that quality. Big Guard who can dfend and shooot 3's. He shold just refrain from trying to do too much and just play his role.

Farmar and Fisher both expiring contracts, defintely gone next year.

Good game. They are an incredibly talented team. I have never seen so many blocks in a game. Our energy is way up compared to the last month of the season. It's all good............


If Kobe plays in Oklahoma on Thursday like he did in game 2 of first half, Lakers will loose for sure.

If Kobe plays like he played in first half of game 1, Lakers will win sweep the series!

Before Sasha gets injured he was making passes after passes to Bynum and Gasol inside, this is how he got back his playing time.

How soon we forget the big shots that fish made that got us the 4 titles. Yes he is slower, but do we dump on our employees who age, slow down, but still put out 100% effort every day at work? If we lose this year, it won't be because of Fish, it will be due to our team not being better than the other team. We did lose individual battles last year leading up the championship at the point guard spot, but were able to overcome that with excellent play at the other positions, a healthy team, and some good luck. I recall Fish hitting some big shots in a game 4 in Orlando that probably won us the title? God bless d fish.

Kobe should attack the basket and dish to his bigs.

Bynum and Gasol can not dominate unless the guards passes them the ball. Kobe and Fisher must stop mmaking jump shots in the first half without going INSIDE FIRST!!!

I think the Lakler should start Bynum, Gasol, Walton, Artest and Odom.

Put Kobe and Fisher in the bench.

Odom and Walton are both unselfish players and likes to make an assists, this is very much needed in the fisrt quarter... when the game is about setting the tone.

Why do we have to bash our own guys? Especially when we are winning?
Fish is THE leader on the floor on this team. Whether or nor he shoots well has never been the issue. He hits clutch shots when we need them, he takes charges, he adds toughness and is the inspirational leader of this team. His shortcomings have always been there and we win with him anyway. We've never won anything without Fish (since he first was drafted). That must say something. Just wait he'll win us a key game in these playoffs.

"Kobe should attack the basket and dish to his bigs. "

YES. I don't know why people are worried about whether Kobe still has the ability to score 30 or 40 on any given night. The real question should be why do they still think there is a need for him to do that.


As I said before, PJ is like an aircraft carrier, he has a mission to go forward and in order to change course, it will take some time. He has a lot variable to fill and convince himself that there should be tinkering on his line ups. His rotation are as follows, Fisher as the starter and in the last 2 minutes of 1Q, Farmar comes in. 2nd and 3rd Fisher again and in the 4th, it is usually Shannon takes over some of the job. As a Coach, you have to trust his judgement and so far, it is working because they are winning. Our criticisms may be logical but to him it may not be winnable.



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