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Lakers clinch Western Conference, beat Minnesota without Bryant and Bynum

Lakers1_300 Lakers 97, Minnesota Timberwolves 88 (final)

The Lakers didn't miss Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum, clinching the best record in the Western Conference after beating a hapless Minnesota team, 97-88, Friday at Target Center.

Pau Gasol had 29 points and 15 rebounds for the Lakers (56-23), who won despite Bryant sitting out a second consecutive game because of knee swelling and Bynum sitting out a 10th consecutive game because of a strained left Achilles' tendon.

The Lakers' reserves were a surprising source of scoring, led by Jordan Farmar (13 points) and DJ Mbenga (a season-high 11 points). The Lakers' backups outscored those of the Timberwolves, 33-25.

The Lakers' next game is Sunday against Portland, though Coach Phil Jackson didn't sound hopeful that Bryant would play.

"I basically said if you have to take all the games off until the playoffs, we have to do that," Jackson said before the game.

Former UCLA player Kevin Love had 12 points and 18 rebounds for the Timberwolves (15-64), who have the NBA's second-worst record.

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers guard Shannon Brown glides to the basket past Timberwolves guard Corey Brewer during the first quarter Friday night. Credit: Ann Heisenfelt / Associated Press

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eh, i'm feeling self indulgent, so i'm gonna go with


do either of y'all have a really powerful telescope and access to a really high place? maybe you could take your really powerful telescope there and point it at a clue, and maybe if the clue also was in a high place and equipped with a really powerful telescope, y'all could wave to one another.

nah, sorry, i gave in to the temptation to use you guys as an easy target. Hey, if you guys want to join us here at the latimes lakersblog in our discussions, i do cordially invite y'all to join. it's easy, you just show a little bit of love for basketball and our team, and a bit of respect and recognition of your fellow bloggers as human beings. There are no rules against taking cheap shots against these fellow human beings, just against being um, tools.



THAT'S 'L' 'O' 'V' 'NOT BEING AN &^@' 'E'


HOBBITMAGE… “The articles were in the OCregister with your favorite anti-Bynum/disingenuous reporter, Kevin Ding. I've posted the articles multiple times. I've posted the links multiple times. I've posted Phil's words multiple times. I repeat. Stop Lying.”
I have never seen or heard of the article you refer to. If I had seen it posted from you, I would have likely discounted its veracity considering the source. Post the link again That is if you can find it. Either way, you have your effing nerve calling me a liar for stating something that I believe to be true. Considering the source, I am sure no one is surprised. Your true nature will talk you into anything.



Happy Phil let Farmar close the game.

Fisher scored as many points on the floor
as he did from the bench -- ZERO.

Maybe 10 rings will give Jordan a try?

uh NO.

Fisher could be 0-100 fg/fga and Phil wouldn't change.
There exists no combination of terrible Fisher play and
great Farmar play that will cause Phil to make a change.

Phil doesn't call timeouts.

Phil doesn't change.
Ask Jeannie, his kids, his ex-wife ...
Its obvious.

Phil gonna ride or die with Fisher ....

Phred I'm sorry that Fisher can't play...but we all get old.
His shot that he never really definitely gone.
Another 0 for 5 tonight. After a horrible 2 for 11 last night.
He puts a huge burden on the other players to make up for his inadequacies
on offense and defense. Phred unfortunately this is the truth and none of us can escape it. I know Cali will say "what is the truth ? " and Jonny boy K will say I have no friends.

Phred -

You are a star.

I know Cali will say "what is the truth ? "

Posted by: DFish

Actually, I'll say you have issues trying to predict what I will say because you use fallacious inductive reasoning.

Today's reading tip:

Nelson Goodman, “The New Riddle of Induction”, chapter 3 of his Fact, Fiction, and Forecast (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1983), pp.59-83.


Fish can't shoot? Who cares? We owe him for what he's already done for us. That's not the problem... If this team goes down in the first round it won't surprise me. I suffered through a lot of Laker apathy in the "off years" in the 80s, but I've never seen them like this. They play like the mid-70s Laker, but talk like they're in the middle of a dynasty.

It looks like the Lakers will end up playing the Spurs based on the two away games they have aganist Denver and Dallas.

What that means is the worst offense and defensive point guard in the league will be up aganist Parker. Yes the worst. Last in the NBA in shooting and point difference. Its a shame that Phil allows him to play and a bigger shame that fish shows no class by not asking to sit for the good of the team.

We will have a hard time beating the Spurs with Parker running around and through Fish and Fish shooting 2 for 16 like he has the last 2 games. He is the single reason we might not get out of the West. And we owe him nothing. He has been paid well and owes us fans to play like a real player or get off the court;

(in regard to Fisher) He is the single reason we might not get out of the West. And we owe him nothing. He has been paid well and owes us fans to play like a real player or get off the court;

Posted by: ken

Stop with we owe Fisher something !!! He has been paid 10 million dollars for the last 2 seasons and doesn't even to deserve to be on the court. He is a millionaire because he was lucky to play point guard when he came into the league on the team with the most talented player in the league Shaq. If Shaq didn't shoot such a high fg% and clog the middle so well Fisher would of been laughed out of the league.

fisher need to be recycled before the playoff begin on the 18th.

Guys, What the Hell is wrong with Sasha? This guy can't shoot a pea in the ocean from a pier, he is not worth the Dynamite to blow him to hell. I watched him last night, what his first two shots Air Balls. This guy has ZERO confidence left. You would think Dating Kournakova would do wonders for someones confidence, He's getting worse and worse.Buss must be thinking he threw away 30 Million. We need an outside presence then teams will start respecting us again. Ariza showed up last year in the play-offs, who is this years surprise. I dont beleive we have anyone except Ammo, but he is not getting any playing time. Thoughts?




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