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Kobe Bryant jokes about his contract extension, flying helicopters and Barack Obama on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

For the entire 2009-10 season, Lakers fans calmly and patiently waited for Kobe Bryant and the organization to agree on his contract extension, something that, by all credible accounts, was never really a doubt. That was reiterated last week when Bryant's three-year extension became official. But even if this drawn-out process didn't create the same uncertainty as in 2007, most couldn't help but wonder, what was up with the hold-up?

We now have the answer, and it involved Bryant wanting the team to allow him to fly his helicopter onto center court.

"That was part of our contract negotiations," Bryant joked on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "That's why it took so long."

And with that agreement now locked in place, Kimmel couldn't help but observe that Bryant's three-year deal worth $83.546 million is similar to "Oprah money." That led Kimmel to ask Bryant the question most everyone would love to ask.

"Can I have half of it?"

It appears this isn't the first time Kimmel has tried profiting off of Bryant. Bryant appeared on Kimmel's show shortly after Team USA won the Beijing Olympics, and inevitably the topic of the Lakers' NBA Finals loss to Boston came up. During Wednesday's show, Kimmel joked that that conversation prompted him to make a bold move. Said Kimmel: "You seemed so sure that you guys were going to win next year that I nearly bet my home on it."

Even though Bryant has been a notable guest on Kimmel's show numerous times, the most memorable Lakers appearance involves Ron Artest showing up on set in just boxer briefs. Nonetheless, Bryant wouldn't accept the notion that Artest is crazy, except, of course, for that one incident. You know, the one in which Artest approached Bryant in the shower after the Lakers' Finals loss to Boston, and promised him it would never happen again. Yeah, that kind of freaked Bryant out.

"That was weird," he said. "I think he was emotional. He felt my pain in losing the NBA Finals. I'm in the shower two hours after the game. I'm fuming, and I'm in the shower trying to clear my head and meditate myself to a calm place. He was like, 'Kobe.' I knew I wasn't hearing voices in my head. I turn around and it's Ron. He's like fully dressed. He's like, 'Kobe. This isn't going to happen to you no more. I'm going to help you.'"

-- Mark Medina

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I love the Bean. This was a great interview! My favorite part was when he was trying to be PC regarding Phil's penchant for making the buys meditate - too funny! (Is it up in the links above? I actually saw the show live...) Anyhoo - good stuff! It really astounds me that people believe he's aloof, cold, yada yada yada - you can tell from this that he's a fun-loving dude! Wish I could shake his hand someday and thank him for the fabulous Laker memories! Of course that will have to wait for another 5 years or so cuz HE"S STILL MAKING THEM!!! That's right people. Buckle up - the ride ain't over yet!


I know you have to be thinking "What do these guys want from me!!" but what the heck. This is the kind of post that posters are complaining about. A good post for the off-season when we are dying for something in the blog, but during the season this would be a good two line note in a post practice or daily wrap-up post. Headline and link and you're done and we're still happy.

As an educator of sorts, I try to never criticize without giving props. The round table was cool, especially because as LA fans we see our team not performing to our standards and we get anxious. Hearing beat writers from other areas talking about how dangerous our team is despite the difficulty really reinforces the fact that we believe for a reason, which is pretty groovy.


Jolly Rancher - I see your point but the reason why I made this a separate post is so people can find it. Some fans who aren't familiar with the Lakers blog may have heard that he was on Jimmy Kimmel and googled Kobe's name and the show. By putting this in a caught in the web post, it prevents that from happening. You may say well why didnt you put links at the bottom and make it one post? That's a good point but the reason I didn't is I didn't find these videos until after I posted the morning links post.


I'm hoping Kobe plays for LA for 9 more season's, till he's 40 and then we can revaluate, ha, ha!

Oops, re-evaluate, I mean.

That was a great interview! I totally loved it!

Funny great interview.


I had an opportunity to meet Kobe (ok more like pounce on him as he rounded a corner headed out of the locker room) and he's a nice guy. He signed autographs for me and my kids and joked around with us for a few minutes.

From what I can see, it's basically the media that keeps telling us how cold and guarded, yada, yada, Kobe is, case in point the most recent TJ Simers Kobe article.

And once opinions are formed be they right or wrong most people stick with them regardless of evidence to the contrary.

Go Lakers!!!

That story about Ron approaching Kobe in the showers is still great to hear. Now THAT'S the kind of cat you wanna go to battle with.

I'm still confident that Ron will step up in the playoffs and be the difference maker this year.

Tonights game would be great for THRILLER to forget his meds, and play like Rodman. Lakers in a old fashion beat down, can't wait for tip off.

Man, I hope Kobe had that soap on a rope, with Thriller you never know.


im not a kobe fan..sigh.

I wholeheartedly disagree with Jolly Rancher. Anything about the Lakers is fair game, especially considering that they haven't played in days. Thanks for posting.


I liked this post, thank you.

You are doing a fabulous job with this blog.


Dan the man - thanks a lot. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I've been having a blast!


Well, this is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!



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