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D.J. Mbenga wearing protective goggles while recovering from eye injury

It initially appeared the Lakers somehow acquired Phoenix forward Amare Stoudemire with the postseason just underway. But the man shooting at the Lakers' practice facility Monday with the orange-tinted glasses was actually reserve center D.J. Mbenga, who had laser surgery Saturday to repair a retinal hole.

It has been an adversarial turn of events for Mbenga lately, who had two visits to seek medical attention regarding two different incidents. On Friday, he consulted a neurologist Friday after getting elbowed in practice. The following day he had laser surgery after getting poked in the eye. In addition to missing Game 1 of the first round against Oklahoma City Sunday, Mbenga relied on text messages from teammates to keep him informed regarding the Lakers' eventual 87-79 victory over the Thunder. Doctors didn't want Mbenga to watch the game on television because of concerns involving his eyes constantly following sudden movement.

"All day yesterday, I had to stay in bed," said Mbenga, who plans to get reevaluated Tuesday. "It was really really bad."

--Mark Medina

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i'm glad you're gonna be ok!

MM, you're doing a great job and you are more than tolerant as far as I can see. If you are thinking about banning someone then they obviously deserve it. Ban away bro.

The other Mark


Yes we must re-post our comments on two or three threads. Comments no longer have a shelf life. Posted comments have been upgraded with a timer, set to self-destruct in 60 seconds, by then a new thread should be


I was jokin'.


Chic - lol i didn't take any offense

D Fish - I'm just going off your overall body of work. Feel free to keep commenting so long as it it's in good taste



Farmar and Brown played pretty good D. Ron Artest is excellent at not baiting opponents while at the same time coming off us nonchalantly successful. Kobe's more hurt than he's letting on (a la Larry Bird in the 1985-86 Championship series against the Lakers where he never found a groove all series save for a quarter or two) and I hope he makes whatever adjustments are needed be they mental, physical, spiritual or astral. We need his fire to move forward.

Lamar did a good job re-inserting himself in the second unit. As he gets reacquainted with coming off the bench we'll see more and more out of him. He was timely, like Fisher. I hope Bynum tracks upward this year and this is a foundation for even greater success, no 7 point 3 rebound games until the pre-season!

Phil did a good job keeping everyone fresh for the track meet and creating mismatches when he good. Nice showing by Luke, we'll need some scoring from hm on some nights, but for the most part he moved the ball to the open guy or the cuter or got it inside.

It'll be interesting to see if the Thunder try to get Jeff Green more involved earlier in the game. He has his hands full with Gasol, likewise Pau did a good job shutting him down; however, if he has a game more like his seasoal average, especially in the 1st quarter to neutralize our opening barrage, it'll set the table for a grind it out affair tomorrow. Someone other than Durant will have to score close to 20 points, or 4 guys need to score 10+. If that happens it's a close 4th quarter contest that will come down to free throws and this season I'm not too comfortable with that scenario.

There may be hundreds of reasons why kobe is subdued - but I hope it's not that he's figured out this team is not going to repeat if they play as they have been.

We really don't know what's going on behind closed doors but it appears that this team has internal conflicts. fish has to tell them to put issues aside for now...pick them up after the playoffs. I may have misquoted that but that is what I got from one of the interviews.

Other thing that bothers me is PJ allowing kobe to play hurt for sooo long, and then kobe even says in one interview that rest never hurts. Ya - he should have been resting the entire season after he broke his thumb. All we had to do was make the playoffs - we don't need hca with a healthy kobe, gasol, bynum and artest. If kobe was healthy now - we easily make it to the finals...imo.

Also, did you see that quick part on the Association Laker special - PJ actually said he partly blamed himself for not being more progressive in kicking out for the 3 pointer. (sorry my lingo might be off) - that's the way all teams are now playing. Of course we would have to have some players who can hit an open 3.

Anyway, I hope that Kobe gets out of his funk. We need kobe in mamba mode to get to the finals!!!

No game tonight? I really need the Lakers to either get better or get desperate, and I need them to do it quick. I want to see them reach that higher plateau they haven't even sniffed this year. That's odd, right? The team with the best record in the western conference hasn't had a quality stretch all year.

But with Bynum back and averaging 4 blocks per game (Andrew, you big lug, you better keep this BPG average if you want another ring fitting) we may just have a shot at another title. Maybe. The west is no problem, but the Cavs are bigger than us at every position but Kobe's, have more youth, can hit from outside at a much better rate, have a better bench, are playing better and seem more hungry.

So, we'd better get better in a hurry.



"Make that Grey Goose straight up on the rocks with a medical marijuana chaser."

Hell yeah. Sounds like ...

I think Andrew knows that Pau and Kobe don't have the same strength of will that they had in last years playoffs. He knows Lamar is hurt, Fish is a year older and Artest will still be figuring it out for the rest of the year as far as the advanced options of the triangle are concerned.

He sees that it's on him to be the defensive rock we need and has said so before he came back. He blocked and altered a TON of shots throughout the game and exploited Krstic when given the opportunity, he rebounded with focus and determiniation and he didn't hold that ball on offense and bog us down.

I am willing to believe he'll give us 10+ points and rebounds every single night, barring excessive foul trouble. I like his counter move on Jeff Green helping to take him mentally out of the game. I like his intimidation factor on D.

I'd like him to do it every night. Here's hoping he will.

I really don't believe in banning a blogger or any visitor but the use of the name of God or a revered saintly figure is just really beyond blog limits of decency and integrity. It is sort of disrespect to one's religion tantamount to disrespect to all those who considered themselves as children of God in this blog. Somebody used the word "infidel" which is really derogatory to create religious conflict in this blog. MM. if you ban our post that refers to war i.e. irrelevant to the Lakers even though it is just a correction of a phrase, why do you let this people abuse your blog? it is no longer about the Lakers, it goes beyond the Lakers.

Many of us have stuck with one handle or name through thick and thin, most of those who use many handles are troublesome, why not post their email address instead. That is another purpose of the roll call to identify participants and not just flippants.

Other than that, you are doing a great job. We belonged to free society, some people are just too irresponsible and could not live in freedom without abusing it.

I thought Kobe looked really fresh, but I fear his finger is a major problem on his shooting. He'll play through it as best as he can. Hope he gets it fixed this summer along with rest. I can see him playing in the 2012 Olympics, but hope he doesn't find a need to play this summer.

So little coverage of Mbenga's injuries up til now (maybe I'm looking in the wrong places) But he IS a member of this team, and could be a more important one should Drew not hold up healthwise.
Any word on a timetable for DJ's return?
I love this blog. Mostly read and only contribute occasionally.
Compliments to MM, and all the well spoken, purple and gold bleeding participants.

Mark - I love this blog and think you are doing a fantastic job. To me - run it how you want. I know you want to accommodate individuals and make it appeal to the majority of bloggers - that is nice but I'm more tired of the users saying the are going to leave and go to another blog.

I hear the idle threats all the time at the office. "If things don't change then I'm going to get another job." I tell them - go then!!! I'm not stopping you.

To me - I don't mind the comments by dfish and even eric wright. If you don't want to read it then don't. move on to the next comment. Yes, sometimes individuals can get a little carried away but we all get a bit emotional about our lakers. i surely wouldn't want to see derogatory comments about race, religion, politics...but to me as long as it's about the lakers i like to read what everyone has to say...the positive and the negative.

Thanks for all the laker updates!!!

CYBERCOSMIX… “Bynum showed EXACTLY why the Lakers had been listless the past few weeks while he was gone. They REALLY missed his inside presence, Pau in the paint doesn't make up for his inside game. He is a beast, pure and simple. The Lakers have a lot of talent that surrounds him, but if he had 15-20 more touches per game then he would be in the MVP conversation, no doubt about it! He also allows for L.O. go back to the 6th-man role he's so well filled these past two seasons.”
“Yes, LakerTom truly does deserve a big tip of the hat for defending his man through thick and thin, much props for that! Mark my words, we will ALL see in the coming decade the beast that AB will become, I think that he will more than earn his spot alongside the pantheon of great Laker big men! Like I will continue saying, Bynum will be the best big man by 2012, he will then be 25 and a 7-year veteran, he will be a MONSTER in the paint! In this game though it was like the cavalry came to the rescue right in the nick of time, great to see AB back with a vengeance!”
Your post was pure pleasure, Mike, way to bring it! I’ll ride wing on everything that you said above. But I have not been the only one. There have been so many stalwart Bynum Believers who share the credit of keeping our support alive and our hopes positive – justanothermambafan, Tom Daniels, and dozens more who have had my back during the long fight. Mamba needs to start a Bynum Believers Bandwagon. Far as I am concerned, time for us all to just be thankful the Lakers believed too.
Hopefully, these playoffs will put an end to the talk of trading Andrew for Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, or any point guard in the league not named Magic Johnson. Just look around the league today and you can see that top flight NBA centers are an extremely rare commodity. There is no center out there with the possible exception of Dwight Howard for whom the Lakers would or should consider trading Andrew Bynum, for he is the Next Great Lakers Center and face of this franchise.
What I loved most about Drew’s performance yesterday was the exact same thing that Kobe noticed: Drew appears to be have finally overcome the mental hesitation and worry about his knees that was inhibiting and limiting his physicality. Yesterday, he was jumping out of his shoes and looking more like a Beast than he has in the last two years. THIS is the player we‘ve all been waiting to get back. I can’t wait to see what he can do once he gets his wind back and the Lakers start to feature him.
While obviously feeling pretty good about his health, Drew also has his mind perfectly focused to do exactly what Phil and the coaches want and the team needs – challenge every shot, protect the rim, grab every rebound, and finish at the rim. He knows that this is finally his chance to show the world why the Lakers and their fans have been so high on his game-changing talent and potential. After these playoffs, Andrew Bynum may well become the NBA’s next young superstar to market.

"Nice showing by Luke, we'll need some scoring from hm on some nights, but for the most part he moved the ball to the open guy or the cuter or got it inside."

All I remember Luke doing was taking 2 horrible shots in a row at a critical time in the 3rd quarter that weren't even close...and I'm not a Luke hater as some on this board!

Its painful watching Hinrich clank jumpers for the Bulls and think so many bloggers wanted him on the Lakers.

Hinrich is definitely not the answer to Lakers PG woes.

Though ...
Hinrich would be an upgrade over Fisher but who isn't?

Maybe ...
Mike Penberthy?

When I heard about this LA Times Lakers blog, I was expecting Laker fans to make knowledgeable insights, analysis, and all that. But I was wrong. While half are smart and knowledgeable Laker fans, the other half are insecure Laker fans. About 1 % are the trolls. So they are insignificant.
The insecure Laker fans really need to seek help. I can understand why they blog. That's because they spend most of their time at home and on their computers instead of socializing.
The Lakers won game 1 easily. Yes, they lost a 17 pt lead but they are playing a talented team. That's why they are in the playoffs. I wonder if they even pay attention to the other matchups. As I'm typing this the Cleveland Cavaliers are having a hard time putting away the Bulls.
Just to be fair, don't you think these same insecure fans should complain about the Cavs?
To the HCE's and others. Learn the game! Enjoy the victories. You can't win every game and win by 20 + points. Even the Michael Jordan years had trouble. Remember the last second buzzer beaters? I am sure that wasnt by design. This is the playoffs, it's not all about the Lakers. The other teams want to win too. This is what they are playing for. Give them credit.
Also, get a life!

Kobe is not 100%, I hope that the rest of the team will step up. It must be so difficult for Kobe, knowing his competitive spirit. I believe he will figure it out on how to help the team. Remember last year when everyone thought he did not have enough on his tank during the Denver series? He went off to win a ring.

I am watching Cavs-Bulls game on and off because I can't stand to watch the princess for the whole game. Bulls giving them a good fight. Sorry for those who think that Cavs are invincible, they are vulnerable and they will be exposed again. Princess has one of the ugliest jumpshot.

The Bulls are giving the Cavs all they can handle. Lets see if they have enough to pull out a win.


The D.J. interviews don't come around that often but they're always choice. He seems like such a solid dude.

While it's nice to get a win it was definitely not a comforting win nor a reassurance one either. Just like the LA Times article said, the Lakers played like the champs -for all of one quarter then after that they were no better than the Thunder.

Sorry to be a pessimist but that was truly an ugly win by a #1 over #8 on its home court.

Kudos to Bynum who did pretty well for a first game back. Let's hope he stays in control for game #2 as well and not try to do too much (on Offense that is) just because he's no longer cautious as in game #1. Anybody noticed that since the Lakers started to go away from their big men, Bynum and Gasol after the first quarter was when OKC started their come back? Fisher attempted two shots (one a driving penetration) that looked completely HORRIBLE and not very high percentage at all. As a veteran Derek should have known better. Later in the game, Luke Walton also matched Derek with a couple of ridiculous attempts.

Sure I noticed that after the first quarter the Thunder tried a lot harder to deny the entry pass into the low post but why didn't the Lakers match that effort and also tried harder to do so. Instead the Lakers wimped out and started passing the ball around the perimeter and usually ending up taking long jumpers.

I have a different take on Kobe’s shooting woes. While you can’t deny that a broken finger and tired legs will adversely affect anybody’s shot, I think Kobe is just going through a typical shooters slump. Yes, I view the glass as half full but isn’t it is a little premature (1 playoff game) to predict that Kobe is going to have a subpar playoffs? Seriously, Kobe is more than just a shooter. He is a scorer. I expect him to still have some great offensive games before this series is over – efficient offensive games.
The other thing is that this team may NOT be able to win without Kobe but they probably CAN win with Kobe playing a variety of roles. That’s what you have to remember when you start doubting the MVP. Kobe can lead the Lakers to victory focusing on defense, rebounding, and playmaking just as surely as he can focusing on scoring points. I’ve said many times that the Lakers best strategy for using Kobe might be to have him reprise his role for Team USA in the Olympics. We may see that.

The other thing Kobe needs to do right now is focus on better shot selection and taking easier shots. Yesterday, there were several instances where he had wide open shots but preferred to wait until he was guarded. Phil even mentioned that Kobe needed to take those wide open shots in rhythm. Kobe has become so used to the challenge that he is like a gunfighter who refuses to draw until the other guy draws first. He needs to return to being a cold blooded assassin. I would like to see the Lakers run Kobe off several screens to free him up for easy elbow jumpers.
The other thing Kobe needs to do is aggressively attack the rim and force the zebras to call the fouls. If your shot is off, take it to the hole and get to the line has always been how great scorers deal with off shooting days. I think we will see Kobe do this tomorrow night. He is going to be angry and driving to the hoop will serve as the perfect outlet for his frustration and energy. Kobe may well end up shooting 15 free throws tomorrow night because I think Mamba is going to be in full attack mode.

JON K… “I want to watch a game commented on by The Moderator, Laker Tom and Justanothermambafan. THAT would be a game to record on the DVR!”
LAKER TOM..."That would be fun. Justanothermambafan is one of my favorite posters."

*sniff* *sniff* *wiping my eyes* *blowing my nose*



lol. I must say I don't know if I'm coming or going with the movement...

And it seems like there's less people posting? Or I may just be ignoring the other threads haha.

Get well soon DJ! We'll need your shot-blocking later.

So - Like Jeannette I can't stomach watching too many consecutive minutes of the princess. It's too bad the Bulls didn't have quite enough to steal one, but I maintain it will be a whole 'nother ball game when they're back in Chi-town. I certainly hope they pound the princess and her minions into the hardwood for 2 games straight. I would pay good money to see that.

Right now I'm watching the doughboy and his band of merry Thuggets. Eww - I hate His Pudgyness. I'm rooting for the Jazz to steal this one tonight - I just hope they're not too banged up.

Good news with the bald headed lunatic getting kicked out of Game 2. I - like many - figured it deserved a suspension, but I really wasn't sure Darth Stern would do it. I guess the weeners are no longer flavor of the month - the crabs have that esteemed honor. Stern and the princess deserve each other. They should get together and braid their hair or do their nails, and leave the basketball to the Royal Purple and Gold.



Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

I just have to add this last thought:

PLEASE - if you're calling yourselves Laker fans - PLEASE - get a grip. We won game 1 just like we were supposed to. The Thunder may be young and inexperienced BUT they are a 50 win team IN THE WEST. These guys are not gonna get pounded in a blowout no matter WHO they play. So guys - please - chillax. We did what we were supposed to do and took the W.

Then to all of you still complaining about how we played like the defending champs for only 1 quarter and then cruised...... I say SO FREAKING WHAT??? You want them to flame out in the first series??? WE ARE INJURED. Do you REALLY want to pound the Thunder but have nothing left to give in Round 2???? They need to bring exactly what it takes to win. Not an ounce of energy more. The road will get tougher as we progress - we need the tank to still have gas in it. There is nothing more exciting that sweeping every series on route to the Larry O but again I say we are injured and that ain't gonna happen. It's gonna be a fight. We need to conserve when possible, RIGHT??? Come on people. Please. Again I say get a grip. A shot of Grey Goose will do you a world of good. Trust me on that.

I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I did not hear any injury update regarding Sasha or DJ on the Sunday telecast. Granted, these are not the most prominent Lakers, but they are part of the team. I guess ABC's three stooges can't be bothered with such trivial matters. I'm glad to hear that DJ is coming along. Eyes are nothing to play with.




I'm happy he'll be able to give us some burn sometime during this series. You never know when we'll need CONGO CASH to bust a move LOL!

Seriously, though, with foul trouble always lurking you never know when he may have to come in and be another defensive specialist blocking & swatting like only he can. I'm glad he'll be ok. We really can't handle another guy out.

Faith - I just pick up where I left off, read to catch up, then post on the newest thread. It's tough keeping up with M "I never met a thread I didn't like" M but you'll get the hang of it LOL!

Just keep posting - it's good to see you on here. Always nice to have another balanced post amidst the chicken littles!

MM - I"M JUST MESSING WITH YOU!! You're doing a bang up job!

JAMF, I want them to sweep. I really do. Then they can get lulled into complacency while we get challenged and get stronger. I'm telling you it works. Exhibit A: 2009 Lakers and the champions the year before us that will not be mentioned lol.

Faith, welcome back. It has been a long time since I heard your defense postings. Lakers were good in defense in the 1st quarter but then relaxed a little bit and let Westbrook penetrate their tall men coverage in the post. I'm sure they will do that again in Game 2. It would be great if Mbenga can play to help Gasol or bynum preserve fouls. Little men are not supposed to get freebies on the post. However, it is also smart for Gasol and Bynum to avoid fouling. BTW, where is bob, cbuck and twoOone7? Will they come back here?

Edwin - I know cbuck posts on the live chat - you should too!

Tomorrow, we need Artest, Odom, Brown and Farmar to contribute more than what they did on Sunday as far as scoring is concern. They are all capable to produce double digit scoring by just going inside, no long shooting please unless it's necessary. If their average is only 30%, they should try to come nearer and do some mid range jump shots. Free Kobe from work, that's the sure way of healing fast by resting his fingers. Look at Joachim Noah, it's all guts and heart. Brown made a good defensive steal against Green, he should be given more minutes to shadow Westbrook. Among the three PG, I believe Shannon has the best defense.

While it's nice to get a win it was definitely not a comforting win nor a reassurance one either. Just like the LA Times article said, the Lakers played like the champs -for all of one quarter then after that they were no better than the Thunder.

Since when did the Cavaliers get a pass? Are they allowed to squeak by a #8 seed and the Lakers get scolded for not running up the score?

Yeah it's been awhile lol. Cbuck comes by on game threads over here but bob and two0one7 are great at the other side (aka my blog lol). We're few but we're troll free so it works out great.

I thought the defense was superb. It laxed a little towards the end but that's to be expected. The refs and OKC adjusted and so did we. We had breakdowns here and there but I consider holding KD down to a dismal percentage a win. On any given game when you take something away you give something and Russell Westbrook took advantage. I really liked the adjustment of UPS-LO to settle him down---to the tune of making him winded but the dominance of Pau-Bynum was just too good to pass up. To win in the playoffs you have to substitute and balance adjustments with dominance and winning teams are more dominant that they tend to adjust. Look back to the 3 peat years: our overwhelming weakness was perimeter D especially at the PG spot but it didn't matter because we were dominant everywhere else we needed to be.

As for Derek Fisher. Is he playing badly? Yeah. I acknowledge that but he is still far better than people give him credit for. For starters guarding perimeter guards today aren't a one-man proposition. Ron Artest can and does body up the 2 guards, SFs of the league but without someone helping him out on picks giving him time to recover it does nothing. Though if I'm OKC I would throw double picks at Ron everytime. It may still not help much but it would make it easier for Durant. Anyways, back to Fish and D lol. I think if anything the most noticeable and notable deficiency he's showing is the O. But that said, what he brings to the D isn't all that bad. Our team locked them down in the first half and although not as effective in the second it was nonetheless a defensive gem from all our players. Defense may be as strong only as your weakest man but it it is still overall a team game. And our Team D rocked hard. If we keep that up, I'll be calling the fridge all the way to 16. Offense stagnant or not.

I gotta tell you, Faith: I missed you. I'm not talking about your unbridled love of the Machine. I'm talking about DEFENSE. I like the effort I've seen so far. I think it'll get better.

Welcome back, Faith. Welcome home. The truth is that we need you.

Go Lake Show!

JAMF you sound pretty feisty bro. I take it the leg is feeling better. I agree with you, too much hand-wringing over a pretty solid win by the Lakes. Drew looked beastly. I guess it's not much of a prediction to say he'll have his best playoff run this year given the injuries he's had the last 2 years, but I'll predict it anyway: "Drew will have his best playoff run this year." It's a good thing too. Maybe we didn't need him last year but we need him this year.

D Williams is laying waste to Denver right now. I like it.

Welcome back, Faith! Always a pleasure to read your comments!

A lot of people are worried.

I'm not worried.

A lot of people are freaking out.

I'm not freaking out.

Instead, I can't wait for tomorrow's game.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thanks guys! One love!

Aloha Laker Tom,

Hey I was looking ahead to a possible match up with Dallas and I noticed something, Dallas would be the ideal team to run some jumbo line up at. Now it wouldn't involve Lamar at the point, it would be Ron at the shooting guard. Now the jumbo line ups concern has always been defense. but look at these match ups on D.

Kidd- Kobe. Kobe could really disrupt Kidds game

Butler- Lamar can lay off him a little because he is a decent outside shooter but not deadly and Lamar is long enough and quick enough to disrupt Butler if he gets inside.

Marion- Pau Marion is another guy that you can play off of and wait for him to come inside.

Haywood- Andrew enough said.

Dirk- Ron I would love to see this. It would be extremely difficult for Dirk to get into his comfort zone with Ron beating up on him and harassing him and Dirk doesn't have the speed to blow past him. It would be like an MMA match. Yes Dirk would shoot over him from time to time but it would be a grind just catching the ball and could wear him down. Dirk Does not have the speed that Durant has and couldn't run from him.

Of course if either Lamar or Pau were getting burned we could always go traditional and put Ron on Butler and Lamar on Marion. Pau does O.K against Dirk but he takes him to far away from the basket. Besides I would just love to see the blood bath. Even if Phil doesn't go for it I still expect to see Ron on Dirk from time to time. That will be cool.




Can't chat anymore, I have to give my face book name. I just blog man that's all I'm good at. I wish it will be similar to last year where everyone are welcome including the fans of other teams who are decent enough to take on with conversation.

BTW, Staples is no longer monopoly of the Lakers, the cheer for tonight is let's go Kings, they're now 2-1 in the series.


CLE beat CHI 96-83 in game 1 and 112-102 in game 2. That's two wins by double-digit margin. I wouldn't say that's "squeaking by".

Here's what worrisome: From quarter 2 to 4, the Thunder DISCOVERED the great secret to keeping up with the Lakers: instead of featuring Durant who was being guarded by super defender Artest, it was much better and easier to feature Westbrook running circles around Fisher and beating up on him.

Once the Thunder started emphasizing Westbrook vs. Fisher instead of Durant vs. Artest, all hell broke loose for Lakers. Might be a good time to start Brown or Farmar who both have better chance to keep up with speedy nightmare Westbrook.

Best of luck, DJ.

DJ Mbenga is awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


wildone - As mentioned in the post, DJ is getting reevaluated today. So there should be an update before game time most likely


Ops... maybe the thread I should have posted this was this one ;) :

But as I like to do everything my own style, I'll mix some DJ Mbenga love along before re-post what I wrote about Kobe's struggle below ;)

DJ: you're the sweetheart of us Lakers fans. We like you because you clearly LOVE to play for us and you always put in your 11o% realizing there's no better place for ANY bball player than the Fair Town of Los Angeles, dressing you boldly and charmingly in Purple&Gold.

We hate that you had to suffer concussion with the whole of ourselves ;)

Get well soon and never change your wonderful attitude during games. You're adorable :) (I can even forgive you those hair... ;))

Now.. Kobe's re-post :
I didn't copied it and now it hasn't shown yet.
Guess you will have to read it in the thread below ;)

*sorry* ;)


please man, get rid of that so called "D-fish" disgracing fish, disgracing us.

"fakers" this, "fakers" that.
Come on now.

What do we play for? RINGS!
Lakers today, Lakers tomorrow, Lakers forever.



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