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Caught in the Web: Previewing Game 5 of Lakers-Thunder series


Lakers and Thunder links

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan explains why many of the Lakers deem Game 5 to be a "must-win game."

---Former Laker Ron Harper doesn't bite his tongue when speaking to The Times' Broderick Turner, individually calling out Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Jordan Farmar for their play thus far against OKC.

--It's been long known Jerry West's silhouette serves as the NBA logo, but The Times' Jerry Crowe gets confirmation from the designer himself, even if the league refuses to acknowledge it.

--Oklahoma City guard Kevin Ollie tells The Oklahoman's Mike Baldwin that Kobe Bryant is still an elite player.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore details Bryant's progress on his right index finger.'s Scott Howard-Cooper explains why the Lakers aren't worried, at least yet.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding argues the Lakers' lack fearlessness.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky explains why last season's Lakers-Rockets seven-game series shouldn't be compared to the Lakers-OKC series.

--Lakers broadcaster Stu Lantz writes in Fox Sports that Oklahoma City has the Lakers' attention.

--The Riverside Press Enterprises's David Lassen believes the Lakers are in a Catch-22 in wanting to get back on defense, but also wanting to improve in offensive rebounding. Nonetheless, Lassen presents evidence that the Lakers suggests should be fine.

--Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby highlights perhaps the world's biggest and awkwardest Kobe fan.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix breaks down what's plaguing the Lakers.

--The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry argues OKC is in a must-win situation tonight in L.A.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin observes that the Lakers have a stronger sense of urgency heading into Game 5.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller argues LeBron James is better than Bryant. He also argues the Lakers can't afford to lose Game 5.

--The Oklahoman's Barry Tramel highlights James Harden's growth in the series.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford details how the Lakers want to look ahead to Game 5 instead of reflecting on Game 4.'s Mike Trudell has the latest from Monday's practice.

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker has 10 reasons why the Lakers are in trouble.

--The Orange County Register's Whicker highlights the development of OKC guard and former UCLA standout Russell Westbrook.

--The Daily Thunder examines the Thunder's chances of winning Game 5.

--Forum Blue and Gold provides some historical context in explaining why it's not the end of the world for the Lakers.

Tweet of the Day:"Note to @Lakers fans: a 2-2 series tie does not constitute a team's collective backs being up against the wall ... save your panic until later" -- MEavesFSWest (Fox Sports West's Michael Eaves).

Reader Comment of the Day: "The predicament that this laker team is in did not manifest over night. The distraction and drama started off season with: losing Trevor; long drawn out re-signing of Lamar and his marriage to Kloe; signing of Artest and the side show that followed with concussion and TV appearances; Kobe not taking care of this health issues in timely fashion, being headstrong in defying nature; lastly, the injuries causing the revolving door affect with players constantly in and out the line up. All of these have taken a toll on this laker team and I am not surprised by the results. Winning a title is not like turning on a faucet but it takes discipline, FOCUS, team chemistry and a little bit of luck. Laker are MIA in all of these categories." -- lakerfan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Jordan Farmar and his Lakers teammates have had a tough time slowing down Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook in their first-round playoff series. Credit: Alonzo Adams / Associated Press.

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Just like what I predicted before, game 5 will be close for three quarters, then Kobe just like what he did in Phoenix and Boston series will give it up in the 4th quarter and the Lakers will lose by 15 points. The Lakers knowing that they are no match to the young athletic Thunder will not show up in game 6 losing by 30 points. If this prediction will not come true you won't see the name NINOY in this blog for this year of 2010. By the way I am the great, great, great, great grandson of Nostradamus.

If LO shows up, the series ends tonight. Period. The Thunder will feel as if the Lakers somehow pulled off a balance-of-power trade in the middle of the first round. The difference will be more dramatic than when Pau came over from the Grizzlies.

There is simply nothing any player or coach can do to stop LO. LO is by FAR the only unstoppable player on the Lakers' roster. Except by a guy named Lamar, of course.

He is the only guy that Buss pays for which it doesn't matter what the other team does, if LO wants it, he gets it.

There isn't a player in the league that can guard LO.

Does LO show up tonight?


Well crew, due to today's economic climate, I don't have cable. So, I will not be able to watch the next two games. I can only listen to them on the radio. I like the radio announcers better, anyway. I am, however, expecting to "see" some Thunder butts get kicked!



>>>Last year? Why don't you acknowledge that Boston was injured last year?
>>>The Lakers won last season because Kevin Garnett was out and is still feeling
>>>a lingering effect of his injury.

He's healthy now, "living in the past boy". See you in the finals, if you can make it past any of the other top four teams in the Least.

Mike T,

>>>Kobe didn't like Kwame and so he did all he could to make him look bad
>>>until they got rid of him.

Sorta like how Michael Jordan "made him look bad" his first couple of seasons and every other player he's ever played with has "made him look bad."

For a self-proclaimed "intellectual", you certainly are reluctant to admit that Kwame Brown (while a good defender) has one of the worst set of hands in the history of the NBA. Seriously. Biggest #1 pick bust ever. Slightly ahead of Michael Olowokandi.

>>>The Lakers won last season because Kevin Garnett was out and is still feeling
>>>a lingering effect of his injury.

And there you have it folks. Mike Teniente has officially come out of the closet. He is now officially a Celtics troll. Just another C's troll hanging out on the Lakers blog.

He's healthy now, "living in the past boy". See you in the finals, if you can make it past any of the other top four teams in the Least.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 27, 2010 at 03:27 PM


He's healty now? How do you know that? You dont even know about Laker injuries, what makes you privy to Celtic injuries? Please worry about the Lakers, you have plenty to worry about there.

Lets live in the present .... Boston 3-1 and the series will be over in 3 hrs. Lakers 2-2 and fighting for dear life vs an 8th seed.

LOLing at you BOY!


(1) Rick Friedman - No more speeches. No more soundbites. No more beards. No more haircuts. Come out to play. Win. Who's with us?
(2) Justanothermambafan - Edwin - FEELING YOU!!!! I'm tired of all the crap too. It's time to win. That's it. WIN.
(3) Edwin Gueco - C'mon all Laker fans, if you are truly Laker fans in this blog join us with Rick and Justa in our bandwagon. Mark Medina will deliver this petition to the players "We Want A Win Bandwagon." We are tired of speeches, positivity, negativity, interviews, analysis, forget all the craps of the past, just win and move on. Thank you blog brothers & sister, this is the day we declared our blog freedom and we have only one message. We are tired of crap basketball, crap coaching, hairdos, beard, chocolates, pouting, bandages etc, etc, we want a win tonight. I want to see our traditional analysts to join the cause like LakerTom, Hobbit, Kblitz, LTLF, Jon K, Troy, MTI312, 131-92, GreenBald Lunatic, never, ninoy, gunner jamie Sweet, Ex, Nemaia, if I miss some important names you know who you are.... whether you are a troll, a fairweather, a negative, a supreme optimist....our message is sum in one sentence. NO MORE ANALYSIS-PARALYSIS WE WANT A WIN TONIGHT.
(4) # 4 - 4 Rings on Kobe, Dynasty4,...THATS IT, IT'S TIME!!
(5) Dave m - Rick - I'll hop on that locomotive and be glad for the lift.
(6) Laili K - Thanks Edwin for all the positivity. Frankly I'm tired of reading all the analysis and paralysis since the past couple of days. Although I truly appreciate the breakdowns by some real knowledgeable fans, including yourself. I will go with my heart. And in my heart I sincerely believe that our beloved Lakers will prevail. Thanks Edwin. I am honored to be on this band wagon among some of the best of this blog. I don't post, but read everything everyday, religiously :)
(7) Mamba24 - No more talk...ACTION
(8) Jeanette - Let's WIN for goodness sake. I don't want the TALK, just come out and win. Are you accepting digital signatures on the petition letter?
(9) Kobe81pts - I definitely want to be a part of that bandwagon. Lakers come out to play hard and win!!!! No more excuses!!!
(10) Benjamin - Sign me up for the get rid of the analysis paralysis bandwagon
(11) Jon K. - Enough talk. Let's get this game on
(12) Caliphilosopher - It's been high time for every laker fan to get behind the team and support them.
(13) LakerTom - Time to put up or shut up. I believe they will come out and play their best game of the year. We win big tomorrow night. Bet on it.
(14) Carlos DeeP - Edwin, YOU are the MAN... thnx for the super ++++++ attitude of a true LAKER and for articulating it with such frickin' flair!!!!!! Our LAKERS got this, so "What, me worry?"
(15) jac - You have an amazing team that will not last forever! Stop taking your team for granted, and if you do go to the games, cheer your butts off! We owe it to our boys! We need to motivate them to play better.
(16) Mclyne - Excellent post Edwin!!! Thanks for the inspiration
(17) Kensey - LAKER PRIDE !!! Don't fight it. GET USED TO IT !!! You'll be glad you did. Get on board LAKER WAGON. Do so now, Do so today!
(18) G IN DC - All tied up at 2 games the fun starts
(19) MTI312 - I am with you jamf!!!
(20) FAITH
(21) EASTCOASTJESSIE - I know it's been tough for all of us the last few days but I have faith in my team. They will come out fighting tomorrow and we'll shut them down in game 6 for sure. I highly doubt anyone really believed this would be a sweep anyway...I thought 5 games but 6 will do the trick too. What I sure as hell don't want is a game 7 whether it's in L.A. or not. Then it looks like we'll have Utah in the 2nd round so we'll get plenty of rest after that one. I highly doubt they'll takeit to 5 games with so many injuries.
(22) HUGO BOSS -
(24) 2Phatt
(25) Rizzo
(26)Hugo Boss
(27) J24(LadyJem24)
(28) TeamN
(29) ART FL-LAKER FAN -No more beards, no more haircuts, good one Rick.
Tied at 2 apiece, game day in LA, this is what we've waited all season for
(30) (24) MARK G
(31) SEGEBOY - I want in on that bandwaggon too yo ... sign it, 2010 version of the sacremento queens will suffer the same fate as their predecessors
(32) CANDYMAN - put me on the TIRED OF ANALYSIS-PARALYSIS BAND WAGON we need to win tonight. Thanks
(33) LURKER - Today's a good day for some good old-fashioned playoff basketball beatdown. It's time to mute the sound of thunder.
To the fans who will be in Staples, I have one word for you: boo! Boo the Thunder into oblivion!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight we take back what is ours. Go Lakers!
(35) MARK G. - I'm up, my game face is on, lets do this.
(36) YELLOW FEVER - No more over yappin.. No more analyzing.. no more excuses, no more predictions, no more player clips.. and esp not another dfish interview.. please MM Finally our first must win.. our first true test.. real playoff pressure starts NOW.. let's see what our men are made of.. real heros show up NOW... separate the men from the boys.. champs from chumps.. win or go home.. well almost.. Let's start the dynasty.. Its now or never!
(37) JT. - Long time lurker, first time post. I am going to game tonight and let me tell you I will be screaming my lungs off the entire game!
Lakers for life!

--It happened to the 60's Celtic Dynasty...
--It happened to the Showtime Lakers Dynasty...
--It happened to the Jordan-Bulls Dynasty...
--It happened to the Shaq-Kobe Lakers Dynasty...
Tough playoff series here and there that had the fans fearing defeat. This is what separates "one-and-done" champions from the Dynastic ones. They are able to push through the inevitable fortresses of contenders to the title. It is what Dynastic Champions do. History proves this out. We are watching history unfold.

(39) BRYLLE - While the media may not admit it, but they loathe the greatness of Kobe. It overshadows LeBron's or DWade's. They, and WE, became so spoiled that when Kobe's numbers dropped and a "change" in Kobe's dominance/influence in a game was observed, these media-morons (especially down there at ESPN), are quick to say that Kobe is behind LeBron, Durant, DWade. They're not doing him justice. And would really regret all these times that they've been hating him once Kobe hang them sneakers up. And, I am lucky enough to be one of the few that appreciates Kobe's game and legacy. Too bad for these haters and naysayers doesn't give a F to what they think. So I'm done ranting. I just need to get that off of my chest. I'm gonna go into my KOBE-focus and enjoy the playoffs.
(40) ROCKY - If there's a switch, it's about time to turn in on for a minute.
Go Lakers!
(41) TOM DANIELS - Shut down the fast break. Own the boards. Be aggressive with the ball, get in the paint, get fouled. Make foul shots.
Grind one out, let's beat these kids and move on.
(42) lakeshowinphx - YOU'RE THE DEFENDING NBA CHAMPS! START PLAYING LIKE CHAMPIONS! did i leave anything out? ha ha
(44) MTI312 - Ok fine, I'll join the JUST WIN bandwagon because I'm a real Laker fan
(45) CORNER-J - Wherever there is injustice, you will find us...Wherever the Black Mamba coils, though now arthritic, fractured, or whateva, to yet strike its righteous, vengeful, and yes fatal bite upon the unsuspecting Thunder hyper kangaroo rats to be swallowed whole in what we here call a Laker Playoff Happy Meal, we'll be there...and Wherever a plethora of pusillanimous pundits and punk troll posters gather to prevaricate and postulate poopy pinatas of pustulent opinions about our Mighty World Champion Lakers, you will find us...because we are...THE LAKER AMIGOS! LET'S RIDE!!!
(46) MR.NANO - Ok, Phil at least is doing part of his job. If the players do his job, and Phil does the other part of his (in-game coaching) we are surely going to win. GO LAKERS!!!
(47) LAKERGURL(THE ORIGINAL) - Calling: Laker Truth, lakergurl, Mr. Nano, WesJoe, hobbit, kblitz, LTLF, Mike T, Russell Westbrook, are you all joining our cause?Mr. Gueco, As I always respect you, Here it is......
(48) WALLACE - You dare not to leave the station without me!!! My game face is on. I wore my 2009 Championship T-Shirt today and it will be on my body until we send these young OKC pups to a proper place; Gone Fishing! I echoed Rick's suggestion thatthe time of talking good game is OVER! Once our KRAKEN has been released, the happiness will return to the Laker Kingdom!! Go Lakers! Release the Kraken!!!
(49) HOBBITMAGE - my response: sure. I always ride in back. I was watching the Goldman Sachs Beat-down. LACE UP! IT'S TIME!!!
(50) TROLL MAN - PUT ME ON no more phil bashing till.... hopefully never
(51) MAGIC PHIL - It's time. Throw me on the WE WANT A WIN TONIGHT bandwagon. Westbrook what? Fast? Look, I can't wait until he penetrates into the paint and get blocked hard by one of our towers. There's no way they can make a single layup tonight. They better shoot a lot of 3s. Let's win tonight, is not that hard!!!!
(52) CYBERCOSMIX - No Talk...IT'S TIME!!!!
(53) MIKE T. (*******)
(54) ADRIAN PALOMAR - Go Lakers lets kick some thunder ass tonight.Lets show the world that we are the best,as we are the freakin Los Angeles Lakers.who the hell are they??????Lakers all the way baby!!!
(55) LAKER TRUTH - "In the darkest hour comes the Black Mamba."
"When hope is lost, the Black Mamba remains"

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