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Caught in the Web: Analyzing Lakers' 106-92 victory over Utah Jazz and Kobe Bryant's contract extension


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Ross Siler


--The Times' Bresnahan and Broderick Turner

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen and Gregg Patton


--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky.

--Forum Blue and Gold

--Silver Screen and Roll

Kobe Bryant's contract extension

--The Times' Turner

--The Times' Mark Heisler's J.A. Adande

--The Daily News' Bonsignore

--The Orange County Register's Carr

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Patton

--Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski

More Lakers links

--The Times' Turner takes a few questions from readers.

Tweet of the Day: "Odom taking a seat following one of his best games since the invention of the Snickers Bar." -- LarryCoon (New York Times' salary cap expert Larry Coon)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Interesting timing by Kobe and the organization. By signing now, Kobe is making a statement...essentially telling the basketball world that LA is his home and the Lakers are HIS team. He's not hedging his bets and awaiting the outcome of this year's playoffs before making up his mind. Kobe is where he wants to be and he let everyone know." -- bronxlakerfan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant fights for room to shoot over Jazz guard Ronnie Price in the first half Friday night. Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times.

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This is an odd statement form coach Jackson:

"Jackson laughed when asked if he might "see it through" with a core group of players signed for the next four or five seasons.

"I don't think that's in the cards at all,"..."But when you talk about those long-term things, there's got to be a change here in the near future, that there's a coach that's able to deal with these players and help them along with their game."

What kind of change is he talking about? Does he mean an assistant who can come in and work better with guys like Sasha and Jordan and Bynum, and if so is this a jab at Shaw?

Or is he talking about the Lakers needing to look for a long-term head coach solution because PJ himself can't deal with young guys any more?



I haven't been on the blog much since new management took over and the format shifted, but I must speak my piece today.

As much as I love Kobe, he is ruining the Lakers and his re-signing, while necessary, only encourages him more on the wrong path.

He is the fiercest competitor in the NBA today - maybe ever with the exception of MJ - but his competitiveness is hurting the team. Since his finger injury he is NOT anywhere near the player he once was. Look at last night - 20% from the field, 0% from 3-point range, and almost as many turnovers as assists. Plus teams attack him more now since he can't hold on to the ball as well with that covering on the finger.

Kobe should have SAT OUT in January til the finger healed and it'd be 100% by now like Shaq's is gonna be come playoff time. Plus I just read on Yahoo that Kobe is committed to playing in the worlds this summer. The guy does NOT KNOW when to rest himself and heal. Even the younger LeBron and Wade sit out games and are skipping the worlds.

Look, Kobe at 100% is the best player in the game - LeBron included. But he's a liability in his condition. And his warrior heart, which makes him Mr Clutch, is being driven by his ego and also makes him think he never needs to rest. Mark my words (and I soooo hope I'm wrong) we will not win the championship this year because Kobe is at about 75% and that's good enough to beat Utah or Denver but not Cleveland or Orlando.

Maybe the guy will learn - just like he learned post moves from Olajuwon - that what's best for the team is that he rest and heal his injuries so he's at full strength for the playoffs. But I'm afraid he's gonna learn that the hard way this year.

Jay Jay - Hey thanks for introducing yourself at least to me. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate any feedback you may have and hope you've liked what I've tried so far. But I'm always open to suggestions. Figured I'd reach out since you mentioned you hadn't commented recently.



"edwin, we cannot expect mitch to make trades everytime something goes wrong with the lakers. I've been reading this blog since it started but never posted, and I'm shocked on how you "real" lakers fan whine about every single thing. "

I don't expect Mitck K. to make trades at this time....too late but you can still pick on players being cut on a two week try out just like this jeffers of Utah Jazz that is just an example. We need able body out there to rest veterans for few minutes. We never had a good bench since the run last year. However, we are hoping that will change by PO or else we have no chance of repeating with half injured starters.

On the botched trades before the ASG break, they were needed in order to rest Kobe for surgery. One of the problems why Phil could not rest the veterans, we do not have talented players out there to compete consistently. Yes, they won 4 games w/o Kobe, can they continue that pace in the 2nd half w/o change? I opted for Bosh instead of Bynum because our baby drew could not withstand the rigors of NBA 82 game season, he gets injured in the last three years when we were expecting much from him. Of course, that is 2nd guessing now that he was injured. W/o Bynum and Kobe in the 2nd half, there is no way they could reach 60 wins which is a required mark to be #1 in the West.

Lastly, we are looking for solutions not just whine from nowhere. If lakers don't have the objective of "repeat" then that is fine. If Lakers are not paying high salaries at luxury level, then that is fine. If Lakers management are managing teams like Golden State, Clippers, T'wolves, Nets...then that is fine. We are the Lakers with a winning tradition of winning consistently and consecutively. We need the best players and best brains in basketball at all times. We can't settle for halfway mediocrity and start trashing players without any offering any alternatives. What I said jazuela some of them are related to past action not present.

At this time, just roll the dice and see where it goes by flipping the On and OFF switch.

Thank you Jay Jay for a well intentioned post. You have to highlight the defects of the present situation because we are after a brighter future of the team. This is not a game to game euphoria and whining but more on proper management on the championship run by having a plan.

Indeed, the decision of Kobe to play in the next summer games is just ill advised. He exposes his body to danger zone as well as the team. He should take care of that body first and honor his huge contract. We are not classified haters of Kobe but we are after his own good by treating this as business on a long range project not just for short run praises from basketball fans in the world.

Kobe, see your doctor today and follow his advice on those fingers. The future never takes care of itself, you have to visualize it now.

Thanks Mark -

Actually I like your vibe and all the clips and points of view you bring to the table. But there are so many new threads so often now I think the blog has lost a lot of what made it so interesting - people's comments on other people's comments. I actually met Laker Tom up here at the Lakers-Warriors game in March and he agreed.

No disrespect meant, but since you asked......

Sweet hangover from last night...
We won AND we played good bball. And Kobe resign..


Jay Jay - Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I think the best way to approach this is that I'm kind of responsible for providing the site with the news and fresh content throughout the day. If it helps you guys, usually I'll have a morning post followed by a links post mid morning and then one around lunchtime and one in the late afternoon. Practices somewhat change that so I'll usually have a report in the late afternoon/mid evening. And when there's games there will obviously be coverage at night too. Let me know if that helps in any way. I definitely agree that the conversations among the threads is a valuable component and with that I don't try to just jumble a bunch of posts in one hour and then nothing later on and try to space them out instead. Let me know what you think about this. It's still an ongoing process and I want to make this place an enjoyable place to visit


Hey Jay Jay. Where you been?



Thanks once again for the "Comment of the Day" acknowledgement. It humbles me, because there are so many savvy bball fans on this blog.


I think all PJ is trying to say is that HE won't be coaching at the end of Kobe and Pau's contracts. Phil turns 65 this September. He's a lot closer to the end of his career than to the beginning.

Kobe has just decided that he will "put up" instead of "shut up".

He put his money where is mouth is, and that entire line of thought from the blogoshpere has been rent asunder.

KB24 = Laker for Life


The Utah Jazz, coming into Staples as the hottest team in the West, currently ranked as the number one contender for the Pacific Division Crown (in a tie -- but lets not burden ourselves with details), is the perfect antidote to a 2-3 disastrous, calamitous, road trip.

Timing could not have been better.


If Phil decides to step down, I think Brian Shaw would be the logical choice. Jim Cleamons and Frank Hamblen did terrible jobs in their last head coaching jobs. I don't think it would be good to go to a whole different system (Coach K, Byron Scott) as the Rudy T experiment showed. Michael Cooper might be a decent choice as well.

Minutes earlier, Bryant had gotten more of the rubbish he gets in every NBA city -- more of these comparisons to players who haven't won anything yet. It would stand to reason that Bryant put the LeBron comparisons to rest last June, when he hoisted his fourth championship trophy, and first without Shaq. James hasn't won any yet, and Bryant is within two of tying Michael Jordan, and yet all anyone can talk about is LeBron, LeBron, LeBron.

Bryant can take that; there is no denying James' talent and no telling how many titles he'll ultimately win if he puts himself in the right situation, starting this summer. But now Bryant supposedly has been passed in the NBA hierarchy by Kevin Durant, according to the great basketball publication Rolling Stone.

"Whoever said that is a little bit over their head with that one," Jackson said.

I was looking through the free agent list and C.J. Watson might be a good replacement at point guard. If the Lakers win the title, I'm pretty sure Fisher will be back. BUT please do not resign Farmar if Watson is available at a reasonable price

SCOTT… “Will all those who said Kobe was going to walk this year because the Lakers have been horrible please hang their heads in shame. LOL” Right on, Scott. It’s a good thing that Kobe is a truer and better Lakers fan than some of the Fakerholics who apparently would divorce their wife, denounce their brother, or disown their children after a bad game or argument. Maybe now these fans can shut up and show some loyalty to the greatest sports franchise in the world.
BRONX… “Interesting timing by Kobe and the organization. By signing now, Kobe is making a statement...essentially telling the basketball world that LA is his home and the Lakers are HIS team. He's not hedging his bets and awaiting the outcome of this year's playoffs before making up his mind. Kobe is where he wants to be and he let everyone know.”
Outstanding post, bronx. I knew it was going to be the post of the day award the minute I read it. Furthermore, I don’t think it was mere coincidence that Kobe and the Lakers happened to announce the extension right at this moment. I mean, what better time for Kobe and the team to make a major statement about the future. I absolutely KNEW the Lakers were going to play great tonight.
DJ… “WOW! I like it, but I really was hoping KB would hold out and see if the Lakers would do a sign and trade for Wade or James or just a regular trade fro D. Williams or CP3.” Here’s the thing, DJ. Why would you want to trade the best player in the league who has bled purple and gold for 14 years and given the franchise 4 NBA championships? And thank God that Jerry Buss and Kobe Bryant understand loyalty and team chemistry far better than most of the Lakers fans posting on this blog.
“I have been a Laker fan since I was real young (West and Wilt days) along with my NY Yankees (Mick and Yogi), hence D(erek)J(eter).” Same here. Yankee fan since the days of the Mick and Lakers fan since the days of Wilt. As for DJ, he is the epitome of class who continues to survive wave after wave of young gun shortstops much as Kobe has done with young gun ballers. Trading Kobe Bryant would be tantamount to trading Derek Jeter in my opinion – something only a blind fool would do.
EJK… “Sign Pau to an extension - check. Sign Kobe to an extension - check. Bring LBJ to LA - coming this summer.” LOL. I didn’t realize politically conservative bloggers played fantasy basketball. :-) I seriously doubt with Kobe, Pau, Ron, Drew, and Lamar all locked up for next three to four years that Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak are going to break up this team to trade for anybody, including LBJ. The financial pressure not to take on more salary will be ever greater once Kobe makes $30M/yr.
CHRIS… “Don't forget that Andrew Bynum is also locked up for a long while. He is also one of the cornerstones of the franchise.” THANK YOU, Chris. When you view the Lakers personnel situation, you have to be impressed with the job Kupchak has done. The core of this team is signed up for the next 3 to 4 years and other than the long term contracts for the Big Five – Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, Odom, and Artest – only Sasha with another year and Luke with three years have contracts.
JAY JAY… “As much as I love Kobe, he is ruining the Lakers and his re-signing, while necessary, only encourages him more on the wrong path. “ I respectfully disagree, Jay Jay. Even injured, Kobe is still the heart and soul of this team. I think he deliberately chose to finalize his extension deal at this time in order to send a strong message to his teammates and to the rest of the NBA that he is and will always be an LA Laker. Kobe wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding as to where he wants to finish his career and I think that message was the reason for our fire and energy tonight.

Well, if anyone deserves Jordan-type money, it's Kobe. At least we know he'll work hard to stay on top of his game, fat contract or not. That's the difference between him and Shaq.

And if Phil doesn't return next season, maybe we should pursue Tom Izzo from Michigan St. The guy consistently produces great teams even without great talent year after year. On top of that, he just seems to be a good guy. Worth a look.

An Emergency Room doctor who saves lives makes $80,000 a year.

A high school kid who can dribble a ball, shoot and play what is only a game, makes $30 million a year.

What does that say about societal values?

And to top it off, he's a selfish me-first kid who unlike LeBron, doesn't make his team mates better!!

Dr Buss has just wasted a truckload of money!!

I agree with you Jackie L

It's ridiculous money and frankly I'm surprised Buss didn't ship Kobe out for a quality guy like Durant or CP3 after being insulted by him a couple of years ago like he did with Shaq

Buss is gonna regret it.

With all his injuries, Byrant will be limping around like my grandfather, in a year, maybe 2

And you heard it here first

This "demented three-faced narcissist" will revert to his penchant for freezing out his team mates now that he's got a new contract.

I don't see the Lakers winning again !!

Sup peeps,

Great win yesterday against a quality opponent! It's sure nice to be back to our winning ways - I want more of the same tomorrow. And the game after that. And the game after that. And the.... well - you know. I know it would be nice to get some rest in for Kobe and Pau especially, but I don't remember PJ ever doing that, so I'm going to assume it ain't happenin' again this season. Still - a rested Kobe sure could do some serious damage.... oh well. That's why I don't have 10 rings!

It's great to be back here on the blog too! Doc says my surgery went well, and if the level of pain is any indication of that, then I'd say it's a throbbing success lol! Oh man - I sure wouldn't wish this on anyone... Still - if I come out the other side able to walk up and down the stairs freely, and able to work out again, then of course it's all worth it. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and bandwagons - I surely do appreciate all of it. It was nice to learn what being a die hard, purple and gold running through the veins, member of Laker Nation is all about!!! Thanks everyone!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the live chat tomorrow. Hey Laker Tom - come on at half time!! (NO I'm not giving up...!)

MM - question - why did you change the format of this "caught in the web"? It's MUCH better when you give a brief blurb about what each link will talk about.... If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's what my pappy used to say....


Nothing but another title will suffice.

Thanks for your opinion Jackie L. Now you can crawl back under your rock and take your princess jimmy butt kissing face with you. Go on now - it's getting dark outside. Shoo little girl. Your mama's waiting for you.

justa - hah don't worry this won't happen too often. i worked late last night and then wanted to get the links post in time so i could eat some breakfast and then head out to practice


MM - eat some breakfast and then head out to breakfast?? WHAT??? All you do is eat man. You really need to take this job seriously ok? Jeez - what are they paying you for anyways? Slacker...

* note - sarcasm font definitely ON *

justa - i meant practice. lol i corrected it


MM - lol!! Just trying to keep you humble, what with all the praise you garner on here.... Don't want you getting a big head and forgetting us little people that make it possible for you to shine! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

glad to hear everything went well Justa! We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

To all the fans saying "we need to get LBJ, DWade, etc. this summer" guys this team won the championship last year and will most likely win it again this year. We have Kobe, Pau, Ron, Drew and Lamar locked up for at least 3 years. We don't need any more all star caliber players. The only moves we need to make this summer are for a decent starting PG and shore up the bench. The ONLY way I see us making any major moves is if we totally flame out in the playoffs.

JUSTA!!!! Good to see you up and about bro. Hope the pain subsides soon. I'll be keepin yuou in my prayers for sure.

Thanks for your opinion Jackie L. Now you can crawl back under your rock and take your princess jimmy butt kissing face with you. Go on now - it's getting dark outside. Shoo little girl. Your mama's waiting for you.
Posted by: justanothermambafan | April 03, 2010 at 04:00 PM

What can I say? In the words of Mamba24 OUT FREAKIN STADNING SIR!

2010-2014 NBA CHAMPS!!!!

Jackie L and Purle&Gold are one and the same. Pathetic losers like princess jimmy.LOL



Are you the purple and gold who blogs here from Lebanon? I don't think you are, because you hate Kobe and anything that is associated with Kobe. We may be commenting with his contract viz a viz to the other needs of the team, tho' he deserves every dollar because he works his butt to earn it. He is playing with a mangled hands, bruised body while your Shaq is always on vacation on company time.

Jay Jay,

Nice to have you back. Don't be a stranger.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today.... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jackie L.,

"And to top it off, he's a selfish me-first kid who unlike LeBron, doesn't make his team mates better!!"

If you had heard the first-hand discussions of people who have met LeBron James, you would not have made that statement.

Let's put this simply in REAL WORLD TERMS that even morons can understand:

Kobe won the MVP. He bought his teammates $11,000 Rolexes.

LeBron won the MVP. He bought his teammates $120 Kodak cameras.

Think about it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Kobe won the MVP. He bought his teammates $11,000 Rolexes.

LeBron won the MVP. He bought his teammates $120 Kodak cameras.

Posted by: Jon K."

TAKE THAT LEBRONIACS!!!! TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking maybe that's why Lebroom and his teammates always does that stupid pose for pictures during pregame warm-ups... $ 120.00 cameras!!LOL!!!!


The point that a doctor makes $80K and Kobe makes 80K per minute is profound. But in the world of basketball Kobe deserves that type of cheddar. Shaq routinely takes 30 games off per season. In fact he delayed surgery until right before training camp to have surgery on his big toe and he makes $30 million a year.

If the Lakers are so terrible this year, why are they the second best overall. So maybe it is not good enough. Sure they won more games last year bec. they were hungrier, not better. With the triangle offense, you need to play for a year to have a good flow....When playoff starts, they will be ready.
For Kobe's extention, well deserve. Kobe takes care of his body and hardly misses a game....CP3? where is his team now--he suppose to make his teammate better? Lebron has been one of the best and surrounded with stars like kobe, i don't see any ring in his finger.....Lebron wins regular season bec. the team plays a running game. If you play LBJ in a halfcourt game, his team will be defeated at least 4 in a seven game series. Phil, Kobe and Pau are very smart guys.....Ron very physical and Lamar is always a match up problem....Cleveland has a stupid coach, and players who are easy to please.....Lakers fan should not worry about Cleaveland, they should worry about the Magic. In the playoff, they are the best team in the East playing a halfcourt game....

I think besides getting a new point guard and some help on the bench, which is obvious to all laker fans, we need some new young blood on the bench (coaches)!These assistants should have retired 3-4 years ago. We lost our only young good assistant last year.




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