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Bynum might not return before regular season ends; Jackson not happy about being fined

The Lakers continue to fly in a holding pattern around Andrew Bynum, their starting center out for the foreseeable future while still feeling pain because of a strained left Achilles' tendon.

Things are "about the same" Bynum said in a brief interview Tuesday as he left the Lakers' training facility in El Segundo.

The Lakers have five regular-season games left before playoffs begin.

"There's discomfort after he does a certain amount of exercise," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said after Tuesday's practice. "I'm just not holding my breath on a timetable. Obviously we'd like to have him play a couple games at the end of the [regular] season, but this morning I told him if that's not possible, we'll take whatever we can get in the playoffs at that time."

Bynum has missed eight games with the injury, the Lakers going 4-4 without him.

Jackson knew more about his financial future after the NBA hit him with a $35,000 fine Monday for criticizing referee Bennett Salvatore.

"I highly endorse it," Jackson said sarcastically. "I think it's a wonderful thing to do. There's nothing to appeal."

Jackson wasn't thrilled that Salvatore gave Kobe Bryant a technical foul while the Lakers guard mildly disputed a foul call on Ron Artest in the second quarter Sunday against San Antonio.

"Didn't look like Kobe berated him at all," Jackson said after the game. "But with Bennett, you don't know what you're going to get."

-- Mike Bresnahan

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If PJ gets fined like that for what he said (which I agree was nothing) can you just imagine what would happen if he went ballistic during a game?? Seriously - as much as I would love for him to get into a ref's face when there's crap going on, Darth Stern would probably pull strings and get him sent to prison or something. Sheesh. It's absolutely ridiculous. And to have no appeal process?? The ref is ALWAYS right??? STERN - you're an idiot revelling in your evil power. Some day someone ain't gonna take it anymore. Hate to be you when that happens.

Trade Bynum to Memphis for Marc Gasol, other bodies, including a point guard, and a draft pick for DaSean Butler. Bynum has reached the ceiling of his upside, will always have injury issues, and will be a nonfactor again come the playoffs. Everybody's happy.

Bynum hurt again. What else is new.

Lakers don't have a bench in part because they're severely overpaying this kid who can't man up and respond when the team really needs him.

Bust, Bust, Bust, Bust.

No desire, no maturity, no basketball iq, no heart.

I didn't see you guys complaining when Stern gave the Lakers Gasol !!!!

Why is it the the Lakers organization never come clean on injuries to players, always double talk. How about a straight answer, stop talking out the side of your mouth. The real deal is Bynum may not return at all, another year lost. Phil can handle the small change.

totally agree to trade bynum asap! investment return is negative and will be a big drain in the foreseeable future

I agree. Boot the Bynum.
Too low of a pain threshold. Too much of a whiner.
You need to be in the league a lot longer and play in a lot more games before you can whine like he does.
He has a very high opinion of himself based on very little actual consistent playing time.
Could we trade Gasol for Gasol? After watching Pau play this season I'm less about finesse players and more about those with a killer instinct.
Anyway, I'm not sure what finesse means anymore. Apparently the definition has been changed to mean can't make a basket from 2 feet away, can't make a lay-up, and drops the ball regularly.
Repeat? Not likely.

NUGGETS COUNTRY… “I did see the Lakers in Minneapolis where I grew up! So, I've been a Lakers fan for 52 years!” LOL. Finally, a blogger older than me. Congratulations, NC. You are now the elder of the elders. And you beat me by 12 years as a Lakers fan. Looking to see you tell these young whippersnappers what up.

To mamba24:
"You have been here before sir. A Laker team with a record of 56 -26 stumbled into the playoffs on a losing note for their last several games in 2001. Every one said they would be 4 and out instead what happened? As Moses Malone said to Dr. J, they went fo, fo, fo and then screwed up and went 5 and won the title. Their performance was one of the most dominant ever seen in any playoff run. "

Just a reminder, please do not forget at that time we had the most dominant player ever played the game (Shaq). And now with current .................... is it possible? I hope!

troll - Darth Stern gave the Lakers Pau????


OMG - that's the funniest thing I've heard in a VERY long time!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

You are too cute.

2phat you're really are an idiot, besides Bynum can recall a time whenever they gave a return date and the player didn't return before, or at least close after that given timetable?.

I was never among the ones that were really high on bynum, but this guy has really been a total deception on every aspect.

this is what happens when management yank the guys who care (TURIAF, ARIZA) in exchange for players who take basketball as a second option part time job.

Can you imagine how awesome would be these Lakers with Turiaf instead of Bynum?. Maybe Turiaf would not some of those scoring nights Bynum has once in a while, but he was a much bigger factor and positive influence on the team.

KB can play all Busted up. this Bynum kid gets a bruise and he is out. grow a pair, get a heart, and get your overpaid arse on the floor Bynum.

Like Marc Gasol isn't injured and out for the rest of the season.

I do have many old-school perspectives as seen by my posts here and other Laker blogs. When I played (back in the day), defense, rebounding, and fundamentals were king since we had little of the athletic bodies that are seen regularly these days. Had to use our wits and training more. I'll try to keep my curmudgeon attitudes to a minimum, but the Coach in me gets riled up a lot! I do have to keep my head down here in Nuggets crazy Colorado, however.

Who are these new poeple on the blog belly aching for a Bynum trade?? All these fair weather opinions on the flavor of the month only serve to show that the general public parrots what they hear over the course of the season. If you people knew even a little about the game you wouldn't be so quick to trade a 7'1" Player with great hands.

You guys complain and moan about Bynum and everything he does. So let me break this down One more time for you people who just jumped on the bandwagon.

1. Bynum is 22 his body just stopped growing. Thats the risk you take with drafting a 7'0" 18 year old. And by using your reasoning the Blazers should give away Greg Oden for 1 sack of oranges and 2 bags of chips.

2. This guy has only been playing basket ball for 6 years. He only played his senior year in high school then was drafted. He didn't have years of developement like other bigs, and came to the Lakers as a project which he still is.

3. Basic rule for big men is they fully develop 3 years into the league after developing some of their game at a 4 year college. Guess what thats 7 years in crazy strict organized ball..Bynum has 5. For you people to say that a 22 year old with limited organized ball XP and who is pretty much still learning on the job has reached a ceiling is truly idiotic.

4. The injuries to Bynum (not counting this one) were freak and not the norm for people. Landing on some one's foot at the exact spot where you hyper extend your knee instead of rolling your ankle, and having some one shoulder tackle your knee chasing a loose ball. BOTH not his fault..BOTH freak injuries that seldom if rarley is the players fault.

5. The Bosch trade was never a posibility. It never had a chance. Why? Because the saleries didnt match for a straight up trade and the Lakers needed to put in a long term deal that the Raptors who were looking to free up cap space would have never agreed to.

6. I hope I shed a little light on who things aren't always what they seem. I hoped you enjoyed me rantand rest assured I am expecting the Grammar Police Chief Ouch to call me out for run on sentence, missing commas and apostrophes.

On a side note:

I didn't see you guys complaining when Stern gave the Lakers Gasol !!!!

Posted by: DFish | April 06, 2010 at 03:00 PM
I didn't see you guys complaining that McHale gift wrapped KG to the Celts either. Or that the Richard Jefferson was traded to the Spurs for a shiny bauble and some spare shrink wrap.

PJ is my new idol, for crashing Bennet Salvatore.

Keep the good work, PJ.


In Men in Black III Agent J and Agent K pull the Bynum suit off and find Sam Bowie.

The Bynum injury situation gets worst by the day. Now he is not expected back until playoff time. Guess what ?? He is not coming back!! Bynum should be traded this summer for someone who can play basketball. Bynum does not have great hands. Heck, he can't even dribble the ball and passes have gone through his hands many times for a turn over. Just because he is 7'1" does not mean he is grreat. He has been in the NBA for 5 years and made no progress at all. Lakers need some PG's bad and a bench that can score. Bynum trade would be a great start to realize that possibility.

Yeah, about the Refs, how do we know that there isn't a Laker Hater like Timmy Duncan/Joey Crawford? Just sayin!

As for Drew, well, it's not that I don't like him, but with Gasol, Artest, Odom and Walton and Powell, we don't need that extra Big as much as we need a second outsider to line along side KB24 (like D-Wade). And puleeeze don't tell me we can't get Wade. If he wanted to come here (since he's a free agent, he can walk away from Miami), we could do a sign and trade for Drew and whatever from our bench that would equal out the dollars. I think!?!?

As for Kobe, yeah he is shooting a bit too much, but I think he thinks he will hit that next one and no one else has shown that they can. He is a true warrior on the court and just has that mindset. I would like for him to make some better decisions at times. And over and over again, Gasol is what we think he is, a super skilled finesse player. That's just what he is and I will take him. Sure he may get beat up a little, but gives you 20/10 every game and makes good decisions as well. Our problem is that we don't have backcourt buddy with Kobe. The second guard who can shoot and defend consistently is our achilles tendon strain. I want D.Wade or D.Williams!


1. Lets be realistic and accept the fact that this current laker team just does not have 'it" this year.

2. This team just never had the opportunity to play with a full deck all year.

3. Luck and injuries have taken its toll and I understand that most of the lakers fans are just not willing to embrace the reality.

4. Bynum will become and will be remembered as a journeyman center who was injury prone. A gamble yet to materialize.

Almost cut my hair
It happened just the other day
It's gettin' kind of long
I could've said it was in my way

Wade!!!! I want Wade!!

El Guapo - great post.

To those advocating a trade asap, you do understand there's no trading until the summer, right?

troll - Darth Stern gave the Lakers Pau????


OMG - that's the funniest thing I've heard in a VERY long time!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

You are too cute.

Posted by: justanothermambafan

Well how did the Lakers get him ? Because Kupchak is a genius and made one good trade since he has been with the Lakers !! It is known that the Bulls wanted him and offered 10 times as much as the Lakers were offering. Check your facts. I might be a troll but I know little more about this NBA than you or any of your biased buddies might want to believe.

Bynum has an Achilles tendon injury and stays out for 8 to 13 games!? Are you kidding me? Kobe had a broken finger, back spasms, a banged up knee and a rolled ankle and played through it all! Bynum you're a big baby, man the hell up. He should be traded I'm sick and tired of everyone saying he has potential to grow, yet he doesn't. They've given him more than enough time, he proved he can't play with Gasol, he is extremely injury pron, inconsistent and soft. We need someone who's hungry for a championship and wants it as much as Kobe and Pau do.

Hi guys,

I have been very busy these days, my relatives from San Francisco are here for a visit. Lots of parties and not a lot of Lakerholicsm :-(

Mang Edwin, my favorite blogger of all time, you are on a roll. God bless.

Laker Tom, sorry to hear about Mrs. Lakertom injury.

Justa, I check the game chat after the surgery just to find out you are doing ok. Glad you are ok, more prayers from me for your speedy recovery.

MAMBA24 (Larry), please, please put me on the I STILL BELIEVE bandwagon. Just like what I told you before, I will not get off even if it will just be me and you on that ride. There is so much at stake this year. I believe in destiny and Lakers are destined to repeat. Say all what you want haters and doubters, there will be a parade in June. Lakersnation's love, prayers and support will make the difference.


I used to think that Bynum would be a really good center for us as he matured, but now that it looks like he will be a NON FACTOR for a third year in a row, when we need him most, I say trade his butt this summer. he has good trade value, as his stats put him as the 3rd or 4th best center in the league, we might be able to get Bosh in a sign and trade, since Toronto is going to loose Bosh anyway, or we might be able to put a package together to go after CP3. A top rated power forward, with Gasol moving back to center, or a top rated point guard with Odom at PF and Gasol at center. That and a bunch of new guys on the bench that want playing time AND to win a championship. We NEED a BENCH MOB again.

El Guapo the problem with Bynum is when it comes playoff time he's El Crappo.

I don't give a stink if he's 22, he's NEVER there when we need him. Kobe's not getting any younger, we need to surround him with the BEST talent for the next three years to win one or two more titles. A core of Gasol, Lamar and Artest along with Kobe is a good start, now we need to add a point guard and a power forward, and a few good bench players. The only acceptable bench player we have this year is Shannon Brown, we need about four more.

Uh oh. The Spurs are gaining power and looking much like the world beaters of yore. It's like watching a boat of dummys argueing about how to steer, meanwhile the boat is heading toward a huge waterfall. Ah guys, guys, guyyyyyyyyy's...aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I'm a Lakers fan since the early 60's...J West was my hero and I hate the Celtics. Now, Bynum is a pussy plain and simple...sack up dude!

I'm sure this has been said before but I think when the officials start being real boneheads to the home teams this chant should be initiated.


Has anyone heard of it being done in a game?

I don't see any problem if Drew is out till the PO start.
Regular season is not something we pursue, and when he gets back in full strenght and health it will be definitely a good sight for us, and a bad sight for the rest of the crew.

With Bynum in, our bench drastically improves cos either him or Lamar become the sixth man.

And that's a whole lot of different perspective to look at the bench.

Then, to compare Kobe's drive and overhuman strenght in playing while severly injuried it's a nice excercise of writing skill, but we all know NO ONE ever comes close to Kobe's attitude and will to play, injuried or not.

It's unfair to ask Drew to be like Kobe there cos, to put it simply out, nobody ever was like Kobe there and no one ever will.

This is surely a praise to the unique Mamba, but it has not to become an offence to Drew.

We will need Andrew healthy and ready to kick.

He's gonna be a fresh injection of blood in some of our lately anemic schemes.

I look forward to that.

I am someway surprised (no, not really...) that so many of you don't.

I really like Bynum's skills, but he is injury prone. Maybe he should accept a bench role to ensure he will stay reasonably healthy. The problem is, not all players can handle living in LA. Everybody wants to be a star player and don't seem to be cool, ala. jason terry with being an important bench contributer. Alot of guys on this squad just want to shoot, and not do the little things to win. We need to keep core players and continue to bring in "hungry" role players who really want to win championships. I think some of our bench got soft after winning.



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