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Bryant sits out Thursday's game against Denver

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant  is not playing Thursday against the Denver Nuggets in order to get some rest.

"We have some guys that obviously need some down time, need some rest time," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before the game.

Cleveland forward LeBron James also sat out a game Thursday, watching from the bench as the Cavaliers played the Chicago Bulls.

Bryant has encountered a variety of injuries this season, including a broken right index finger and a sprained left ankle, the latter of which sidelined him for five games in February.

Sasha Vujacic started in Bryant's place Thursday.

--Mike Bresnahan

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i would have rather him sit out the game against minnesota............

Solid first half by Fish. He is looking poised for the playoffs !!

Seems like Kobe is trying to play mind games with the Nuggets. Whatever. Lakers need to win at least one game to lock up west. It would also be good to finish ahead of Orlando also.

we need win one game in last 5. Kobe and Paul, have a rest.


Do you know if Kobe made the trip, or is he still in L.A.?

it's a real shame there isn't a place where one can argue basketball with intelligent fans. There you go, the Lakers play better without mr. "MVP", Kobe Bryant was never that great to start with and nowadays he's nothing more than a glorified T-MAC.

By the way I'M A HUGE LAKER FAN, not a Kobe fan. Why don't I show up here more often? because this place is hopeless and full of idiots of extremely low intelligence.

"Seems like Kobe is trying to play mind games with the Nuggets."

PPPPlease!!, now can you see what I'm saying?

Wow, what a choke job by Phil Jackson not calling a time out to bring Artest back in the game before Carmelo went crazy making 7 points in a row. You sure earned that $10million. What a joke of a coach. And Fisher??? So pissed right now. Unbelievable. And how is that NOT a foul on that last shot??? If you hit someone's hand on the follow through, if it's in the middle of the game 100 out of 100 times, that's called as a foul. The refs totally stunk it up. It's true that Denver got robbed on a bunch of calls during the game, but when it counted, they totally screwed up. The video clearly shows that Anthony hit Fisher's hand on the follow through. Totally ridiculous.

The Lakers are Sooooo much better without Kobe. The Laker guards were 11 of 43! Hey that's over 25% shooting! Hopefully Kobe will sit out the rest of the season and maybe the Playoffs! Fish almost got that last shot off, just like the last almost game winner he shot a while back when Kobe was out. Big SARCASM Booooyaaah in honor of Jim Cramer!

@Dave: you make it seem like being a laker fan and a kobe fan are mutually exlusive

OMG! Lakers again played better w/o kobe "I'm-chasing-jordan's-title-to-be-the-greatest-of-all-time" bryant! If Im the manager, i'll trade kobe,farmar and odom for durant and westbrook, gasol and bynum for nowitzki and haywood next season. imagine this lineup:

pg - westbrook
sg - durant
sf - artest
pf - nowitzki
c - haywood

You got a mixture of youth and experienced players, speed/quickness of durant and westbrook, shooting of durant and nowitzki, toughness of artest and haywood.

This Laker fan is now accepting the fact the Lakers will NOT win a championship this year and most likely will not make it to the finals. Why?
1) Denver has beaten our team 4 out of 5 times this season...this clearly demonstrates they are the better team. I don't think they can beat Denver in a 7 game series.
2) The laker bench is terrible. What happened to the machine? You never know which Odom you're gonna get, Luke Walton is our savior?
3) PJ seems determined to play Fish whether guys are blowing past him regularly and he shoots 2 for 10 repeatedly.
4) IF the Lakers somehow managed to make it to the finals, they will not do so without at least one and probably more series taking the full 7 games to move on. By the time they make it to the championship, Cleveland will be waiting and there's no way enough gas will be left in the tank.

Okay. We lost. I hate losing.

1. We should have won.

2. We really were competitive with the Thuggetts with both Andrew and Kobe out.

3. What the heck was Gasol doing on that second to last possession when he was double-teamed and surrounded by open teammates? Makes no sense.

4. When the Thuggetts were given possession with 14.1 seconds left, I was watching the game in a bar surrounded by LeBroniacs. LeBroniacs! EVERYONE in the bar was stating, "That's Lakers' ball." E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! These people hate the Lakers. Everyone. When it was stated that it was Thuggetts ball, the bar room out loud concensus was, "Really? Are you kidding me? No way!"


5. I'm RELATIVELY certain that Fisher was fouled on the last shot.

6. We should have won, but I'm proud of how we played.

7. I hate the Thuggetts.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


And no flagrant when Odom's head got knocked off was totally ridiculous. The refs totally sucked it up. Fisher got fouled on that last play.

NBA refs are worse than MLB umpires with different size strike zones, some with different size strike zones based on who the pitcher is and depending on game situations.


Westbrook, Durant, Nowitzki, Artest, and Haywood = 0 rings

Fisher, Bryant, Farmar, Odom, Gasol, and Bynum = 12 rings

You really know how to pick champions.

I hate to say it, but Kobe's years have worn down on him. He should definitely take the summer off and heal. He also should have taken time of to let his index finger heal. It's one thing to play through pain, but moronic to jeopardize the entire season by playing in a bunch of meaningless games in the middle of the season and being so banged up when it counts that you can't even play. It's been 3-4 months and his index finger still hasn't healed. He's shooting worse than he has in years. The finger should have healed in 6 weeks!!! What a moronic decision by the team to let him play through that. Look at Cleveland. Shaq could have played with his injury, but they're saving him for the playoffs. This year, because Shaq is so effective against Dwight Howard, it's going to be a different series.

There is no way on earth that the Lakers, even if they make it out of the west, will beat Cleveland. They may not even beat Orlando this year.

This is NOT the same Championship team in the past where they could just turn it on whenever they wanted. This team seems like the Lakers when Kareem and Magic were in their decline. Sometimes, when I see Kobe out there, he looks more like Magic when Magic was trying to make a comeback after he retired.

No matter what happens this year, Kobe needs to sit out the summer and also, next year, they need to rest him like San Antonio does with Duncan.

Kobe sitting stunk! I was at lats night's Nuggets game that had about 25%+ Lakers fans with shirts, hats, etc. on. Plus all the Nuggets fans around us were very disappointed he was not playing, truly. It was very bad for us in that most of us spent a lot of money to get sandbagged. The Lakers did well enough in person, with the usual Pau bobbles, defensive misques, and accusations in huddles between the players that you never get to see in NBA League Pass. The usual late game reasons that they blow leads and lose games were evident...............again. Hard to believe this team will go anywhere in the playoffs with all the injuries. Thos injuries are obvious when you sit 25 feet away from their bench and get to seee the wraps and bandages up close and personal! Some very bad calls (non-calls) were on the Lakers minus column that the Nuggets usually get in their favor. Seeing those blatant missed calls up close is very hard to take - many were seen by the officials but ignored. Sometimes it is easy (watching on TV) to think the refs were maybe looking away from a play and missed it for that reason, but I focused on their eyes when they missed several calls and they were just being defiant against the Lakers. Not the whole game but enough to make 2+ points difference, which was the loss margin.



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