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Artest finishes sixth for defensive players of the year, unveils latest look

Lakers forward Ron Artest finished sixth in the voting for NBA defensive player of the year, well behind winner Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic.

Artest totaled 29 voting points, receiving seven second-place votes and eight third-place votes. Howard won the award for a second consecutive season, finishing with 576 voting points, followed by Atlanta's Josh Smith (136 points) and Charlotte's Gerald Wallace (113 points).

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant finished 12th with nine voting points, receiving one second-place vote and six third-place votes.

The award was selected by 122 media members throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Artest said he could have been better than sixth.

"I probably would have been higher if I had been lighter for the whole season," he said. "Next year, I'm definitely going to come in lighter. I always wanted to play at 280 [pounds], and it just didn't work for me defensively. I lost 20 pounds during the season, which is pretty much unheard of, and I came back to almost my prime defensively."

Artest won the award once, in 2004.

"I had my chance to have two or three of them," he said. "One year, I got suspended, and I probably would have gotten it that year. Another year, I got in a lot of trouble and Ben Wallace got it. I would have had two or three, but it is what it is."

Artest arrived at Tuesday's shoot-around with a new look, the orange dye job in his hair replaced by purple and gold asymmetrical waves and accompanied by a gold-dyed soul patch. There are no letters or characters in his hair.

"Usually I always tell him what to do, but I just told him to go ahead and do it, and he did what he had to do," Artest said of his barber. "No meaning in it."

-- Mike Bresnahan

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ok, everybody, just go back a thread and read my brilliance there. Or don't, it's entirely up to you. I'm sure you have lots of stuff to do. I'll just sit here and look lonely and weep a bit to myself. [sniffle sniffle]

Ron Ron is loco.

phred - lol sorry man that was just breaking news from shootaround. as far as the vegas post goes that was purely coincidental.


Wow, did this one pop rather quickly?

Uh, that was suppose to be "pop up," can you edit for me MM? Buddy?

Yes, I am from Lubao, Pampanga. About 15 km from San Fernando. We are famous for our good food and Mang Edwin can attest to that. :-)

#4, you are correct, if Ron can guard Durant ala Jawo, then KD will be too frustrated .....I was a Crispa fan way back and I hated (sports' hate) Jawo with all my heart.


Posted by: Jeanette | April 20, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Jeanette, thanks for the replies! Know any Normandys over there? dad loved referencing that guy when talking about basketball, lol. Something about his up and under move was his favorite example to teach me.

My conversation with you has got me longing for dinner with my in-laws

Go Lakers!

Ron buffing himself up in the summer didn't help. It was great he was getting stronger but his quickness isn't what it used to be so it's more imperative he lose weight I think next year with a more experience in the offense (hopefully Jackson returns) he'll be better and get at least one more 1st All Team.

And Laker Tom...the thing about Bynum vs Farmar/Shannon because I am sick and tired of Farmar and to a lesser degree Shannon. This was supposed to be the year where Farmar grabbed control of the reins and force Fisher to the bench or at the very least get majority of the minutes. He has not done that and for all the blaming Jackson a much more significant factor is that Jordan has been *inconsistent* just as much as Fisher despite having a higher FG% with almost the same amount of shots. And for Shannon it gets tiring watching him trying to create of the dribble and shoot the ball while creating space since not all NBA players are good at that and well he is inconsistent. I missed Bynum simply because of his scoring that is MUCH better than Farmar aka the brother of Todd or Shannon Brown whom disappointed everyone since the Slam Dunk Contest. Bynum's returns means less shots for "This is the way I play I don't want to play your way" Farmar or inconsistent Shannon Brown.


Instead of criticizing Bynum, Brown and Farmar,
why don't you pick on someone
half your age?


Artest with purple & gold hair? HA!
Can't wait for tonight's game

Reposting an inspirational moment I had...

This video made me cry:
And that's not a good thing, as I'm still at work (but nobody saw..)
I came from far away because I LOVE LA!!!!
Here's where I met my girl, where my son was born and where I saw our Lakers 2008/2009 CHAMPIONS!!!!

Hello everyone,
I think Artest used his hair to blind Durant in the first game, and now he is planning to make him feel dizziness. That's his secret weapon.
If he wants to be again the DPOY, he'll need to dye his hair every game, to attack the opponent's sight. Well, unless they start wearing special goggles.


Edwin, Congrats on comment of the day.

MarkG, Yes I wish Meyers and Spero would trade places.

Mamba24, Please add me to the Bynum band wagon

Phred, It is obviously a conspiracy to put up a new thread when you post. Does that mean that you've joined with Edwin and me?

M2, What do you have against Phred?

Rick - LOL. I don't have anything against phred. It's all love


LakerTom & phred: This is where NBA coaches earn their stripes, in the playoffs. That is why COTY (coach of the year) is probably the most meaningless of the NBA awards, even less so than the good Samaritan of the year award. Just look at who won it last year, Mike Brown, who successfully navigated the Cavs to the best record in the regular season, and a lucky 3-pt shot away from a sweep in the lEastern Conference Finals.

By the way, that gives Mike 'Lets give LeBron the ball and let him do whatever' Brown as many COTY awards as Phil Jackson. As many as Greg Popovich. It also gives him one more than Jerry Sloan has ever won. Talk about a joke...

Anyways, Scottie Brooks seems like a decent coach, but tonights game will show if he has what it takes to make the necessary tweaks to their offense that will allow Durant to come off screens or whatever it would take to get him some clear chances (that is asking a lot with the tenacious defense Artest has been cloaking him with) and if he can modify their defensive plan to keep Bynum from dominating the paint.

It's a pretty nice achievement to take a 23-win team and more than double their victory totals, but another thing altogether to be able to identify what changes need to be made let alone getting a team to make them. PJ is shown to be masterful at tweaks, be they more mental than x's and o's, but we'll all see soon enough if Scottie really does merit the COTY talk coming his way...

- - -

Artest should have finished higher on the list. He has been on a defensive tear since the all-star break, his lost weight and extra fitness training is really starting to pay off.

6th, 600th - doesn't matter. The NBA wait until after the playoffs to vote their awards, but since they give so much weight to regular season performances, dudes like LeBron will win MVP's without championships, Kobe may only end up with one MVP instead of 3-4, and Artest won't get credit for showing up in the REAL season - the PLAYOFFS - and will have to settle with merely winning a championship ring and the Lakers franchise won't hang 'Western Conference Regular Season Best Record' banners!

Because, if the Lakers started hanging those banners, the entire Staples Center ceiling would be covered from wall-to-wall... =P


KB lets not forget, Brown has a torn ligament in his shooting thumb. He can create and shoot, but he's having a bad case of Kobe-itis as well.

Hobbit and blitz

Pardon my interruption but what the *FRIKKIN HECK* are you two talkin about? I don't understand the meaning of all this bynum to farmar/shannon talk? Ur losin me.. That's like comparing a chihuahua to a great dane.

Enough horseplay... Let's just get down to brass tacks here...

To blitz.. whats ur take on vince carter? Do u agree now he's half man half choker?.. I know we had this talk over a year ago so its ok to change ur mind

To hobbit.. Do u still think we're better off with mbenga over bynum in the playoffs? Just a simple yes or no will suffice

3.. To both of you... Who do u think will win the east? Don't wanna hear no evasive what if answers.. Just be a straightshooter.

Thank u gentlemen.. Ur feedback will be very much appreciated

Regular season awards mean nothing.

Example: Would you rather see a Laker win MVP, or NBA Finals MVP?

That's what I thought.

Lakers lack the basketball IQ of Cavs, Celtics, Mavs & Spurs! All you had to do was watch the Celtics make Miami look like a non-play-off team today without Garnett. Rondo & Davis played the inside game like they had Bill Russel in there. In contrast the Lakers blew three 2 on 1 fast brakes, could not get the ball inside to two 7 footers. Absolute disgrace, they don't realize they have to move with the ball to make crisp entry passes to the bigs if the angle isn't there. Passed the ball to OKC players three times without significant pressure! Guess these guys think they are all superstars not to listen to the coaches! Took too many perimeter shots and gave up a 11 point lead. Playing that way they would be down to the Cavs, Celtics, or Magic by 20 points at half time!!



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