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Video Caption Contest: Kobe Bryant playing a little bit too close on D

For the sake of not making this post too PG-13 rated, I'll let the following video kind of speak for itself. After all, there are numerous ways to interpret this.

That leads us to a video caption contest. The winner will be featured tomorrow in the Reader Comment of the Day. My quick two cents: While I think the contact was deliberate, the location of the contact was not.

--Mark Medina

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Kobe to Ref: "I thought that's what on-the-ball defense was supposed to be all about!"

So??? Let's remember the time Raja Bell tried to tear off Kobe's head and break his back, yes it was actually 2 parts to that take down, 1st, grabbing him around the neck area I believe, then with Kobe's back arched, throwing him down to the floor...and only a 1 game suspension. Only because it was against Kobe, if it was against Lebronze, for whoever is strong enough to do it, Stern would suspend him for the season. or the next, if it were in the playoffs. "The Stern Rules". Go ahead, ask him, who's going to win this year, he already knows.

The area of contact may or may not have been dliberate, watch the last part, try to figure out where Kobe's eyes are focused, you can't, but you can see his head only looking up just as contact with the jock strap was made. I think, I'm not going to watch it again, why bring it up, Stern will just get hold of it and suspend Kobe for 1-2 games and $50K.

...or since they never follow the "hand is part of the ball" rule...maybe Kobe wanted to test it since he gets slaughtered each time he takes the ball into the lane.

Gives new meaning to the defensive term "Checking your man"

pfunk - hah i beat you to it. i had that story linked in yesterday's post


Oh.......Well as Rosanne Rosannadana would say..........."Nevermind"

Kobe: "The hand is part of the ball.... wha??? WHICH ball?"

Kobe: " I thought you said take it to the cup?"

Kobe- Let me check if the saying is really just a myth.

Announcer: Kobe's a real baller!

I think it was just a way of measuring Igoudala's hangtime.

How about...just checkin'!

Or maybe...just checkin' your nuggets!

Or, I wanted to see if those nuggets have any stones!

Or maybe, this a heat check?

Or,...just checkin' for a pulse?

Kobe's ball pressure on defense is just terrific!

Come on dude, what are we? Five years old?



It doesn't matter whether Kobe's playing on the ball or off the ball defense, he's always keeps his eye on the ball.

I'm not a judge but I do play one on tv (haha, jk)...but IMO JAMF has won.

"the hand is part of the ball" indeed LMAO.

Sorry for all the non-sequitur nuggets stuff, I just realized that was from the previous game...good thing I'm takin' notes...

You could say he was up in his jock.

Kobe took Phil Jackson's request for "more ball movement" a little too seriously.

Ball hog!

Lol. That's really an old-school move by Kobe. Very funny.


C'mon that was nothing!

MM keeps the blog posts coming fast and furious! Now, if I don't log on at least 3-4 times a day I feel I'm missing something. Nice work MM!

response to earlier blog entries:

LakerTom: I don't agree with everyone on the blog, but respect all opinions that are stated with reason and maybe some facts thrown in. Your posts are always thought provoking and make you think, I respect you for that. I don't want to put my toe in the water regarding some ongoing things, but I know that all of us may have some differing points of view but we're all together on one thing - WE LOVE OUR LAKERS!

J-Dizzle: Artest did what he had to do in Houston, no doubt. I totally agree with you. He isn't a selfish player, he isn't someone that dominates possession simply to have the ball (like a certain eastern conference player who is changing his number from MJ's to the number of titles MJ won). Artest did exactly what he had to do in Houston. I really love his selflessness, his team-oriented nature. He came in not to be alpha-dog, he came in to bond with the pack and do whatever is necessary. Artest is a very bright individual, along with being very outgoing. He is smart enough to know he doesn't need to dominate possession here, he has learned the offense and has adapted perfectly to the Lakers structure. I cannot stress enough what a big pickup he's been, he is hungry for a title and is one of those players that scraps every second he's on the floor.

About LeBron a Laker? If LBJ comes out and states that he wants to become a Laker, he comes right out and says it this offseason, how many people would reject that? There are a lot of things that irk me about LeBron, like his stupid dancing and rituals, his total ball domination at the end of games - basically playing 1-on-5, his arrogance when he's won nothing, his being annointed 'King James' when he's won nothing, his refusal to back down and admit he was wrong in not congratulating the Magic after they beat them in last years playoffs... I could go on but you all get the message.

Thing is, if he comes right out and states how he loves the Lakers, would love to be Kobe's teammate and play for PJ, if comes right out and SAYS it, how many would still reject him? Personally, I don't see the type of win-at-all-costs mentality of a Kobe, the do whatever it takes to win type. LeBron has tried to adapt that, but he is someone that passed on a lot of end-of-game shots early on in his career, he didn't start trying to take them until people started calling him out. LeBron is actually probably better suited as the ultimate Robin to Batman, Superboy to Superman, and maybe he wants to be more of a facilitator instead of have all the pressure on his shoulder. Perhaps, he wants to be a Laker and play Scottie Pippen to Kobe's MJ - how many Laker fans would reject him then?

I know that if LeBron comes out and states how he'd love to be a Laker, how he'd like to come help Kobe, I could overlook his faults and accept him.

Oh, as for Kobe's playing close on D, Kobe does WHATEVER it takes to win...

"Now shoot the ball, turn your head, and cough."

good game...

Thank you Mamba24! =)


If Lebron came, Kobe would get him multiple Championships.

Then, when Kobe is about 35-36, he can turn and say: "Lebron, you carry the load from here on out. And get me rings until I'm 45!"


kobe: "I was trying to keep him from draining the 3 ball."

The crab wants a new number next year out of respect to MJ?? Who's gonna buy that crap-ola.

Its all about the money so come out and say it u freeloader!! Haha

So does this mean he's gonna stay in cleveland?? Why would he need a new number if he's gonna get a new jersey with a new team anyways?? Hmmmm

"come ref that's not a foul that was all ball!"

Thanks Faith!!!

How about...gimme the ball!

This little piggy went to...

Oh man, Kobe gone done a man check on Iggy. Ha. His face is priceless.

Oh major kudoz to Josh Ziemer. Brilliaaaaant.

nah, i'm not going to enter that particular contest, except I did think that Iguodala seemed curiously unfazed, at least relative to how i would react in similar circumstances. Kobe didn't really seem to make much contact there. But hey, whatever, i'm not going to jump to any conclusions.

Yeah, If Lebron wants to wear Purple and Gold next year, let him take an Artest contract. Everyone has to pay their dues, Radmanovic was probably the last one the got the total free ride, Walton was a partial earned contract, he just never improved, never could shoot, still can't shoot. If his career would have just settled into a 12/7/7 player, that's what he needed to earn those bucks. That theory about him taking it easy to avoid getting traded is interesting. By the way, why did we not lose Morrison during the trade deadline, he is totally worthless. My 29 minute man (sun Yue) would be far more useful by now. At least he would look better sitting on the bench, and be paid millions less. So basically we're going to get nothing for Morrison. Yes we did get Shannon...but face it, NOTHING for Morrison. Well, if the Lakers lose in the finals, at least we'll have a "designated cryer"...because he's proven he's great at that.

OK since this is a contest of somekind, since I came up with "The hand is part of the ball"in my 3rd posting (4th overall)....that is mine!!!!

Game time soon,,,,turn on HD...

...and one more thing, too many blog topics in a day, how about an average of 3, maybe on the lower side if we got a good topic, on the higher side if we got nothing to talk about andl let people freestyle...

I see justanothermambafan declared it officially later on, however I did use it in my blog, whatever, I don't care....this blog has issues....mumbles24 trying to be Mamba24....

...if LeBronze wants to be a Laker he can come off the bench after Walton.

Great stuff!! These posts actually got me to for the Lebron hype, I am an avid Laker fan, and apparently the only person who wouldn't want the guy on my team. I hate the guy with a passion, even if he is the most physically gifted guy in the league. His poor sportsmanship, selfish theatrics, and lack of respect for other teams rubs me the wrong way. Stern may be trying to gift wrap a title for this freak of nature, but I still want nothing to do with him.



a fellow Stern conspiracy parnter.....problem is that Stern hates the Lakers, they make money too effeciently.They have a team that could wear boy scout uniforms and not look out of place. Stern wants LeBron to win, but probably know that D'Antoni would not be able to deliver the package, and New Jersey could not rub out the competition. A Stern solution....form a new team in Akron, Ohio, after all it is the 81st largest city in the United States, and propagate the team by letting LeBron pick 14 players from any other team, except for Kobe, because, there has to be some excitement in the Finals. We could call them the Akron Rubbers for their tenacious play, and the fact that Akron is the Rubber capital, I said rubber, not condom capital in the U.S. Makes more sense than New Orleans, Memphis, OKC, Charlotte Version 2.0....Why So Serious?, Why So Stern? (say it with a smile, just as phony as his)



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