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Lakers lose to New Orleans, 108-100


New Orleans Hornets 108, Lakers 100 (final)

This was not a good loss for the Lakers -- not when they are trying to get some momentum heading into the Western Conference playoffs and certainly not when they are playing a New Orleans Hornets team that is headed home for the summer.

The Lakers now are 2-2 on a five-game trip that ends Wednesday night in Atlanta. With eight games left in the regular season, the Lakers need to get their act together.

Down 17 points in the fourth, the Lakers never got closer than five points. They didn't look inspired until they got into a big hole Monday night.

The Lakers trailed, 85-68, after a three-point play by Emeka Okafor early in the fourth quarter.

It wasn't long after that Lakers Coach Phil Jackson took Kobe Bryant out of the game for his first rest of the second half with 9:02 left and the Lakers trailing by 15 points.

By the time Bryant returned with 5:44 left, the Lakers had cut their deficit to six points after Bryant rebounded a missed Jordan Farmar free throw and scored down low.

The Lakers were now back in the game, but they couldn't come all the way back.

Pau Gasol had 26 points and 22 rebounds, tying his career high. Bryant had 31 points.

Chris Paul had 15 points and 13 assists for the Hornets and David West had 20 points.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from New Orleans

Photo: Lakers center Pau Gasol looks for a shot opportunity in the lane against Hornets center Emeka Okafor in the first half Monday night. Credit: Sean Gardner / Associated Press

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The Laker comeback was going okay until the one possession where Kobe hoisted a 3 down 7 instead of getting a better shot. Then after that he started to slice and dice the Hornet defense and basically got layup after layup. How come he didn't do that before in the game? I saw the same lanes that opened up for him.

Stat line for Jonny boy K bandwagon

Derek Fisher FG 3-11 3 PT 1-7

Jonny boy K you are correct, he is definitely out of his shooting slump !!!

what is happening?

Are the lakers really this bad or are they playing opossum? Come on - everyone has been saying - wait until the end of the season -'s here!!! Why are they still not able to beat sub 500 teams?! Man- so freaking frustrating rooting for this team. Is Kobe the only one who cares on this team? I refuse to watch any more games until the playoffs.

Looking good in anther loss to the Hornets!

Posted by: Eric Wright

This season has been a joke !!!

This team is truly schizophrenic and clearly has a ' jeckl and hyde' personality. If PJ and the coaching staff feel anything like I do...they must be frustrated as hell.

There's just no consistency in the performances up till now and I'm not sure there ever will be, which is a sad commentary on the team's commitment to correct their bad habits both on O and D...oh well...such is the life of us Lakers fans...sigh!!!

WOW! what the heck is up with this team?! This is so frustrating!!!

Jerry, I have been watching a lot of their games but not all of them. The last month ,even during the win streak, they looked like they could care less for whole quarters at a time. I don't know if its possum playing or not. The bench is not championship caliber; that would get an agreement from just about anyone I think. Can the starters take us to another championship? I don't think so especially if they mimic last year and go seven games with teams and refuse to close them out on the road. They would need a few easy 5 game series to have the starters rested enough to go all the way and win the finals.

I just don't see it happening. There's a lot missing that's obvious but PJ seems genuinely angry that they are not listeing to him this year. I mean, Sasha has virtually done nothing for this team for 2 years and HE"S getting into it with the coaches? Not a sign of good chemistry.

Tonight Kobe had that look of "we arent good enough" I've seen that look when he was playing with Smush and other castoffs. IF they do win will be becasue Kobe and the starters play a playoff round that they'll be talking about for years. Seems..unlikely. But anything is possible.

I will not bash my team!
I will not bash my team!
I will not bash my team!

But, doggone it...can't anyone hit an open jumper?

Ron and DFish....2-15 from 3.
Kobe and Pau...having to play over 40 mins.
Lamar...struggling, perhaps with his shoulder, but bottom line, not getting the job done.
Our "bench"....being outscored by a rookie (Collison) 17-12, as part of an overall 42-12 deficit. That's a difference of 30 points, family! Hell, Posey outscored them 13-12, too!
These are all worrisome things.
The Lakers are limping to the finish line.

But...I will not bash my team.

I was able to only watch the second half, but I must say that I was losing my mind during the second half of the third quarter and the first half of the fourth quarter.

The sky is not falling, but it is natural for a Lakeraholic to be disappointed at times and, right now, I am disappointed.

A few points of concern:

1. Our perimeter defense sucked. Several times I screamed at the television, "WHY ARE WE LEAVING THAT GUY WIDE OPEN AGAIN!?!?!?" Urgh.

2. Farmar does not set up the offense. He just attacks and does not wait/try to get other players into position. It's frustrating.

3. When we really needed it, big three point shots were missed by WIDE open Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher. We've got to make those shots.

4. The Bench Mob seems to have retired. I'm so frustrated. There is almost no focus. It's not about effort, so much as focus. They just aren't playing well as an synergistic unit. I don't know if this is a coaching issue, a listening issue or both. I'm particularly concerned that Famar may not be listening, maybe because of contract issues.

5. When will Luke be back?

6. We would have won this game with Andrew Bynum healthy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Winning championship isn't just determined by the excellence of the champion. Sometimes you have to look at the competition as well. Right now Orlando and Cleveland appear to be better than the Lakers, but the Western Conference has no one who is playing better than the Lakers. Dallas, Denver, Utah, San Antonio Portland, OKC and Phoenix all have major weaknesses , injuries or lack of playoff experience. Which one of those teams would you want to trade places with? I think The Lakers can get it together in time for the powers of the East especially if Orlando, Boston, Cleveland and Atlanta beat each other up. The Lakers may not be better than last year's team but they still may be good enough to win it all. It will be fun to watch. Championships are more fulfilling when there are substantial obstacles to overcome. This may be one of those years.

Another loss because Gasol it is soft.
Pau Gasol is a soft player. Pau Gasol is far from being a number 2 player for the Lakers; you can forget that myth.
I Think Pau is a becoming a cancer, and by cancer I mean the definition "an evil influence that spreads dangerously"
As the Nobel laureate ouchhh say "Gasol for SOAT (softest player of all time)".
Paula* Gasol
Trade Gasol for Hulk hogan.
Trade Kobe for Mickey mouse.

G in DC,

"If PJ and the coaching staff feel anything like I do...they must be frustrated as hell."

To be honest with you, I was watching the game and I was thinking to myself at times, "Why is Phil keeping these guys in, they're getting beat?"

It seemed like he was making a point.

My intuition is telling me that RIGHT NOW our role players are not listening to Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. I don't know why. I don't know what's up. But something is up.

I don't see that problem with our starters. I don't even see that problem with Lamar Odom, even though he sometimes seems to lack focus.

I see that problem with Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, DJ Mbenga, and Josh Powell. I don't know what's up.

I think there is a VERY important reason why Luke Walton has recently been asked to be a coach's aide. Because Luke somehow can connect with the bench and the bench has for some reason tuned the coaching staff out.

It is no understatement on my part (AND I KNOW THAT THIS SOUNDS LIKE COMPLETE MADNESS TO MOST, I KNOW THIS) when I say that Luke's health is essential to us winning a ring this year. If we don't win a ring this year, it'll be because of the bench mob and, I fear, that Luke is the only person who can get the bench playing RIGHT again.

Total weirdness.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


In the first quarter, the Lakers ran the offense pretty well. They pounded the ball into Pau and he responded aggressively by scoring the team's first 12 points. When Kobe posted and was double teamed, he found teammates for WIDE OPEN looks. The offense worked, in the sense that it created good shots. But, unless someone can make an open shot, it's all for nothing.

Very quiet...where is the Jonny boy K bandwagon tonight ?

I don't think Andrew Bynum is injury prone, but he is not a fast healer.

Do the Lakers have a sports dietician/nutritionists? If so, they really should hire someone. REALLY.

If desired, I can make some recommendations. I know a former professional football offensive lineman who is now a naturalpathic doctor who is particularly brilliant in the field.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I swear tonight I saw something I never saw before. Maybe it's my imagination, but I don't think so.

This was more than a loss. This was a complete breakdown between the players and the coaching staff. I could see it in their eyes. I could see it in their grimaces. I could see it in their scowls.

To a man, the players are p****d off at the coaches. The coaches are p****d off at the players. This is more than just the inability to execute. The Lakers are at war against the wrong enemy. There is insurrection.

The coaches are screaming, "follow the game plan!" The players are screaming, "What game plan? What do you want us to do?"

Pau gave it his best tonight. I'll give him credit where credit is due. Kobe did what he needed to do. Lamar was a total underachiever. West torched him. Thriller was way off. Fish's shot selection and defense was abominable. I'm almost ready to say, sit the starters until the playoffs begin. They're toast. They're done. They're over it.

The bench played no D. Their O was A.W.O.L., except for Jordan.

At a time when Phil Jackson teams usually start to play their best basketball, this edition of the Lakers is at an all-time low.

But as I say, this is more than about how they play. This is as testy as I've ever seen a team of defending champions down the stretch. There is real anger. There is real frustration. The coaching staff has lost the team. The tiff between Sasha and Shaw the other night was just the tip of the iceberg. There are real problems in Laker Land, and it has nothing to do with the game Monday night against the Hornets.

The coaches will try to sugarcoat it. The players will try to sugarcoat it. Some of the beat writers will try to sugarcoat it. But wake up and smell the toxins. We'll likely hear about team meetings and rah rah speeches from D-Fish. But I'm not buying any attempts to whitewash this.

I'm writing this knowing that you usually count on me to be the voice of calm and reason. That's the place I've become most comfortable because it's the place I prefer to be. But not tonight.

So what is the deal with Sasha? He was playing fairly well and at least tries. Why is he in the dog house? Anyone?

Rob - I've watched practically every Laker game this year if on TV or NBA League Pass.

It sure has been one heck of a disappointing season. I know, I know, we have the 2nd best record in the league and best in the west. Maybe expectations have just been too high. I surely did not think they would go 82-0 but I really felt that this team would dominate a lot of their games. Sadly, they had maybe 5 memorable games where they controlled then entire game and didn't even let off the gas in the 4th.

It's been rehashed on so many Laker blogs already about their inconsistent play, Dfish, Bynum a bust, Gasol (soft lately but had a nice game today - but make the freethrows), Farmar (some good games but many where he's out there on his own with his cocky attitude and own agenda), Brown (jacks up horrible shots and acts like he's Kobe), Walton (did he even play games this season?), Sasha (feels jaded, terrible attitude, he's worthless), Morrison (what's there to say), etc...

When you really look at the roster it's actually quite bad. Yes, starters are talented but like you said - they have had to play a ton of minutes this season when they should have been blowing out teams and resting. They won't have the legs for a long playoff run.

Sad if Kobe can't win a ring this year - I'm still rooting for them but it's not looking good. I'd hate for him to leave because maybe PJ is tired of these players not responding to his coaching as he mentioned. If PJ does not coach - maybe Kobe books out of LA?

Jon K

Getting Luke back on the floor might help but, this team seems to be suffering from 'mental' fatigue. They just don't seem to be able to stay motivated to put out strong efforts on a CONSISTENT basis and there ain't a whole lotta time for them to develop it.

Aother game where the Lakers did not show up to PLAY basketball. Fisher was himself in his very poor shooting and no defense because he is too slow for the NBA pg's. Kobe was in and out of the game and Lamar failed to show up once again. Like I said, see everyone watching the playoff's on tv. I can see the HAWKS tearing up the Lakers this coming Friday. Not going to get any easier. The Lakers are playing very poorly and makes one want to throw up at thier performance.

This Lakers TEAM is SOFT.
I pity coach Jackson.
This team is SO IMMATURE, it hurts.

The Michael Jordan teams were adults. They came to play every day as a team and play hard as a team. They did not have the best centers - they had nobody centers. But even their centers came to play and play hard. The teams meant business. They knew how to win and kick butt. And they WANTED to kick butt.

This Lakers team is cream puff. Kobe is showing hardly any leadership.

Michael would have been angry at the other players and would have bashed them for standing around and watching him play. Kobe? Nothing.

Lamar? Where is his head? Stop eating the sugar. Dammit.

This Lakers bench is so slim. They don't have players that come to play hard every day. I can't believe how this bench scores so little.

Boy, do they miss Luke.

Phil Jackson is the best coach in the business. Period.

If any player isn't listening, they should be booted out of the team. Even Michael Jordan listened to Phil. If Michael Jordan can listen, then any player worth his salt should be able to listen. If any player isn't listening, then boot them off. They don't belong in a championship team.

The key, I think, is to win 4 games ASAP and rest our starters for the Playoffs. Get them healthy and rested and hopefully it will be a whole new season.

Ok. I agree the lakers have not had their best season. The game was stifled by the inconsistency of the refs. The Hornets defense swarmed and fouled the low post plays by hacking away causing the post players to pass the ball to the open person shoot. Pau was fouled a few times and got no call when the he was trying to set his post moves. Lamar was pushed out of the lane by Okafur and got ono call. These plays happened when the lakers were on their run to close the scoring gap. There were several instances i counted over 5 sec when a defensive player from the hornets was in the lane. Ultimately the refs controlled the momentum and the game in Hornets favor. I just hope the Mr NBA doesn't have the same calls in the playoffs.

The Lakers are the best team in the NBA. Everyone, relax. The playoffs are a month away. It's not winnin' time yet.


Wow - I think you have finally converted to the dark side!! Now I'm really scared because I always thought you were the voice of reason and you see through purple and gold glasses.

But I agree - the Lakers are in huge turmoil. Like Rob D mentioned - Kobe is a freaking warrior and even he had that look of "we aren't good enough". I didn't see the face shot but there were other posts about the similar thing.

The bench has been crud for 2 years now - dump all of them - there isn't one player worth keeping except LO. How can you play for the Lakers (greatest orgnaization in the league) get paid millions of dollars, you're not even starter caliber, and then have a snotty attitude? sthu and learn from the coaches!!

Guys, let's be realistic and stop being in deny. This team is not very good. We're lucky to win the championship last year against the Magic. At the current trend, this team will not get to the Western Conference Finals. We have the worst starting PG in the league. We have the worst bench in the league.

The way Farmar and Brown played, I'd prefer to have Sasha get a chance to play a bit. But it appears that he's in the doghouse after confrontation with Shaw last week. Too bad, we could use his defense against Collinson who ate Farmar up tonight!!

I know it's just one game but for the first time season, I don't think this team is ready to defense their title won last year.

I hope we have a better effort against the Hawks on Wednesday.

Good night.

It's interesting to read what people say about Gasol. He is what we thought he is, a very talented SF. He's not a center. Why does everyone want to try to make him a power player, he's just not. However, I will take his 20 points and 10 rebounds a game.
Bynum is a different story, he is a power center, just doesn't always (hardly ever) play like one.
As far as Fish goes, he is not good, but Farmar and Brown have been given some opportunity to show they are better. They really haven't stepped up. Those guys are who they are, NOT Paul or Williams or Nash or Brooks or Kidd or...
Oh yeah, remember when Kobe wanted to trade Drew for Kidd? I really think we would have beaten Boston in 08 and would be unstoppable this year. I am not a Drew basher per se, but I am wondering if we will always be saying, "he'll be super some day," for years to come. We just don't need 4 good big men and no good small men. In 2010-11, Bynum for CP3.

Man, what is going on here? There were a lot of WIDE open 3's missed tonight. Normally I don't really have a problem with someone taking an open shot but c'mon, if the shots aren't falling TAKE THE FREAKIN' BALL INSIDE THE ARC! If they would have passed up on some of those 3's and taken the ball in a little, it could have made a huge difference.

1. Like the Rolling Stone writer so aptly phrased, Kobe is indeed a "demented three-faced narcissist".

2. Read Phil Jackson's "The Last Season". This season is that book all over again.

Face it the way the lakers are playing right now their going to lose in the first round of the playoffs.What they need to do is get rid of sorry ass jordan farmar that has know idea how to play defense.They need to say good by to fish and get a differant point guard.They need to tell odam eather start being more consistant or by by.They need to let kobe go and try to sign labron.Then maybe they might start playing like champions are too play.

As I stated two months ago, this team is going to FLAMEOUT in the playoffs. I can Guarantee a total collapse playing this way, No passion, No heart, punked by the Hornets what a joke.

G in DC,

"Getting Luke back on the floor might help but, this team seems to be suffering from 'mental' fatigue."

I think you may be right, but I'm not sure why. Competition is awesome. Where does the fatigue come from?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey Guys, calm down, calm down. Everything is okay in Lakerland. Would we have liked it if they blew OKC or the Hornets out by 50 points? Sure, but the fact is that the Lakers don't bring the intensity that is needed to do that on a nightly basis. Given that, enjoy the games guys, come playoff time, this team's going to do some mean work on everyone else. There's enough experience and gritt on this team to bring home another championship, and we are right to expect nothing less!

Here's a Thomas Edison quote for you "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Failure only occurs when you don't learn from mistakes. My point? One of Mitch's biggest mistakes was not continuing to supply the Shaq-Kobe lakers with fresh talent. He seemed content with the idea "if it ain't broke don't fix it." So, did he learn from his mistake? I guess we'll find out this offseason. I'm thinking that even if we win the championship this year (which I believe we will, I always have faith in my team) we will see some major moves this summer.

Another Thomas Edison quote "everything comes to him who hustles while he waits." Wow, what a concept. I really wish all the players on this team played with that philosophy! Hustle, work, listen to the coaches, and good things will happen for you.

Don't worry - things will be ok when the playoffs start. pffffffffffffffffffffffff

Terrible performance today, just dissapointing. I mean i dont understand why we dont play thru Pau more in the 4th, Kobe really needs to take smarter shots, i mean its frustrating watching him go to the basket and get shots, then jack up 32footers. This season he has truly regressed to becoming the 2nd best player in the league.

G in DC,

"Getting Luke back on the floor might help but, this team seems to be suffering from 'mental' fatigue."

Posted by Jonny boy K.

That has to be it...the Lakers have been mentally fatigued the whole year.
Maybe they are staying up too late at night studying their playbooks !!!

I agree the lakers have not had their best season. The game was stifled by the inconsistency of the refs. The Hornets defense swarmed and fouled the low post plays by hacking away causing the post players to pass the ball to the open person shoot. Pau was fouled a few times and got no call when the he was trying to set his post moves. Lamar was pushed out of the lane by Okafur and got ono call. These plays happened when the lakers were on their run to close the scoring gap. There were several instances i counted over 5 sec when a defensive player from the hornets was in the lane. Ultimately the refs controlled the momentum and the game in Hornets favor. I just hope the Mr NBA doesn't have the same calls in the playoffs.

Posted by: Odom

Odom it is legal for a defensive player to stay in the lane as long as he wants if he is covering a man. Get an NBA manual... you will be able to enjoy the game more if you actually know the rules.

I'm not the kind to say, "I told you so."

Well, no, really I am that kind.

I told you so.


Are you aware that you are an awful human being?

Other people are aware of that fact.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I agree with you Chris! The Lakers ARE the best team in the NBA!! Patience everyone!!

Amazing the bench leads the league in egos & whining even though they are among the worst? Poor Laker bench babes the rookies have learned more about team play than these guys in? Other than Kobe we need to feel sorry for the other guards with big egos they are so mentally fatigued for averaging about 15 minutes or less with focus & intensity for half that time! By the way they demand the Superstar Kobe spend the first quarter being a passer so the others can warm up & gain confidence! Earn your salaries dammit and focus for the little time you get & deserve. None of the other guards expect people like Lebron, Carmello,& other superstars to be passers for the starting quarter so they can gain confidence!! Kobe & Pau are surrrounded by one of the worst benches with big egos & inability to focus & play with intensity every game!

brett barry on nbatv says kobe should be pretty upset with the laker's bench.....rightly so, L.A.'s bench getting outscored 42 - 12! again, since i didn't see the game in az, (thank you nbatv gods!) you would think kobe and gasol combining for 57 points would lead the men in purple and gold to victory. from what i've read there were many a missed shot from everyone except bryant and gasol. this team, new oreleans got beat 112 - 101 at home saturday night against portland. the hornets were never really in the game! BUT, nothing cures your losing ways like a visit from the lakers. of their 20 losses this year, just many of them would be considered a"good loss", meaning a loss where L.A. competed to the very end and just plain lost. again, this team has shown a lack of pride, guts, heart, etc. jackson has challenged them all year to give their best. a defending champion gets everyone's "BEST GAME". they have not responded well in that area. drew's injury has messed up the rotation quite a bit. since, the so called "bench mob" no longer exist, we definitely need odom's pts, reb,asst off the pine. also, never thought i'd hear myself say this.... we need luke walton..... we really do. because he knows how to run triangle way better than farmar, who just looks to jack up 25 ft shots. i worry more about farmar's lack of defense than fisher's "d". despite having pretty good quickness and foot speed, farmar gets beat on defense by everyone. without a solid, productive bench, i don't think the lakers can repeat as nba champs. our starting "6", counting lamar is possibly the best in the league......but after's kind of scary. i wish the season was over so we could see what lakers team is going to show up. 'cuz everyone sure thinks it will ok when the "next season" is upon us. i don't necessarily agree with that. i hope i'm proven wrong. if their bench was consistently productive, yeah, i could say we could just "flip-the-switch". but of the top 5 teams in the nba, our bench is definitely the weakest. only time will tell. will you stop coasting through the rest of the season, lakers, will you???

The Lakers problem is not coaching, Kobe either Gasol or Bynum being injured. it is a matter of POINT GUARD plays. the Lakers don't have a skillful point guard that cant make play for post players. as long as the lakers do not improve the point guard position, there will be always proble. Fisher needs to retire and famar, vuyacic and Morrisson need to be traded for a solid point guard like Devon Harris and Aaron Brooks. I dont care about what they do in the offseason, but Mitch needs to find a solid point guard. Magic was last solid point guard for the lakers.

I really believe that the Lakers are the best team and that we will see more intensity and focus in the playoffs, but i wish that they would start taking these games seriously.

Let's not forget that KB still has a BROKEN FINGER on his SHOOTING HAND for crying out loud! He's playing at an awesome level considering that. Most of us couldn't hold a pencil, let alone, shoot a basketball. And 6 Game Winners to boot!

They really need to shape up into their playoff mode basketball now before it is too late and they get shocked when they're not ready in the playoffs

Troy B....

Excellent point about how the Lakers did not continue to refresh the Shaq/Kobe teams. Granted it is much harder for a championship squad to remain on top due to a lack of high draft picks and the fact that winning players are usually highly paid players.

Last night, I fumed at seeing Marcus Thornton doing his thing because the Lakers could have used their first round pick and selected him. The Lakers missed out on a number of good players in last year's draft, players who fell out of the first round and who are now contributing on the teams that selected them.

One other thing...I value what Ron Artest brings to the team...on the defensive end. But I miss Trevor Ariza. Trevor was made to be a Laker. Local boy makes good and becomes a champion with his home town team. Trevor had a special affinity for the Lakers that allowed him to play above his head at times. Trevor is struggling a bit with the Rockets, but he brought a special spark to the Lakers.

The only thing I can say about this year's team is that it hasn't shown the internal improvement that was expected. And because of that, the team seems to have regressed. Whether Ron for Trevor was a good thing can't be fully assessed until the Finals. Maybe it's just a case of other teams getting better while the Lakers stayed the same.

At any rate, with all their difficulities, the Lakers are in the mix for another C'ship...for the third straight year. There are teams in the Association that would trade places with that type of problem in a heartbeat! If the Lakers win 60 games this year, that would give them a record of 182-64 in the last 3 seasons. Not too shabby.


Hey DFish, grow up man! Unlike you, Jon K is a real Laker fan!!!!

All along we been saying that come playoff time our team will be better., but we been seeing vital signs which are not really good. Our defense is getting worse though Artest really doing his best to compensate on that area as a team we are regressing. We miss open shots very often which only proves we lack a consistent pure shooter. We do not hustle much if we do it's rare. The point guard rotation is our main concern compared to other elite teams they have more well rounded players. Most of the teams who competed in the playoffs last year upgraded their bench and the result is so obvious now.
I have been also watching some games of other teams especially The Cavs, Boston, Magic and i can say that of the 3 my concern is the Cavs, not just because they beat us 2x this season but they really playing well and they have guys supporting Lebron and they are consistent.
Our team should start getting their act together before it's too late. I watched again the game against Oklahoma and I did not see any wrong committed by Sasha. He just played 3 mins, did not shoot the ball, made 2 entry passes which were good , played decent defense, rebounded once and he was castigated by Shaw, pointing fingers at his face, shouted at ( The commentator said this ), so they had shouting match for what???? He was now in the doghouse for what?? Pride??? I mean Farmar & Fish were horrible that game and we did not hear anything. I think one reason why they are playing like this is because of some internal issues coaches against players and players against players, I hope I'm wrong. We have 8 more games to go ....hope for the best....82 - 0 or 0 - 82 record I will still love this team...lakers forever......

Hmmmm lakers have a big problem this year. The problem is very simple, they risked a lot getting Ron Artest and that bet went wrong, he is much worst than ariza, and fisher is 1 year older than last year, also Shasha and Farmar are burned this year, their performance of this bench is worse than last year... So basically this year we have only Koby Bryant and Pau Gasol like last year, but combined with much worse factors than last year... So what should we expect? well.. i think the Bynum factor will be the key... if maybe Bynum improves his defense and his team play(which i doubt but would be nice), maybe the lakers will get that extra to get to the finals, but i dont think its possible to win the ring with this level of play from fisher and artest..very hard... but who knows... when the team is not working, work defense , defense and defense, and maybe some nice things will happend.

I can't believe the garbage I've been reading here in blogland. If you don't make shots, you probably lose. The hornets were jacking up shots, off-balanced, and with the clock running rhyme or reason... they went in!! I do agree the bench has been a problem all season long, as is the inconsistant point play. But you have to make shots to win. You also have to offset the tendency of inconsistant calls from bogus refs calling crap. Everyone makes their day playing LA, so the energy level of these teams is usually "college like" and hard to match sometimes. I focus on the way we play the spurs, nuggets, and rockets.

In the end, all we have to do is make the playoffs and go from there. If you recall, Dfish made some of the biggest shots in last year's run. He shot poorly all season, but made them in the clutch. Sometimes you have to stop reading the "tabloids" and have faith in your team. Sure the pundits are looking for reasons to bash the Lakers and annoint the cavs. Truth is, the cavs didn't make it there yet......I still believe we have the ability to turn the switch. You can't tell me the focus wont be there with the title on the line....We may lose...but we will be me!!

Somebody mentioned the Lakers "comeback" was stymied by Kobe's 30 footer! I respectfully disagree. We were NEVER in CONTROL of the game and momentum never swung even when we made our run simply cuz there was never any commitment made defensively to stop them...New Orleans had control of the game from the 1st Mo Pete 3!

We have slouches on our team. They are complacent and spoiled and looking to capitalize off of the "Laker brand", nothing more.

"As I stated two months ago, this team is going to FLAMEOUT in the playoffs. I can Guarantee a total collapse playing this way, No passion, No heart, punked by the Hornets what a joke." - Whoever

Punked by the Hornets eh? Let's see, last time the Lakers played in NO it took a heroic effort by #24 to bring them back from 20 down and win in OT. The Hornets always seem to have the Lakers number. Not a big deal.

DFish and some other idiot - "Blah blah blah Derek Blah blah blah told you so wah wah wah wah"

The Lakers are still #1 in the West and only need 4 more games to clinch that.

Is it frustrating to watch them lose? Yeah, but big deal. It'll be all that much more fun to watch them walk away the the trophy again.


Trolls out in force. All predicting doom and even saying I told you so. But wait the season is not over and playoffs have not started. So we just give up as the trolls would have it and not play out the season because they said I told you so? Heck no. We win the chmpionship and then we Laker fans say to you...We told you so!



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