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Lakers escape with win over Golden State

Lakers4_300 Lakers 124, Golden State Warriors 121 (final)

After a slow start, after trying to run up and down the court with the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers slowed things down in the second half to escape with a victory, but only after the Warriors missed two last-second three-pointers for a possible tie.

Even with that, a Kobe Bryant turnover late led to a three-pointer by Monta Ellis that cut the Lakers' lead to 121-119.

The Warriors double-teamed Bryant, who had 29 points, forcing him to pass the ball to Shannon Brown, who was fouled.

Brown made two free throws with 13.9 seconds left for a 123-119 Lakers lead.

But when Bryant made one of two free throws for a 124-121 Lakers lead with 8.6 seconds left, that left the door open for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry, who had 29 points and is one of the leading candidates for rookie of the year, missed a three-pointer.

Ellis ran down the rebound, but his three-pointer for the tie bounded off the rim three times before it rolled away.

The Lakers had no problems scoring against the Warriors. But it was their defense that seemed to suffer.

All the way until the end of the game, the Warriors pressed the Lakers' defense.

When Corey Maggette made a three-pointer, the Warriors had pulled to within 101-100 late in the fourth quarter.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Oakland

Photo: Golden State guard Monta Ellis tries to steal the ball after Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives past him in the first half Monday night. Credit: Ben Margot / Associated Press

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OMG! That game was total trash!!! How many turnovers. Lakers totally played GS's game. Is there no coaching this team? WTF -how they going to win the ring? EVERYONE knows that our size is the advantage - why we playing street ball? Where is the bball IQ??????

The Lakers deserve to lose this game.

Great D by Fish on the last play. I'm glad he is such a savvy veteran.

LA Guy

"Maggette hasn't shot a single free throw even though he gets hit every time he drives"

how about Kobe? he never gets hit? only Le Brick

your bias is unlimited. your Kobe Bryant down syndrome already shortened your life for 10 years. better stop. you will never have a chance to see lebrick as a champ in your lifetime. because your blindness has becoms legendary. on this blog.

you r never in for a discussion. except Lakers hater and especially kobe one. troll will be a compliment. you don't even deserve that.

24 TOs to 5? Is that a record?

And the GOAT had 9 of them? How does that happen?

One more and he would have had a double double.


and now returning to our programming, denver and dallas lost one in the last 2 days so Lakers have a 4 game cushion. same with Orlando in the east. lost home against charlotte.

so 13-2 or 15-0 still stands.

let's show tomorrow Tyreke Evans and that aloof, pathetic Westphal how this game is played.

love games when Ear Farm is on the pine. especially against fast teams like tonight. no chaos, no drama.

Lakers win, theee Laaaakers win! Pardon my D(erek)J(eter) NYY announcer roots. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win! Our "D" was hardly their except for Ron. I have a hard time understanding why Phil can't get these guys to play defense. At least our lead is up to 4 games now, hope that's enough.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

It's clear that most of us are not happy with the Lakers play of late. Here's some observations to ponder:

1. Most of the Lakers players have hand/finger injuries to speak of (KB24, Ron, Odom, Gasol, Brown, Farmar and possibly others we don't know yet) as shown by their wearing of wrist wraps, finger braces -UNUSUAL rash of them.
2. Almost every Laker player this year was banged up at some point (finger/hand ***, knee, back, foot, groin, shoulder, concussion, etc.) I suspect Morrison, Powell have some issue as well.

The bottom line: NO ONE has escaped the injury bug thus far.

This Lakers version is probably the most banged up I've known in recent memory.

Of note, the turnovers in the win vs the Warriors tonight was a good indicator of the rash of hand/finger injuries suffered by the players. Ball handling is SO crucial in are HANDS and FINGERS in doing so...

I guess it's the price they are paying collectively for being a champion...and about to do it AGAIN!

BTW, notice that Phil has not cracked the whip just yet...The upcoming roadie is going to be HIS time (the last 10-12 games of regular season as is his customary pattern)

By then, the injuries, hopefully, should get better with the healing process as well as the execution of the triangle and defensive schemes. Everyone knows that Phil always has something special in his hip-pocket come playoff time. He's not Mr. "10" for nothing! Hmm...

The Lakers are a team of EXECUTION in regards to play on both ends of the floor...When healthy, NO PROBLEM. They are championship material without question.

Like I said before, what's a team without facing ADVERSITY...They'll get there folks.


Laker pride through ALL and any ADVERSITY!


What's the record for turnovers by a duo on the same team in an NBA game? Does 17 combined from Kobe and Andrew take the lead?

Jackson and Bryant may want to dis (..respect and ..miss) Nelson and the Warriors, but you should be worried when you don't have a guard on your team who could stay with Ellis, Curry or C.J. Watson! Nor could they defend a pick and roll with Chris Hunter rolling.

I thought when Bynum stopped working with Kareem, he was making a mistake... now I'm sure of it. His career was on a positive upwards arc, now he's plateaued or even digressed. Maybe Gasol will give him a lesson on how to take advantage of smaller, less talented post players. 8 Turnovers!

Quote Jackson: Nelson's chase of win record is a tribute to his longevity. Turn around failing teams with tricks.

Quote Bryant: We won't see a team like this in the playoffs, trick offense, not playoff basketball. Still, when your second best guard is D Fisher in the twilight of his career, when opposing guards drive past your first line of defense at will you probably should be worried.

I can't tell you the satisfaction I feel enjoying the ride, win or lose, while the Chicken Littles and trolls are finding the gray cloud that houses the perennial Laker silver lining. Last year it might have gotten my goat, but this year, its been fun.

Like I said in December, its gonna be like this for the year. Other teams will hinge their year on the game against the Lakers. And I'll tell you what....the Lakers are MUCH better for it. The jokes on you if you think Phil has played any of his playoff lineups. This is all rotation stuff. This is all foreplay to the basketball orgy that is the NBA playoffs.

I'll be around to read the funnies that the chicken littles and trolls are gonna pull outta this game. Oh, and I'm enjoying all the good stuff the regulars are putting guys and of course, Mark Medina have been putting out great stuff. Keep it up.

Kobe said about the win, "We just keep our poise"

Please. Kobe turned the ball over and missed a free throw at crunch time.

D. Fish, or NoD Fish got twisted on the final Warriors final possession.
Lakers were lucky Curry didn't knock the 3 down.

Youknow what's awesome and frustrating at the same time?
almost every Laker game is close and has a playoff atmosphere feeling.
I hope that all these games give the Lakers an advantage come playoff time. So many teams and players just aren't use to that type of pressure but with the Lakers it's almost routine.
Case in point, tonight Melo air-balls a potential game winner against Houston, he scored 45 points in a losing effort but it's the air-ball that will be remembered.

"Youknow what's awesome and frustrating at the same time?"

When you get bandwagon Laker fans like Todd and jimjoyce laughing at one of your players.

Those two don't even deserve to be posting.

Todd and jimjoyce stop being a troll and enjoy the game.lakers win and thats the important thing,i dont care about how many points or turnover they make as long as Lakers win thats the most important thing to me.So both of you stop whinning and pack up or else go to other blog that will entertain you bashing lakers player!!!!!!

You're right, KB Blitz: Posters should be required to sign a loyalty oath before being permitted to post here.

btw: If I Eat First wasn't so laughable, I wouldn't be LMAO.

toadd, FAGuy and princessjimmyjoyce, u guys r pathetic.

(01) EDWIN GUECO - OWNER- BTW, Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Tom $$$$$ (known as LakerTom)
(02)JAY JAY - DRIVER - Laker Tom- Congrats on the 3 generations
(03) MAMBA24 - RIDING SHOTGUN - Congrats. LakerTom, may the generations of Laker fans lIVE long & prosper
(04) #4 – Happy Anniversay Laker Tom
(05) VMAN -Laker Tom Happy Anniversary
(07) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – Happy anniversary LakerTom So sorry I didn't get a chance to post my well wishes earlier, but I see Mamba24 was kind enough to put me on your bandwagon. I sure hope that by the time you get to read this, the Lakers have opened the proverbial can of whoop-ass on the Warriors and you've had a FABULOUS night!
(08) OUCHHHH – LakerTom u r NOT wearing a AB 17 t-shirt at the game? will that be too embarrassing? i'm sure if Mrs. LT finds out how much time you spend thinking, writing, gloating and glowing about 17 she will become jealous and maybe file for divorce. your love for AB 17 is a form of cheating
(09) JUSTALAKERFAN - Please Sir Mamba please add me to the LakerTom Happy Anniversary Band wagon and congrats for 3 generations of Laker fans.
10) BRONXLAKERFAN - Please put me on the "Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Laker Tom" bandwagon.God bless you and your family, LT...and enjoy the game!
11) CYBERCOSMIX - - LakerTom: Happy anniversary and enjoy the game! Read your story about losing your cool in a pickup game. I could understand it since someone fouled your son hard. Sounds like you just kind of fought the guy instead of hacking him down lol. Probably if he had fouled you hard instead of your son, you'd have reacted differently, but since it was your son it got you ticked off.

LA Guy your bias is unlimited. your Kobe Bryant down syndrome has already shortened your life for 10 years, Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | March 15, 2010 at 10:26 PM
ROFLMAO!! That was a great line!

As much as the Kobe as bailed out the Lakers....he has put the Lakers in that hole to begin with. Remember when he was out.....the offense ran so much smoother. With him in it the game the balls stops moving.... which leads to his islolation game.

When was the last time you saw Kobe get a back door feed from his teammates???? most superstars they do not know how to play without the ball.

Lets face it Kobe is getting old. He was having a hard time with the young guys defending him. He had so many turn overs. His body can no longer do what he wants. He needs to start sharing the ball.

the truth....

Last night I saw Kobe go back door on the baseline and recieve a pass from Jordan for a dunk. I will grant you, however, that moving without the ball is not Kobe's strength. I think that Kobe can't run around like Reggie Miller or Ray Allen to get free because a) The Triangle doesn't call for it and b) He's got to conserve energy somehow. Kobe does a lot of things for these Lakers.


More Kobe/ball movement talk??

Didnt we win a chip the same way last year?? oh yeah thats right..

Brain power people.. try it.. and if anything GS always get their hands on the ball.. how do you think they play D being undersized??

nope that was not a backdoor cut....he just posted and cleared out his man....

OBTW, the triangle does include hard cuts to the hole once the basketball is dumped into the post or the elbow.

the truth: You could not be any more right. The triangle is all about cuts. But Kobe doesn't cut. And when he doesn't cut, he brings the entire offense to a halt.

This is what people here seem unable to understand: The question is NOT whether Kobe shoots or passes, but rather whether he is willing to run the same offense as everyone else.

The point is: He is UNwilling to run the same offense as everyone else, and this means that the triangle is simply not run most of the time. And this is precisely how Kobe makes his teammates worse:

He doesn't allow them to run the offense that has been designed for them.

He demands to be the one who decides who shoots and from what position.

And the Lakers end up taking shots that are not the ones they should/would be taking from within the triangle offense.

As Jerry West said in an interview several weeks back: "The Lakers don't run an offense. They simply get Kobe Bryant the ball in certain spots on the floor."

As Derek Fisher said several months back: "Most of the time, we don't even run the triangle."

And the reason why: Because Kobe won't run the triangle. Because Kobe demands that the offense be run through him.

And this means that the offense does not produce the kind of shots the triangle should produce. And it means that Pau and Lamar, who are better passers than Kobe, don't get the opportunity to facilitate the offense themselves.

And that helps explain how the alleged GOAT can have 9 freakin' turnovers in a game against a weak opponent.

But the Kobe Apologists and the Kobe Enablers don't get this. Unfortunately, they don't know enough about the game of basketball to get it, and they are unable to do anything more than follow the basketball around and see who shoots when they watch a game on television.

Fellas: There's a lot more to basketball than that. You don't even know what you don't know.

Laker Fans - we won. The Lakers know how to play themselves to win. Defense may be lacking a bit but a win is a win.



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