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Lakers lose yet another road game, falling to Atlanta

Atlanta Hawks 109, Lakers 92 (final)

The goal the Lakers have of winning 60 games or more this season is becoming more and more difficult.

That's because the Lakers can't seem to win on the road. They suffered another loss, this time to the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on Wednesday.

The Lakers went 2-3 on this five-game trip -- not exactly what they had in mind when they left Los Angeles.

The Lakers are 5-7 in their last 12 road games. They went 0-3 earlier this month on the road. The Lakers are 54-21 for the season.

They have seven regular-season games left to turn things around before the playoffs start.

The game got intense Tuesday when Ron Artest and Maurice Evans exchanged shoves and pushes and were given double-technical fouls with 11:00 left in the game.

Artest ran toward Evans after the encounter but was stopped before anything else happened.

The Lakers didn't respond, but the Hawks did, scoring twice after that to open an 84-66 lead.

Later in the quarter, Jamal Crawford was called for a flagrant foul for taking down Pau Gasol with 8:59 left.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Atlanta

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LAYUP PARADE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil! Listen here and listen good!

You need Vujacic to play some minutes because Luke and Bynum are out. Vujacic does bring some defense that I have noticed to be contagious. Get it! When he plays hard the other guys defense especially PAU GASOL picks up their D!!!!
You need to put this guy in when your team is playing SLUGGISH!!!! Get it???

Other than the Black Mamba...has the team quit? Sure does feel like it to me. Hope I'm wrong. I guess we'll see come the PO. I'm beginning to get the feeling that it could get real ugly, real fast. Not panicking but, noticing a lot of bad signs.

Anyone still confident they'll turn it around in time?

Haven't you ever bought a product, a tv for example, because of it's brand name. You hear it's a good tv from friends and family for years and so you finally buy this name brand tv. So, now you have owned this tv for several years now and it has it's flaws here and there but overall it has been a good tv. So, amongst new technology you find a newer, better tv by the same name brand. Convinced that this new tv will be just as good as the old one you buy it. But, alas, you find out in the next 6 months that the tv that you know has a great brand name to it is a lemon!!! It breaks down several times forcing you to call customer service to fix this tv. Now, you are telling yourself I want my money back. Well folks this is how our 2009-2010 Lakers are starting to look like. They are fools gold. Now, before I become vilified for my comments ask yourself this as a Laker fan, don't you think you deserve better from a product that you put you heart and soul into for so many years? I think I do. It was five years ago that I remember wanting this organization get the formidable players to play around Kobe Bryant because they couldn't get past the 1st round of the playoffs. Now that we have this talent the Lakers should be destroying these mediocre teams and humbling the good teams by just beating them. I don't buy the "switch" the Lakers can turn "on" because you do carry certain momentum to the playoffs. Well, the Lakers have no momentum. I've been watching and listening this entire season and they have no identity. You can't place this on one player alone, it's the whole team that has no focus!!! The Lakers are Not clicking on, their picture sucks and the sound is horrible. I want my money back!!!

Btw, when I mentioned 'mental' fatigue in a previous post, I was referring to the feeling I had that the team was looking too far ahead and looking to get the reg. season over and done with, without exerting a lot of energy or effort...and not(as PJ puts it) staying in the moment...which is a dangerous attitude to have as we approach the PO. You really can't overlook any team, especially the way they've been playing of late.

Of course, they could reel off 5 wins in a row and reassure everyone but, I guess only time will tell.


I'm pretty sure that flagrant foul was on Marvin Williams.

Another uninspired, and unskilled showing from The Show. Right now, the team is playing without any confidence.
Gonna be a long flight back to L.A.

So many things going wrong I don't even know where to begin. Vujacic can't hit a shot to save his life but I have to admit at least he tries HARD (most times too hard and goes overboard) on defense. Can't say the same for Farmar and Brown.

I'm ABSOLUTELY SICK of the constant cheating by our guards on pick and roll defense going under screens, bigs floating in nowhere's land, awful rotation off penetration. Who's doing the scouting for this team? Bibby's been killing us off that play since the Sacramento days and we keep doing the same crap over and over? It's revolting!!

And what's up with some of the Times reporters trying to dismiss it and feed us that bullshit that all teams struggle defending the pick and roll? NO TEAM IN THE NBA DEFENDS THE PICK AND ROLL AS BADLY AS THE LAKERS DO, NONE!!!

Everybody is laughing at us.

Plus, every game, for at least one play, and usually two, Fish can thwart the opposing PG and force him to turn the ball over. Fish usually saves that play for late in the fourth quarter. And, if the game is close enough, he becomes the hero. Fish usually follows that timely defensive play with a timely bucket of some sort on the other end.

That is like a 4-,5-, or 6-point play at the end of the game. Usually, but not always, an insurmountable turn of events for the opponent. Whenever Fish's heroics fails to seal the deal, we always have Kobe to close. You know, just in case.
Posted by FEARless

Are you kidding me ?
FEARless good PR for Fish....but you are in fantasyland !!!


Lakers will be fine after about 2 or 3 games when Luke gets back. Trust me. He'll create out of dust, CHEMISTRY. It's not in stone but Luke has always been a glue guy who makes games fun in those 2nd and early 4th quarters. It hasn't been fun since Luke's injury. They just need to play with split second mentality and play together in a rhythm.

Coaches need to go back to basics 101. They need to cram and look at what is the difference when they were blowing out teams and now. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE???

The difference is 1. aggressiveness, 2. foreseen footwork spot for better defense (means beating your man to the spot he wants to go to by getting into their head), 3. lack of focus - don't watch tv as much 4. challenging the layups - Benga is a beast in this department and I just can't understand why he's not playing bigger minutes when Gasol is in a little slump and is he's injured? (that's how his defense is, maybe he is injured a bit?) 5. CHEMISTRY - I would start Luke and Bynum over Artest and Odom ( I think Odom and Artest are actually bench players who would prefer to come off the bench and that can add another dimension in playing against other teams 2nd unit IMO. So my starting lineup would be like this:
C- Drew (with Lamar playing in final minutes still)
PF- Gasol
SF- Luke (with limited minutes about 22 and Artest finishing when we play Cleveland, Denver, Thunder and other SF's who are physically superior)
Fisher- with Shannon playing more minutes and possibly finishing the game if they are up or Fisher only if they need the final shot!

So in my vision of a coach I believe this group if utilized to their potential can achieve that potential. This is just a fantasy I have.

Bottom line: Whatever happens, Phil needs to play Luke and Sash (Sasha only when they are playing sluggish)

I'm not trying to sound condescending but taken to heart this can be the cure to building a sense of ONE and between momentum and no championship this year!!!!!

You know the Lakers are in trouble when people start looking at Sasha to rescue them.

The only thing "Lake(r)" related to this year's finals will be the parade on the shores of Lake Erie...

Man you guys are spoiled. Lakers still have the 2nd best record in the league, but they lose a couple games in a row and all of a sudden it's all wrong... this reminds me of Christmas Day when the Lakers were like 24 - 3 but were losing at home to the Cavs and getting booed. Really?

"Something is rotten in Denmark!" - William Shakespeare, Hamlet

It certainly seems so. There were almost some silver linings when it got chippy. I liked the fire we displayed during an almost rally near the top of the 4th. It turned out to look and feel more like this

The Lakers are following Kobe, clapping coconuts and wondering when the Grail will appear before them. It's not like that, it needs to be more like this:

Phil as Merlin illuminating the path, Kobe as Arthur carving a kingdom out of blood and sweat and the team as the Knights of the Round Table, filling roles with aplomb. Tonight (and on this road trip barring a stellar 2nd half in Taco Land [Dead Milkmen reference]) they looked mortal, tired, confused. This looks and feels...bad.

It's beyond putting Sasha in instead of Farmar or Brown. It's not simply the fact that we are missing a particular seven footer. It'll never be about the myriad of hand and other injuries that have plagued this team. Nor is it about defensive rotations blown or a myriad of missed shots. Not anymore.

It has to start to be about moving on.

Moving on from this road trip, moving on from this mental place and moving forward. Finding spirit. Inside that locker room is a team of Champions who have lost their way. Phil talks about journeys. They have embarked on one now. My hope is that it is a journey to the roots of the team. A journey into the spirit of what this team is about. Rediscovering the joy of the game. It will always be a game. It's only work when you don't play.

Gasol is Lancelot and Sasha is Guinevere, of course.

It can't be all doom and gloom. They'll turn it around.


Also, the Lakers are currently shooting cows instead of basketballs. Obviously.

So, we can say again that " Don't worry come playoff time our team will resurrect from their grave". Well at the rate things going it seems very hard to wake up from that deep sleep. Our team cannot just "turn on" their game come playoff time because they are not made of steel, they are humans and they showed their mortality for the last ( I don't know how much exactly ) couple of games. They need to get back on track and have momentum and have some confidence coming to post season games or else Bahamas and Mexico are nice for a vacation.
Another thing, I think we need to give Odom some rest, perhaps 3-4 games just to rest his shoulder injury for it is affecting his shooting, he cannot shoot even his FT.We really sucked on missing open shots, this only proves we do not have a reliable shooter, Kobe is trying his very best to involve his teammates but to no avail, that is another Achilles Heel of our team.
The feud going on over Vujacic and the coaching staff is too alarming. I can see the coaching staff body languages especially Jackson for several games now, his barking at his players but it seems it is not working. I wonder Jackson, Clemons & Shaw should now realize that barking is for dogs only. I think the players really missed Kurt Rambis's insight and diplomacy. His tact is more productive in dealing players mistakes than barking at them. By the way, I think it is also time for the coaching staff to utilize his other bench players not only it will give some confidence but also to give some rest to the starter which I think they really need for it seems they are tired and running out of gas right now. These bench warmers are tired of drinking Gatorade and it's time for the coaching staff to drink one to enlighten them.

It seems like any one can beat us now! Teams are going to be so confident against the Lakers come Playoff time, dam this can be real dangerous for the Lakers. We are playing with fire!

Now it seems like any talk about about breaking the Bulls' regular-season record is a cruel joke.

I don't think there will be a repeat this year for the Lakers. It's not so much the starters that are the problem, but the bench. I don't see the bench being able to just turn it on come playoff time.

I've stated the Lakers were going to FLAMEOUT in the playoff, hell they're FLAMING now. What's wrong with this team? Can someone tell me the real deal of what's going on behind closed doors with the players. I NEED ANWSERS.

My roll call for minutes for Sasha is looking better every single game. What did Brown do for us? Nada! What did DFish do for us? Not enough. Come on Phil, stop being stubborn and rest grandpa DFish for the playoff and play Sasha...

The plus tonight is we're playing harder but got very little from the two starters, LO and DFish. Farmar turn the corner but at the expense of DFish..

I've seen enough--IT IS TIME TO PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON!! It's not a case of Lakers being too cocky or arrogant anymore. I think they have totally lost their confidence and swagger. They just don't believe anymore. Remember how before the Lakers could score at will? They can't do that anymore! Their defense has always been shoddy but they could always outscore the opposition. Their offensive flow is just not there for some reason. The sense of urgency is not there either as you can tell they just aren't playing hard. If the playoffs started tomorrow, the Lakers would be in big, big trouble. Imagine them losing in the first round. It would be the end of the world as we know it, my friends. Luckily there is still time to right this ship.

We are what we are as shown in the past 5 game road trip. We are simply not a great team right now. With the injury of Bynum, it has a trickle down effect. Now that Lamar is a starter, we don't have any good bench players that will be able to take that load. We have one of the worse bench in the league. Also, besides Kobe, we are just a below average outside shooting team even when Bynum is playing. We don't have any player that shoots better than 40% from outside. Compare to the Cavs, they have 4 players that shoots 40% or better. Now that Bynum is injured, it exposes the weakness even more.

I thought when they won the first game against the Spurs that they had a good chance at 5-0. Going 2-3 is mind-boggling and it is time to wake up and face the ugly truth--these Lakers are just not as good as we think they are. They are maddeningly frustrating and incredibly inconsistent. They have no pride. Getting embarrassed by the Thunder looked like a fluke, but now it's become very common. The playoffs are right around the corner and we all just have to hope and pray that the real Lakers show up and not these "Fakers". I am worried...very, very worried now. Time to push the panic button!!!

Scott (and poo),

Not to mention our savior Luke. Please people. When Luke comes back, he'll just be one more player to be fustrated at. Do you remember Luke??? The only way we get out of this funk is from our primary pieces, not Luke. Let's get real.

Laker25, I liked and totally agree with the analogy. It is an absolute disgrace if this team does not get 60 wins. The highest paid team in NBA history should be AT LEAST a 65 win team if not 70. The sad thing is that they are definitely capable of 70 wins.


You are annoying as hell, but you have some very valid points about Fisher. He is DONE. Lakerville needs to quit defending him just because they don't like Dfish. He's had two good games since the all-star break. TWO!!!! He should not be playing any minutes and we should have made a move at the trade deadline.


I still have a lot of hope that we can turn this around and win the prize. It won't be easy, but we can definitely do it. We have the pieces.

THERE IS A LOT OF POWER IN A POSITIVE STREAM OF ENERGY AND THOUGHTS. Kill the negativity starting right here on this blog.

Another one of mitchs draft picks an official bust!

Sasha vujacic
Laker career 2005-2010
Overpaid and underplayed

somedude, yeah, maybe you are right....we are a little spoiled, BUT who's fault is that? not ours! yes, we still have the 2nd best record in the nba.....but for how long? it's not so much the losing.....whether it's a good or crummy opponents, but it's how were losing. of L.A.'s 21 losses, how many of them would you consider to be a "good loss", a loss where the lakers, competed and were in the game for 48 minutes????? just off the top of my head, i say, less than five games. as for the the christmas day debacle against cleveland.....yes we were 24 -3 at the time.....BUT to get thrashed at home and not even show up for this game, unbelievable! you would have thought this game was on easter, cuz the lakers laid a HUGE egg. they deserved to get BOOED! again, i have no problems with the lakers's just the way they're losing that drives me and other laker bretheren crazy. 48 minutes, is it too much to ask to play hard for that length of time???????

There are those that say the Lakers are just bored with the regular season but come playoffs, they'll right the ship. I wish I could believe that. I'll have to see that to believe that because right now, I'm not buying that boredom crap. These guys just don't seem to have any chemistry. I don't think anyone would really be surprised if the Lakers get booted out the playoffs in the first round. If they get Portland in the first round, everyone can forget about repeating.

Bynum should ask them to shred his current contract and give him one with double the money. It's obvious that the Lakers have no physical presence in the middle at all without him. Kobe once again has proven that he dont have the Jordan skills to lead a team to victories without a dominating big man in the middle. Bynum always seem to get of to good starts at the beginning of games but his teammates seem to freeze him out (Kobe in particular ) and start firing up wild outside jump shots.

Bynum should ask them to shred his current contract and give him one with double the money. It's obvious that the Lakers have no physical presence in the middle at all without him. Kobe once again has proven that he dont have the Jordan skills to lead a team to victories without a dominating big man in the middle. Bynum always seem to get of to good starts at the beginning of games but his teammates seem to freeze him out (Kobe in particular ) and start firing up wild outside jump shots.

The problem is Fisher allows the other teams guards to start fast causing the Lakers to lose the first quarter.

Do you think Phil "10 rings" will make an adjustment?


Fisher will start and play the most important minutes every game this season no matter how poorly he plays on defense and clanks jumpers on offense.

We are stuck with dead Fish because Phil refuses to make a change.

Farmar if you're reading this:

1. It's the Lake Show, not the Farmar Show. QUIT letting your ego get to you (a) when the other team drops a 3 or (b) you finally get some minutes. It makes you TERRIBLY selfish and you end up running around all crazy and making terrible, hasty decisions (usually you jack up an ill-advised 3) because you're trying to prove something or "save the game" with some frantic move or shot instead of slowing down a bit, surveying the land and waiting for a good look before you just throw up a shot. PURE POINT HELPS THE TEAM PLAY COHESIVELY. When you get into "What can Jordan do?" mode, you lose sight of this and make bad decisions. You love to say, "I just wanna stay aggressive out there." That word "aggressive" is in EVERY one of your pre- and post-game interviews. But aggressive is not a synonym for hasty or selfish.

2. Get to the gym HOURS before the game EVERY GAME and practice shooting like Kobe does. If it's good enough for Kobe, it's good enough for you. You are a good player, but you need to practice shooting so that you're more reliable and a better contributor.


See all of the above for Farmar, although I don't think you panic NEARLY as much as he does. But you need to work on your shot a lot more.


Apologize to Shaw and get back to playing your role. I still remember that last year, during the Utah series, the Lakers were in a bit of a funk right before halftime of a game that was a struggle. Score was 52-52, I believe. Mychal Thompson said, "I can feel Sasha about to hit a 3," and right on cue, you hit a 3 and put us up 55-52 at the half. That energy and mojo carried you guys into the 3Q, and the Lakers put the game away. You DO play a certain role that we need. Don't let other stuff get in the way.


Heal up NOW, friend. We need your glue, your overall mood, and your passing IQ.


It's not enough to wake up. You have to STAY awake for several (read: ALL) games.


Pretend you're in practice when you jack up 3s. I swear they'll go down, and we can forgive you for not playing great D.


Advice to Morrison aside, PLAY SOME DEFENSE!

as if you're not feeling bad enough.......washington wizards 96 - new orleans hornets 91. the game was played in new orleans. it's amazing how many teams lose their next game..... after beating the lakers the previous game!

Marvin Williams committed flagrant foul and not Jamal Crawford.
Please post correct info..

I missed the game tonight because of work. Great.


I'm looking forward to the rundown tomorrow.

Please. Please. Please. Someone. Give me a balanced, reasoned explanation of how things went. I'm so tired of the histrionics.

When are Luke and Andrew getting back? We clearly need them.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Moving on from this road trip, moving on from this mental place and moving forward. Finding spirit. Inside that locker room is a team of Champions who have lost their way. Phil talks about journeys. They have embarked on one now. My hope is that it is a journey to the roots of the team. A journey into the spirit of what this team is about. Rediscovering the joy of the game. It will always be a game. It's only work when you don't play.

Posted by: Jamie Sweet | March 31, 2010 at 07:21 PM


Regarding Sasha's freakout...

Obviously immature and undisciplined, but at least he has passion.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Since there seems to be nothing but dismay and doomsday predictions, I thought it might be a good time to examine the reasons why this loss and truthfully the rest of the regular season don’t matter. I’m not at all saying that the team’s recent play isn’t reason for worry and concern. We won’t really know the answer to that question until after the season ends, hopefully for us sometime in late June. What we do have, however, are several sound reasons why this loss doesn’t really matter:
(1) THE GAMES DON’T COUNT. The Lakers know for sure they’re going to end up the season with home court advantage in the West and but are not going to catch the Cavs for best record in the East. Win or lose really makes no difference, provided that the Lakers are as able as they think they are in turning on the switch. As another fellow blogger aptly noted, these are preseason games for the playoffs.
(2) THE OPPONENTS DON’T MATTER. Not only do the games not matter but neither have the opponents inspired. The Lakers are notorious for playing down to the level of their opponents and it was obvious that the team just did not view the Thunder, Hornets, or Hawks a serious challengers. Not only do they need the games to count, but they also need an opponent whom they respect.
(3) BYNUM CHANGES EVERYTHING. In a way, these recent tough losses have given a lot of Lakers fans a chance to rethink their opinion and appreciation for what Andrew brings to the table and how important he is to balance the essentially finesse games of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. When the playoffs begin, Bynum and Artest will transform the character of the team from finesse to power.
(4) SIZE MATTERS IN PLAYOFFS. This Lakers team, especially with the “trade” of Ariza for Artest, is built for the playoffs, when everything slows down and intensifies, when full court turns into half court, and when tall ball smothers and eliminates small ball. While teams will still try to outrun the Lakers in the playoffs, they’ll find the tempo and pace of the game dramatically slower.

(5) GOTTA WIN 4 IN PLAYOFFS. There is a big difference between regular season games on the road where the home team and its fans are totally amped for what is often their biggest game of the year versus slogging it out in 7-game series where better teams excel and weaker teams are exposed. You HAVE to be lucky to win the NCAA crown. You HAVE to be best to win the NBA championship.
(6) HOME COURT ADVANTAGE. Unless Cleveland can emerge unscathed from the East, which is no sure thing, the Lakers will enjoy home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs and possibly through the NBA Finals. It’s hard to imagine any team beating the Lakers in a 7-game series where they have home court advantage. They will be favored over anybody but the Cavs.
(7) BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT. Don’t discount the importance of playoff and championship experience. Phil Jackson has never lost the opportunity to repeat or threepeat as NBA champions. The Lakers are still the reigning NBA champions and Kobe Bryant is the reigning NBA Finals MVP. When the final whistle blows and buzzer sounds, the Lakers will have won their 16th championship.
So chillax and just be patient. Soon Drew will be back and the real games will commence and we’ll all forget about these stupid losses to jacked up teams whom we know we can easily beat. Just like the team needs to ready to perform at their best once the playoffs start, so do we bloggers. We need to be ready to generate championship level karma to give our team the virtual boost to win it all again.

By the way, I did see much of the Cavs game tonight.

At home, the Cavs beat the Bucks by three points...

However, the Cavs were given 45 FREETHROWS and the Bucks were given 9 FREETHROWS. I can practically hear David Stern screaming at the refs between quarters.

It was just plain darned WEIRD the freethrow discrepancy.

Something wicked this way comes.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I've said a million times, Fisher is the worst starting point guard in the NBA, why he continues to get 20-30 minutes a game is hard to understand. He can't shoot three's, can't pass, can't penetrate, and can't defend anyone. In the triangle the Lakers need a reliable 3-pointer shooter at point, that's not Fish anymore, I love the guy but he's killing us offensively and defensively. Look at what Jordan did with minutes tonight, 15 points, something like 3-for-5 from 3 point range. Sasha, if Phil ever game him consistent minutes, might regain his confidence mentally, but you can't do that when you're in the doghouse getting five minutes a game, and no minutes tonight. If Sasha had Fisher's minutes, he would be closer to the reliable 3-pointer shooter and defense presence the Lakers need at point guard. It appears Jackson's loyalty to Fisher might cost the Lakers an NBA title, I don't care if they expiriment starting Jordan, Sasha or Brown, but watching Fish shoot and defend is wearing us out, and the media doesn't talk about it enough because Fisher's such a class act. I hate saying that because he's done so much for us, but he's struggled all year and he's only getting worse.

FOOLS GOLD! Laker25...could he be the one...BA ba BA Ba BA BA BUMM!



jon K- i can sum it up for you; 'Meh.'


@Jamie Sweet, excellent post. Now I feel much better.


I am tired hearing that thses lakers do not care. The fact is that even if they care, they are a less able team now.


Nobody is looking at Sasha as a savior, and I never claimed that. But IMO Sasha can be integral as a situational type of player. Haven't you and everyone else seen that the Lakers sometimes look a step slow? Haven't you also seen that Sasha is pest on defense. You need a pest to wreck a bit of disruption in the rhythm of the opposing team. That rhythm is actually momentum but sometimes you need erratic defense to slow or stop it and your team mates can also pick up on this and pick up their defense as well. So no, Sasha is not a savior, but what he does do is disrupt better than anyone else on the team, he's a "pest".

Love Fisher, but he is killing the team. Can't win plaing 4 on 5 for 70% of the game. Have to play Farmar more. Luke coming back will help the bench which has to be one of the weakest if not the weakest in NBA. Hopefully Bynum can play at a high level soon. If not, this season is not going to end well. Go Lakers....

Dear Long Live Chick,

In basketball you don't need all 5 guys be scorers first off. Luke is not a scorer. Do you get that? Luke is the kind of player that makes everyone else around him better. Most teams it has been said need only 2 1/2 players to be good scorers in order to win championships. With Gasol, Kobe and Bynum is that not more than 2 1/2 good scorers? Would it not make sense sir, to have the best passer playing along side them and make them even better. Luke is chemistry and thats it. He's not a scorer (which they don't need from him), Luke is CHEMISTRY. Okay, get it? So indeed it's not about individual numbers but a function of the whole that I'm interested in. Are you interested in a bunch of players with good statiscal numbers who can't really play well together? Basketball is about playing together for the best output possible which is a W.

Jon K. said: "However, the Cavs were given 45 FREETHROWS and the Bucks were given 9 FREETHROWS. I can practically hear David Stern screaming at the refs between quarters.

It was just plain darned WEIRD the freethrow discrepancy."

I could tell you that the Bucks have the worst FT +/- in the league by a wide margin, but I doubt you listen to that type of reason.

I could remind you that the Lakers had the same free-throw discrepancy against Golden State 2 weeks ago, on a road game no less, but I'm sure you'll have an excuse for that.

I could point out that this was a meaningless game for the Cavs and it would be silly for the refs to try to cheat in their favor, but reason doesn't work with conspiracy theorists.

I could point out that the Cavs are only averaging 2.7 ft/game more than their opponents, which is 5th in the league and only 3 spots ahead of the Lakers' 2.2 ft/game more, but when would you start caring about logic?

Thanks Rick and Jeanette!


"(3) BYNUM CHANGES EVERYTHING. In a way, these recent tough losses have given a lot of Lakers fans a chance to rethink their opinion and appreciation for what Andrew brings to the table and how important he is to balance the essentially finesse games of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. When the playoffs begin, Bynum and Artest will transform the character of the team from finesse to power."

That is my hope as well. Artest is bringing it pretty hard. He does something positive with the rock when he gets it and doesn't let up on D. He's playing with some fire right now.

You got your ups and downs. Look where the SUNS are - chasing down the Pacific Division.

Wow… Anyhow, the playoffs start soon. If the post's look the same then as these last three losses, playoffs will be painful.


I for one think the playoffs will be great. Not a blind fan, but a true one. Blind foolish praise or simple criticism this blog has been recently, with a few admirable acceptations.

I’d rather ‘crit the blog, or bloggers rather than my Lakers… Most folks don’t read the blog right after a loss anyway. Tomorrow I expect the blog to blow up. Keep it real.



What up Laker fans! Long time no hear from me but I guess at this point, I will say my piece regarding our Lakers!

Sure, our Lakers have the second best record in the NBA, but I must say that this season has been nothing short of a disappointment. Who knows what may take place in the playoffs, but this lackidazical play from this team is becoming sickening.

I haven't seen life in this team for quite a while now and if you don't know what I mean by that, take a look at opposing teams or look at another game and see how those other teams play with a purpose.

The whole thing is that we as fans of this Lakers team know that this squad is capable of being very scary, but for whatever reason, we haven't seen much. I just hope this is only a phase that the Lakers will soon snap out of before heading into the playoffs. Otherwise, this team will have an early vacation.


I'm taking things in stride, and I'm thankful that we are in the position that we are.

I definitely won't be in the "woe-is-us" mode.

I still think your Suns have a chance in the Playoffs, because it's all about match-ups and adjustments.

NEVER said, "EVERYONE IS LAUGHING AT US"......try living in arizona where i'm surrounded by all of the new bandwagon and old sun's fan's. this team has survived despite almost trading stoudemire, now he's playing like a be-otch (he obviously wants a max deal), they've survived losing barbosa for almost two months, they survived jason richardson getting a d.u.i. with his young kid in the backseat. they've survived losing starting center robin lopez for another two weeks. THEY'RE SURVIVERS and making the most of it. they're playing the angle "nobody respects us, you don't want to play us in the playoffs". they're even hoping to meet the spurs in the first round, so they can exercise their demons. they're playing inspired ball. they have no quit in them. they beat the teams they should beat, they win on the road, they win b2b games, they have a good bench, the bench know their roles, they have fun out on the court. i'm so jealous of they way they're playing, cuz i'd love to my beloved LAKERS PLAY THAT WAY! let's put out an A.P.B..... where are the real L.A. Lakers? have you seen them?

About Positive Thoughts

A blogger commented that there is a lot of power in the energy stream of "Positive Thought".

Count to 1, 2, and 3 and lets all start believing. Tomorrow I'm going to focus my energy in positive thoughts, then go to the gym and repeat this mantra. 2 wins out of 5 with a full team would be a cause for panic. The Lakers will be full again pretty soon and then we shall all bear witness to the power that is positive thought. The more of us that can overcome the easy negative thoughts transform them into more sophisticated positive thoughts the better chance that this stream will reverberate to our Lakers. Are we mad? Hell yeah! Can we overcome this feeling? I have to say that a win on Friday would definitely help! But my positive flow begins tomorrow morning people!!!

Remember being a grouch is easier than being an optimist. The latter takes more work and preparation, but the rewards are so very sweet.

Thoughts are a form of energy. We are composed of energy and most of us are composed of the same source of matter from the beginnings of the cosmos. Since we are made of atoms we tend to enjoy anything in the form of energy be it light, chemical, sound etc... that is harmonious. People enjoy music because of its harmonious form of energy, sound. Harmony in the locker room Sasha and Clemens) can beget this "good" energy form. Lamar was right when he said going to diner would be good for the team. Maybe they should see a comedy show or watch Avatar or Rudy together (just an opinion).
They need to get close at times like these. Come on guys stop being self centered and reach out to one another. If not now then by playoffs please call each other by phone.

Phil is scapegoating Sasha, while he lets Derbrick Fisher shoot 20% game after game. The Laker team has tuned Phil out, and rightfully so.



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