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Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown break Guinness World Record for free throws made in a minute

Their names were screamed by the approximate 25,000 fans in attendance. And now their names will be etched in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lakers reserves Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown made 25 free throws in a minute Saturday at the team's Fan Jam event at the Los Angeles Convention, breaking a month-long record of 10 set by Dennis Cheng and Simone Benn.

Fan Jam has resumed today, but all tickets are sold out.

--Mark Medina

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Would be awesome if they could hit 25 freethrows at a game too =)

The poor fans who waited all day for something to happen - one line after another, four hours, rude staff and negligent security made Lakers fan jam an epic fail.


I think they no longer use the term 'Book' and simply refer to it as Guiness World Records.

Just like the Military conducts BDAs (Battle Damage Assessments) at the conclusion of major operations, the Lakers Organization will do the same with Fan Jam. It is a good idea to get the fans togethor so that we can all enjoy our love for the greatest sports organization in the world it's just that this being the first one, there was bound to be some problems. If I remember correctly, Disneyland opened in 1958 and nothing worked! Does that mean they declared it an Epic Fail? From what I can tell, that Epic Fail is pulling in Billions from it's corporate empire. Here's to the hope that they learn lessons from the first so that the second ends up being way better. Now if only Lamar and Shannon could make those free throws in a game that would be helpful!!! Goooo Lakers!!!

Anna - that's cold!

(Maybe true, but still cold LOL)


YES! I love game days, was at the T'Wolves game and it was distressing to see Bynum hobble off, but most of the news is good.

This just gives Powell and M'Benga another chance to shine. They usually step up pretty well, so that's good to know. Hopefully Lamar can get his shoulder straight before the playoffs and I'd like to still see even more from Ron.

Back to our Finals line up of epic dominance.


et tu, cap?


What about Raja Bell? He might be a good sign. Maybe.


Well if you had been there Cap's Goggles, then maybe you would understand. They had thousands of fans with their families in tow, paying their way to cheer on the team they love, and they were treated like crap. They were herded into endless lines for hours, then the lines were cut off. I wish I had a nickle for every piece of Laker branded clothing, gear, shoes, hats, memorabilia that the fans lovingly wore. The only smiles I saw were when I asked families if I could take their photos decked out in their Laker gear. They should refund every single ticket. It was a one-day epic fail, believe me. Today they have another chance to make it work, but following "fan jam" on twitter shows that so far it's another bad day.

how about some "meaningful" record?

Kobe needs 26 points to pass Alex English on the scoring mountain to climb to 12th place with 25,614.

that is the best record Denver has.

and at the beginning of the next season, the highest scoring Celtics, John Havlicek, will be the next victim at 26,395. to crack the Top 10, for 26,668, it will be the one and only Hawk, Dominique Wilkins.

enjoy a Guiness stout to celebrate. if it is your taste. a shot of vodka will do it too. :-)

So, is this a new category for world records? How did two dudes who no one knows get the record with 10 free throws in a minute, and wihch two dudes on earth can't hit 10 free throws together in one minute? I don't get any of this.


While I agree with you, Karol, on that the Fan Jam could have been much, much, better, I also agree with Cap's Goggles that this was the first time and there's room for improvement. I was there and very disappointed when the line basically cut off just a bit before us (literally like six people in front of us); I mean, I did wait seven-eight hours. Like a lot of the people in line before and after me. (At least we got to see them, though, right?) But here's to hoping next time's will be a lot more organized and a better experience! (:

Here's some NBA draft 2010 talk. Lakers have no #1 (It's the last of the Gasol trade, I guess), but they do have 2 number 2s.

Here's some mock:

Pick 42, Los Angeles Lakers: Alexy Shved, G, Russia, 6-5, 1989 A combo guard, Shved is a natural talent who still has a ways to go in his development before he is ready to play in the NBA.

Pick 59: Los Angeles Lakers: Trevon Hughes, PG, Wisconsin, 6-1, Sr. An experienced floor leader who could add some need depth at point for the Lakers.

Or... #43 *LA Lakers Matt Bouldin 6-5 214 PG/SG Gonzaga
and...#59 LA Lakers Jerome Randle 5-10 165 PG California

2011 mock draft? Here you go:

Pick 29: Los Angeles Lakers: Jeremy Hazell, SG, Seton Hall, 6-5, Jr. An absolute gunner from the perimeter, Hazell has developed into one of the most dangerous scorers in college.

Pick 59: Los Angeles Lakers: Lavoy Allen, PF, Temple, 6-9, Jr.


Seriously, this record is so weak. I'll bet the old guys down at the YMCA can beat this record.

Let's put the Wizards away early and give the starters a rest for the upcoming road trip. Go Lakers!

anna- good line

made me think, though- what are Shannon and Lamar's regular season made and attempt numbers for FTs? ok, i will check if i have to, but does anybody know off the top of the heads?

FCM- hint, hint, it might make an interesting point. : )

Ohhh, that Dennis Cheung and Simone Benn. How long has this been a category for Guinness?

I was at the Fan Jam on saturday, and it was a terrible experience. It is hard to fathom a worse way of spending $15 dollars, but standing in line for more than half an hour to play a game that's available at Chuck E Cheeses is pretty hard to top.

The line to get an autograph was easily 3-5 hours;some had mentioned they had waited for 7 hours. With Josh Powell and Shannon Brown handling autograph duties in the waning hours of the festival, it's hard to justify that kind of wait time.

Then again, the 7 or so games set up required a minimum of an hour, so it was hard to find something to do in that sea humanity. Getting a bite to eat, or getting a beer was no easy feat either, and the prices were about what you would pay inside Staples Center except that you were inside the cavernous LA Convention Center.

Horrible. I would never pay $15 dollars for a series of lines.

Wow, what a feat! They broke a record in a newly created category that had a complete joke as the previous record.

Two people making 10 free throws in a minute.

The stinkin' record for one person blindfolded is 16.

The pussification of ESPN,

Tuned in to ESPN for NCAA playoffs and NBA on Sportscenter. What I got was a heavy, heavy overdose of Tiger Woods and ESPN commentator (?) Linda Cohn. Tiger Woods over and over again. Of course plenty of NCAA Women's basketball, Uonn womed won 95-26 ( how exciting) still no NBA. More Tiger Woods (pre-recorded interviews from weeks ago) Still no NBA. Hey, how about more Tiger Woods. Am I alone in thinking we now endure the women's point of view on ESPN? This show has gone to hell.

I hoped all the losers enjoyed fan scam.

So, where is that genius that got quote of the day on here for saying Odom and Brown are the wrong guys to shoot free throws? Say, is that a cricket I hear? By the way, put some ketchup on those words. They will taste a lot better. *wink*

Fan Jam was a bust...they advertised that Lamar/Shannon would shoot Ft's around looks as if this was done way towards the end of Fan Jam, because the place looks empty. I went so my kids could have fun, they could have at least given the kids a goodie bag or something...had to end up leaving because the Food lines were too long. Half the things that were suppose to happen didn't - I was there mid-day on Saturday, and there weren't even any Laker Girls there...never again will I waste my money on something like this again.

The Lakers Fan Jam was controlled chaos. Long lines for everything! No direction from volunteer employees re: which line was for which station/game/event. Would be fun if better organized in the future. As it was, not a pleasant experience, plus my camera batteries died on me. If you think about it though, Fan JAM was a good name for it, because more fans JAMMED into the Convention Center than were anticipated!

i know what you mean RUSELL i stop watching espn a long time ago.
i dont even think they do sports anymore its kinda like tmz of sports which to me reeks.

they critique everything but the game itself.
and all they talk about is tiger and lebron..
how does cheating affect tigers woods game
where is lebron going to be in 2010-2011?

Ilove meh sum Shannon Brown nd Lamar Odem so stpp hatin



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