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Lakers-Warriors Live Chat

--Mark Medina

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in honor of LakerTom AB 17 stinks up the Bay Area

houston just "clutched" d' e-nver. fisher's nightmare: brooks

carmelo pushed out twice: first also had 4 steps and battier on the floor

with 2.9 remaining, Carmelo shot and airball. NO CLUTCH 4 U

than to give interviews, Gasy should practice FT's

in honor of LT, AB is a total embarassment

It is so so frustrating to watch Lakers play! I can not remember when last I watched a game when I could actually relax and watch without wondering if they will win. I can not see tehm winning the championship like this. They suck right now!!!! 10 turnovers in 1 serious!!

Fakers once again a joke at halftime !!!!
They are losing despite Fish not even attempting a shot, which usually bodes well for the Fakers !!!!

GS torching us with EASY layups and 3's! Come on guys, that's embarrassing.
Have a second half to play better. Still can't understand why our Bigs don't take a clean foul, but HAMMER those guards coming through the lane? Bynum and Gasol backed up and still got a foul called. WEAK! Shaq would put those guards on the floor!

We have gained an extra fame lead on Dallas and Denver, don't give it back guys!

So if the refs call that offensive foul on Brown, that "most obvious clear path foul possible" on Odom, and give Maggette a few of the calls he deserved inside, what would the Warriors' lead be?

Golden State doesn't have a chance to win this game, because they can't D the Lakers if the Lakers put forth even a half effort. But if the refs had called it a little fairer in the first half, GS would have a double-digit lead and less foul trouble and they'd actually have a chance.

Yea - I'm sick of watching these Lakers. It's like watching a pick up game. Why they playing GS's game. Sick of Pau and Bynum - just like DJ said - Shaq would crush those guys if they kept coming into the lane with layups. These two 7 footers are wussies!! GS just layup after layup, then a dunk...then a wide open 3. I don't think I saw anyone guarding any of the 3 pt shots. DGeorge was open for about 2-3 seconds and no one even tried to cover. Sickening.

I'm not wathcing this crap ball until the playoffs. This team is not winning it all if they play like this. They'll get bounced by Portland. Then Kobe will rip them all a new hole.

That 3-shot foul was a huge turn of momentum for the Lakers . It would have been Golden State down 2 with the ball and a hot Curry....instead Lakers are up 5 and Curry goes to the bench with his 4th foul. Lakers would be done if it wasn't for the black-and-white stripes in this game.

Curry - 4-5 with 12 points in the quarter before he sat down with his 4th foul.

LA Guy

if the refs would be more fair, Kobe will have 10 more Ft's at least and maybe some guy on warriors will be in foul trouble. if this will be a cavs game, the warriors will have so many fouls that Nelson will have to suit up. get a life. really

You're serious ouchhhhhhhh? If you hadn't noticed, Golden State already has 4 guys with 4 or 5 fouls, Tolliver and Curry have had to sit parts of both halves with foul trouble, Maggette hasn't shot a single free throw even though he gets hit every time he drives, Bynum still hasn't gotten called for 3 seconds, and the Lakers are up on Golden State THIRTY-FIVE TO ELEVEN on free throws. Wash out your homer eyes. This is the most pro-Laker refereeing they've gotten on a road game this year.

Tolliver and Curry are a combined 15-25 from the field for 41 points with 9 assists and 7 boards, even though they've both sat on the pine 15+ minutes with foul trouble. You don't think the Lakers have had some help?

Maggette: #7 in the NBA in free throw attempts per game....ZERO tonight in 35 minutes. Lakers win at the line, 42 attempts to 13.

I'll bet you money that no team has ever won a game after losing the turnover battle 24 to 5.

Congrats rule!! LOL!!!

Laker win - good stuff. See you guys tomorrow!

Thanks again MM!

This gotta be one of the worst if not THE worst win ever for the Lakers, defending champs!? Playing against GS with turnovers like that?? Are you serious? When did GS all of a sudden become a defensive goliath!!?!?



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