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Lakers-Hornets Chat

--Mark Medina

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I'm glad Kobe is making his teammates work. He has given them wide open shot and they need to step up and make them. The lakers are lazy when kobe is in the game and depend on him too much...

Andrew Bynum can officially claim the title of being "HALF-MAN HALF-A-SEASON" from Vince Carter

From now on, Phil Jackson should take a new strategy along with the triangle offense: start playing Bynum for the last 25 games

Just please come back in shape for the playoffs

The Hornets fans aren't loud, they haven't had much to cheer about this year. The noise is piped in as it is in most arenas, especially when the lakers come to town

SheShe "The Machine" BootyChick Time is Approaching!!!

We can't defend good point guards.

They have 2 of them.

Not good.

Another PUTRID performance by every one not number 24 and 16! I mean wth??? It's no wonder Kobe hasn't signed his extension!!! And had we had players capable of making outside shots, Kobe, like Pau, would've also had a double double (in assists), that is....They just clanked shot after shot --- pathethic!!


Yeah I w

Yeah I would

Yeah I would

Why am I not surprised about the news about Andrew?? Nonetheless, ya think we'd be used to playing WITHOUT him but no, our bench is not ready and perhaps is incapable of stepping up -- Powell looks like he belongs in the Dleague, it's just sad sad sad all the way around . ANd my dude Kobe, I think he's just burnt out and physically beaten to a pulp! Injuries piling up, eventually they are gonna take a toll..

New message to Laker players from coaching staff: plain and simple, win one game and you're entitled to mail it in the next one.

What a pitiful display of heart, or lack thereof: if only they had hustled and played at least 3 of the 4 quarters the way they played the last one, they would have won the game.

If the Lakers don't win 60 games this season it's not because that they are not capable of it, it's because they lack the heart and desire to do so.

Unlike last year's, this year's bench is totally UNWORTHY of being championship-caliber. The only Lakers I truly want to see back next year are: Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Artest and Bynum. The rest I won't miss. Well, if they can get a semi-good deal for Bynum (Bosh?) I say go for it as well. By the way AB is slowly but surely making the argument of him vs. Bosh moot. No matter how good Bynum can be in the future, how can he help the team if he turns out to be Ogden-lite. At this moment, a Bosh on the court certainly looks better than a Bynum on the bench!


As you always say...that's some real talk!! Kobe shouldn't be logging 40+ minutes every night. What more can he do? He got his teammates wide open looks all night! Fish and Ron? 2-15 from 3 point territority. Simply atrocious. Kobe should have had at least 12 assists and the Lakers should have won easily. If you can't hit open shots, then you can't win. And if you can't hit a 3, try stepping inside the arc for goodness sake!

Live by the 3s die by the 3s. Some nights shots just do not fall in. That's understandable and part of the game. OTH, that has got NOTHING with D and the Lakers simply did not step up their D to make up for their lack of shooting accuracy. Simply put if you can't score you should make sure your opponents can't score either.

Why couldn't the Lakers shut down or contain no-name such as this Thornton dude or stiff like this Songalia dude? or for that matter, over-the-hill James Posey?

NO bench was 15-for-21 while walking all over a pitiful LA bench who shot 4-for-14. That's not a Championship-worthy bench folks!

Sad day, sad effort by most of the team.



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