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Lakers-Hawks Chat

--Mark Medina

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we had Brooks, Westbrook and CP3 well fed.

guess who's coming to dinner? old buddy Bibby

Bibby just called to ask permission to bring a buddy visiting town: Jamal Crawford. let's have this party started.

when will Faux Pas will box EVER out. isn't he the dirty dishes guy? or he just likes "finesse" DESERTS?

Seeing the half end with a turnover made me think of something - why have Bryant's turnovers shot up recently? He's averaging over 4 turnovers/game in March after staying right around 3 all season long. That's really not productive, especially considering how much he handles the ball compared to, say, a point guard or Lebron. Why so many, and why the recent significant increase?

Ouchh you are a clown. You know that?

Odom and Fisher and Browm and Farmar and Mbenga are 3-17
Gasol is 3-3.
but for you, the problem it is Gasol?
You have a big problem.
you should find a psychiatrist. Pau never love you.
Searching for a bride
Tries to friends
You need a change in your life


the scrub european is making fun of the European MVP. take him to the cleaners

The Lakers really showed their true nature when no one responded against Marvin Williams taking Gasol down by the neck. One of the Laker players should have responded with a hard foul against Atlanta at the other end of the court. This is a sign of weakness by the Lakers and the rest of the league will view it the same way. Everybody knows that when you get tough with the Lakers, they will back down immediately. Expect more of the same from the teams playing against LA in the playoffs. Phil Jackson should have put Powell or Mbenga in the game just to foul the Hawks real hard. I'm quite disappointed with the passive play of the Lakers.

Well, I said that the Lakers would lose to the Thunder and Hawks, and if they lost any other games that it would be a disappointing road trip.

They're actually a little more predictable this year, outside of the 5 games they played without Kobe. They basically lose every game they're expected to lose and struggle more than they should in all the others.

I live here in Atlanta and I can tell you what the Lakers problem is when they come here.....the lakers always manage to have an off day here and when that happens they get lazy.
Bottom line..the lakers party too much in Atlanta.
The Lakers are worshipped here and I think they fall victim to it every year.
Now there were in fact more Lakers fans here tonight, but when the Hawks started pulling away, the Lakers fans hid and probably left the Arena.
Hey your team is good, be glad you arent a Sixers fan like me...


I love all the pretend basketball fans taking out their frustrations on the Cavs. Sure, Lebron had a near-triple double and hit 2 clutch free throws with less than a minute to tie, a layup with 17 seconds to give them the lead (wouldn't that be a "game-winner" in Kobeland?), and a steal with 1 second left to seal it....but all the Kobefans can say is "look at the free throw disparity!"

Didn't the Lakers get virtually the same free throw disparity in the Warrior game just 2 weeks ago? So was that David Stern "Loving himself some Kobe"?

The tools here who seriously think that the NBA has wanted the freaking Cleveland Cavaliers to have more success than the Lakers all this time....who sells the most jerseys again? This is legitimately the dumbest conspiracy theory I've ever heard.

Oh yeah - Lakers are currently averaging 2.2 free throws more than their opponents, while Cavs are averaging 2.7 free throws more. The fix is in that half a free throw a game, right?

Cleveland is 5th in free throw differential, behind Charlotte, Orlando, Denver, and Memphis. Lakers are 8th. Conspiracy?

And guess who is dead last in free throw differential by a HUGE margin? Would you be surprised to hear that it was the Bucks? of the better free-throw drawing teams against the very worst? Maybe that is a little bit better of an explanation for this one-game disparity than a secret agenda by David Stern to have the refs cheat to ensure Cleveland wins a meaningless game when they already have home-court advantage effectively wrapped up.

I live in Atlanta and every year they set parties up for the Lakers to attend. When they show up for the game, they have NO Defense!!! There entire game for the last few years has been embarrassing to say the least!


Turnovers, Kobe, uh.....perhaps two broken fingers have something to do with it...Just saying..

2 broken fingers? He had an evulsion fracture - aka "jammed finger" - about 4 months ago and took the time for that to heal. How does that explain his increase in turnovers right now in March?



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