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Lakers-Bobcats Live Chat and Phil Jackson talks about Michael Jordan owning the Charlotte Bobcats

Come on by for the Lakers-Bobcats Chat. In the meantime, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson recently spoke about Michael Jordan owning the Charlotte Bobcats. Of course as many may recall, Jackson coach Jordan during the Bulls' run in the 1990s that resulted in six NBA championships.

--Mark Medina

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AZTRONUT… I had to LOL at your suggestion for a troll roll call. The only problem with your suggestion is that most of the bloggers who would be willing to call out all of the trolls on a roll call would likely be on the list themselves. I kiddingly suggested to Mark Medina that all of these new trolls were the result of his work bringing more and more Lakers fans into the fold. What I think would be fascinating is to find out the political affiliation of most of the trolls and negative posters on the blog. I am fairly certain that we would find a higher than normal correlation between bloggers’ negative attitudes and their political preferences.
Ironically, I wanted to be an astronomer when I was a young boy. I dutifully read my Edmunds Scientific catalog from cover to cover and even won a blue ribbon at the Wisconsin State Fair for my spinning glow-in-the-dark detailed model of the moon in a box that you viewed through a 1-way Edmunds mail-order mirror. My secret touch was of course the basketball beneath all the Plaster-of-Paris mountains and craters. Glad we finally have a real rocket scientist on the blog. Some things do demand an expert rather than an ex-spurt.
- - - - - - - - - -
MARK MEDINA… I have to say I find it unbelievable that anybody could be a journalist reporting on the Lakers and not either love or hate the team, especially after developing relationships with the players, coaches, and front office personnel. How does that happen? I frankly cannot imagine an obvious fan of basketball not rooting for a team whenever there is a game. What about before you became a journalist? If you went to Syracuse University, were you once a Knicks or Celtics fan? Anyway, I am reminded of Brian Kamenetsky, who was also not a Lakers fan even though brother Andy was. I find you both inscrutable.
- - - - - - - - - -
MAMBA24… Yikes, a roll call must mean a game today and at 4:00 p.m. no less, which means I had to run home and set my DVR during lunch hour. The Lakers may not be too happy to have a lot of back-to-backs but this fan would just as soon have a game every day of the week and two on Sunday. Back-to-backs are great, especially after losing the opener. The quicker you can get the bad taste out of your mouth the better. Of course, I don’t have a night job like you managing all of our bandwagons as well as the Roll Call. So thank you for the extra effort to hang in there when your real life intrudes. You are the man and appreciated.
- - - - - - - - - -
CHARLES.. “Can't take the jungle out of the monkey. (Peeling the banana).” LMAO. Not sure how to take that one, Charles. Knowing you, I’m sure the intent was purely humorous and not controversial. When you get as many Lakers fans congregating in one place at one time, you can definitely expect to have the full range of human talents and foibles, which is I think what you were getting at. At any rate, as you pointed out, this ain’t nothing new to us old time bloggers. After Zakee, Mike T, and KL, these trolls are just a bunch of wimps.
- - - - - - - - - -
CORNERJ… “So Mamba24, put me down as Shotgun on the C'mon Already With Kickazz Time! BANDWAGON. Let's RIDE!!!” It’s pretty obvious to me that this team is completely confident that they can turn it on and dominate once the exhibition games are over. This team reminds me of the Shaq/Kobe team that won it’s repeat by finishing an uninspired regular season with 8 wins in a row and sweeping through the playoffs except for the one OT win by the 76ers. When the “real” season starts, we will dominate.
- - - - - - - - - -

MM… “Laker Tom - It's not as difficult as you might think. Journalists root for the story. It's pretty simple.” OK, I can understand that but what about BEFORE you were a journalist. Do we have some secret past fandom for gangrene or knickerbockers? LOL. Just giving you a hard time, Mark. Personally, in my day, I could not watch any sporting event without choosing sides, usually with a monetary interest in the outcome.
- - - - - - -

shut it kobe thats it trust win i sAY HE GOING TO PASS JOURDON

This team is playing soft right now. I bet if Kobe was not playing tonight, the Laker would win tonight. Look what happened in Portland a few weeks back. How can the defending world champions being getting their butts kicked by a team that has never made the playoffs? Where's Odom tonight? He needs to start eating more candy again. What is with all this outside shooting? Take it to the hole, you have the size advantage. Stop allowing so many three pointers. This team makes mediocre players look like superstars. I know the regular season probably doesn't matter much, but they are trying to chase Cleveland for home court advantage. Don't assume that Cleveland isn't going to make the finals like last year because if Shaq comes back healthy in the playoffs, no way the Lakers repeat as champs, not the way they are playing right now. They are playing like crap now. Latest score: Lakers 73 Bobcats 89.

Anyone ... surprised?

What do you say about this, Apologists & Enablers?

Where are those Lakers fans? Is it too painful to taste defeat? They shot a woeful 36.3% tonight. What this tells me is they are taking too many outside and three point shots, which have looked horrible. This also tells me that they are definitely soft, afraid to go inside the paint and sacrafice their bodies. I would have to say that this is the worst 46-17 team ever to play game. Why is Philip allowing this? He needs to start coaching instead of just standing there and hoping they can find their way back in the game. They look lost.

The two recent losts can be contributed to the play of Jordan Farmar and the coaching of Phil Jackson.

Why play someone who CANNOT play Defense. Pointguards from Miami (Arroyo) and Charlotte (the back-up ) rack up easy points, whether it’s unguarded 20 footers (because Farmar always goes under the screens) or taking Farmar’s ass to the hole. Stop getting outplayed by the opposition and put forth some defensive effort. Your limited offensive skills don’t make up for your poor defensive play. Play some damn defense Farmar!! You should be ashamed of wearing #1 on an uniform you don’t deserve to wear.

“Phool” Jackson, what compelled you to draw up the last play during the overtime loss to Miami for Farmar who predictably missed the 3-pointer from the baseline?!? Stop giving Farmar minutes, because he hurts the team way more than he contributes. The opposing coaches instruct their guards to exploit Farmar’s inability to stop the drives and defend against the high screens. We were at the Tuesday night game against Indiana and my son asked me what the hell are you doing standing alone 15 feet outside the huddle during each time-out. I told him you are pretending to be a coach and that you are semi-retired. Scottie Pippen made an interesting comment on KCAL 9 during the Miami game. He said you work hard during the practices in getting the players prepared that you don’t have to do much during the actual game. I think you should never stop coaching when you are at work and one should earn such a big salary. Make some immediate changes Phool before the damages cannot be reversed this season or simply retire!



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