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Lakers run over Indiana Pacers

Lakers 122, Indiana Pacers 99 (final)

It was a slow start for the Lakers, but eventually they got it together and rolled past the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night at Staples Center.

The Lakers trailed by one point at the end of the first quarter, and led by only six at halftime.

A lot changed in the third quarter, when the Lakers outscored the Pacers, 38-17.

That helped the Lakers open a 98-71 lead at the end of the third.

Kobe Bryant finished with 24 points and six assists, Pau Gasol had 14 points and 16 rebounds and Andrew Bynum 16 points and eight rebounds.

Ron Artest had another strong defensive game, holding Danny Granger to nine points on two-for-nine shooting.

The Lakers now leave for a three-game trip that starts  Thursday night in Miami, takes them to Charlotte on Friday night and ends Sunday in Orlando.

-- Broderick Turner

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yup, i'm going to watch me some replay of this. just for the fun of it, i don't think it has all that much significance otherwise.


Is it too late for Artest to be considered for Defensive Player of the Year?
I remember before his freak X'mas Day accident, you could write a textbook on how to play defense just by watching Ron.

Indiana were beaten badly, but they were gracious in defeat, and showed great sportsmanship :)

When Pacers had the ball on the final possession of the game with 12 seconds to go, they were on 99 and the crowd was screaming for Tacos.

I was thinking they're gonna score to make it 100+ and quieten the crowd, but they just brought the ball to half court and dribbled out the clock.. It was a classy act of sportsmanship, so nice. I dont think a lot of teams would be that decent to do such an act...

this whole changing my number circus act by lebron is really buggin me out.. its obviously a sick marketing ploy but whats even worst is hes using this tribute to michael jordan crap as an alibi.

when jordan switched his jersey it became a best seller.. when kobe changed it topped all jersey sales.. see a trend. new number means new image new marketing brand new logo with nike, basically new merchandising everything period etc. etc

some interesting links:

Looks like we're starting to build some continuity here...especially on the defensive end, which is fantastic.

Aztronut - looking forward to your post-game analysis. :-)

Fish still stinks. 3 of 8 and still missing wide open looks. Replace him with the beer vendor.

Ron Artest willl be a huge reason we win a championship! Jordan Farmar even said his defense is contagious. ATTA BOY!

Good win overall..

Now let's go on a 10 game win streak or so.

A good game overall by the team and while I'm happy we won (had to stay positive to Jon K. w/e) I view this more as a game we should have blown them out since anything otherwise would have been more of a disappointment.

We'll see how we do on the road trip.

Ron Artest will make or break this team with that defense that he is just playing.

With KOBE playing like he is-No wonder he lost all the MVP races( Oh I forgot he got one lucky ).

Game notes...


An important game for the Lakers to keep their two game mini-winning streak alive and sweep the three game homestand. The Pacers are 20-39 and in fifth place in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference and all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Lakers are 45-15 coming in and looking to improve on that. Artest gets to put his defensive skills up against Danny Granger tonight. This is the final game of the season series against the Pacers, the Lakers having blown them out in Indy in their first meeting.

NBALP Monday evening game in LA: Joel Meyers on play-by-play with Stu Lantz on analysis.

First Quarter:

Lakers starting five - Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher
Pacers starting five - Hibbert, Murphy, Granger, Rush, Watson

12:00 - Bynum tips the ball and the Lakers control it, giving them possession to start the first and fourth quarters.

10:48 - The Lakers score their first points on Drew’s two FTs after he is fouled going to the hoop from the left block off of an entry pass from Kobe on the point. Lakers lead 2-0.

Highlight: Drew leaps high for a defensive rebound off of a Granger miss.

Lowlights: Rush hits two consecutive uncontested threes from the left sideline. Murphy blows by Pau at the left elbow and swoops in for a dunk.

07:16 - PJ calls timeout as the Pacers tip the ball out of bounds on the Lakers end, probably because the Lakers have missed their first six FG attempts and trail 8-6.

Highlights: Pau finally scores the Lakers first FG of the game on a left-handed jump-hook off the glass from the left block at the 6:21 mark of the first quarter, meaning they nearly went halfway through the quarter without making a shot and missed their first seven. Kobe crosses over on the dribble down to the right baseline and fires the ball back out to Pau at the elbow who drops an overhead line drive pass to Drew under the basket for a dunk. Artest and Pau on the give and go, from the right wing to the midpost to Ron streaking down the heart of the lane for a dunk. Drew gets a put-back dunk off a Pau miss from the right block as he’s fouled, and he makes the FT to complete the and-one. Fish hits a three from the top of the arc.

Lowlights: Kobe whips a blind pass back over his head towards Drew on the left block but it whizzes between his arms, just over his noggin and goes out of bounds to the Pacers for a turnover. Watson lobs a pass to McRoberts under the basket on the other end for an easy layup as Drew falls asleep on defense. Granger hits a three from the left point. Dunleavy hits a three from the left corner.

Drew’s line: 7 points and 2 rebounds.

03:02 - Pacers call timeout with the Lakers tied at 18-18.

Substitutions: Odom in for Bynum and Farmar in for Fisher out of the timeout.

Lowlights: Watson has 7 assists on the first seven Pacers FGs and then hits a straight away three coming out of the timeout. Ron throws a lazy pass into the lane towards LO and the Pacers pick it off and race down to the other end where McRoberts ends up with a running dunk.

01:44 - Brown comes in for Artest as Kobe is fouled and makes both FTs, and the Lakers trail 23-20.

Kobe’s line: 6 points on 6-6 FTs.

Highlights: Pau gets a put-back on a left-handed tip off a missed driving layup by Kobe. Farmar hits a three from the right wing and then makes a layup off a pass from Kobe for the last points of the quarter. Lakers held the Pacers to 42% FGs in the quarter.

00:00.0 - Lakers look very sloppy in the first but only trail by one, 28-27.

Second Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Gasol, Odom, Morrison, Brown, Farmar
Pacers lineup - Murphy, McRoberts, Dunleavy, Jones, Ford

11:35 - Lakers first points of the quarter on a running one-hander high off the glass by Shannon on the right baseline. Lakers lead 29-28.

Highlights: LO sneaks a pass in to Pau under the basket after snagging an offensive rebound on the left baseline and Pau drops in an uncontested layup. Ammo gets a layin on the break off a pass from LO as he cuts in to the left block. Ammo gets a defensive rebound and the ball ends up in Shannon’s hands on the other end where he bounces it off his leg and regains possession before finding Pau open underneath the basket for an uncontested layup. Jordan makes an off balance left-handed layup off the glass after driving diagonally through the lane from the right elbow. Lakers shooting 48% FGs after starting the game 0-7. Ammo hits a running one-hander from the right mid-post after cutting across the lane.

Lowlights: Farmar lets Ford blow by him on the right side of the lane for an uncontested layup. Ford drives down the right side of the lane again and throws up a wild twisting runner over an inert Ammo on the block.

Pau’s line: 10 points.
Ammo’s line: 4 points on 2-2 FGs.

07:39 - Pacers timeout with the Lakers leading by seven, 41-34.

Substitutions: Bynum in for Gasol out of the timeout.

Highlights: Drew challenges Hibbert’s hook in the lane and gets the defensive board, and then goes down on the other end and draws a foul working for position on the post. Drew snags a lob pass from Ammo on the left mid-post, splits the double-team and puts in a reverse layup high off the glass from under the backboard. Murphy takes a pass above the right elbow and tries to beat Drew down the lane on a dribble-drive to the basket but Drew blocks his shot off the glass and the Lakers regain possession.

Lowlights: Ford spins around Farmar on the right block and drops in an uncontested layup. Murphy drills a three from the point. Farmar traps himself against the baseline with a poor dribble and throws the ball away to the Pacers under the basket.

05:41 - Timeout as Murphy makes a layup from the right block as he is fouled by Morrison and rmakes the FT to complete the and-one as the teams return to the floor. Lakers lead 45-42.

Substitutions: Gasol in for Odom, Artest in for Morrison, Bryant in for Brown and Fisher in for Farmar coming out of the timeout.

Highlight: Drew gets the ball on the left mid-post, takes two dribbles and drop-steps down to the block around Murphy for an uncontested dunk. Fish gets a kick-out pass from Kobe on the right point, fakes a three and whistles a pass down to Pau on the left block for an uncontested layup.

04:20 - Timeout with the Lakers leading by five, 49-44.

Highlights: Kobe forces his way into the lane from the right block and drops in an arcing layup at the front of the rim. Granger is 1-7 FGs under more smothering defense by Ron. Kobe steals the ball from Rush at the defensive elbow and Fish ends up hitting a sideline three at the other end.

Lowlight: Kobe gets a turnover on a lazy pass from the right point and then fouls Granger in the act of shooting on the break and he makes 1-2 FTs.

01:41 - Timeout as Kobe is fouled it the lane driving to the hoop for a shot and makes both FTs as the teams return to the floor for a 56-49 Lakers lead.

Substitution: Odom in for Bynum out of the timeout.

Lowlight: Murphy hits another uncontested straight away three.

00:04.2 - Brown in for Gasol as Kobe makes another two FTs and the Lakers still lead 58-54.

00:00.0 - The half comes to an end after the Lakers force a Pacer turnover in the backcourt and Kobe rattles home a fall-away from the top of the key giving the Lakers a 60-54 lead.


The Lakers have scored easily inside and have 34 points in the paint to the Pacers 18, and are shooting 60% FGs since their 0-7 start. However, their defense has not been impressive and they have left too many shots uncontested from the perimeter, from where Murphy generated most of his 13 points in the second quarter and 15 for the half. McRoberts came in averaging 3 points in 9 MPG for the Pacers but has burned the Lakers for 9 points in 13 minutes of the first half and Watson has 9 assists. The one bright defensive spot for the Lakers was Artest, of course, holding Granger to 1-7 FGs. Drew also held Hibbert to an 0-4 FGs in his 6 minutes on the floor in the half, but had some problems with the Pacers smaller and quicker bigs on the perimeter, as did Pau.

Kobe’s line: 14 points on 2-7 FGs and 10-10 FTs.
Pau’s line: 12 points and 8 rebounds.
Drew’s line: 11 points on 4-5 FGs.

Third Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher
Pacers lineup - Hibbert, Murphy, Granger, Rush, Watson

Highlight: Drew fouls Hibbert to open the half but he misses both FTs for an unofficial turnover and then fouls Drew attempting to establish post position at the other end for his fourth foul of the game, a true foul magnet.

11:17 - Lakers score their first points of the quarter as Kobe steps inside the three point line at the point as Rush flies by and proceeds to hit a jumper. Lakers lead 62-54.

Highlights: Kobe’s been generating some offense to start the second half. Fish draws an offensive foul on Watson who then compounds his problem by getting called for a technical foul, and Kobe makes the FT. Ron drives down the lane and banks in a layup from the left block. Kobe gets an uncontested layup on the left block off of an inbounds pass from Artest, that’s the second time in two games that Ron has pulled off that same point generating pass from the baseline under the basket. Drew seals off McRoberts to the outside on the right midpost, takes the entry pass from Kobe and slams it home. Fish hits a three from the right sideline off a cross-court pass from a driving Artest on the right block.

Lowlights: Rush blows by Kobe at the right corner and goes all the way to the basket along the baseline for an uncontested layup. Drew is stripped in the lane and loses the ball after a nice entry pass from Ron. Hibbert makes two shots in a row, one over Pau on his own put-back and the second on a wild high arcing bank shot coming down the lane over Drew. Murphy makes a couple of FTs to give him 17 points and 11 rebounds.

05:23 - Timeout Pacers as Ron hits Drew with a lob to the front of the rim for a dunk off the right baseline. Lakers lead by twelve, 77-65.

Highlights: Ron picks the ball right out of Granger’s hands on the left point and feeds Kobe streaking downcourt who gets fouled going to the hoop and makes both FTs. Ron hits a three from the left corner off a pass from Kobe at the right point. Drew blocks Murphy’s shot at the rim and Fish grabs it as the shot clock expires.

Lowlight: McRoberts gets his season high eleventh point on a layup over Pau on the left block, putting him one short of his career high as well.

Kobe’s line: 24 points on 5-11 FGs and 14-15 FTs.

03:22 - Odom replaces Gasol on the dead ball after the shot clock violation as Joel and Stu seem oblivious to what just happened on the play, claiming that Drew blocked the shot out of bounds as the replay is clearly showing that Fish picked it up as the buzzer blew. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them both be so blatantly wrong about a play at the same time and they never correct themselves, even when the Lakers take the ball out of bounds after the stoppage of play. Lakers lead 84-67 and the route is on...

Interesting factoid: Joel and Stu talk about the irony in LBJ changing his number to six from twenty-three to honor MJ and his championships, when Bill Russell wore number six in winning his eleven championships for the ‘tics back in the day.

Highlight: Kobe passes to LO on the right corner and he hits the three.

Lowlight: Rush loses Kobe, takes a pass on the left block and makes a reverse layup around Drew.

02:20 - Timeout as Kobe hits Drew with a lob in the paint as he spins to the basket, misses the shot because of a hard foul and makes 1-2 FTs as the teams return to the floor. Lakers lead 88-69.

Substitutions: Brown in for Bryant and Farmar in for Fisher coming out of the timeout.

Drew’s line: 16 points.

Highlights: Artest is making Granger disappear. Shannon hits a three from the right wing and grabs the defensive rebound on the other end, and then blocks Jones’ driving tomahawk dunk attempt on the right block on the next defensive possession, and then to top it off drills another three from the right point on a kick-out from Farmar, a remarkable sequence of great plays by Shannon! Lakers are on a 36-10 run as Ron picks Granger clean once again on the point, dribbles into the frontcourt and hits a streaking Farmar for a dunk.

Lowlight: McRoberts drives around Drew on the right side of the lane and scoops in a left-handed bank shot from the right block for a new career high 13 points in 18 minutes.

00:00.0 - Lakers force yet another Pacer turnover and LO ends up with the ball at midcourt but doesn’t have enough time left to get off a shot before the buzzer sounds to end the quarter with the Lakers ahead 98-71. They won the third quarter 38-17 as they came out after halftime and played inspired basketball after splitting the first two quarters of the game with the Pacers. The Lakers are shooting 58% FGs and Artest has 5 steals so far after six in his last game.

Fourth Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Gasol, Odom, Bryant, Brown, Farmar
Pacers lineup - Hibbert, Jones, Dunleavy, Rush, Ford

11:43 - Lakers first points of the quarter as Farmar knocks down a jumper from just above the left elbow to put the Lakers up at 100-71.

Highlights: That ought to wrap this thing up ‘cause I don’t think the Pacers are going to get to 100 points. Jordan hits a three from the right wing and it’s time to get the guys at the end of the bench some playing time. A couple of possessions later Jordan takes a handoff from Pau at the left point and loops back around for an uncontested layup on the left block.

Lowlights: Jones hits an uncontested jumper from the FT line. Lakers are starting to put it into cruise control on defense.

08:54 - Timeout as Pau is fouled going to the hoop after beating two Pacers to the offensive rebound off of Kobe’s missed three from the left wing, and makes both FTs as the teams come back out on the floor. Lakers lead by thirty, 107-77.

Substitution: Morrison in for Artest out of the timeout.

08:25 - Mbenga in for Pau on the next dead ball.

Highlights: DJ hits a slick turnaround jumper over Hibbert from the left high-post and then two possessions later hits an uncontested ten foot jumper from the left baseline off of a pass from Shannon.

Lowlight: Jones hits an uncontested jumper from the top of the key.

05:54 - Timeout as DJ loses the ball out of bounds under pressure on the right block. Lakers lead 111-83.

Substitution: Powell in for Odom out of the timeout.

Interesting factoid: Artest was voted the second “dirtiest” player in the league behind Reggie Evans of the Kings in a poll of active NBA players, a designation that he obviously contests violently, but who’s to say it’s not a good reputation to have amongst the players.

Highlights: Jordan hits a three from the left wing. Ammo hits a streaking DJ coming down the lane for a dunk from the right baseline, where he seems to have set up camp.

Lowlights: Ammo misses a short jumper from the right baseline and gets his follow-up blocked then on the next possession grabs another offensive rebound but travels with it. Hibbert scores on an uncontested layup after receiving a lob pass over DJ under the basket.

02:54 - Timeout as it looks like the Pacers may well make it to the 100 point mark after all since the Lakers are playing passive defense and firing up shots early in the clock, although you can hardly blame the subs for wanting to put some numbers in their stat lines. Lakers lead 116-91.

Highlights: Shannon hits an uncontested jumper from the top of the key, and then hits another from above the right elbow a few possessions later. Jordan gets a steal to keep the fans taco hopes alive and Ammo caps it off by hitting a layup in traffic high off the glass on the left block.

Lowlights: Ammo gets a turnover on a bad pass into the paint and the Pacers come back down and get another layup. Jones gets a fast break dunk.

00:00.0 - Pacers don’t even try to score on their last possession and the Lakers win in a walkover, 122-99. Maybe the Pacers players want some of those tacos too.


The Lakers actually lost the fourth quarter but it didn’t really matter at that point after they dominated the second and third, and barely lost the first. Surprisingly, the Lakers also lost the battle of the boards, 48-47, and they were outrebounded on the offensive end 12-10. They had 33 assists as a team, a very good number, and 12 steals with 5 by Artest. Its hard to pinpoint by looking a the team stats where the Lakers were so dominant but watching the game it was obvious that just about every Laker played a good game, even the end of the bench crew. This was a total team victory and it would be really difficult to pick just one player as the standout performer. If I was forced to I might just give it to Artest again for a second straight night as his defense was once again not only inspiring but very, very effective.

Ron’s line: 11 points on 5-9 FGs and 5 steals.
Drew’s line: 16 points on 6-8 FGs and 4-5 FTs, and 8 rebounds in just under 27 minutes.
Pau’s line: 14 points and 16 rebounds (4 offensive).
Jordan’s line: 19 points on 8-10 FGs including 3-4 from three.
Kobe’s line: 24 points on 5-14 FGs including 0-4 from three, 14-15 FTs, and 6 assists.
LO’s line: 5 points and 7 assists.


people still commenting on Kobe's shooting, and or how he is playing -- wow, U try going out and playing NBA basketball and take on all the rigors that come with any professional sport that does involve contact to a large extent and then come back and say you'd be 1/8 as effective as he is..Not only that, he isn't out there making any excuses and is still finding a way to not be a liability to the team and help them win games...

Kobe is Kobe. His 8 fingers is better than most players 10.

appreciate don't hate.

Fish still stinks. 3 of 8 and still missing wide open looks. Replace him with the beer vendor.

Posted by: DumpFish | March 02, 2010 at 11:37 PM

I'm better than the beer vendor, and I can't play in the NBA, so what makes you think that the beer vendor is actually better than Derek?

Give me a break with this.

Kobe is Kobe. His 8 fingers is better than most players 10.
appreciate don't hate. Posted by: lakersrydeordie | March 03, 2010 at 06:14 AM


Yeah, Derek was 3 for 8, but he moved on D and how many assists did he have? Last night he did everything he gets paid for and he's just starting to get warmed back up.




And props to you too buddy, for all you do for this community...and thank you for understanding my foibles...


Fine recap, as is usual.

Great game by the Lakers (for the final 3 quarters at least). It is time to really establish some dominance on the road...



Fish is about to stink his way into his 5th ring. And, he would have been a key contributor to all five.

I'm not really sure the hot dog vendor can claim the same.



"Fine recap, as is usual."

Thanks again, and BTW I left another dead, comment, for you back in our life experiences thread...thanks for keeping that one going I find your observations fascinating!

Caliphilosopher, then why don't you replace Fish. You can jack up bricks like Fish, commit stupid fouls, and everything will be the same and PJ will love you too. So what if Fish has 4 rings? The NBA today is basically, what have you done for me lately? Fish needs to get a new job as a brick layer, and he can hire Caliphilospher, Jolly Rancher, and Fearless as his assistants.

Posted by: BeerVendor | March 03, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Apparently you don't understand the concept of "transitivity". Let me know when you increase the breadth of your vocabulary, and we can chat.



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