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Lakers' Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher discuss 99-92 victory over Washington Wizards

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers' center Pau Gasol (played center in place of Andrew Bynum, who is hurt with a strained left Achilles' tendon)

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers guard Derek Fisher

--Mark Medina

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LA Guy,

I'm sure you might wanna read this....


BREAKING NEWS: David stern and the NBA decided to allow an All Spanish Team in the future in the NBA. To qualify, the team will have to become champions of the D-League. The precarious economical climate will request replacing the cheerleaders of the team with maximum 2-3 clowns.

To promote this new NBA venture a collaboration with an Add Agency is mandatory. One of the options is the agency that created the "famous" TEAM group shot for the Olympics in 2008. The one with the slanted eyes. The agency is known for their approach in appropriating foreign vernacular and at the same time for FLOW-lessly incorporating clownish TOUCHES.


thanks for the tip. LA Guy won't read it. he is already indoctrinated and he knows the TRUTH.

a few weeks ago i recommended a similar article:

"Being a Clutch Player is More Significant than Just Making Clutch Shots"

from his answer, it is clear that he read the title and concluded the opposite of the content: that has to be another "ELOGE" to LBJ. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and that the article will say that except making clutch shots, kobe sucks. anyway, he is a coach so i guess he knows everything. and so goes his education of the masses. poor kids. they r in medieval age. darkness, prejudice is clouding their mind. no individual and personal thinking aloud.

Le Brainwashing.

Whatever you say phil... I guess nobodys perfect but you.

Was it really necessary to play kobe 40 and almost the entire second half and gasol 38 MIN?!? Great way to prepare for the playoffs phillip... And how do you expect the starters to maintain the same intensity with a 27 point lead? Maybe you should try to trust your bench more at least against a team like washington and stop givin farmar the quick hook everytime he makes a bad play.. You yourself have killed every ounce of fortitude and morale of our bench.

Win or lose the ring no way in hell shannon or even farmar in a backup role come back nxt year with phil around. You can etch that in stone!

JovBatz44 - the guy you so fondly quote is rewriting history. Isn't this the same Kobe who was voted a starter on the all-star team before he was even good enough to start on his own team?

This is the best part of the article:

"He had to rebuild himself time and time again. First overcoming selfishness and aloofness early in his career. Then the Colorado sexual-assault case. Then the messy divorce with Shaquille O'Neal that rocked Los Angeles. Then his own trade demand.

He moved past it all. He answered by winning."

Wow - he's overcome so much! LOL

{Jon K.'s Early Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet}

1. We won! Awesome!

2. What is up with the second unit? Really? Really? You would think these guys would be playing their hearts out so at least the Lakers have a reason to retain them, but there was no urgency from these guys and, even more important, DECISIVENESS. The second unit wasn't decisive. They weren't hunters on the floor. They were sheep.

3. Thank God we still have the best starting unit in the NBA. I'm not worried about them.

4. Is it just me, or is the present incarnation of the Washington Wizards almost exclusively composed of former Clippers?

5. When is Luke coming back? This is getting ridiculous. This long for a pinched nerve. Get him to a massage therapist and tell him to stretch! Jeez!

6. Ron Artest is coming into his own. Good.

7. This road trip is going to be HUGE. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

8. I'm so tired of watching Cavs games. Annoying.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By responding to LA Guy, he gets what he wanted. He's not from LA, uses it to tempt everyone fall in his prey.

With regards to the game against Wizzards, a W is enough whether by 1 pt. or 20 pts., as long they are injury free on the remaining games we should be happy about it. Lakers are just coasting along till they reach playoffs. That is the start of the real NBA season going against one team in best of 7.

On these road games, if Lakers win 3 out of 5 games it will be a good trip. I envy many teams in the NCAA with their relentless accuracy in those long ball and free throw shooting. The college kids are not being paid to play, it is all about heart to put all their efforts for their alma mater. On the other picture, our professionals are paid to put up a good show, oftenly they are perceived as lackadaisical and farcical with their so-so performance (both Lakers and Wizzards). Good they are in basketball, the most that could happen to them would be losing games or getting injured. If they were a professional trainer in a circus and careless with their job then they could risk their lives mauled by lions and stomped to death by an elephant. As professionals, they should always improve their skills whether they are with a good or a bad team.

Okay, the series of games against weaker teams is over. They played hard enough to win in all of the games and in most cases not one ounce of energy more than enough to win. It ain't great, but it's good enough. The Kobe/Shaq Lakers often coasted an played down to the opposition during the regular season as well.

But the next set of games are a chance to make some statements and to start building momentum.

The Lakers' next 3 games are vs San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Houston. Other than Portland, those are the other 3 teams most likely to be their 1st round opponent. It would be a good idea to go into THEIR houses and smack them around a bit and win. Let them know that the Lakers have no problem beating them on their turf.

In fact, if the Lakers beat the Spurs, they will smack them straight from 7th place into 8th place and right into the crosshairs.

And Atlanta isn't a likely finals opponent, but they are one of the top teams the East has to offer, so it would send a good message to beat them as well.

And if they do it without Bynum, it's like the neighborhood bully saying, "c'm over here kid, I'll beat you up with one hand tied behind my back."

It won't be easy. Teams aren't going to just lie down for them. But the Lakers are capable of sweeping through this road trip unscathed. And if they do that, then the powers in the East (I initially typed "posers in the East", perhaps my fingers know more than my mind :-) will start to sweat a little more.

Jon K, pretty good summation of what I feel as well.

As much flak that Luke recieves, having him back to playing form would probably help solve some of the second unit lethargy. It all depends on what Luke we get back.


let's go 4 it

Edwin Gueco - you are LYING. I first lived in the LA area when I was 1 year old, and have lived in the greater LA area for my entire adult life. In fact, I spent 5 years virtually in the shadow of the Forum. Every post I've made has come from the LA area, and I'm guessing that MM could call me out on that if I was lying, so you know that I'm not BSing you there.



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