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Lakers' Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom discuss 95-89 victory over Denver Nuggets

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Mark Medina

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Who are we? Ohh Weee, The Freakin World Champion Lakers is who we be
At times we may have a let down, but aint nobody gone take our crown
Hot teams come and hot teams go, but the Lakers are a Dynasties we’re not here just for show
Even when times look dark and bleak, I look deep inside & these words by Jon K I speak
What do we play for? We play for Rings, So what the Cavs or Thuggets do, don’t mean a thing
With Zaira’s positivity and JustanotherMamba’s frantic roar, I have no doubt, The Lakers will score
Yesterday even Mamba24 lost his cool, but Justa said Mamba24 don’t you be no fool
He said the Thuggets are just the new Kids in town, They never even been near to sniff a crown
That got me going and I started to believe, Then Zaira tugged upon my purple & gold sleeve
She said as Long as the Lakers have Kobe Bryant, A win is possible or they’ll die trying
Thanks to Zaira and Justa and a couple more, I came back to Chat just a little more
And what happened next you know it’s true, The Lakers played “D” like Faith told them to
For 4 full minutes the Thuggets didn’t score a point, Ron-Ron was a Beast just like we want
And so from being down by 12 to winning by 6, The Lakers fought the Thuggets lick for lick
Ttoday I am here to proudly reaffirm, that my love and admiration this entire team has earned
Dfish was called every name in the Book, so how did he answer did you see that shot he took
In the First half Ron-Ron was called a bust, But in the 2nd he saved the freakin game for us
Each Laker has a role that makes the Lakers go, The whole is greater than the parts in this Lake Show
And when the game was over what did you see, Each Laker hug each other no negativity
If the Team can do it why not us, Come on Laker Blog in your team show a lil trust
Rick Friedman positivity is your middle name, I left you off the game Ball & so I take the Blame
In fact most of our Bloggers stayed the course, It was the Trolls that caused the havoc of course
Which is what made the victory so sweet, When the Thuggets behind The Lakers did Defeat
Being a Laker Fan is second to none, I’d say this even if they had not won
I’m so Happy I don’t know what to do, I just want to say Freakin LA Lakers I send my thanks to

More postgame comments:

-- JR is a tool.. Have no respect for anyone that can't back up their mouth

-- its gettin really painful watchin gasol gettin punked around.. At least he's trying to fight back but this is getting around of hand. Maybe its time ron ron lands a big right knuckle to the teeth of kmart and nene

-- without ron ron I don't think we can get by the thugggets in a seven game series.. Remember last year we needed a kobe miracle or else we wouldve been down 3-1

-- I liked the energy powell and mbenga brought off the bench.. Phil should try it more often in spurts..

-- like I said the #1 reason of our title repeat will be because of mr. pinched nerve.. Without his dependable nightly contributions we would be losing these types of games and crucial home court advantage in the finals.

-- this was a HUGE and should be a morale booster to help the team regain some chemistry and some of that mojo back

THERE IS A PEKING ORDER. LAKERS EAT FIRST Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | February 28, 2010 at 04:54 PM


bump...the scrubbed version...

Game notes...


One of the biggest games of the season so far. The Nuggets come in to LA at 39-19, while the Lakers currently stand at 44-15 and are starting to show some signs of realizing their potential this year. Denver has beaten the Lakers in their first two meetings this season and the Lakers don’t want to have to deal with the ignominious humiliation of getting swept at home in the regular season series against their top conference competitor, so there’s the motivation for them. The Nuggets are a little more desperate to show that they belong, and that they are contenders and not just pretenders to the Lakers’ throne. Bring it on...

ABC Sunday afternoon game in LA: Mike Breen on play-by-play with Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson on analysis.

First Quarter:

Lakers starting five - Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher
Nuggets starting five - Nene, Martin, Anthony, Afflalo, Billups

12:00 - Bynum tips the ball and the Lakers control it, giving them possession to start the first and fourth quarters.

11:48 - The Lakers score their first points on a Pau left-handed hook in the paint off of an entry pass on the right block from Ron up above the elbow. Lakers lead 2-0.

Highlight: Drew swats Billups’ layup attempt out of bounds after missing a short layup of his own at the other end.

Lowlight: Artest harasses Carmelo on the perimeter and knocks the ball away, but Anthony retrieves it and drills a twenty foot jumper from the right wing on the Nuggets first offensive possession.

09:18 - Brown comes in for Fisher, who just picked up his second foul, off of the resultant dead-ball with the Lakers trailing 5-4.

Highlights: Shannon hits a twenty-footer from the left wing immediately after coming into the game. Ron drills a three from the left sideline after he missed a long jumper and Shannon stole the Nuggets’ outlet pass.

Lowlights: Billups hits a long three from the left point over a screen from Martin on Shannon, who then makes another mistake with a weak entry pass to Bynum above the left elbow that is picked off by Nene and taken all the way down the floor for a dunk. Afflalo hits a three from the right wing over Kobe. Pau is stripped in the lane as he turns to make his move to the basket, the Lakers’ fourth turnover.

Interesting factoid: Nene not only leads the Nuggets team in steals but he leads all NBA Cs in steals as well.

06:21 - PJ calls a timeout after Carmelo makes the first of two FTs. After Anthony makes the second FT as well, the Lakers trail 17-10.

Interesting factoids: Breen says that Karl has complained about his team not showing up to play every night against sub-.500 teams. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that there are actually other teams in the league besides the Lakers that have this problem! The Nuggets shoot more FTs than any other team in the NBA, more than 31 a game.

Highlight: Kobe makes a layup on a knifing drive that started from the right wing after just about every Laker touched the ball on the offensive possession, nice teamwork!

Lowlight: Shannon throws the ball out of bounds from the point coming out of the timeout, trying to hit Kobe with a pass on the right wing.

05:24 - Odom in for Bynum between FTs by Nene after Drew fouled him driving to the hoop. Lakers trail 18-12, even after Nene misses both FTs for an unofficial turnover and Ron steps in front of the shooter in the lane to grab the line-drive rebound.

Highlights: Ron gets a steal on a pass to Carmelo on the left wing and takes the ball all the way down the floor for a layup. Pau draws the second foul on Martin hauling down a defensive rebound in the paint. LO is double-teamed on the right block and kicks it out to Ron for a sideline three. Pau gets a left-handed tip-in put-back off of a Kobe miss from the right wing.

Lowlights: Smith hits an uncontested right sideline three over an uninspired attempt to close-out from LO. Technical foul on Kobe, his eleventh of the season, as LO tries to feed him an entry pass under the hoop from the top of the key, but Smith climbs over his back and tips the ball away for a turnover although the replay clearly showed Smith hooking Kobe with his off hand as well.

Ron’s line: 8 points with 2 three-pointers to lead the Lakers in scoring early on.

01:13 - Timeout with the Lakers still trailing 26-21 after Billups makes the technical FT.

Lowlights: Billups hits another uncontested three as Pau and Shannon get confused on coverage off of a pick-and-roll. The Lakers are looking pretty sloppy on both offense and defense as the quarter draws to a close. The Nuggets have shot 13 FTs in the quarter.

00:00.0 - Lakers get thoroughly outplayed in the first quarter and end up behind, 29-21.

Second Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Bynum, Odom, Kobe, Brown, Farmar
Nuggets lineup - Anderson, Graham, Anthony, Smith, Lawson

Highlight: LO knocks the ball away from Carmelo on the defensive right baseline for a Nuggets turnover but the Lakers fail to score on the subsequent offensive possession.

10:58 - Lakers first points of the quarter on two FTs by Kobe after he missed his initial FG attempt from the left elbow but was then fed and fouled cutting down the lane as Shannon got the offensive rebound. Lakers still trail 29-23.

Lowlights: Kobe tries a full-court outlet pass to Jordan but the ball sails over his head and out of bounds for the Lakers’ eighth turnover of the game. Anthony hits a jumper over a Kobe-LO double-team on the right wing. Three-second violation on Drew as the Lakers are hesitant in running their offense and he’s caught trying to establish rebounding position.

09:35 - Nuggets timeout with the Lakers trailing by ten, 33-23.

Substitution: Fisher in for Bryant out of the timeout.

Highlights: Drew gets his first hoop after rebounding his own miss and taking the ball to the rim. Shannon finishes a break with a dunk off of feed from Jordan in the lane. Farmar starts the offensive possession with an entry pass into Drew, who kicks it back out to Fish on the left point, who swings the ball over to Shannon on the right point, who passes back to Farmar who hits a right sideline three, beautiful ball movement! LO takes the ball down the lane for an easy layup.

Lowlights: Defensive three-second violation as both LO and Drew are caught guarding the lane, and Afflolo makes the FT. Lawson is running roughshod over the Laker perimeter defense, penetrating at will and either getting fouled or dishing off underneath.

05:53 - Timeout as Shannon swipes at the ball and fouls Afflolo on the left wing with the Lakers trailing 42-32.

Substitutions: Gasol in for Odom, Bryant in for Brown and Fisher in for Farmar out of the timeout.

Highlight: Ron hits a three on the left wing off of a kick-out from Kobe after he drives the lane on an isolation play and finds no room to shoot for the third consecutive possession.

Lowlights: Pau has the ball knocked out of his hands above the left elbow and as he is screaming at the refs the Nugget race down on a break for an easy layup, the eleventh Laker turnover of the half. Nene makes a layup over Drew and gets fouled on the left block after a bullet of a cross-court entry pass.

04:39 - Powell replaces Bynum, who now has three fouls, as Nene misses the FT and the Lakers still trail by double-digits, 46-35.

Highlight: Ron drives down the lane and drops off a pass to Josh on the right block from where he drops in a short jumper.

Lowlights: Nuggets get three shots on one offensive possession and it ends with Pau fouling Martin driving to the hoop, but luckily he misses both FTs for another unofficial turnover. Nene gets a pass on the right block off of Nugget penetration into the lane, muscles inside Pau to the hoop and makes a layup as he gets fouled, Pau’s third. Nene has 10 points and 5 rebounds so far in the half.

03:15 - Mbenga replaces Pau as Nene once again misses the and-one FT and a lane violation is called against the Nuggets with the Lakers trailing 48-37. The turnover battle is not going the Lakers way as they have 11 so far to the Nuggets 7. Luckily for the Lakers, the Nuggets are only 14-21 on FTs.

Highlight: Josh gets another bucket underneath as Kobe hits him with a pass after playing off of a DJ screen on the left wing.

Lowlight: Lakers incur a shot clock violation after fumbling the ball all acround the court until it winds up in Kobe’s hands in the left corner with not enough time left to shoot, for turnover number twelve.

02:11 - Timeout with the Lakers trailing 48-39.

Kobe’s line: 4 points on 1-5 FGs.

01:58 - Odom in for Mbenga after he fouls Nene, who this time converts both FTs for a 50-39 Nuggets lead.

Highlights: LO makes a layup off of a touch pass from Josh in the lane after an entry pass from Kobe on the left wing. Josh gets a dunk off an inbound pass from Ron to him right under the basket.

Lowlights: Kobe gets the ball poked out of his hands at the top of the key for another Lakers turnover, which leads to a Smith dunk at the other end. On the next offensive possession Kobe throws an errant bounce pass towards Josh cutting through the lane and it ends up going out of bounds for yet another turnover.

00:00.0 - Smith misses a forty foot heave at the buzzer to end the half with the Lakers behind 52-43. As bad as they’ve played, the Lakers only lost the second quarter by one point.


The Lakers have turned the ball over an unacceptable 14 times in the first half, resulting in 20 Denver points, while getting to the FT line only 4 times, far short of the Nuggets 23 trips to the charity stripe. What’s surprising is that Kobe’s had such a poor half after Smith called him out earlier in the week on his twitter feed. He must still be hurting and I can only hope that Kobe stays within himself in the second half and doesn’t try to do too much at once. The Nuggets shot only 40% on FGs, giving a good indication of how poorly the Lakers have been running their offense since they are still behind, and while they have received 8 turnovers from the Nuggets they have only managed to convert those into 7 points.

Kobe’s line: 4 points on 1-5 FGs, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 turnovers.

Third Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher
Nuggets lineup - Nene, Martin, Anthony, Afflalo, Billups

10:56 - Lakers first points of the quarter as Kobe hits Drew with a mid-post entry pass from the right point and he backs Nene across the lane and towards the basket before putting in a left handed layup off the glass. Lakers trail 53-45.

Highlights: Artest dribbles inside the three-point line on the left wing and gets the ball into Drew on the block, from where he first goes right then comes back to his left and misses a short jumper but gets his own rebound and drops it in from directly under the hoop for his sixth point of the game. Ron steals the ball on the defensive perimeter and it ends up in Kobe’s hands before he lobs it back down the court to a streaking Artest for a layup.

09:50 - Nuggets timeout with their lead cut to three, 52-49, as the Lakers score the first six points of the second half and the crowd is finally starting to get into it.

Highlights: Ron ties up Carmelo as he drives down the right side of the lane and tries to take a shot up for a jump ball, but Artest ends up tipping the ball out of bounds before the Lakers get a stop on a defensive rebound by Drew. Fish drops in a rainbow three from the left point to cut the Nugget lead to a single point. Drew blocks Billups’ shot on the perimeter at the right wing.

Lowlights: Afflolo misses an uncontested three from the left corner but Martin gets the put back under the basket for the Nuggets first basket of the second half. Another offensive three-second violation on the Lakers as Kobe drives into the lane and attempts to kick it out to Fish instead of putting up a shot. Anthony gets three shots at the hoop from within five feet and finally puts the last one in on a tip over Pau at the front of the rim. Drew is called for defensive three seconds and Billups makes the FT. Nene knocks the ball away from Kobe on a double-team and Afflolo takes it back down for a layup as Kobe waves his arms to the refs in complaint. Afflolo hits a three from the left wing to finish off a 10-0 run after the Lakers had cut their lead to one.

05:22 - Timeout with the Lakers behind, 64-53.

Substitutions: Odom in for Bynum coming out of the timeout.

Highlights: Fish hits a three from the point coming out of the timeout. Ron steals the ball from Carmelo on the perimeter, before shooting an air-ball on a three point attempt from the left point at the other end. Kobe blocks a three on a closeout and LO draws a foul on Nene under the basket at the other end and makes both FTs. Ron has held Anthony to 6-18 on FGs so far. Fish strips Billups as he crosses midcourt and streaks down the right side for a breakaway layup to put the Lakers back within two.

Lowlights: Aflolo blocks two Laker shots on what started out as a three on one break and ends up with a Laker traveling violation on Odom after the subsequent inbounds play. Martin lays in the ball from under the basket on an entry pass from Anderson. Martin goes around Pau on the block to put in a left-handed layup.

Ron’s line: 14 points, 4 rebounds and 5 steals.
Kobe’s line: 4 points on 1-9 FGs, 5 rebounds and 6 assists.

00:50.8 - Farmar comes in for Fisher as Pau makes 1-2 FTs after being fouled by Anderson on the left block. Lakers trail 70-66.

00:17.2 - Powell comes in for Gasol as LO makes 1-2 FTs, giving the Lakers 12 trips to the line in the third quarter alone, indicating a new found aggressiveness on offense. Lakers trail 70-67.

00:00.0 - Lakers force the Nuggets seventh turnover of the quarter under the hoop as time expires in the period with the Lakers trailing 70-67. Mark Jackson says that he’s never seen Artest play better defense and it’s kind of hard to argue with him after watching Ron work over Carmelo. The Lakers finally won a quarter, taking the third 27-18.

Kobe’s line: 6 points on 1-9 FGs and 5 rebounds.

Fourth Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Gasol, Odom, Artest, Bryant, Farmar
Nuggets lineup - Anderson, Martin, Anthony, Smith, Billups

11:45 - Lakers first points of the quarter as LO knocks down a three from the left corner to tie the game up at 70-70.

LO’s line: 14 points on 5-8 FGs.

Highlights: Kobe weaves his way into the lane and drops the ball off to Pau, who dunks off the left block. Nuggets down to 39% on FGs for the game. LO hits a leaning bank shot from just outside the right mid-post to give the Lakers their first lead of the game since the opening minutes.

09:32 - Timeout Nuggets as Pau drops in a left-handed jump-hook from the middle of the lane, capping a 6-0 Lakers run to put them up by four. Lakers lead 76-72.

Highlight: Kobe may be 1-10 on FGs but he’s racking up the assists and the rest of team is shooting 55%.

Lowlight: Farmar allows Carter to blow by him on the right wing for an easy layup.

08:34 - Brown in for Artest on a dead-ball. Lakers lead 78-74.

Highlight: Kobe drops in a tear-drop from the right block and LO gets a block under the basket on the other end, which leads to a fast break and Farmar streaks straight down the lane for a layup as he is fouled, but he misses the FT. LO is cleaning up on the defensive glass. Kobe picks off a bad pass from Nene on the perimeter.

Kobe’s line: 8 points on 2-11 FGs, 5 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

07:11 - PJ calls timeout with the Lakers lead at eight, 82-74.

Substitutions: Artest in for Bryant coming out of the timeout.

Highlight: Lakers have 15 steals in the game so far, Ron has six of those and LO has 4.

Lowlight: Afflolo hits a three from the right corner on an assist from Billups off the wing.

05:51 - Bryant comes back in for Farmar as Nene draws a foul on LO driving to the basket off a pass on the left block, and makes both FTs to cut the Laker lead to 82-79.

Highlight: Kobe backs in Afflolo, who has 5 fouls, on the right block and banks it a short reverse turnaround jumper over him.

Lowlights: Fish fouls Billups on a three-point shot and he makes all three FTs to tie the game up. On the next trip down, Billups nails another three from the left point. Pau misses a short jumper from right in front of the basket before getting his follow-up blocked by Martin.

04:40 - Bynum in for Gasol on a dead-ball. Lakers once again trail, 85-84.

Highlights: Kobe dumps the ball in to LO in the lane from the right wing and he makes a jump hook. Kobe makes a crosscourt pass to Ron in the left corner and he drills a three to put the Lakers back up on top. The Lakers have only four turnovers in the second half while the Nuggets have nine, but they still have more for the game 18-17. Billups plays off of Nene on a pick-and-roll and gets a step on Fish driving towards the basket, but Drew takes him on and beats him down to the block, forcing him to throw a wild cross-court pass that is intercepted by Kobe who takes it all the way down to the other end before getting fouled on a layup attempt.

Lowlight: Billups hits a long two from the right wing over Fish, for his eighth point of the fourth quarter.

LO’s line: 20 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals.
Pau’s line: 13 points on 5-13 FGs and 12 rebounds.

03:03 - Gasol comes back in for Bynum as Kobe makes both FTs to give the Lakers a 91-89 lead.

Highlight: Kobe passes the ball from the right wing into Pau at the elbow from where he drives diagonally across the lane and lays the ball in from the left block. Ron draws an offensive foul on Carmelo resulting in his disqualification with six on the next Nuggets possession.

02:13 - Timeout with the Lakers leading 93-89.

Highlight: Pau blocks Afflalo’s jumper from the right wing and the Lakers continue to frustrate the Nuggets on the defensive end, despite losing more offensive rebounds than they should.

Lowlights: Kobe’s forcing some shots and he continues to miss jumpers during critical possessions in the last few minutes, but at least he’s making his FTs when he gets fouled.

00:12.7 - Timeout after Kobe makes two FTs and the Lakers lead is at 95-89.

Kobe’s line: 13 points on 3-17 FGs and 0-2 from three.

00:00.0 - No scoring in the final twelve seconds and the Lakers win, 95-89.


The Lakers won the fourth quarter 28-19 which gave them both quarters in the second half after they lost both in the first. An impressive come from behind victory, as Breen said as the game came to a close. They were outrebounded by the Nuggets 54-52 as the teams tied with 12 on the offensive end, but they did have 22 assists for the second straight game. Amazingly, despite a horrible first half the Lakers won the turnover battle, ending up with “only” 18 to the Nuggets 20. The Lakers shut down the Nuggets in the second half with tight defense on the perimeter, resulting in Denver shooting only 36% on FGs and 28% on threes, while the Lakers made half of their 16 threes, a very good performance from downtown. The Lakers continued their defensive dominance this season, leading the league in OPPP, and shut down the Nuggets when it counted in this one.

I’d have to vote for Artest as the player of the game as his defense on Anthony made all the difference in the outcome and also inspired the rest of the team to buckle down as well...

Ron’s line: 17 points on 4-7 from three and 6 steals.
LO’s line: 20 points on 8-13 FGs, 12 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 turnovers.
Pau’s line: 15 points on 6-14 FGs and 3-6 FTs and 13 rebounds (6 offensive).
Kobe’s line: 14 points on 3-17 FGs, 12 assists and 5 turnovers.

Not to get anyone's hopes up (I mean, it is called hoops HYPE, not hoops REALITY, right?), but I didn't believe that Shaq was coming to the Lakers until he actually did either. I mean, it was clear that the Lakers were trying to sign Shaq, but until he actually signed, I was pretty sure he was going back to Orlando.

I think Kobe has matured enough that he could deal with having a second superstar on the team, though I'm not sure LeBron could handle it.

Not even a tiny bit likely to happen, but if this team has Kobe, LeBron, and some subset of the other current players going forward, you can book about 3 more straight titles.

And think about this... You could start LeBron at PG.

I get all verklempt just thinking about it.

Mr Nanao I heard you were in the EarthQuake. If possible give us a post and let us know you are alright.

Goooood mornin', mornin' crew!

Nothin' like playoff intense basketball in February.

Phil's got a great recipe brewin' for April.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the NYC playgrounds, Ron and LO are gonna wrap a championship banner around their careers and take this thing the rest of the way. ROnLO's the matchup nightmare every team is goin' to have to focus on now. Hmm, that leaves that 24 guy freer to roam.

Every fighter has a plan till he gets hit. The Lakers were hit, they responded with a beautifully ugly W. More of same to come.
GOO Lakers!

MM, I think my Kumbaya comment got lost somewhere in the mix which I blame entirely on you, either that or I hit the preview button instead of the post button and closed the browser without noticing. I guess that's possible. OK let's not point fingers. Either way though I feel that the moment for singing has passed and we should just move on.

You know, I'm not one for saying "I told you so," but I would like to point out the obvious that the Lakers won and the Universe is still in existence, just as I predicted.

I was at this game and let me tell you, Jeff Van Gundy had it all wrong when he said Staples was booing the Lakers. We were booing the horrible officiating. But of course Jeff (God I hate Phil Jackson) Van Gundy would see it as a lack of Laker heart. Section 301 (up in the boonies where I generally buy seats, it's mid-court and you are right over the action, these were X-mas gifts) had some nice, rowdy folk who would cheeer with me as I would yell "8 on 5!", hey, they can't fine me. Nene and Melo were never called for any over-the-back fouls. Chauncey and J.R. were never called for any reaches or off arm fouls. It was ludicrous. They couldn't even toss a jump ball right it was like they had missed their morning cup O' joe.

Game ball goes to Lamar and Ron for bringing it. Lamar was an offensive juggernaut, blowing by K-Mart, Melo or whoever they tried to put on him. Ron was intimidating and got under Carmello's skin more than Sasha Vujacic ever did. Only difference being if 'Melo tried to choke Ron, Ron would probably beat the tar out of him.

I have to applaud Kobe for smoothly adapting his game to his personal shooting woes, he was off on all of his shots, not getting calls and so he operated with deadly effeciency from the elbow. You gotta love it when your super-star recognizes it just ain't his day. This win was a much a reflection of that as any other players effort on the floor.

The bench has to find some sort of fortitude against this team. J.R. Smith cannot outplay our entire bench in a playoff match up or we will lose (I'm not being fair, but I'm not counting Lamar as a bench Mobber, today) to find a way to stay in front of old man B-B-Billups (Chauncey was going around Farmar consistently...without the aid of screens, just getting broken down off the dribble) and Fish has to stop going to the hole. No lift on his shot equals block in the NBA. Especially when he avoids contact.

Best part about this game was George Karl daring anyone other than Pau and Kobe to beat them, and we did, without much support from the bench (Josh Powell helped keep us in striking distance in the 2nd quarter and DJ did his thing, too, but not alot from anyone else, other than Lamar, of course). We did it with defense, poise, and heart. The stuff championships are made of.


In an interview with SportsTalkSoup, I preview the Lakers' matchup with the Nuggets. Spoiler alrert: I predict the Lakers win today by five points. --Mark Medina

DAAAAAAGGG! You are indeed a Blog God! Off by 1 point…OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!



Is that Peking order for Peking duck?...

JohnnyP -

Thanks for the love a couple of threads ago. I hope you enjoyed the game, as I greatly enjoyed the defensive effort by the team in the last 5+ minutes.

Hope you're having a good morning!

Jon K. -

I like that Ron Ron is setting high standards for the team. The more that I hear from him, the more I appreciate what he brings to the Lake Show. He's seemed to mellow out (in his own way) since first coming into the league with Chicago.

Z is currently deliberating whether he'd return to the Cavaliers in order to get a ring.

To the agent of Z Ilgaukas that's a bad option. 1). Why would you give a second chance to team that traded you to the White House? 2) What makes you think the Cavs are going to the Finals? 3) What happens to you when LBJ bolts out for another team at the end of the season. If Z wants to get a Championship ring go with highest percentage then go with experienced team who have been there before. I don't think he has playing competition with Mbenga, Powell, Morrison and Walton.

LBJ coming to LA, anything is possible in Hollywood. Every good singer vying for American Idol want to come to Hollywood. (I don't know what is so special with Hollywood. Once they get famous they go for drugs and rehab.) Besides basketball, if he wants to attract the promotions market, there are only two teams that could solidify that hold who have huge market, that's Lakers and Knicks. Cleveland will always remain as Cleveland as the workhorse city in the MidWest, when it comes to sport they usually go for early exit in baseball, football and most probably up to ECF in basketball because of James.



Thanks dude that's a very nice compliment, especially coming as it is from the premier supplier of yeoman services around here!

NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!'Is that Peking order for Peking duck?...Posted by: aztronut | March 01, 2010 at 09:20 AM

LMAO! You got me bro!

Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

finally the Fuggets get Taco'd...

good to see us fight thru the one sided foul calling and our turn overs and our turn overs, and ...oh yeah, our turn overs...

Billups loves to be "guarded" by Fisher...

I agree whole heartedly with Yellofever : " I liked the energy powell and mbenga brought off the bench.. Phil should try it more often in spurts.. "

please Lamar, show up like this for the rest of the year and dare I say it, your entire career with the Lakers...if only pigs could fly...

really wish the Lakers would hire more specialty coaches for players lacking certain skills i.e.:

a passing coach for Shannon Brown---Shannon can't pass for sour owl crap---guess he is carrying Ariza's legacy onward...

a free throw shooting coach for Farmar (and others of course)--- I have to cover up my kid's eyes when he steps up to the line...I just always hope he never gets fouled...

motivational agressive consistency coach for Lamar...see above...

defensive coaches for most everyone, but especially anyone whose last name starts with an F...

anyway you get the idea...if each player could improve on one (or more) of their respective glaring weaknesses I could retain what hair I have left for a while...

when the hell do we play again?

"makes no difference where you are, or where you'd like to be"

"I'm afraid I'm not personally qualified to confuse cats, but I can recommend an extremely good service."



Trade Kobe Bryant for Lebron James. Lakers can WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS WITHOUT KOBE BRYANT. 30 mil a year for Kobe is not worth it. Get Lebron bandawagon now!


EQUALS 6 championships without KOBE Bryant!!!

Send Kobe to the Knicks where he can shoot, shoot n shoot. Kobe can have all the scoring titles, MVP's and breaking records, WITHOUT KOBE Lakers WINS all the championships in June. Get Lebron bandwagon now!

It is time to be a LAKERFAN again all and let go of your KOBE FANATICISM. There is life and championships after Kobe Bryant as long as Jerry Buss owns this team.

The owner is the one that puts together championship teams, the owner has won before without Kobe, and he will again with or without Kobe Bryant.

We all bleed purple and gold! There will always be another Superstar who will wear a Lakers jersey, but there is only ONE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

Edwin Gueco,

"1). Why would you give a second chance to team that traded you to the White House?"

Because the trade was Iglauskas' idea in the first place. It was a pre-arranged deal.

"2) What makes you think the Cavs are going to the Finals?"

Because 2/3 of the country have drank the LeBroniac punch and think that the Cavs are THE ONLY team that will make it to the Finals. A team from the Western Conference won't even show up.

"3) What happens to you when LBJ bolts out for another team at the end of the season."

Iglauskas will settle down with his Ohio wife and kids and remain a beloved sacred cow for sullen eyed denizens of Northern Ohio.

Edwin, he's coming back to the Cavs.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lakers in 2010 featuring Lebron JAAAAAAAAMEEESSS!

Larry Bird in his interview was asked, is there anyone that is more like you and Magic Johnson right now in the NBA? Larry Bird's answer is yes, LebronJames!

Bird also mentioned, when it is all said and done, HE (LBJ) will be better than all of us.

Lakers need to go strongest after Lebron James with all their influencence, might and Hollywood stars!!!

Lebron deserves to be in a NBA franchise that has the greatest players ever played, has the greatest rivalry ever played and has a chance to win MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS rings again WITHOUT A KOBE BRYANT!!!

Lakers missed out on MJ, this is our chance to get LBJ now!

We all bleed purple and gold! There will always be another Superstar who will wear a Lakers jersey, but there is only ONE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

Good Videos Mark,

The key to the Lakers victory yesterday was what I thought the adjustment should be at halftime and that was to place Kobe in the low post. In other words.......come completely out of the triangle offense.

By placing Kobe on the block he created double teams because Denver was determined to not allow Kobe to beat them. This strategy by Denver allowed Kobe to generate ALL of the Lakers offense which got Gasol some baskets, it got Artest some open looks, it got Lamar into the game with his slashing in the lane and most importantly it gave us a burst of energy which transferred onto the defensive end which led to some easy baskets in transition.

I was ready to give Phil some credit for actually coaching until I read in Kevin Ding's article and watched this video and realized it wasn't Phil's idea to make the adjustment........It was Kobe's idea!!

I have always felt that Phil is one of the worst X and O coaches I've ever seen but is maybe the luckiest person to ever live by being able to coach argubly the two greatest guards to ever play the game.

If Kobe doesn't suggest this change from the triangle and place himself on the block ...........what would Phil have done? Why does Phil Jackson get $12M if Kobe has to coach and suggest what adjustments need to be made? Because I'm telling you if the Lakers didn't make this adjustment to the offense we may have lost by 20 points .........or more.

If I were Laker management I wouldn't bring Phil back even if they won the title and certainly not at $12M per season. When I looked at the Lakers in the first half especially on offense they looked as if they were in the mountains of Colorado.........without a GPS direction, and no plan on offense.

Denver decided to force Kobe to pass the ball by double teaming him and even triple teaming him when he put the ball on the floor.............This plan was reminiscent of the Detroit Piston's under Larry Brown in the Finals of 04'..............In that series Phil never made any adjustments to the triangle and you know what happened in that series as Phil was thoroughly outcoached by Brown.

Thank God for Kobe's suggestion because it was a stroke of genius. What it did was simplify the offense and give us a plan and a focal point to work from..........Kobe in the low or midpost also simplified the roles of the complimentary players..........They didn't have to think. Just spot up or slash off the Kobe double teams and let Kobe make all the decisions as a great quarterback should.

What is alarming about this scenario is what would have happened to the offense and defense had Kobe not insisted on this adjustment? Would Phil have done anything?

Win or Lose Phil should go after the season and we should bring in someone with more energy, who stresses defense and can make adjustments on the fly.

I think Phil is already starting to play mind games because he definitely sees the well he should

As Laker Nation's Designated Secret Agent For The Greater Northern Ohio Region, I'd Like To Throw In My Two Cents About LeBron James Possiblely Playing In Los Angeles:

The Pros

1. The weather

2. The size of the market

3. The greater chance of success for him (this part is HUGE because LeBron's "brand" is contingent upon him winning a ring within the next two to three years, if that don't happen, "the powers-that-be" will start looking for someone else to be the face of their marketing/brainwashing exercise. I think LeBron is intelligent enough to realize that. There is a sense of urgency for this guy. Right now there are already plenty of people referring to him as "LeZero" and "LeBronze". Three years from now, it don't matter how many dunks he does, if he doesn't have a ring, the tremendous hype placed upon him will become something of a joke.)

4. West Coast Media (West coach media is not like Chicago or New York media which is more sensationalist-orientated. LeBron will not be able to shield his mother from the prying eyes of the New York Post in New York. In Los Angeles, he MIGHT be able to shield his mother a bit better.)


1. West Coast Media (We do have a lot of papparattzi [sp?] out here. Los Angeles isn't like Cleveland where LeBron can basically make a couple phone calls and competely control what comes out in local media regarding him and his mother.)

2. Ohio will hate him. (He probably will not be able to come back home again, so profound will the sense of betrayal be.)

3. Culture shock. (LeBron and his possee aren't really West Coast kind of guys. The transition to New York or Chicago would make more sense.)

4. David Stern. (It seems like David Stern wants LeBron to become a Knick in the belief that a powerful Knicks and healthy New York versus Los Angeles rivalry is good for the league and good for the sport.)

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If the Lakers does not sign Kobe to a 30 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR extension, what will Kobe get in a free agency market?

How much is Lebron James max contract per year?

How old is Kobe, and how young is Lebron?

How fast is Lebron and how slow is Kobe?

Los Angeles Lakers will WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS WITHOUT KOBE BRYANT. I guarantee that.

Bynum $12,500 mil
Sasha $ 5,475 mil

LeBron $17,149 mil sign and trade
Bynum $12,500 mil
Sasha $ 5,475 mil
Luke (they will need a small forward right?) $5,260

LeBron $23,235 sign and trade.

This allows Lebron to sign for (up to) $23,235 plus. As I understand it, you only have to come close to the salaries. The Lakers can even go a little higher than this if they need/want to.


"Get Lebron bandawagon now!"

1. Don't put me on that bandwagon.

2. Dude, trading deadline is past. I find it absolutely bizarre when people clamor for trades to be made WHEN THEY ARE TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN!

3. There is no way, no how, uh-uh, that Kobe would EVER agree to that trade. NO WAY. Why suggest the impossible? Why?

I've got a great idea! Why don't we resurrect Wilt Chamberlain, infuse his skeleton with adamantium and implant him with cybernetics and put HIM on the team!?!?!? Why not!?!? I want a bandwagon NOW!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey guys a new post is up. I changed up how I organize the links. Let me know what you think


Spike Lee,

Please edit "Kobe Doin' Work" and replace the game footage with the game footage of this win over Denver. Thank You!


I've got a great idea! Why don't we resurrect Wilt Chamberlain, infuse his skeleton with adamantium and implant him with cybernetics and put HIM on the team!?!?!? Why not!?!? I want a bandwagon NOW!Posted by: Jon K. | March 01, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Fire extiguisher is on hand and ready for action! Lol!

(02) NO DRIVER -


>>>Trade Kobe Bryant for Lebron James. Lakers can WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS
>>>WITHOUT KOBE BRYANT. 30 mil a year for Kobe is not worth it. Get
>>>Lebron bandawagon now!

Spoken like a true hater.

So, Staples24, let me see if I have this right: You don't like Kobe and you want Lebron James to come to the Lakers?

Just checking because you're being so subtle today.



>>>BRYANT. I guarantee that.

And I would agree with that assesment. 7 to 10 years from now, after Kobe has left and the Lakers have re-tooled a bit, they'll win more championships without Kobe.

But if you merely remove Kobe from this team without replacing him with another at LEAST All-Star, then I would guarantee no rings until they get one.

For example, if Kobe left and LeBron or Wade got traded to the Lakers, then no problem, they could still be contenders. But take away Kobe and add JR Smith as the starting SG, and the Lakers might not even make it to the conference finals. And they definitely wouldn't make it to the finals.


>>>Bynum $12,500 mil
>>>Sasha $ 5,475 mil
>>>Luke (they will need a small forward right?) $5,260
>>>LeBron $23,235 sign and trade.

I guarantee Cleveland wouldn't want both Sasha and Luke back in a trade. They might be willing to take on Sasha, since he's an expiring contract. But more likely would be something like

Lakers send Bynum and Artest and 2 or 3 first round picks to Cleveland for LeBron.

And the Lakers would STILL be ripping Cleveland off.

Jon K,

>>>I've got a great idea! Why don't we resurrect Wilt Chamberlain, infuse his >>>skeleton with adamantium and implant him with cybernetics and put HIM
>>>on the team!?!?!? Why not!?!? I want a bandwagon NOW!




(snikty snik)

Staples 24 if I were you,I shut my mouth and leave this blog,you dont belong here haters.How much did Lebron pays you to come in this blog and promote him?LBJ is nothing unless he wins championship,remember Karl Malone,Barkley thats were LBJ belong at the moment to much hype without ring.And to tell you frankly I dont want LBJ to wear purple and gold why because LBJ is so ugly fugly,yaaaaks!!!!!!Not worth it.

I think Gasol is having physical problems this year, or at least, in his mind he thinks he had a big prize to pay when he played eurobasket on his rest time this summer, and thats the reason why Gasol is averaging 17.0 points (less than normaly) and the feeling he transmits is not a fresh and agressive player, its more like a ghost, specially on back to back games, if you check it, he normaly makes "bad" matches when lakers travel a lot,but he is so good he can keep doing good stats.If he cant destroy that psychological barrier of tireness i think the lakers will have big problems to win NBA ring this year, i think this is the key factor for the lakers this year.



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