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Lakers' Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson mindful of Phoenix's screen and roll offense

It had become the point of emphasis during last week's meeting where the Lakers aired out several concerns. And it's something that will be most pressing tonight when the Lakers visit Phoenix.

That issue, of course, involves defending screen and rolls. It's an area Lakers Coach Phil Jackson acknowledged the team has struggled perfecting, though he noted after practice Thursday "that we feel like we're improving as a basketball team." That most recently includes Andrew Bynum's effort on defending screen and rolls in Tuesday's win against Toronto.

It won't get any easier, though, when the Lakers play the Suns, which feature Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire running screen and rolls to perfection. The New York Times' Jonathan Abrams recently cited a five-year analysis by Synergy Sports Technology that said the league's use of the pick and roll increased from 15.6% in the 2004-05 season to 18.6% last season. The same study also listed the league's players that use it the most. Who topped the list? Nash, who shows in the video below just how effective he runs the screen and roll.

The video above shows the Suns' ability to instantly take advantage of any defensive breakdown. Stoudemire set a screen on Rockets' guard Aaron Brooks just as Nash accelerated. Houston forward Chuck Hayes switched to lock in on Nash, but Stoudemire immediately rolled to the basket as Brooks nearly tripped over himself. Nash's simple bounce pass to Stoudemire put him in a position for an easy dunk as Houston scrambled to help inside.

The Lakers are no strangers to those exploits. In a 118-103 loss Dec. 28 to Phoenix, Nash buried the Lakers with 13 assists and making three of the Suns' 12 three-pointers. The Lakers largely struggled with rotations that game and sorely missed the presence of forward Ron Artest, who was in the middle of a five-game absence because of a concussion he suffered Christmas night after the Lakers' loss to Cleveland. Artest will be back for this one, but his defense largely centers on neutralizing a the opponent's top scorer, meaning it'll be more up to the team's rotations to limit any breakdowns on the screen and roll. The main key, Jackson said, involves not just centering on Nash, but the the other options on the floor.

"Phoenix is a tough team to play defense against," Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said. "Screen-roll, they run a great deal of it. They run it differently than other teams in terms of having four shooters space the floor and guys that can pick and pop, so it will be different than even what we're used to usually defending."

--Mark Medina

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Mornin' crew,

The Ides of March approach, do you know where your team is?

Thought it was Phil time a few weeks ago. I was wrong, this is Phil time. Time to pull out the secret lineup, go from power to speed and finesse and back. Guys with 10 rings, have 10 rings for some reasons other than the roster.

Whatever it is, Phil, do it NOW.

And God bless Mommy & Daddy and please God let the lakers play like THE LAKERS tonight. AMEN

(01) WESJOENIXON - OWNER- Thought it was Phil time a few weeks ago. I was wrong, this is Phil time. Time to pull out the secret lineup, go from power to speed and finesse and back. Guys with 10 rings, have 10 rings for some reasons other than the roster. Whatever it is, Phil, do it NOW.
(02)MAMBA24 - DRIVER - Yes kind sir, please do it now. We would like another ring please

Oh man, I am so glad it's game day! Can't wait for tonight's game - hopefully this is the start of an upward trend for this team - taking care of business on the road against playoff bound teams! It starts tonight.

I share with your wishes Mamba24, there are many Laker fans up there wishing they're here on earth to shout at our players. One of them is Chickie-baby, Wilt and Chick's grandma, they are all comparing notes during their playing days when they were paid per game, they can jump higher than Artest and run faster than Bynum.

Lakers, you have fans in any city you play and even in the world beyond. If you can't take the pressure: continue bricking shots, bypassed by opponents, shoved and pushed around, couldn't handle defensive assignments due to injuries - please sound off. Don't insist in playing if you are ineligible and incapable to withstand the challenge.

tonight, Nash and his troops will come from the NORTH and will circle out bandwagons.

SAVE the women, the children and elderly (Faux Pas, Baby Bynum and Fish)

wondering if we can find some guns 4 sasha, ups and ear farm.

DJ Mbenga: r the Molotov cocktails ready? keep making them. don't just stay around.

do we have enough AMMOnition?

Kobe, LO and iRon: fire away at your discretion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have to get out of there unscathed.

Yo, Mr Mamba 24

I'm definitely down for the Do it NOW wagon

Aloha Mike H,

to KB Blitz, you wrote:
I am a fairness supporter. Andrew at this point is not a Beast nor is he a bust. He is a good young player learning to play the game. There are many points that we could argue that are subjective but I get annoyed when things are thrown out there that are beyond subjective, things that are not true or exaggerated, just to try and paint a bleak picture of failure. Comparing Andrew and Howards rebounds without taking under consideration court time is a case in point. If Andrew had played as many minutes he probably wouldn't have finished with 15 boards but more like 9 or 10. With 6 in 19 minutes that was the pace he was on. If andrew can average 10 boards a game I'm happy. And really Howard would be hard pressed to average the same amount of boards that he currently does on this team. The magic have no one else nearly as good as Lamar and Pau at chasing down boards.

my response.

1. forgive me for butting in.

2. You're comparing Bynum to D-Howard without looking at some things.

Q. Why is Bynum always in foul trouble against D-Howard?

[ note: always is perhaps a bit much. so, can you name a game when he wasn't?]

Q. Why did Bynum have 4 fouls on D-Howard early in the 3rd, I believe?
Q. Why did Bynum have foul trouble in the finals against D-Howard?

You mention rebounds, but you don't actually talk about how the rebounds
are gotten. Have you actually checked to see if Bynum is boxing out?

I ask, because I did. I have *consistently* seen him not box out or just take
off and not try to get the rebound.

re: Bynum being a good young player. This is subjective and therefore
can't be argued. You are aware that at the same age Bosh was an all-star,
right? The same for D-Howard I believe.

re: Pau's & LO's numbers. With respect, I don't think you can actually make
this point. Neither LO nor Pau have played with a great rebounding C.
If they played with D-Howard, I believe it is *their* rebounds which would
decrease because D-Howard is fast, strong and can leap out of the building.
He also *wants* to rebound, as seen by his boxing out.

You wrote this to Troll man:
You know that he is dissing Kobe even though he doesn't mention him? Are all the players, coaches, announcers, scouts and writer that discuss the Lakers stagnant ball movement hating in secret on Kobe also? Or is it just Pau when he repeats the same thing. Thats dissing Kobe? Just wondering.

my response: After the Memphis game, it was a clear consensus that
Pau, D-Fish & to a lesser degree PJ were commenting about Kobe's shot
volume. There was also a *clear* comparison to how the Lakers were
playing when Kobe was out with the injuries. It is my understanding, from
listening/reading everything I can, that when players, coaches, announcers,
scouts & writers talk about stagnant ball movement they make a comparison
to Kobe dominating the ball. Do you disagree that this was the intent 75% of
the time? [ I throw in the % because LakerTom says I'm too black & white. ]

To put this a different way, Pau has never said, that I can recall, guys need to
make cuts and they're not. Pau has never said, that I can recall, I need to
make better passes when I get the ball. Pau *has* said, we need to get the
ball into the post more. Pau *has* said inside-outside basketball works.
Pau *has* complained about the number of touches he & Bynum get.

So ... given the number of shots Kobe has taken and Pau's comments, how
would you not make the association that he's dissing Kobe?

(01) WESJOENIXON - OWNER- Thought it was Phil time a few weeks ago. I was wrong, this is Phil time. Time to pull out the secret lineup, go from power to speed and finesse and back. Guys with 10 rings, have 10 rings for some reasons other than the roster. Whatever it is, Phil, do it NOW.
(02) VMAN – DRIVER - I'm definitely down for the Do it NOW wagon
(03)MAMBA24 – RIDING SHOTGUN - Yes kind sir, please do it now. We would like another ring please

Who wants another ring?


C'mon PJ! My kid needs it!


When the FAKERS lose again it panic time, or is everyone still living in dream land after that "dominating" performance against Toronto? The one hit wonder -Los Angeles FAKERS. Posted by: Eric Wright | March 12, 2010 at 09:44 AM

Eric you little devil you. You cut your 2nd grade class again didn't you? Now Eric if you keep doing this there is a very good chance that you will fail in June and not be permitted to go to 3rd grade. I understand how excited you are now that you are learning to write...Hell even your name is "WRight" and I know you want the world to see it. but please Eric. In June when all of your friends are outside playing on the monkey bars you will have to sit in some hot room and repeat the 2nd grade. Now I want you to promise me you will go back to school tomorrow. If you do this we promise when you get older we will let you come back. Now scat you little tyke you.

How do you define a real troll?

His name is Eric Wright. No passion to share, no intelligence in his post, all they do is catch and bait some anger from Laker fans. Next time, you encounter a post such as this, flush it out. Such posts belonged to the sewers.


Please put me on the Phil bandwagon.

Anyone remember the pre-season talk? Anyone? I do. One of the main points of discussion was how this team was a coach's "dream team" because there were SO MANY players who could play multiple positions, thereby allowing a coach's creative potential to flourish. It allows for so many rotations and so many defensive counter-moves to address different defensive conditions.

In short, yes, this team is extraordinarily talented, but it is also Phil Jackson's best opportunity to put the critics to rest and prove what an incredibly talented coach he truly is.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Game day! As much as I love my Lakers, I have plenty of respect for Steve Nash. I don't know if the guy should have been a 2 time MVP, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't emulate him on the rec league courts.

Still, though, if Steve Nash is MVP, you might as well make Mark Price, Kevin Johnson, and Isiah Thomas MVPs as well. I'm sure any of those guys would have become MVPs if you designed a system specifically for them.

Sorry to geek out on everyone, but I cannot help myself.

I'm beginning to think that Captain Johnathan Archer is the best Star Trek Captain ever.

My list?

1. Jonathan Archer
2. James Tiberius Kirk
3. Benjamin Sisko
4. Jean-Luc Picard (Dude, he's French!)
5. Kathryn Janeway (So annoying)

Kobe is closer to Archer than Kirk, methinks, but we really could use a Kirk on this team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Eric Wright,

"When the FAKERS lose again it panic time, or is everyone still living in dream land after that "dominating" performance against Toronto?"

More smack talk from new money.

We're the fricken Lakers. There's a reason why everyone hates us. It's because we're heartbreakers. We break the hearts, minds, and spirits of the competition. We've broken so many that we can't keep track of them all. Others remember what we forget. We forget because that's what we do. They remember because they have nothing else.

Do we struggle sometimes? Sure. It is the struggle that makes us stronger.

In the end, when it all comes down to it, in a seven-game series, who is really scared and who is patiently poised for victory? I think you know the answer.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


hey guys a new post is up

(01) WESJOENIXON - OWNER- Thought it was Phil time a few weeks ago. I was wrong, this is Phil time. Time to pull out the secret lineup, go from power to speed and finesse and back. Guys with 10 rings, have 10 rings for some reasons other than the roster. Whatever it is, Phil, do it NOW.
(02) VMAN – DRIVER - I'm definitely down for the Do it NOW wagon
(03) MAGIC PHIL – RIDING SHOTGUN - Who wants another ring? I DO! C'mon PJ! My kid needs it!
(04) #4
(05) MAMBA24 – Yes kind sir, please do it now. We would like another ring please
(06) JON K. - Yes, this team is extraordinarily talented, but it is also Phil Jackson's best opportunity to put the critics to rest and prove what an incredibly talented coach he truly is.

Hobbit and the rest of the family,

Good morning fambam, great to be a Laker fan.

Hobbit, I enjoy reading posts by you, Blitz, LakerTom, Justa and many others because everyone makes good points and have different opinions and point of views which keep the blog buzzing and exciting.

I've sat back and read a lot of the going back and forth between you, Blitz, LakerTom, Michael H and others and all of you make valid points. In regards to Bynum and comparisons that are made, I'll just say that I'm anxious to see if he raises his level of play come playoff time because this is the longest he's played in a season as a starter. It's a little difficult to really determine whether or not Howard or Bosh would be as good or dominant if they were playing alongside Kobe, Pau, LO, Fish and the rest. It's fair to say that it's possible that they would flourish and be better if they played for us, but that's still just a guess. One must take into account how shots are distributed, better rebounders and different system. One could go either way on whether or not Howard and Bosh's numbers would be higher or lower if they were on this Laker team.

I agree that Bynum still has some ways to go, especially defensively, but I hope that he can be more aggressive for us heading down the home stretch and when it matters most.

As for the Suns, they're pick and roll has gotten them nothing, so they can run it all they like. Like Kobe said, pretty don't win rings, LOL. Good day to you and all my Laker family.

I apologize. I meant "their" pick and roll offense when referring to the Suns offense. I wrote "they're" instead. Go Lakers!!!

"I'm beginning to think that Captain Johnathan Archer is the best Star Trek Captain ever.

My list?

1. Jonathan Archer
2. James Tiberius Kirk
3. Benjamin Sisko
4. Jean-Luc Picard (Dude, he's French!)
5. Kathryn Janeway (So annoying)


Archer was good, I initially did not like him because of his previous successful series of time-hopping with an ipod.....but he turned into a great captain, and the 4 season series was the most action packed of them all. ABOUT Picard, I'd put him at #2, and to clarify, I know what you mean, but others don't, he was supposed to be French, but he was a British actor, a very accomplished one. Janeway was a little irritating at times...I'm in the last season about 3 disks to go but I don't know how they made it home, nor did I ever watch the last show to the old "Miami Vice" TV show....kinda wanna see the ending...

It is all about DESIRE! I have played basketball all of my life. I love the game and know that day after day, game after game, it can start feeling like work. It takes hard work and desire to play the game right. You must work hard and bang bodies to get in position to rebound (it is a frame of mind.....that ball is MINE.....its precious, it is my prize for working hard to get that rebound) and you must play smart once the ball is in your hands. AB must shed his little lamb demeanor and start playing like a mad man. He is, most of the time, the tallest man out there.....GO TO THE BALL AND SNATCH IT!!! IT IS YOURS.
THE LAKERS ARE GOING TO DOMZZ and it is just about time they did it.

Oh, and by the way.....ERIC. The LAKERS are not FAKERS, they have been crowned champions many times in the past and will be again. Your use of the word FAKER just tells me who you are.....a FAKER. You are most likely one of those hold over KINGS fans from that cow town up north. GET A LIFE MAN. Go drink a beer and stare at yourself in the mirror.

Jon K,

About Patrick Stewart playing a supposedly French Star-Ship Captain, when I first saw it, I got turned off by the notion, and the fact that the bridge looked more comfy than the "Love Boat" however, the story lines were always good, and they always managed to layer 3 stories into 1 episode. One of my favorite episodes was the one where he had to take a break after his borg assimilation, and he went home to Earth, and it was a touching story about the differences he had with his older brother who was still a vintner, while Jean Luc was off "chasing the stars"...and I don't mean Lady GaGaGme.....

Jon K....
In one opening scene when J.T. Kirk is stealing his stepfather's Vette, the music is "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys...reason was William Shatner says "sabotaaajj"'s on you-tube, it's kinda funny, it's a shame that Archer's Dog got transported and hasn't reappeared's all stuff that us Trekkie's catch, but no one else does. After finishing the Voyager Series this weekend, will get the Box Set for "Star Trek-Deep Space 9".... which would have been great if they could have got Michelle Forbes (look her up, ballerz) to continue her role as Ensign Ro Laren instead of having to use the chick with the big A Nana Visitor in the role of Kira Nerys.....Michelle Forbes was hot, hot, hot.

Hey mamba24 why don't you create your own speech instead of copying Al Pacino speech from the movie Any given Sunday. Do you lack creativity? or you are just to lazy to think.



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