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Lakers get ready for a poor Indiana Pacers team

The high of defeating the Denver Nuggets on Sunday is over.

The talk about Ron Artest putting the defensive clamps on Denver's Carmelo Anthony is a thing of the past.

The idea of Kobe Bryant missing 14 of his 17 shots but getting 12 assists against the Nuggets is now over.

The Lakers have to move forward, and that means preparing to face an Indiana Pacers team that's not very good. The Pacers are 20-39 and in last place in the Central Division.

The Lakers are 45-15, which is the second-best record in the NBA behind the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It'll be up to the Lakers to take the Pacers seriously when they meet them Tuesday night at Staples Center.

"It's about us. It's not about our opponent," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said after practice Monday. "It's about playing in to an excellence and not just going out and playing basketball against somebody."

-- Broderick Turner

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During the 3-peat years, the balance of power in the NBA depended on the health of Shaq's big toe. This year, whoever comes out of the East depends on the condition of Shaq's right thumb.

"It's about us. It's not about our opponent," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said after practice Monday. "It's about playing in to an excellence and not just going out and playing basketball against somebody."

Sounds like Phil and Ron Ron are on the same page (in some respects).

I hope that everyone on the team starts to think about playing to their own potential and within themselves, instead of who is on the schedule.

Kobe and lecrab on the same team?! Puhlease

It just aint gonna happen in a million years and that selfish crab knows it.

So if you're dreaming of the crab in purple and gold you're also suggesting directly or indirectly that kobe opts out and walks.

Shame on you!

Cleveland are going to be without only their 2nd/3rd best player in their line-up for the next 6-8 weeks, and the media/fans are worried they may not get #1 seed in the East.

However, there are some great souls on here, who believe/argue that we'll be able to win a championship(not even #1 seed or playoff wins, championship!!) without our best player?? Especially in the Western Conference, where the seeding of teams is going to change on a daily basis until the end of the regular season??

Come on guys, please wake up from your hallucinations!!

As the big ol' full moon came up last night over the green hills of the central coast, I thought this little thought to myself:

"If our seriously talented, athletically-gifted, intelligent, gigantic 7-footer would simply focus on playing hard D, denying shots at the rim, and hustling like his ass was on fire, we could sweep our way through the playoffs and celebrate one of the best Laker squads ever."

And you know what's crazy? I think it's going to happen. That's right, LakerTom. I said it.

Go Lake Show!

"If our seriously talented, athletically-gifted, intelligent, gigantic 7-footer would simply focus on playing hard D, denying shots at the rim, and hustling like his ass was on fire, we could sweep our way through the playoffs and celebrate one of the best Laker squads ever."

And you know what's crazy? I think it's going to happen. That's right, LakerTom. I said it.
Go Lake Show!
Posted by: The Outlaw | March 01, 2010 at 02:49 PM

Hey Outlaw,

I have had mixed feelings on this beastling for a while now, but have seen some glimpses and think you may be right about this.
I want you to be right about this.
I hope you are right about this.
Oh, not so sure about the sweeping part, but if it happens we will be oh so tough to beat.

Yellofever... how does picturing LeBron in a Laker uni suggest anticipation of Kobe walking out? You do realize that if Kobe walks, the Lakers are still WELL over the cap and would not be able to sign LeBron outright for max money right? The CBA wouldn't allow it. The Lakers would have to sign and trade for him. That means saying bye bye to either Gasol or Bynum (likely) plus possibly Odom or Artest, a pick and maybe 1 other contract. If anything, people are thinking about LeBron and Kobe TOGETHER. It's not so dillusional if LeBron goes to the front office and says "Sign and trade me to the Lakers. If you don't, I go to NY, Mia, the Clips, etc and you guys get nothing.".

So the Mavs are courting Z. Im not sure I want them to get him. The Mavs have already upgraded and seem to be coming together. Mavs and Nugs will be a good challenge. It appears we will only have to meet up with one of them in the playoffs, but still plenty of time for the standings to change.

When all is said and done I would bet Z is back with the Cavs and Shaq will be back rested for the playoffs. Even without Shaq and Z for a while Cavs have a much easier schedule than we do so I wouldn't count on them losing too much ground.

I still think the NBAAA (NBA Astrology Association) has the stars aligned to cause a Lakers-Cavs finals. Its just too good.
LBJ and Shaq against the Lakers and Kobe.
Both Kobe and Shaq going for their 5th ring but against each other.
You think Shaq will be motivated?
You think Kobe will be motivated?
I mean, this is just about as good as it gets for drama.
Anyone see a 7 game series coming where in game 7 the refs back off and just let them play?
Man, I hope we can get game 7 in LA.
What a venue for this. I would guess this would be more drama than any finals since the Lakers vs Celts in the 80's with the Magic/Bird rivalry.

Interesting comment from the Roland Lazenby 'LeBron a Laker?' article on

Brian McInerney Said,
February 28, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

Regarding the subject of Byron Scott attending a Laker game to send a message to anyone, the source was incorrect. I have represented Byron for 20 plus years and know who invited the Scotts to attend a Laker game, any game, and it was not Dr. Buss. The invitation was a gesture after Byron was released from the Hornets, a day I was in New Orleans, and when almost every NBA executive called him. It would be stupid insulting Phil Jackson, or selling yourself to another NBA team when still on the Hornet payroll, risking annoying Laker fans at the same time. Sources can sometimes have an agenda, perhaps to slur Mr. Rosen, a very reputable agent, but not associated with us.
Brian McInerney
Business Mgr./Byron Scott MACBD.COM

By the way, going over to it is truly Byron's business manager:

McInerney International
Business Management
Welcome To The Official Website Of MBM, McInerney Business Management, Specializing In International Sports & Entertainment. We Offer The Very Best In Professional Representation, Management, Marketing, Contract Negotiation, Special Events, Fund Raising, Business Planning, & Product Development.

Lebron a Laker? Never. JMHO.

The Lakers cannot dump Kobe.
He has 2 more years on his contract AND a no-trade clause.
This is his team for at least 2 more years.
As for LBJ coming to LA, there arent enough balls for LBJ and Kobe to be on the same team.
Geesh, you think the other Lakers complain now about not enough touches imagine adding LBJ to the mix.
I can't imagine that Kobe would even want LBJ on the same team, he's been there, done that.
This is just a fun fantasy story for all the fantasy players out there.

United States (AHN) - Zydrunas Ilgauskas will rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers, as soon as he is eligible, according to published reports Sunday.

I mentioned this on Saturday, heard it on NBA TV. They said that a 'former coach' of the Cavaliers had spoke with Z and he had confirmed that he would be returning to the Cav's. I guess that nothing is set in stone, however the Mav's, Nugg's, all those other teams interested in him could sign him immediately, my feeling is if he hasn't already done so much as express an interest in going to one of those teams, or meeting with their GM's, then it 'ain't gonna happen'.

It's too bad, but karma does work in mysterious ways. Shaq get's hacked, goes down, and they have then have a chance to bring back their former starting center? That simply isn't right. I think that in the grand scheme of things, it's setting up too nicely for the Cav's, getting him back right before the playoffs, getting Shaq back maybe right in the playoffs, both of them rested. It's TOO perfect, something bad is going to happen to spoil their plans. Mark my words and watch.

No, I'm not a voodoo priest either! But I do believe in curses, like the 'Curse of the Black Mamba' - you know, the one where he comes back to bite everyone, and is the only one left standing? Yeah, that curse...

That LeBron to the Lakers article is nonsense but I find the bit about an ego clash between Dr Buss & Phil Jackson somewhat plausible. To that end I hope Kobe uses his extension as leverage to keep PJ. 

If anyone can guide LeBron to multiple championships, Professor X can. The thought, however unlikely, of PJ being forced out of LA & teaming up with LeBron in Cleveland or wherever scares me.

I have no issues witho Byron being around. The Lakers could use him as they used Rambis last year. It's late this year, so something like this would have to be next year. AND yes, I know, that Byron probably would not take an assistant job after great success and paying his dues...well we're talking Lakers now, and that's a different league so time to start paying your dues again....wonder if Phil would use him, I would hope so, as an option for the longterm good of the franchise, don't burn people's bridges before they've even been given a chance....

Next Lakers game chant at Staples Center!!!

We want Lebron!! We want Lebron!! We want Lebron!!

The Cavaliers are up by 38 in the 3rd quarter, and Mike Brown is still keeping James on the floor... (worse, he is playing 4 starters and Varejao). Does he think his bench is so poor that NY can come back from 38 and win the game??

I can think of only one answer for that: Mike Brown is keeping James inside so that he can pad-up his statistics (get that triple double which he always craves for) That is being a great team mate, eh??

For the visionaries who think LBJ might join the Lakers within a year, I have a great deal on the Hollywood sign.

MARK M… You’re ambitious, ambidextrous, and prodigious. It’s taken me until right now just to catch up with the threads and comments, not to mention the many links. I know you guys need new links to pump the hits but I’m starting to worry about what is going to happen during the playoffs. It’s possible I might actually fall behind a DVR-ed game or two. LOL.
By the way, I love the new setup. The only thing you need to add is your one sentence take on each of the links so we can pick and chose to which to jump - We really want your take. But man, I have to commend the suits at the Times for picking the right guy for the job. From one of the original KamBros fans, I think you are doing a spectacular job with the blog.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
THE OUTLAW… “"If our seriously talented, athletically-gifted, intelligent, gigantic 7-footer would simply focus on playing hard D, denying shots at the rim, and hustling like his ass was on fire, we could sweep our way through the playoffs and celebrate one of the best Laker squads ever… And you know what's crazy? I think it's going to happen. That's right, LakerTom. I said it.
LMAO, Outlaw. I am sure once Drew fully recovers physically and mentally from his two injuries, he will become the player that most of us envision. I thought he played some good defense in the first half but still seems to wear down and get ignored in the second half. He made a couple of excellent back-to-back offensive moves in our first comeback but then was basically ignored and benched except for the message minutes to Pau that Phil game him.
Right now, all I want is for Drew to finish the year healthy while slowly improving. If we get lucky and get the Beast back for the playoffs, that would be a bonus and we would dominate. This year, all we need is for Drew to pick up his game a little and be more consistent. Next year, I predict will finally be the year that Drew breaks out as an All-Star and the Beast.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
AZTRONUT… Your terrific game reviews are getting better and better and your original takes sparkle with crisp prose and unique observations. Many thanks for highlighting the positive contributions that Drew, Fish, and other players on the team made. Toughness on the court is not backing down against the bullies and muggers – same as toughness in the blog.
I remember a troll once accusing you of being my second blog name or clone. LOL. As if I could suddenly become 30 years younger, much more vibrant, and a more balanced objective writer overnight. You have my apologies. By trying to insult me, that clone insulted you. I’m looking forward to enjoying many Laker championships with you in the years to come.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
CYBERCOSMIX… Just great stuff, Mike! I love the passion and brightness of your writing. While I don’t always agree 100% with your takes, you always make a point that registers in my mind and influences me. For example, I love Roland Lazenby. Not only is he a great writer, but he always resp0nds to emails and occasionally posts on the blog but I agree with your take that Roland is just priming the pump for his new Jerry West book. No LBJ.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
MAMBA24… Congratulations on winning the initial Blogger Post of the Day. Mark M could not have made a more appropriate pick. Your tireless enthusiasm, inspired cheerleading, and one and only Game Day Roll Calls are a major component of the infrastructure that has been created by we bloggers that makes the LA Times Lakers Blog such a vibrant community.
Please add me to the Appreciate Ron Bandwagon. And make sure my name is never associated with the Bring the Crab to LA Bandwagon. I’m with Yellofinger on this one. Call me a Kobe homer but I just don’t like LeBron and would hate to see him in purple and gold.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Laker Tom - The feedback is much appreciated and I really am thankful for the kind words. I am curious too how the playoffs will turn out since it's going to be very busy. Here's the bottom line with how I've approached the blog - striking the right balance in providing content/news and maintaining the threads. I have always made sure to try to spread out posts so to speak, meaning there won't be four posts all within one hour and then zero the rest of the day. But I know that it's necessary to have some early morning and mid morning content as well as some stuff in the afternoon and early evening. Even though I find it necessary to try to provide as much Lakers coverage as possible, I will never shortcut a post and just post something for the sake of it. I'll make sure I put all my effort and write to the best of my abilities with each post. Surely some posts will be better than others but its not because of any lacking effort.

Feel free along with other readers to maintain threads in new and even old threads. When I put a new post up, I'll still approve comments in older threads. And if you want them duplicated in other posts, I'll accept those too.


Mark Medina....

You know, not long ago LakerTom was like 40% of the blog.....enjoy it while u can, because as the playoffs near, the "PrimeTime" (Bandwagon) fans will jump in, and they are idiots. If the Lakers stumble there will be massive, get LeBron, dump Kobe talk....Kobe has 4 rings, he should have 7....he will get 3-4 more before he is done. LeBron has a White Bentley with a hood ornament.

Baron Davis.
R. Butler. Eric Gordon.
Lebron James.
Blake Griffin. Craig Smith.
Chris Kaman. DeAndre Jordan.

Lottery pick. Mid-level. Bi-Annual. To add three more players.
Best option other than the Cavs.



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