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Lakers get defensive in win over Spurs

Lakers 92, San Antonio Spurs 83 (final)

The Lakers began their five-game trip by making a statement.

They got better on defense as the game continued. They got more intense as the game went on. They shared the basketball.

With five players scoring in double figures, the Lakers rolled past the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night at AT&T Center to win their seventh consecutive game.

The Spurs scored 48 points in the first half, but the Lakers held them to 35 points in the second half.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 24 points and six assists.

Lamar Odom had a double-double with 19 points and 13 rebounds.

Ron Artest had 16 points and eight rebounds and another strong defensive game with five steals.

-- Broderick Turner in San Antonio
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I feel very good about this win... and not just because it was against the Spurs.

I will sleep well.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


nice win, everybody plays the Lakers to death, awesome win as we needed to make a statement, Artest disrupted 'em and Shandon two big threes, Kobe pretty poised up, sorry about my english anyways; Odom, i mean everydody chipped in, gran Noche Latina, arriba los Lakers, vamos por el segundo al hilooooooooooooo

Difference in this game is Mason not making his wide open threes on 7 or 8 attempts. Not sure why Pop was playing him after he missed his first three. The Fakers and OJ Bryant pulled the game out, along side Mr. Kardashian and Nutcaseartest......

great win for the lakers! not only beating the spurs, BUT also the officials. L.A. didn't get any calls from the "spurs friendly" officials. way to play through it! defense win titles, this is why they can REPEAT....when they commit to playing "lock-down" D! great start to a five game road trip. let's go 5 - 0 on this roadie!



A very good win by the LAKERS. It's almost 1:00am here. I am so happy I could not sleep. I like how they played defensively. I heart Ron Artest, really, he will play a major role in the playoffs.

There is love fest before the game and there is love fest on the game chat. See guys, it is all about the LOVE.

I liked the Lakers body language in this game. They looked like they are in the same page. Playoff mode is ON.

The Spurs have never been a problem for the Lakers since they got Gasol, but nice to see a win against a quality team nevertheless. This was more for the Lakers' confidence than any statement game against the opponent they played.

LeBron gets all the attention, but it's Kobe and Duncan who've proven themselves in the NBA, with 8 titles between them this past decade. Let's see if LeBron can get anywhere near this before we call this "the LeBron Era."

Also sorta ironic how the Celts are helping the Lakers win the Western Conference.

Looks like the playoff version of the Lakers. Its not that they were able to turn it on, its that they were able to stop what was working for the Spurs.

Good win....I want to see more develop out of this, but I got a good sense of satisfaction with the way they played and were able to solve problems on D. It is less important that they beat the Spurs.

I think the OKC game and the HOU games will be important measuring sticks with regards to how this teams solves things they haven't seen. As we know, half to half adjustments is what rules much of the playoffs. Its what did the Nuggets in, its what propelled the Lakers in the latter rounds of last year's playoffs.

That poster DFish sure sucks the life of a victory celebration. Enjoy the win just for the day, bro.

hahaha !!!

Plaschke trashes Artest in a piece, next thing you know Artest puts in a defensive tour de force repleat with blowing kisses to the crowd !!

Lovin' it!



LAKERS 2 x 1 Spurs
LAKERS 1 x 0 refs

The 1st is past, but we'll have to deal with the 2nd...Horrible calls, simply horrible...well, they try and try, but at the end we'll get it to the finals.



I just read Bill Plashke's latest sour grapes and I'm not sure if he's actually been watching games lately but Ron Artest is doing just fine for us, thank you very much.

Hahaha, I love how the one spurs troll still gives props. By the way, don't blame mason, blame the D and Timmy "2-11" Duncan. It's okay man, You can't win'em all when you are held to 30% shooting in the 3rd...and I'm being generous because I don't feel like rubbing it in. By the way, you better get Mr. Longoria back quick so we can beat you guys at full strength...again

Posted by: Marknum | March 24, 2010 at 09:47 PM

It must feel somewhat cathartic being the first Spurs troll on the thread.

I'd worry more about Emanuel's contract this year than calling a team that just beat yours names.

Enjoy your loss!

How awkward a fit is Ron Artest now, Plaschke?

Judging by the first 6 any of you actually watch the game and not the final score !!! If you were satisfied by the Lakers play tonight there is definitely something wrong with you. Spurs totally fell apart. Yes , Kobe hit some big shots. But he does that nightly. Stubborn Master needs to leave Fisher in San Antonio. Fish has a total of 2 baskets in his last 3 games.

As demonstrated on this board, the fans are more in touch with this team than the writers and announcers. This was a milestone game. The playoff run has begun. The fooling around, pacing yourself, cruising is over. The horse smells the oats, the goal is in sight. And their play showed it, playing with a determination and sense of purpose that has been MIA. God, I can't wait til Friday.

Bill Plascke's right Ron isn't fit to the triangle.. Write some more similar articles during the playoffs Bill, it'll help a lot.. Nice win although I didn't watch it. Game Time is office hours here.

Go undefeated until the playoffs!

Massive Win. 2nd half defense was amazing. if we can play that type of D thru out the playoffs, no one is beating us. No one. Period. And we did it without Drew. Sweet. Granted they didn't have Parker, which very well may have made a difference, but nonetheless a very very solid win.

Let's Roll.

This is another W for the books!!!

Way to play LOCK DOWN D, and Offense was not shabby either...

Stay the course and stay healthy.


A very nice game.

Sure Pau had an average game but hey he slowed down Tim to 6 freaking points! 6 POINTS! 2-11 shooting no less. Is that dude's defense underrated?

LO stepped up big time with having a severe mismatch against San Antonio's big. With Pop first trying to take Kobe away from the game Odom made SA pay with that full court break.

Jordan and Shannon great contributors off the bench and for those who don't say Phil gives minutes....oh he gave minutes all right even when Jordan got badly blocked by Tim. If you play good.....more minutes simply as that! No "Phil doesn't develop players"....well he will play you if you do good. Just like Sasha he didn't play well so he didn't get so much more minutes so shut up about Phil not "developing his players".

Powell....why on earth were people calling for Buss *NOT* to re-sign Odom?

Kobe played VERY well. He recognized more that Pop tried take HIM away and he simply turned to his teammates and when Pop tried to them away because he hasn't forced it as much he hit a very efficient 11-16 with a "how the hell did he do that" 3 and a wide open back breaking three.

Good opening game I knew that we would win against San Antonio. Of course Oklahoma City might be tougher but I think we will have a good chance especially if Ron keeps up his defense (1st half was average 2nd half was so damn good) especially against Kevin Durant.

I would say we will meet the Spurs in the opening round of the playoffs.

The highlights for me were Artest's steals, and the way he bullyed his way to the rim driving right through Ginobilli.

Also the analogy of Kobe driving through the defensive line and holding the ball like a running back was right on.

Phil how about giving the backups a few more minutes? I mean Powell did stink it up but Mbenga could have spelled Pau a bit more. Pau and Lamar looked beat. Phil how about running a play for Mbenga to reward his effort akin to the Coop-a-loop! What to call it though....

As much as I am in awe of Kobe, my favorite phrase from the announcers is "Odom takes the rebound, drives coast to coast and lays it in!" That is a real joy to watch and reminds me of Showtime!

Do you guys see what Ron Ron is doing out there? Mark Jackson said he's one of the best defensive guys the NBA has ever seen. One thing is for sure, he deserves to be in the discussion for best defensive player of the year (top 3 without a doubt). Can he shut down Lebron, probably not, but if anybody can slow down Lebron, Melo, and co. it's Ron Artest. I think the trade has gone BETTER than planned. People love to remember the good stuff about Ariza but they forget how he would get murdered by the top scorers in the league. Artest gives us defensive confidence. What did the Spurs score like 80 points? Doesn't it seem like Artest has 5 steals every game. You want to teach your kids how to defend, pop in a clip of Ron Artest and learn something. We've had a lot of injuries and in a year where everybody is gunning for the champs, we're right where we should be- leading the Western Conference without breaking a sweat. Kobe doesn't even drive the lane right now, he's saving it for the playoffs. Why take a chance on injury when you don't have too. I love this team. They are who we thought they are!

"If you were satisfied by the Lakers play tonight there is definitely something wrong with you."

So let me get this straight - we shouldn't be satisfied with the level of play that brought us a win?

How bizarre...

As stated in Broderick's article featuring Gasol's D, Duncan only has 3 moves left in his arsenal. Gasol stopped them all. Bynum has his number as well. He's no longer a factor against the Lakers. As long they hold down Ginny and Parker, they own the Spurs. They just let them know what the No.8 spot will mean - 4-1, and back to the Alamo. Now watch them scramble to get the 7 spot. They don't want us!

awesome D, let's keep the win streak alive baby! We should come back with an 11 game win streak...every game is winnable.

Great play second half but not the first. The focus needs to be the Cavs level of play for 48 minutes. Lebron has three 3-point shooters and two at every other position that shoot and defend well. To beat them will take the second half defense for 4 Qs, mental & physical toughness. Kobe, Ron, Pau(a little short on the physical) & LO could do that in the play-offs. We need JF, SB, & particularly Sasha on 3-pointers to show they can be mentally tough for 15 minutes or so and play with Rondo type intensity. If LO, JF & SB can each score an avg. of 3 baskets a game from well timed cuts to the basket w/o charging and Sasha makes 2 of 3 wide-open 3-pt. shots a game the Lakers can beat the Cavs....11 games to achieve that focus. A quick Bynum return will ensure another championship!!

Dfish,everytime you open your mouth you bark like a dog.Fisher...fisher...fisher.May be Fisher need put his d@##!g to your mouth to shut you up.

can we ban bill plashke or however he spells his name, from LA Times, lol. Or from anyone trying to quote him on this blog. he always panics in games. when the lake show wins he is gonna say we won cause artest is stronger player than ariza. He doesnt even follow Laker games, he is an LA Times paid writer, his attention goes to whoever is hot or playing. LA Times should of kept J.A Adande. But nowadays in this economy; seniority means something, not basketball dedication and loyalty. Plashke Shut up. When Lakers win what r u gonna say then?

As Laker Fans, we all know our biggest threat came from Vegas, i mean the Spurs.
Still we had respect for the Spurs. we cheered for them to win the title, when they beat us in 03 we all cried, i know i did. but we rooted for them to win the title. My point is we all cheer and support the Lakers, but i feel we can allow ourselves to be sad that the quitest superstar in the NBA is done. His retirement will be soon coming and most welcoming.
He won many regular season MVP'S and Final MVP'S. His name is Tim Duncan.
I am A big Laker fan and a Big Kobe fan, but Tim Duncan earned many players from different eras rings. A team was built around him 3 times over.
When I saw him get blocked several times by Pau Gassol, i didnt think; damn Gasol is a good defender. My immediate Thoughts were Timmy is done. He can no longer jump and be the dominant power foward he was. That was his position, yet he defended and went up againts Shaq O'Neill. remember the shot prior to the 0.4? Yeah Timmy shot it over Shaq.
He deserves a standing ovation anywhere he goes and mostly in LA. Whenever he decides to retire, if it will be in LA, we need to appreciate greatness. he won and beat everyone that is and will be great. He won a championship over Kobe with Shaq, and he won over Lebron.

Hey, who was that guy with the ears on the floor in the 4th quarter in place of Fish?

He actually seemed to play under control, hit 50% of his shots and 2 nice 3's.
I don't want to get my hopes up yet, but can this guy maybe actually give us some big minutes. His D isn't anything to brag about but if he can be a good offensive threat, what a lift that would be.
Go 'ears'!

Kobe did good finding the open guy but this time, they hit their shots. That's what we've been lacking too often. When the open shooters hit, then we are real tough to beat.

Didn't like that 1st half D, Hill was killing us with too many open looks, but they made up for it in the 2nd half.

Nice win Lakers.

On to OKC and Durant. That dude will be a bigger hand full than Duncan.

Jayden24, i have to disagree with you about the Artest trade. i was expecting more from him all along. we don't really see such great defensive performances from him night in and night out. i also expected his defensive toughness to rub off on other players, particularly Gasol, Odom, and Bynum. perhaps next year, we'll see Artest start to mentor and get in the face of some of his teammates. i want to see the same defensive intesity against every team, on every night, like that Bulls team that won 72 games. (then Phil could think about putting Ron on the opposing team's best scorer, regardless of position, much like how he used Pippen).

but don't get me wrong. i think this win against the Spurs could be a huge turning point. i expect the Lakers to play like this the rest of the way. i'm not thinking of being undefeated the rest of the way, just sweeping this road trip would be nice.
get well soon 'drew and luke!

Great game...great win...great team...
can't wait for next 2 days against OKC & Durant...

Hope the team will carry this energy throughout the pay-off...through Championship...

GL...Go Lakers...Great Lakers

Really thought the lakers played awful. How many wide open threes did the spurs miss? Could have been a completely different game had some of those fallen. I keep waiting, but we're still not there yet.

TBone - Live by the 3, Die by the 3. With their inside game shutdown all the Spurs could do was jack up 3's. That's not the way you win and the Lakers were all too aware of that.

DFish - Aside from everyone in So. Cal going after Fish with torches and Pitchforks, would anything make you happy?

Great Game


Good morning BLOG CRUE

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

DFish will never let it go, he's like that crazy guy on the corner spitting gibberish that no one wants to listen to so he just gets louder and louder until someone at least looks at him. The guy can't even enjoy a Lakers win of this calibur because he's too busy nitpicking Fish's game like that professor dude from "A Beautiful Mind" looking for secret messages in Newspapers. Fish is the starter, get over it cause I doubt Phil cares what you have to say anyway...
Great Win team, bring on The Thunder!!!

p ang,

Blogger DFish clearly has psychological issues.

I can't even imagine what he must be like in real life, except that he must be a highly negative person.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If poster DFish lived in the animal world, the pack would eat him.

joe: Wow! A block shot doesn't mean Tim Duncan is done -- any and everyone can have their shot blocked! Hell, I'd take two Tim Duncans on the Lakers! A couple games back he snatched like 20 something rebounds!!! His game may have changed but he is far from done...

A block shot doesn't mean Tim Duncan is done -- any and everyone can have their shot blocked! Hell, I'd take two Tim Duncans on the Lakers! A couple games back he snatched like 20 something rebounds!!! His game may have changed but he is far from done...

Posted by: lakersrydeordie | March 25, 2010 at 09:38 AM

Agree, and when the Spurs get Parker back they will be a better team. They won't be a push over come playoffs. All 8 teams in the west playoffs will be tough.

I am anxious to see how we do tomorrow in OK City. Durant's my dude, he seems mature and very humble and he works hard. He is also fearless -- he has heart. Not afraid to take the big shot - not afraid of the "moment". Plus, he is playing out of his skull right now! So, right now, he has a lot of confidence so we need to get in him, maybe out-physical him. But OK city is more than Kevin -- they have talent from like 1-13 if not the whole team. We have to come ready and play the full 48 cuz they are very resilient and come at you like gangbusters! So we have to be ready and play a veteran, and controlling type game.

"If you were satisfied by the Lakers play tonight there is definitely something wrong with you."

Yep, I'm going to be SOOOO unsatisfied when the Lakers sweep the finals, but only win each game by less than 10 points. It's so disappointing when they underachieve like that.

My ex once had the temerity to suggest that I was watching too many sports, and that I should choose just one. Being of reasonable mind, I took her request into careful consideration and replied, "basketball". I then made sure to watch all 100 or so Lakers games (championship season). Additionally, since the agreement was basketball itself rather than any one team, I dilligently watched every other game that presented itself.

Ohhhhhh wait. Wrong blog. Danger of using multiple laptops. Will slink away now.

LOL Dave M! :-)



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