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Lakers' Ron Artest says shaved head has nothing to do with loss to Orlando


Minutes after practice ended Monday, Lakers forward Ron Artest swished jump shot after jump shot. I hadn't counted right away, but when I kept hearing the net swish time after time, I managed to count seven shots in a row that finished with nothing but twine.

With Artest deciding to shave his head two days after dyeing it purple and gold, feel free to see it as a fresh start. I'm not the superstitious type myself, but if it makes you feel this is a sign Artest will immediately rebound from his two-for-10 clip Sunday against Orlando as well as from his poor defense on Vince Carter (25 points), then feel free. For those longing for Artest to look like Dennis Rodman, well, save the photo to the right because it had the shelf life of exactly one day. The only signs you could see of Artest's dyed look was the purple dye that read "defense" in three different languages, including Japanese, Hebrew and Hindi.

The video below doesn't reveal anything specific beyond it being vintage Artest. He says the new hairdo had nothing to do with his performance against Orlando, that his teammates didn't offer much of a response to the dye job and that Carter didn't say anything to him about it when they were on the court. Said Artest: "He's a good drummer. I asked when is the next time you're going to be playing drums or whatever, because I want to do some music with him."

Hmm, interesting. Hopefully it won't require time away from basketball like the rap album did.

Those wondering what the team thought of all the commotion will still be left with questions. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant didn't say a single word about Artest's old or new hairdo when asked about it. For those thinking that was a sign of disapproval, well, Bryant was testy Monday for the entire brief time he talked with the media.

As for Artest's take on whether he was instructed to shave his head, he paused for a few seconds. "Ummm, nah," Artest said smiling. "Nobody."

But what do you think? Do you like Artest's shaved look, wish he stayed with the purple or gold or think he should've just kept his hair the way it was? Vote below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest, greeting Magic center Dwight Howard before tipoff Sunday, was sporting blond hair with purple letters, spelling "defense" in three languages. Credit: John Raoux / Associated Press

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HOBBITMAGE… “Phil Jackson has called Pau weak & soft and introduced him to Charles Oakley. What's your response?” My response is that I think Pau HAS been playing soft and I have criticized him for it. I think it was a smart move by Phil to introduce him to Oakley. It is a subtle and non-threatening way to let Pau know that he needs to step up and play like he did in last year’s playoffs, similar to the move where he pulled Pau for a few minutes in the fourth quarter to make the same point. My opinion is that Pau is tired from playing too much basketball. I am hoping Phil plays him less to let him get his second wind.
“Bynum was in foul trouble. AGAIN. against D-Howard and Phil stated that it was the same as last year in the finals. What is your response?” My response is that this is another psychological comment from Phil aimed at getting Drew to deal with his proclivity to attract fouls. Overall, I have stated many times that I have been very disappointed in Drew’s play and his athleticism this year. I think after two season-ending knee injuries, Drew will probably not fully recover mentally and physically until next year. You can see he is hesitant to jump in heavy traffic and is playing below the rim most of the time instead of above it.
I will give Drew credit that he does a better job as the last line of defense than Pau, who usually just allows players to make dunks or layups. I also thought, as Phil indicated previously, that Drew is getting no respect from the refs. In fact, a big disappointment to me in the Orlando game were the ticky-tacky calls on both centers. Let them play. I thought Drew sucked on offense but played great on defense against the Magic. He protected the rim (4 blocks) and playing excellent man-to-man defense on Dwight. And whenever Drew left the game, the team’s interior defense really slacked off. I think Drew will be a force in the playoffs but not a beast. My big concern right now is that he just finish the year healthy and not suffer another major injury.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
JOHNNYP… “Barnes fake through the ball into Kobe's face and he didn't even begin to flinch.” Was that not an incredible feat on Kobe’s part. I mean, how could he NOT have flinched when Barnes pulled that move? Van Gundy’s comment that that was the play of the game was the first intelligent thing the guy said all game. That and the fact that Barnes should have been thrown out of the game. Count me with you that we have nothing to really worry about. Can you imagine what Kobe is going to do to that “monkey” (as Lamar called him) next game? I wouldn’t want to be Matt Barnes if the Magic are lucky enough to make it to the Finals. Matt Barnes is no Kobe Stopper and the Magic are no real contender. Not with Vinsanity at the controls.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
LET’S GO L’S… “Relax folks...The Lakers, according to analyst Jon Barry, are too good of a team not to show up and do damage in the playoffs. After all, CHAMPIONSHIPS is what our Lakers play for and nothing else.” Other than the fact that Jon Barry is a Laker hater, I agree 100% with his and your comments. Good to see you back posting. Fortunately, your Celtics alter-ego has been long gone – just like his C’s. LOL.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
TROY… “Barnes is the kind of punk I would have knocked straight out when I was younger, playing at Vets park. The trash talking is okay, we all have done it. But digging your nose in my ear of faking throwing the ball in my face would have earned you a broken nose” Well said, Troy. In my day, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve punched out guys for less – and usually regretted it. I am old school as you are but I do have to say that we are better off not having incidents like the one where Kermit Washington punched out Rudy T. I was probably lucky that other players stepped in and stopped most of my fights but I have had friends who swung on the wrong cat and went to the hospital as a result. We’re both better off punching out trolls on the blog.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
EL GUAPO… “You know what I have that the only way other teams can beat the Lakers is to be straight up thugs. Pulling, pushing, pulling jerseys over peoples heads ala Dwight Howard. There is not a snow balls chance in hell that these teams beat the Lakers in a straight up basketball ball game and everyone knows it. Now all the Lakers have to do is match that physical play.” No doubt that is the formula that every team is now copying, which means that Bynum’s presence is more and more important and that we need to get Pau back to playing tough like last year’s finals. In the end, you are right that the big difference in the playoffs is going to be Ron Artest. His toughness and defense will make this team better than last year’s.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
JUSTALAKERFAN… “Bunum haters say forget offense rebound and play D. I saw play all. But then Drew plays strong D and was our most dominant big but gets touch fouls called against him and again PJ lets him sit on bench in the 4th quarter. Play Drew especially when he is hustling.” Four blocked shots, including two on Dwight Howard himself! I thought it was amazing that Phil never put Drew back in the game in the fourth, even though Pau was again playing like the 2008 rather than the 2009 Finals. And notice all the praise that Drew received from the bashers for his 4 blocks. As soon as Drew left the game, the Magic attacked the paint and were rewarded with easy layups and dunks. Yes, Drew needs to adjust and avoid the cheap fouls but anyone who does not see the difference in our interior defense when Drew is in the game is just plain blind. The reason you never see Pau get the same fouls is that he just stands there rather than trying to block shots.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is one strange team.

A starting PG who can't finish in the lane and a backup who won't pass.
A SG who upsets fans if he does his job and shoots and a backup who can't shoot.
The toughest dirtiest SF who doesn't like fights and a backup known for his scoring but won't shoot.
A PF with no power.
A 5 year C who plays like a rookie.


In response to comments above...

Pau is soft because he is afraid of getting fouls and sitting down for a good portion of the game.

It's the same with all big men around the league.

Furthermore, it's harder to pick up fouls along the perimeter of an offensive set. It's easier to pick up fouls near the basket.

Here's another thing:

Pau's basketball brand is NOT that of a shot blocker. He doesn't have that SHOT BLOCKER label.

So what happens when he goes up and contests a shot? Referees blow the whistle.

If you're a shot blocker, and referees know that you have a reputation to block shots, they'll understand that you have that ability to avoid certain kinds of contact in order to block shots.

They'll know this. And they'll keep that in mind when you go up to block shots.

If you don't have a reputation to block shots, the refs will ALSO know this, and assume that when you DO go up and block shots, that you DON'T have the SENSE to do so without fouling.

This is why the whole idea of "your reputation precedes you"... such a big deal in this league.

This is why every team in the NBA that wants to be great needs to REBRAND themselves as being a DEFENSIVE TEAM.

Because if you rebrand yourself as being a defensive team, referees will internalize this and keep this in mind when you play defense during game situations.

You will guarantee yourselves less foul calls BECAUSE the refs have already internalized who you are as a team, and will assume that you know how to play aggressive defense without committing fouls.

It's a kind of body awareness kind of deal.

And don't worry about the offense. The offense will always be there.

ouch- who the )*(& was talking to you?

My feelings? What the hell do my feelings have to do with anything? Let me be clear- I think it has been clear ever since this blog has existed, there are things we can't say. If there are things we can't say, what are they? Why can't we say them? Let's figure out what they are, and let's be consistent.

I guess the standard for what is allowed is if it only offends every single person who reads it, and the bar should be set by the guy with the thickest skin. Hey, if that's the LA Times policy, all they have to do is announce it in really big letters on the front of the blog.

Believe me, I could aim lower and be more tasteless. I am pretty sure everybody can. It's not that hard to look up dirty and offensive terms, even if i didn't already know enough.

Ok, FCM, if I need to repeat myself- There are endless chat threads on games on the internet that consist almost entirely of slurs against one group or another. I hope this isn't going to be one of them. They are boring. Almost as boring as ouch.

oh, and ouch, if you do want to get personal, please meet me by the bike racks after school and i will be happy to discuss it with you in person.

Bravo P Ang, thank for all the vivid description.

Solution: If those position will just realize what they are doing to this team and reverse the trend, then a wonderful world we are in now.

It all starts with a good PG. If Lakers were only connecting those long tong salvo from Fisher, Artest and Farmar oh my we would have been ahead all the time. Well, if we are weak inside, then we should be stronger inside (supposedly). Well, Pau Gasol can't hold the ball for 5 second, his manhood has been manhandled completely and he retaliated in the 4th Q which too little and too late. Bynum was active yesterday with his blocks shots but he's just a light year away in talent against Dwight. Again I repeat the nth time, Bynum should copy a little of Russel, a little of Wilt, a little of Kareem's short hook, a little of Olajuwon in making follow ups and a little of Moses Malone in grabbing rebounds. If you want to be a legend, then follow what the legends did perhaps not copy everything but a semblance of being a terror in the paint!

Too many typos on my response to P. Ang. My fingers could not catch up to what I was trying to say. Please supply the corrections.

Hey guys. Since I know the temperature has been boiling, I think it's necessary for me to step in.

Obviously lots of people have different perspectives and takes on different issues involving the Lakers. We're all about the discussion and the back and forth. I think it's safe to say that's why a lot of us like sports. BUT we need to keep it clean and civilized. Below is the legal guidelines the LA Times put together.

Contains abusive, hateful or objectionable language, threats, violence or inflammatory attacks.
Contains obscene or coarse language, pornographic material or nudity.
Is defamatory.
Harasses or personally attacks any individual.
Violates the privacy rights of any individual.
Promotes or encourages dangerous or illegal acts.
Includes copyrighted or other proprietary material.
Advertises any goods or services.
Is off-topic or “spam” (i.e., indiscriminate and repetitive posting).
Links to objectionable material.

Obviously this is all in legal terms, so I'll keep it pretty simple. Foul language, racial, ethnic or other slurs involving people's sexuality won't be tolerated and won't be approved. Personal attacks, ranging from wishing injury or other harm to a player, spreading unfound rumors about them or about each other won't get posted either.

I'm definitely glad we have this much interest and interaction. As I've said before, I'm not going to stifle debate in pure basketball terms. But we have to ensure we have the right atmosphere before it gets out of control. I think it has been fine for the most part, but I know several readers shared some concerns so I thought it'd be good just to provide a refresher.

Let me know if anyone has any questions.


Go easy on him Phred, can't you see he's hurting?

And I'm glad Barns got his head straight and showed Kobe some respect after the game. I can't stand rudeness off the court (JR Smith?)


99-00 team had 67 wins

00-01 team had 56 wins


08-09 team had 65 wins.

The second half of a repeat is always tougher. Obvious? Yes. But do fans, even some of the veteran fans on this blog, lose sight of that fact? Absolutely.

Personally, I'm glad they aren't cruising. Lest we forget, that 00-01 team lost many games in the regular season to non-playoff teams. Kobe monopolized the ball alot of times, our starting center looked lackadaisical, and our point guard looked old. Sound familiar? Similar frustrations, similar fallout. The Lakers even finished 2nd in the western standings. Of course, we know what happened in the playoffs. They swept the western confernce and lost 1 game, en route to the most dominant playoff record ever.

Its been an enjoyable season, even with the losses. Will they get back on track? Who knows. Its more important that they get through the season healthy, and that they are able to run the defensive system and the offensive system proficiently, so they can lean on it and each other when playoff time comes. I don't think they are there yet, but I'm certain they'll get there for the playoffs.

I have a theory on Matt Barnes bravado.
His background: He started with the Clippers in '03 traded to Sacramento traded to NY Knicks for 6 games, Sixers in 06, traded to GSW up to 08, waived and picked by Suns and finally traded to Orlando last year. The UCLA thug has a salary of $ 1.6M for one year only. That is what they pay for journeymen who do dirty job like plumbing and digging graves in NBA.

Well, Coach Burgundy has this idea, "hey Matt do you want to create a name for yourself?" Yes Coach Fatso. Well, I will assign you Kobe. "Do whatever you want and I will give you the go signal as long as you can slow him down. Do what Artest did during the playoffs, or this Raja Bell, &the other Kobe stoppers; believe me Matt, Kobe is your ticket of being re-sign and increase your pay. You can't be lethargic acting as a good Bruin guy, you are no longer a college preppy. I need an enforcer in this team other than Howard, Rashard and Vince. Can you do that for me? The good soldier did his best with lots gutsy outside but kinda embarrassed to his LA friends.


It's not unusual for this blog to get testy when the Lakers start to disappoint us. On this blog, you have three types; cheerleaders, realist, and trolls.

Trolls are the easiest to spot because they don't say anything positive about the Lakers, as a franchise. There's only a very few trolls here, and in my opinion, the term troll is vastly overused in this blog.

The other two groups are actually fans, but with different perspectives.

Bloggers like Mamba24, are pure Laker fans who don't tolerate any level of criticism of the Lakers.

Bloggers like myself are Laker fans, but we aren't as optimistic, and we tend to criticize our team more often than we praise our team.

Then there's bloggers like Justa, Jon K, Edwin G. who are in between.

Sometimes, we get after each other, but we all have the one thing in common, which is that we're Laker fans. When we start winning again, the personal antagonism will slow down.

In the meantime, as long as we don't cross the lines you've posted, it's actually fun to have our spirited debates. Just my humble opinion.

Thanks Mark Medina.
I will follow up phred's post with my own. What phred posted is one of those points that makes you go, Hmmmmmmmm.

I mean we want to have a free atmosphere with a minimum of controls. That being said, I think it's fair to say that as a group and an entity, our behavior sets the tone for who we are "As a group."

Let me put my own spin on this. Our actions and our posts define who we are "As a Group." To me, this means we aren't just an LA Times subsidiary. We aren't employees of the Times and we aren't Mark Medina Clones (sorry, it just popped in my head). We are our own group. Some of us read regularly, some of us post regularly, and some of us are really into this. Therefore, I would say that it's fair to say that there are posts that fall outside the bounds of accepted or acceptable behavior that we have established.

Some of us here spend alot of time reading this blog. Some of the points made are the hard truth, some are ribbing, some are angry and some are cheerleading. All this is good. But when YOU notice that a post falls outside the norm, when YOU notice that a post goes against everything that we are as a group, can YOU not tell the difference?

You can choose to say, "Fellas, that would be just too much work." I could even accept, "That is not a role I want to play." But you are instead saying that as long as someone doesn't break the rules of acceptable behavior according to the Law and the Times, then it's ok. My point is.... that statement forgets about US. For WE make the blog too. WE are part of this. An important part if you ask me.

I think this calls upon YOU, to be a little more than what you are saying. YOU very well may be one of US that makes the blog. Are we to accept that people can destroy our experience if that is their wont? I dunno Mark, I am struggling here.

Artest the thug became Artest the billboard. Nobody understood the Korean characters except Korean or hindi or the other language. It could have been beneficial to many kids if he put up a Korean dictionary in his head with english translations.

Secondly, it is supposed to be a rallying cry of Defense or The Fence. Farmar did not understand it. The yellow color was glowing like an early Easter Egg Hunt.

Thank God, the messenger realized his blunder and made it bald. What we are missing in Artest is his ruthlessness. He became mellowed in LA with lots of distractions from Hollywood. He became laid back watching Drew jogged his way back to a transitional defense as if they are jogging at Griffith Park. He watched the tall, lean Spaniard and all the mananas of being pushed and squeezed like a ripe banana. As a result, the Hollywood lazy-fair environment changed the personality of RonRon Artest. He would rather be a billboard than an enforcer in Orlando.


Seriously, players are just sick of Kobe's act.

If Barnes played for the Lakers and you had the chance to watch up for 82 games, you'd see his value.

wesjoe- i must be slow today. that actually took me like a minute to get, and then i laughed pretty hard.

edwin- hey, ron artest is the second dirtiest player in the NBA! everybody says so!

yeah, i think i'm going to beat on that particular horse for a while.

Actually Edwin,

I thought more about it.

I think players and fans alike just don't like his face. I'm being serious about this. All the gum chewing and lip licking and eye squinting and nostrils flaring.

There's other stuff too, like:

the way he unnecessarily violently boxes out a defender.
the way he violently uses his arms to attempt to strip the ball without success.
his lack of humility humility.
upper tier attitude.
intellectualist pre and post game answers.

Personally, I like Kobe, not just his act.
I can list more, but I've got to go.


Your perception of Kobe is not shared by many in the Southland. Why don't you conduct an informal survey, be honest about it and someone who is close to you will explain your biases on one player. I'm not saying Kobe is a saint, neither at least he accepted as gifted by the masters themselves.

What will the Showtime Lakers say about the role players surrounding Kobe? Listen to James Worthy commentaries or to Norm Nixon or even to Stu Lance. Is it really Kobe's fault? Or his timid teammates? Or his complicated Zen coaching......that all these losses are done intentionally to expose the Lakers weaknesses, hide their strengths and make future competitors comfortable during the season. Once, the playoffs start, they dynamics changes. If you have been watching NBA for the last 30 years you'd know and be exposed how cunning coaches and superstars operate and seize the moments when it really counts.


RonRon has that reputation of the 2nd dirtiest in NBA. Yesterday, it was his head that was dirty.

Hey Phred, have you seen any of these movies? The 1st two are Harryhausen films, the others are just 3 of the best late 50's horror films. I'll mail off a Christmas card in a week or so if you want any of these.

1) 7th voyage of Sinbad
2) Jason and the Argonauts
3) The Crawling Eye
4) Devil Doll
5) Night of the Deamon



Thank you for the straight forward responses.

'intellectualist pre and post game answers'?

that one is going in the file.

sorry if I sounded heated, FCM. Actually, if I was given to self indulgence, i would love to talk to ouch more, but i doubt that it would really endear anybody to me in general.

The bike rack comment was a joke, directed at the concept of being personally insulted on an anonymous forum such as this, which I have used several times before, but apparently shouldn't again.





Seriously, players are just sick of Kobe's act.

If Barnes played for the Lakers and you had the chance to watch up for 82 games, you'd see his value.

Posted by: Curry | March 08, 2010 at 05:41 PM

Thing about Kobe, the Lakers and winning rings, is that no player is going to come to LA and win Kobe's respect by asking for it. He has to demand/earn it. Gasol needs to be like Shaq and take what's his. And this goes for Ron too. Enough of this Kobe idolization. It's time for players not named Kobe to take the initiative and kick @$$ on the court instead of sucking and then crying about it.


i have more on my list of things i don't like about Kobe

is better looking than me
took my parking place
gave me a swirly
stole my girlfriend.

but really, i like him, just not his gum chewing squinty-eyed face.

I like Rons hairdoos Edwin. I like that Ron is paying respect to different cultures by doing this stuff. You know kids all over the globe get a kick when they read a personal message in their native language on Ron's head..

Maybe it's just me, but i like it.


wesjoe- are you sure you want to admit to movie piracy in the open like that? LOL. Appreciate the thought. Give me a couple of weeks to see if i can find them on my own, but you can send me an email address @ phredphredington@yahoo and send me your email, if you want.

What will the Showtime Lakers say about the role players surrounding Kobe? Listen to James Worthy commentaries or to Norm Nixon or even to Stu Lance. Is it really Kobe's fault? Or his timid teammates? Or his complicated Zen coaching......
Posted by Edwin Gueco

To be fair Edwin, I cannot imagine that people that work for the Lakers, Worthy, Cooper, Norm Nixon, and even add in Magic would EVER speak honestly on this topic. The Laker organization puts in alot of effort to market the team. Do you think for a minute the organization would sit idly by while one of their employees speaks out? NO WAY! There too much at risk for them to take that chance. Rick Fox got replaced doing post game shows. Why wouldn't the others?

I'm not saying that they would speak against Kobe either. I am simply saying that I don't think they would feel free to speak on it. It's too close to the fire is all. Most people wouldn't put their job on the line that way. It just wouldn't make sense.


The guidelines are good. But Jon K has broken about 5 of them on many occasions and still his stuff goes up on the blog. I know some of these guys love him...but it needs to be done fairly. Thanks for all your hard work.

Today I drank the Cavs Kool Aid.

I have always hated, I mean hated the Cleveland Cavs. But I can no longer deny that they are a very hungry team. Hungry enough, I kinda think they should win the title this year.

They deserve it. I will not be mad. They are playing like it is their year.

I hope the Lakers step up, but they are just not executing at all. It's been all Kobe-Ball

Johnny V,

"Are we to accept that people can destroy our experience if that is their wont? I dunno Mark, I am struggling here. "

Were you blogging during Mike T's time? Or during KL dark days? or the Zakee suc* repeat comments as if we were taking daily vitamins in the blog. Why will you be swayed with words? Words can't kill you. As they say: "We will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." You have to speak up and be counted.

Another criteria, they are addressing their rants and vents on public figures - our players and our coaches. (I kept repeating those two words in this blog because it has a lot of meaning in establishing a libel case. consult any of your friend who are lawyers ad they will explain that benchmark.) True, there are rants that are outside of the parameters based on our standards. Whose standard? Who sets the standards? That's LAT, Mark Medina and his superiors. If they allow it, it means that it is still within the realm of "Fair Comment". Again, fair comment is another important terminology in the First Amendment (Sullivan vs. NY Times).

If we lived in China or in Iran where communism or theocracy reign, perhaps we can censor the blog and choose only what we believe is favorable. Unfortunately, we have an arbiter which is a known to be a liberal newspaper LAT since time immemorial. As long as if falls within the bounds of reason, they would not censor. Once Censorship start, it is hard to stop, it could start precedents that leads to curtailment of free expression.

That's my last comment for today.


Chewing gum was last resort of Kobe to suppress his Mamba powers, a poisonous snake. The gum saved Barnes being bitten in front of National telecast.

"Hmm, interesting. Hopefully it won't require time away from basketball like the rap album did."

just in case you thought i wasn't paying attention. FCM, you sneak your best lines into the background.

Edwin- so, the LATimes decides what constitutes objectionable or offensive language from, say, deciphering ancient hieroglyphics or hearing the words of a god? I really have to think that the opinions of the readers, ie us, would have to figure in there somewhere. And if nobody ever says anything, they wouldn't ever change their product to make it more appealing, yes?

yeah, i do kind of have a bit of an amateur interest in the topic of censorship, too, actually. I would love to debate it for a while. I can invoke john stuart mill, socrates, and mapplethorpe. (that's a joke) Also Frederic Wertheimer, Salman Rushdie, and Lenny Bruce.

But honestly, i advocate a 'censorship' ultimately not on the grounds of removing' objectionable or offensive content' or whatever it is, but on the grounds of quality control. I think that a comment should ultimately be about something. If my comment could be written by a compute program that reads 'if lakers score is less than other teams score, write 'luke sucks,' Why the heck would anybody want to read it? And if a significant portion of the comments are that boring, I as a consumer of content will choose another place to spend my time. And frankly, i doubt i am alone.

Here's two cents worth (I think). Our team is pretty much this:

1) Kobe is sooo driven, perhaps to a fault of either not trusting (not sure he's confident of who to trust now days) his teammates or giving up on them if they don't measure to his high standards (you know, missing a shot so I'm not passing to you again this game). He is our best, however.
2) Pau is what he is, a forward with skills, not a bruising body. He is and probably will always be a finesse style player. He is very good in that role.
3) Ron is still searching, sometimes good from the outside, sometimes good on the inside and sometimes very good on "D."
4) Drew is very skilled and has great, ugh, potential. I think it's mostly time for him to man up and play great "D" and intimidate. Kobe would respect that and probably share the ball with him more. I think the thing Kobe disliked about Shaq was how hard he didn't work.
5) Fish is over the hill, but if used properly could still be an asset (especially late game). It's not anything that doesn't happen to most 35 year old players.
6) Lamar, well, he's Lamar. When he gets on a roll, he's tough. Perhaps starting would be better for him?
7) Jordan is in need of real minutes to prove he can really play, one way or the other.
8) Shannon is sometimes very good and explosive, but like Jordan, needs minutes to establish his game.
9) Sasha, well, just hoped he would return to his shooting form of two years ago, what an asset he could be, but needs minutes too.
10) Josh is good every so often too, but there's not enough time for him either.
11) DJ is a fair back up when needed.
12) Adam, we will never know for sure, but we think he doesan't have what it takes overall.
13) Luke, smart, fair, but don't think he's going to be of help this year. I just remember a couple years ago how ell he was playing until he got hurt, down hill since then.

That's what we have people. Last year it was good enough, this year we hope it's good enough and that when the Playoffs start we will turn the switch to the "ON" position!


You are awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Re Ariza vs. Artest.
I think Ariza would have been bounced around like a rag doll vs the eastern teams. I prefer Artest's physicality.
Re Kobe. The game will always be close in the regular season because, in the 4th qtr, Kobe will hold on to the ball until the last second therefore, the game will be close most of the time. As a fan, this is frustrating. Although, I think come playoff, they will pick it up and steamroll towards the Finals.


You are nothing short of a stalker. You have nothing original to say, but I'm sure you'll respond to this post with something vitriolic, yet stupid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



" The UCLA thug has a salary of $ 1.6M for one year only. That is what they pay for journeymen who do dirty job like plumbing and digging graves in NBA."

That is by far the funniest thing you've ever posted!


DJ- good points, all.


Your assessments are all reasonable. I like that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



The guidelines are good. But Jon K has broken about 5 of them on many occasions and still his stuff goes up on the blog. I know some of these guys love him...but it needs to be done fairly. Thanks for all your hard work.

Posted by: DFish | March 08, 2010 at 06:26 PM

1 billionth time Dfishy boy has mentioned Jon K, today. That's a harassment infraction, without any initiation from Jonny boy K.

The rules are the rules Dfishy boy! LOL.

If you haven't already, you Laker fans need to read or reread...

The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul

What did Kobe get on his SATs?

Kobe should thank Jerry West for being alive at the time that Kobe was drafted and then traded in '96.

Jerry West made Kobe Bryant into what he is today.

Can you imagine Kobe going to Charlotte? And then being traded to Atlanta and then Boston?

Reminds me of the movie SLIDING DOORS...

i feel no remorse about the comment mocking curry in the next thread.

Will the Lakers bench start producing?
Will the Laker team start playing D?
No ring this year. They can't even win on the road.

Instead of wasting time on his hair, twittering and clubbing, Ron needs to learn the fricking triangle and practice shooting, including free throws.

He exemplies why the Lakers are weak-minded and can't execute.

Refs will bail them out in the playoffs so we get to the Finals but fat Shaq may well pound baby Bynum into a pulp.


Can you repost the comment here? I didn't get to read it.

If it was deleted, summarize it.

Curry - 1080 is what I've heard. What does that have to do with anything?

curry- i'm not sure. all of my comments on the next thread haven't gone through yet. I would love to talk about this with you, i assure you, but i have been posting some comments about censorship that apparently have hit the irony line and haven't gone through. Keep the faith, though, if the love is there, we will get through.



4) Drew is very skilled and has great, ugh, potential. I think it's mostly time for him to man up and play great "D" and intimidate. Kobe would respect that and probably share the ball with him more. I think the thing Kobe disliked about Shaq was how hard he didn't work.

Posted by: DJ | March 08, 2010 at 07:46 PM
Sorry but Drew has and still works his but off. He came in league as 17 yr old skinny 7 footer. He has trained hard each off season to build his body and bulk up. He had 2 yrs freak injuries but is coming around. He was playing tough defense and yes he was 1-5 in game but that means he took only 5 shots. As someone pointed out it was discounted or not mentioned he was fouled and made all his free throws except one. I also note that the fouls also helped put hHoward and others in foul trouble. Yet PJ refuses to use him in the 4th quarter.
Someone else mentioned Pau should play like Shaq. Pau is like 250 and Shaq 325 lbs. No comparison. Why not say Farmar should play like Shaq?

Re Ariza vs. Artest.
I think Ariza would have been bounced around like a rag doll vs the eastern teams. I prefer Artest's physicality.
Re Kobe. The game will always be close in the regular season because, in the 4th qtr, Kobe will hold on to the ball until the last second therefore, the game will be close most of the time. As a fan, this is frustrating. Although, I think come playoff, they will pick it up and steamroll towards the Finals.
Posted by: mti312 | March 08, 2010 at 08:09 PM
I think we should have kept Ariza and signed Ron. We would have had an awesome defensive team. And TA would have that open 3 to go to. Funny we won championship with Trevor playing and NOT getting bounced around like rag doll. How quickly we forget.



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