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Lakers' Bynum will be out with strained Achilles'

Bynum_300 Lakers center Andrew Bynum got an MRI Saturday that confirmed that he has a strained left Achilles' tendon.

The good news was that Bynum doesn't have a tear. The bad news is that Bynum expects to miss at least six games recovering from the injury.

The Lakers said Bynum will be reevaluated in one week. Bynum said he will travel with the team when the Lakers leave Tuesday for a five-game trip that starts in San Antonio.

Bynum probably will be out at least two weeks.

He was injured in the third quarter of Friday night's game at Staples Center.

Lamar Odom said his sore left shoulder won't stop him from playing. Odom will start in place of Bynum.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Derek Fisher was excused from practice Saturday.

Fisher is expected to play Sunday against the Washington Wizards at Staples Center.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum throws down a dunk as Minnesota's Damien Wilkins gets out of the way in the first half of play Friday night. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Yeah but 6 games to Bynum is 18 games for the rest of the NBA. 6 games means he'll be back against the Jazz on April 2nd and that he'll miss the Wizards, Spurs, Thunder, Rockets, Hornets and Hawks. Four playoff teams. Not good even at 6, but my guess is he'll miss 18 games.


Well, at least it isn't as serious as his knee injuries the past two seasons. Looking on the bright side, this should get Pau more touches and L.O. more floor time heading into the playoffs. Even if the injury takes 3 weeks to heal, he should be able to play in the last couple of regular season games before the playoffs. I just hope this doesn't make AB more tentative when he gets back.

Hope I didn't jinx him by writing how he was pretty much injury free this year a couple days back...


Why the rapid-fire posting of new threads, but the snail-mail clearing of user comments? I enjoy reading the material contained in new threads, but reading the comments posted here is often more interesting. And I need to get my mind off the pending disaster coming to our country this weekend.

EJK - All the comments are cleared. There was a little bit of a delay simply because I was at practice getting interviews and wasn't able to sort through those.

Sorry for any delay. I definitely understand the necessity to make sure comments aren't backed up but there may be times it might be somewhat inevitable such as when I'm at practice and all that.


I think we play much better without him, as I always say please get rid of him and get a good point gaurd!

The good news is way better than the bad news and sometimes things like these force to step up in other ways. Now Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga will get more minutes. I have confidence in them.

Now the BIG question: When is LUKE coming back?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Drew! Methinks it is time to soak your foot in Dit Da Jow every night for the next couple of weeks. Trust me on this, pal.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"as I always say please get rid of him and get a good point gaurd!"

1. That's just plain dumb.

2. We don't need a traditional point guard in the Triangle system.

3. Trade deadline is over, dimwit. The time for these nonsensical rants is the offseason, not the sprint before the playoffs.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thanks. Wasn't sure if you were the only clearing comments at the Times, as there are others who post threads. Keep up the good work.

This is the best news all day. I'm glad it is only six days. We need Andrew. He will be an important piece for the second championship run. Hoo weee what a sigh of relief.

Get well, Drew! You wouldn't want to miss going against Shaq in the Finals.

Can you find out by asking if his injury requires rehabbing or relaxation and stay off of injured leg? I ask because I know you are not a Doctor nor am I but I can kinda guess if he will need to build up stamina when he returns or just timing. Makes a big difference in performance when he returns. Thanks for all that you do for blog.

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Mrs. LakerTom is out shopping Carmel dry while I take a break to read a book, enjoy a quick toke, and finish off that airline bottle of Grey Goose that I picked up at the grocery. A full morning of shopping is more than enough to last me all year, even though I spent an entire career in the retail biz. But then I remembered Drew’s injury and scheduled MRI and rushed downstairs to login and check the blog.
I can’t start to tell you how relieved I was to hear that Drew did NOT tear his Achilles tendon. All I could think of last night was his comment that he felt a pop, something that I felt first on my right foot right after I turned 30 and then my left when I passed 40. It was Fate’s message to me to slow down and stop playing full court kamikaze basketball. Nothing steals your hops like two torn Achilles.
What a break for the Lakers and especially for Drew. While I’m sure every Lakers fan, including his detractors, felt like they’d taken a punch to the gut when Drew got hurt, you could still see his critics begin to gauge when it would be politically correct to stop their mourning and start bashing again. It won’t be long before we will be inundated the full range of proposals to trade the injury prone Drew.
I am hoping that this won’t turn out to be one of those injuries that drag on and on like hamstrings or the dreaded high ankle sprain. The fact that Drew was not limping badly when he left and that there was no tear are positive signs that Drew should be able to get back in time to finish the regular season and hopefully be ready to go in the playoffs. Without Drew, we could win. With him, we will win.
One issue Drew will definitely have to confront is having confidence in his body not to betray him if he goes all out. There have been times this year when I and other Bynum supporters have felt that Drew is still not fully recovered mentally and physically from the last two years’ season-ending knee injuries. Because this injury was not due to contact and turned out not be serious, I think Drew will be fine.
I’ve never been a deeply religious person in the normal sense of the term. I don’t attend church and never really prayed until my wife got cancer several years ago. But I do believe in karma and that what goes around comes around. I still don’t believe in the God of the churches but I do know pray for those I care for and those who I deem deserve it. And yes, I did pray last night for Drew to be all right.
I have always mischievously claimed God must be a Lakers fan considering the NBA championships the franchise has won. I am also a huge believer in lucky streaks and think this Lakers team is on one. It started with all of Kobe’s game winners. Drew dodging a serious injury is just another small signal of what I think is going to be a miraculous and marvelous drive to their 16th NBA championship. :-)
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Bynum=injury magnet,injury prone etc etc etc


As long as he is back and in condition before the playoffs were fine. and the one thing history tells us is, when someone goes down Lamar flips on his star switch and plays at a higher level.


At least his injuries are less severe each year.
If he is OK mentally when he comes back, it shouldn't be a setback.


I agree with Jon K. We need Andrew, especially in the playoffs. Without his inside presence, we'd be extremely vulnerable against Denver, Utah, and who ever comes out of the East. Who else do we have that can guard Shaq, Dwight Howard, or even Kendrick Perkins? not Gasol. he's just not big enough and will get shoved aside by all 3 of those cats.

i also agree that we don't really need an all star calibre point. if LA could win 4 championships and the Bulls 6 without one, i don't really see the point (no pun intended) of changing it up. to be honest, the only guy out there that i'd want would be perhaps Chauncey Billups, because he always seems poised.

oh yeah, and i would also like to get a Luke Walton update!

aaaa...Just got back from the Lakers Fan Jam....a nightmare! Too many people...way too info anywhere when players would be there...2 hours line to get an autograph...awfull experience...

Bynum out for 6 games? Hm, I love when we play Odom, the quality of the game improves a lot, but I understand we need Bynum. Besides, when Lamar starts, the bench gets hurt...

Well, not a big deal, as long as we have him for the playoffs.


Bynum will be out for more than six games. for a young guy, this dude heals about as fast as a turtle runs a race.
this guy needs to be traded this summer while he stills has any value left. We have proven again and again that we don't need him to win. We didn't need him last year to win and we won't this year. Some say that we don't need a good PG because of the triangle. I totally disagree- if we had someone who could play defense against the other guards and shoot it from the outside, we would be unstoppable. Also, if we had someone who could make the defense honest around the perimeter, then the inside would open up to create more room for Kobe, Pau, RonRon, and Lamar to operate.
Bynum has proven year after year that he is fragile, and will break.


Hopefully Drew will return in time to get 6 or 7 games of burn in before the playoffs. It should be enough to get his timing back. In a game where nothing is certain, I'm just going to go with the belief that he'll get it all together and be just fine. What book are you reading?

dave m


Thank God it doesn't have a tear. Get well soonest Drew.


Denver & Dallas lost today; It's always a beautiful day when our enemies fall.


We do not need a traditional point guard as long as the Lakers continue to use the Triangle Offense...of course that hinges on how much longer the Laker owners and management and horse trainers decide he is worth his asking price. Look, he didn't screw up the economy, so why should he suffer. Even if he decideds to hang it up after his doezen (yes, I said dozen), then you would have to ask will the next coach continue the offense? If so then look at the bench and take your pick. Because the best candidate is sitting on it. Shaw, Hamblen doesn't want to be the coach, Cleamons, or is Rambis' seat still warm after he gets the boot? Fisher?

They say the league is amazing, it truly is, when you think of the difference in money you can make between being a few inches and heavier....I'm thinking of Lamar versus Bynum....I don't even want to mention Morrison, I'm convinced finally, Jim Morrison did not die in Paris, but he changed his first name and is sitting on the Laker bench."This is the end..."

I'm of the mind to give Bynum a pass on the first 2 injuries as they were freak accidents caused by Lamar and Kobe. Technically, this is the first injury That happened on it's own, I wouldn't go so far in saying that he is not injury prone, just horribly unlucky. If anything, the boy just takes too much damned time to heal! Maybe he should join Luke and Farmar in their Yoga sessions for the foreseeable future!!!



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