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Lakers beat Minnesota, will turn attention to Bynum's injury

Lakers1_400 The Lakers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, 104-96, but the bigger story Friday night was Andrew Bynum's injury.

The Lakers' center strained his left Achilles' tendon while running down court early in the third quarter. He promptly checked out of the game and went to the locker room to have the injury iced. He had 11 points and five rebounds in 20 minutes against the Timberwolves.

Bynum will be further evaluated Saturday and might have an MRI exam if pain persists.

As for the game, the Lakers weren't great against the team with the NBA's second-worst record. Kobe Bryant had 22 points and 13 assists as the Lakers clinched a playoff spot for the 29th time in the 31 years Jerry Buss has owned the team.

Pau Gasol had 17 points and 14 rebounds a day after missing practice because of tonsilitis.

-- MIke Bresnahan

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum has the upper hand for an offensive rebound in a battle with Minnesota power forward Kevin Love during the first half Friday night. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Geez, Drew is an injury magnet. Not good. Here's to a quick recovery.

I hope Socks ends up being ok. I hope the entire team is healthy come playoff time, cause we'll need everyone so that we have the best chance of repeating.


with all due respect lamar at point sound likes a CRAZY BAD IDEA.. u sound like a mad scientist again and phil would NEVER do it in the playoffs especially if he never tinkered with it in the regular season.. thats just not phils style.. and trust me when i say phil never has any tricks up his sleeve... next topic.. i do agree that all laker PGs are playing poor defensively but please dont EVER put shannon defense on the same class as dfish defense... defensively: shannon >>>>> farmar >> dfish... dfish one and only asset on defense is his spacing, positioning and knowing where to be on the floor but that does not make up for his extremely slow as molasses footspeed that all opposing guards continuously abuse and just foam at the mouth when up against

u hit the nail on the head with your last no to lamar at PG post but did i just hear you correctly?? SASHA ?? i mean we talkin bout sasha?? did you just endorse sasha at PG and say hes a better decisionmaker than dfish!! i'm just gonna pretend i didnt hear that from you of all people and give you a moment of silence to reflect... that machine btw is completely broken.. matter of fact there is no more working power to that machine. its been dismantled crushed and is sitting on an old junkyard lot.. the cash for clunkers program has ended so it now holds zero monetary value..

From Yahoo Sports:

"The Lakers have won 18 of the last 19 games in which Bryant has had fewer than 20 field-goal attempts. The only blemish was 105-85 loss at San Antonio in which he took a season-low 10 shots and scored 16 points. He has put up 20 or more shots in 14 of their last 15 defeats—and 30 or more in five of them."

Do you think they're making this stuff up?

Well... he didn't have much of a limp walking to the locker room, so hopefully a little ice, elevation, alleve, and some therapy, and maybe he plays in San Antonio...

Bynum is not an injury magnet..He is not injury prone either..This is his first injury in 3 years that wasnt caused by someone else.

Anyone who thinks Bynum is an injury prone NBA player has no idea what they are talking about. Michael Redd is injury prone. Martin from Denver is injury prone..Bynum is NOT injury prone..He had bad luck from other players..

Please dont bring up his High School Knee injury..It still doesnt mean he is injury prone..

He will be back in a month.


As with any prejudice individual, who seeks to highlight information they think validates their negativity and hatred here's some other stats that basically prove you're just a hater looking for ways to validate your hate.

Date Shots Loss/Win
10/26 26 W
10/28 19 L
11/1 29 W
11/3 22 W
11/4 30 W
11/6 30 W
11/8 21 W
11/12 21 W
11/13 17 L
11/15 20 L
11/17 29 W
11/19 21 W
11/22 23 W
11/24 20 W
11/28 20 W
11/29 17 W
12/1 11 W
12/4 25 W
12/6 16 W
12/8 19 W

Guess what these 20 games with a 17-3 (and oh my shot totals of 30 shots and wins no less) record says. I could say that they prove your assumptions about Kobe's shot totals are just you being a hater. What the truth is Kobe's shot total have less to do with wins and losses then does the health of the players, the intensity they play the game with, committment to playing defense and other intangibles.

In total agreement with you. The Bynum haters are probably Kobe haters and think he is injury prone. Did't stop him from being the best player in NBA. Drew will continue to improvedespite the injuries.



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